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MARS "vacances"...

Discussion in 'Private Roleplay' started by Zay Boussaa, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Zay Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    His assistants and adjoints gathered around him in his office to finalize the somes files before Zay began his surprise vacation. Although the truth is quite different....

    - Most of the files are signed and settled. The rest can wait for your return from Titan. Although I don't understand your willingness to suddenly take leave. And especially in the depths of the solar system.

    Zay responds with a vague hand gesture.

    - The Chairman of the Ethics Committee obviously wants to talk to you, certainly because of this leave thing.

    - I will see him later, I have to go to my office at the congress in a short while.

    Behind Zay the flames continue to burn. The entire wall surface behind his desk could change its appearance to project what Zay wanted to project. When Zay was tired of seeing the executive street. He starts a slideshow. And currently the wall is projecting a scene worthy of hell. All that's missing is the screams of the damned. As the lights in the room are off, the only source of light comes from flames that illuminate Zay with demonic light.

    - Excellent, if that concludes this meeting. We can say goodbye to each other.

    They took their leave while Zay took the bottle of wine lying around on her desk. It is richly decorated with a small ribbon hanging at the top and a small map where you could read: Have a nice vacation! What is certain is that someone on his team will be fired! The bottle was sent in an anonymous way, and this card wishing him a good holiday gives him the wrong impression that the recipient probably knows the real destination of his trip.

    He sighs and brings the damn bottle with him. He doesn't greet anyone in the hallway, too busy ruminating. He had read and reread all the files on Morne and Tycho station. What did the OPA discover that was so serious that they contacted Mars to set up a meeting? Any connection to Ganymed's annomaly? A man pushes him in his way.

    - I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose!

    The man had a round face and round glasses also with the frame around the lens, made of metal. Brown hair with grey and white central section on the sides. An appearance that exudes calm and confidence. And a person like that in this guy is the kind of thing that Zay would call suspicious!

    - I don't mean to sound rude, but what are you doing in these places? An authorization is required.

    - Oh, my name is Antonio Salvini, the Prime Minister provides me with an accreditation!

    He reaches out his hand, and Zay serves him while keeping his eyebrows low. It's his fucking office that distributes the permits! An additional point in the ,metal, table reasons not to like his new security assistant. The man named Antonio turns his back and disappears without saying goodbye. Zay mentally notes to murder him when he has free time.

    The trips between the executive building are short but enough to give him time to do a research, certainly fast, on Antonio's authorizations. Nothing special, except that he received acriditations normally distributed to team members. This raises many questions and the opportunity to be able to murder him after returns from his holidays, probably during dinner. Between lanes AB and 4V? Little supervised and has a closet that is rarely used. Zay smiles at his crazy idea.

    The corridors of the Congress are fortunately empty. Which doesn't stop him from running into the goddamn chair of the ethics committee. Would he have the amiability to walk between the AB and 4V corridors when he returns from his vacation?

    - Zay happy to see you! I was just thinking of calling you!

    - No need to see I'm just standing here in front of you!

    - Ah, still as funny as ever. I wanted to talk to you about the documents related to your trip....

    - Already sent triple copies earlier.

    - Oh um, I believe you are indeed effective on these issues.

    He seems to be caught in the deportation and twists his hands.

    - Well, do you plan to attend the meeting later, about the rules of electoral campaigns?

    - No, since I am a rather busy person and also because I was the one who set up the meeting in addition to being partly in charge of organizing the elections. So nothing that will be said during the meeting, I wouldn't know it already.

    Seeing the features of his interlocutor's face, he adds.

    - But I'd be happy to have dinner with you when I get back. I'm not mistaken, there's a position opening up in the Majority Coalition.

    The man smiles and thanks him, then starts a speech about his political convictions on the recent laws to be voted.

    - I deeply believe that the amendment to Act A-48. Is beneficial for the sides....

    Zay stops him with a wave of his hand. From the corner of his eye, he spots a silhouette that is certain to belong to a journalist. I'm sure we could talk about the benefits of the amendment later. The man smiles, shakes his hand and moves in the other direction. Zay holds his back straight and smiles at the newcomer.

    - Two politicians talking in a low voice in the corridors of Congress. It's like a movie or series full of clichés and conspiracies.

    - Jacob, there are only politicians in this building and no one wants to scream his conversation. It is quite natural to speak in a low voice in places that breathe tranquility. He smile* And incidentally, the conspiracy.

    - Still as funny as ever! Could you answer some questions for First Time?

    - If it's about my leave. You should know that after the strange and intense events of the month. My assistant kindly reminded me that I had mandatory holidays that I still haven't taken. And everyone knows it's not good not to take a break.

    - You are Zay! You never take a break! Having known you for years, I know you. Everywhere you go, it's to dig up a gold mine that no one had ever seen before.

    - Last time I checked, there's nothing on Titan that hasn't already been discovered. And I'm not planning on doing anything in my suite. I don't mean to be rude, but I have a busy day! Files to read, hands to shake, people to meet, and...he raises the bottle of wine in his hand ...a gift to offer to our new friend on the team. Mr. Antonio Salvini.

    - The retired scientist and manager? What the hell is going on in the government?

    - After such a career, he agreed to come and serve his government in these turbulent times. We agree that he has accomplished a lot.

    - Of course, this numerous researches on DNA and molicular modifications which have allowed great advances in terraforming. This has opened the prestigious doors of the terraforming sector to it. Before disappearing, then reappearing later.

    Zay takes her chances, her pass or it breaks.

    - Of course, a great man who, in my opinion, retired too early.

    - You speak, he left to found his own innovation company before closing it and retiring with his pockets full.

    - Well, a man full of mysteries as much as he has intelligence. My team did a long search on him. It will be very useful in these troubled times, as I have already said.

    Zay saw in the journalist's eyes a glimmer of doubt, then curiosity.

    Antonio, therefore, excellent I am sure that after a long investigation I could come up with something interesting. Finally, I always knew that Zay had a good heart.
    Thinks Jacob

    Idiot, think Zay

    - Of course I have my own sources. Which I don't intend to devulge, naturally.

    - Naturally

    - Have a good day!

    Zay turns his back and waits to turn the corner of the corridor to allow himself a smile. Jacob is a competent journalist. And he just saved him time. If everything goes according to plan, he might come across something suspicious about Antonio and the house of cards collapses. No need to waste time doing research, all he has to do is wait for the article.

    On the other hand, he had mentioned the terraforming sector. He should meet his good friends the Hillmans.

    He enters his office in Congress. The latter is less well decorated than the one in the executive office. And Zay has everything he wants to store inside, including his alcohol cellar. He opens the closet and puts the bottle down and takes another one. He rips off the first one's gift wrapping to put it on the second and adds a little note that says: Best wishes from your friend Zay.

    He puts the bottle down so that it can be sent to the Hillmans' residences.

    The office flashes while the latter connects to its work network and transfers here the most urgent files to read and leaves the rest to its office in the executive building.

    Messages wishing him good travel, files from the intelligence services about the takeover bid. Another message from one of his many friends in the military forces. "I wish you a good trip and I hope the attached documents will make you smile during your vacations"

    But before you can click on the attached file, a communication window opens.... from Yalara. Zay opens it.

    - Madam, how can I be of any help to you?

    - Zay I wish you a safe journey, and I hope you get something out of this meeting in addition to coming back alive ,please.

    - I'll try to get back alive as much as I can.

    - I know our working relationship has been deteriorating lately. Due to the fact that I have refused you access to many files on many occasions. I continue to say that I trust my ministers, particularly the defence minister. However, I took the decision to hire someone to manage all these files in question! A competent man who will be able to get the best out of this game for Mars. I really hope that this choice, which I have been proposed, will allow one to move the file forward and two to improve our relationship.

    Zay smiles slightly and raises her right eyebrow.

    - When will he join the team?

    - To the next ministerial reshuffle. You're the one who suggested that I make changes, remember?

    Zay resists the urge to roll his eyes.

    - Do we have a date?

    - Not yet, but I already have some ideas. I sent you the file. I am counting on you to give me your opinion on the current choice.

    - This will be done as soon as I get back.

    The call ends and on the screen a table with positions and photos of the candidates is displayed. The position of "Secretary of State of unusual situation" catches his eye. The only candidate is Antonio Salvini. He clicks on the position and scrolls through the job description. He will be entitled to an office, a budget, the right to set up and manage civil and military missions. To hire whoever he wants, with almost unlimited to the classified files and access to Yalara Sien. Of course when we talk about Extraordinary Situation, we're talking about the blue thing.

    Zay sighs, he doesn't trust Antonio and especially not the fact that the idea of the position was proposed to Yalara. He is able to see rough manipulation, especially since from the beginning there is only one name. It doesn't matter if the enemy lets him move his pawns on the chessboard. Zay still has time to destroy them.

    To raise morale, he opens the attachments of the previous message.

    Celestial Bird Project

    New project in progress:

    - MCRN Hō-ō

    - MCRN Roc

    - MCRN Phoenix

    - MCRN Thunderbird

    Scrolling images showing tests of new weapons and design images of projects once finished. And Zay is smiling more and more at each of them....
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  2. Zay Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    The street where Zay lives looks strangely like streets found in 21st century washington. His home is 665, residential corridors 55, residential area A5, Aterpole, Londres Nova.

    Its street is different from the usual residential corridors. The latter is as wide as a street on Earth, and wrought-iron lamps, such as those in London, illuminate the street. The ceiling was rounded and high enough not to be thought of. An immenses and wides wells of light floods the street with light. Of course, there are powerful and numerous filters in the wells in question to filter out the radiation that would try to enter at the same time as the sunlight.

    Underneath each well is a real tree planted in a lawn of real soil where other plants grow on a space arranged on the edge. In front of each house, there is sometimes the owner's cart. Park in front of the stairs that lead to his door.

    Each home is similar. Their facade is summed up in a huge rectangle of different colors for each one. A personal tree in front of their house, a window next to the door and stairs to access this door. And the model repeats itself to the end of the street, and the latter ends up on a staircase and a cart lift.

    Zay's house is red in colour and his window has its curtains drawn. Since he has lived in this house, he has never removed his curtains from the windows. Since he has lived in this house, he has never cared for his tree. He had bought himself an electronic device to check if he was all right.

    The rooms of the house are arranged in the very rock of Mars. And has a basement, a rare room for Martian homes. But the basement access door is locked by Zay.

    The latter is in front of the mirror in his room. The latter is large and spacious. The king bed is undone, the sheets are lying on the floor. 4 pillows are lying on the floor and lots of clothes are lying on the bed. Two imposing night tables decorate the sides of the bed.

    The one on the right supports a real clock made in Switzerland. Its drawbar is open and a key is located on the lock of the second and third drawbar.

    On the one on the left is an open book. Given its cover and condition, it was a digital book that Zay printed. Its cover page has a single line for the title and another for the author's name.

    Logistics-Based Stategy in Interplanetary Conflict

    Winston Duarte

    A photo is used as a bookmark. Zay with his beloved mentor, Winston Duarte. The open chapter is the one about the allies. The importance of reliable allies who can believe in you.

    The book closes again while Zay puts it back in his closed drawer. He picks up the clothes lying around on the bed and throws them into a hole in the ground under a trapdoor. He throws some clothes into his bag, which serves as his suitcase. Picks up his pillows that are lying around and with the touch of a button on the dresser, activates the food processor to pass the cleaning.

    Equipped with a tie not yet made and a shirt with its collars unrolled, he enters his bathroom. It comes out fragrant, perfect tie, correct shirt. The bag in hand he descends the stairs to his kitchen.

    The latter is large and very well equipped. Zay takes a pan and undoes the handle. In the latter is hidden a small electronic key. Zay drops the bag and leaves with the key. He hid spaces in his house within his walls. Well hidden and undetectable.

    Equipped with a knife he returns it in without warning in a random wall. Then using his knife as a lever, he moves a part of the wall that reveals a safe. Passing the key in front of the door, the door opens and Zay throws his keys, storage units and hand terminals into it.

    Then close it all up. There's no way to find his hiding place. And even if it is found, an integrated microwave device will pulverize its contents.

    He enters into his dining room and takes his plate that hangs out on the table. He puts it back after seeing the newspapers.
    These are made of a material that looks like plastic. But allows you to display images as in a standard hand terminal. Zay is one of those rich people who would rather pay for this kind of service than go every morning on media stream.

    He takes each of them in a badly stacked pile, and brings them in front of a funny terminal that is in the corner of his dining room. One by one he enters the end of the "newspaper" into a thin slit. With each log inserted, there is a waiting time, then a green light comes on and the log content flashes and disappears as if a powerful magnet had been passed over it. And finally the slit sucks up the newspaper alone, which will be recycled to make new newspapers and Zay is credited on his account.

    Once the newspapers have been removed, he takes his plate back and throws it into the cleaning machine. Stopping for a moment, he looks around to think. Then, start checking every room in his house to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Exception is made in the basement.

    Reassured, he takes his bag. Put on his jacket and get out of his house. It is rather early in the morning, and only a thin stream of light falls from the wells. The street is therefore illuminated by lamps and the soft morning light of a very distant sun. Closing his door, he goes down the stairs and approaches his cart.

    The latter is a standard model, just slightly higher than normal. It has a door, a lockable compartment and tinted windows. Zay opens the trunk and throws his bag in and gets into the driver's seat. And makes sure the door is locked and the tinted window protects it from the outside eyes. Then at slow speeds, the one capped for this corridor. He arrives at the elevator at the end of his hallway.

    The trip was calm and punctuated by comments from radio commentators. Zay turns at a rather busy intersection and notices another cart turning like him. And in the same direction as him. Every time. Worrying.

    Deciding to lose him, he took many paths and shortened abruptly. Each time the same cart follows him. Well, it's official, he's followed!

    Not wasting any time, he turns into an unknown parking lot access. The latter occupies several floors and Zay rushes to the last one. Then he suddenly parks in an available place. His hand terminal beeps to indicate that he is in a paid parking lot.

    Zay angry and stressed out takes the terminal between his teeth and gets out of the cart and opens the trunk. With limited time, he takes his bag and a large sheet. He throws it on his cart and with his free hand takes his terminal to be furiously pressed on the "yes" button, then the "I accept the terms" , "Pay".

    He drops the terminal as he tries to put it in his pockets, then picks it up in swearwords in 5 different languages. Running quickly, he entered the first elevator. As he hears another cart coming. He almost breaks the glass plate where the elevator controls are, so much he wants the doors to close..

    Pressing all the buttons on all the floors, without looking at the floor to select. He takes out his terminal and activates the "secure communication" mode and calls Jerry. His friend and contacts in the Intelligence.

    Every time the elevator arrives on a floor, Zay furiously presses the "close doors" button before the doors open. Then click on a floor at random.

    Jerry answers the third ring.

    - Zay, how are you? Are you still alive?

    His tone is cheerful.

    - I'm being followed, check my file to see if anything has been ordered about me.

    He can feel Jerry rolling his eyes at the other end of the line.

    - Give me time to access your file.

    A very long moment settles in and stretches. A moment punctuated by Jerry's clique on his keyboard and Zay pressing furiously on the elevator's control pad.

    - No, nothing, Zay, it's just indicated that you're going to Tycho station to meet with OPA leaders. And that we must ensure your safety during your trip. Wait! Wait! Are you going to Tycho? Ah! His change of Titan for the vacation!

    Zay growls a thank you and hangs up. The elevator doesn't open its doors right away. And when he does, Zay finds himself in a very busy corridor. It indicates that it is located in a commercial driveway near a subway station.

    As he walks, he glances behind him and jumps. The drivers of the cart found it! How?!

    He enters the station, sweat beading his forehead. He sinks into a dense crowd and seems to have outrunned the two guys. Then turning his head, he sees a rarely used tunnel and an idea germinates.

    He pushes several people to get in. He knows there's no camera in this place. The corridor is dark and small and leads to a small metal door on the side. With a sign written in English and Mandarin. A triangular and red sign with a lightning logo.

    Kicking on the door, it unlocks. He rushes in and throws his bag in a corner. The place is full of black towers where fuses and electrical cables overflow. He's hiding behind a particular pillar. On the latter is a switch that turns off the light in the room. Then he rips off two cables of different colours. And makes them touch their metal ends on each other.

    Sparks appear, the shock won't kill him. Just make it insconcious for a long time. Footsteps are heard and a shadow is approaching.

    Zay remains well hidden behind his pillar and the darkness of the room. The first one enters the room. What seems to be a strange rifle in his hands. Gently approaches the place where Zay is hiding. And the latter jumps off, the cables in his hand. A flash of light later, the attacker was down. Unconscious.

    A second person approaches, and Zay takes the strange gun of the first shoots without thinking about the second who has just arrived.A dar with a bottle of a strange liquid flies towards the victim's neck and crashes into it. Then pours his liquid into his veins. His eyes become misty. He tries to say something, nothing comes out and falls to the ground.

    Zay tattoos his neck looking for his pulse. He is alive. He examines the gun and finds nothing strange. Just a strange gun usually used to vaccinate soldiers or insert something into a body. As for the cash, well, there's nothing he can do. He's already inside the second guy's body.

    He takes out his terminal and calls Jerry again. He explained the situation to her. And the latter asked him for a picture of the two guys for a search. The result arrives quickly, they are two thugs with a criminal record and prison sentences already served. They have no importance anywhere and usually spend their time hanging out in the shallows looking for small jobs, whether honest or not.

    Thanking him, he hangs up but at the same time receives a notification. The camera in front of his house indicates movement. Two men he's never had before in the area, comes out of a low-end wagon parked in front of his house.

    Using an application that allows you to communicate anonymously. He calls the police.

    " Hello, it's to denounce two suspicious individuals in front of the house of one of my neighbours. The address is 665, corridors résidentiel 55, residential area A5. Can you come quickly? Because they are approaching his front door and seem to want to penetrate inside."

    "Thank you, ma'am, for your call, sending us a team to the scene right away."

    Zay frowned as he hung up. Madam?!

    He's making another call.

    "Hello, I would like to report suspicious behaviour in a subway station. Two suspicious individuals entered a renstrein zone."

    He hangs up after giving indications to the officer. He puts away his hand terminal, takes a handkerchief and soaks it in a liquid in his perfume bottle. This fragrance has a good smell and an incredible ability to remove fingerprints.

    Once his tracks were cleaned, Zay came out and headed for the rails. The subway is already here, as if he was waiting for it. Without hesitation, bag in hand, he enters the wagon and sits down. It was after sitting down that he saw what he didn't notice. A drone, small, of a model that no one notices so much they are everywhere. Followed her, and stopped in front of the car door. His camera pointed at Zay. The car moves and leaves the station. And the little camera stays focused on Zay and follows him until he is completely out of sight.

    When he arrived at his destination, Zay found himself in a dense crowd. The rush hour has come. Sneaking into the crowd, Zay finally arrives safely at her destination. The small Londres Nova Spaceport. From the one officer greets him and takes him to a shuttle to go into orbit.

    Zay will arrive in time, and board the ship that will take him to Tycho. The head full of things to have to be checked when he returns. And making a list of people on the way who might have hired these thugs.


    They are two ordinary people who do not ask questions or problems. Except they have a criminal record. And not a small one, a big one. Neither of them did their military service. They served a prison sentence and paid numerous fines. Most government services are closed to them and the police hate them. Naturally, the only opportunity for them is to work for the mob.

    The latter allowed them to change their itentity and buy a new blank file. However, this type of purchase is incredibly expensive. But having a debt to the mob was the only way to get rid of the police.

    And now they do jobs that strangers offer them on the Internet. The latter has often called on them for numerous small missions. And this time, they found in their mailboxes a hand terminal and a black box. In the box a strange pistol supposed to be used for medical reasons.

    In the hand terminal were instructions and permits for prepaid items. The first prepaid thing was a cart. And their mission was to follow two suspicious guys who were following a politician.

    Every 20 minutes, the terminal would beep. A pre-installed application asks them for a report. Every 20 minutes, the terminal would beep. A pre-installed application asked them for a report on the situation.

    When it was more than five minutes since the two suspicious guys disappeared. The application asked them to follow Zay. They had to approach him and find a way for him not to take the shuttle. Unfortunately, the crowd was too dense. And Zay almost saw them at least a dozen times.

    They could only observe that the latter had safely reached the spaceport of Londres Nova. Displeased with their failures, but not so much. Since a portion of the pay has already been paid in advance.

    Their terminal asked them to go to a specific place in Innis Deep. The site in question was a desolate commercial premises, like all Innis Deep's commercial premises. The latter simply offered as a service the anonymous rental of small cabins.

    As they entered, the terminal ringed again, and a ticker for the room 12 appeared. Without greeting the belter receptionist who seems to be sleeping. They moved towards the only door in the room. Passing in front of the room reservation terminals and the belter.

    The terminal rang again, and the door opened. A long corridor opens in front of them or many doors spread out. They close the door and enter the room. Inside there is only a simple table and a open black box. The terminal rings again while additional orders appear.

    "Put the gun in the box, and close it again. Then click on the green button when it is done."

    They obey and close the funny black box that locks itself. An additional message appears.

    "You disappointed me and failed. I appreciate your many services that you have been successful. And our partnership, which has often been satisfactory. But alas everything has an end... Farewell"

    The door is locked and a gas enters the room....

    He in life, he doesn't look for reasons. People pay him to do things, and he does it. When he received by mail, instructions and a prepaid card as the first part of the payment. He takes the money and does the job. No questions asked.

    He was supposed to go to room 12 in a desolate locals of Innis Deep. The place is often booked by groups of drug addicts to be able to snack their shit gas without any problem. And in room 12 are two dirty drug addicts who just took a powerful dose.

    As expected, he takes out of his coat a vial and a needle. A good dose well dosed in the veins of the two little jerks, and the police will be sure that these jerks died of overdose. Then the job is done, he picks up the black box. And get out of the room.

    He puts the black box in a box of packages that already have an address. Then put it in the place provided for pick-up by post.

    His next destination is a café where private boxes are reserved in advance. Perfect for romantic dates or secret meetings. The box, already reserved, consists of a beautiful table and two chairs. On one of the two chairs is a cover. Inside is a prepaid card with his money and a printed letter telling him that the coffee and meal is already paid for. "Good appetite" concludes the letter.


    She is a belter. And who lives on Mars. In his situation, when a job comes up with money at the end. You accept. As usual, she received instructions and prepaid cards from the parcel delivery service. One of them is the first payment for his work.

    She booked two carts and sent the permits to terminal addresses. Then she sent several parcels by post. Including two black boxes. She has booked the room 12 and installed the usual device used by gas addicts. She booked a box at the café and placed the cover as requested and then paid with the prepaid cards for the meal.

    Once all the instructions have been done, she sends a message to an email box and goes home. A week later, she received by mail a new handheld terminal with her pay in it as agreed. She will never ask herself who the person giving the instructions was. Or why these instructions. She's just doing them and getting paid....
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