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  1. Antonio Guerrero Jiménez

    Character Biography:
    The Lovecraft
    16 Psyche Orbit

    The viewscreen displayed the abandoned docking port of Psyche Station in the was just as he had remembered. He could still remember everything from all those years ago. He didn't want to, change. As Antonio slipped back into reality, Sasha interrupted and asked:

    "Tosha? Mind explaining why we are REALLY here?"

    He stood silent, and then said:

    "Remember, we're just here to get some salvage parts, especially leftover weapons and ammo. That's it. It shouldn't be that hard, should it?

    He clearly didn't seem to like the answer, so he pressed the issue.

    "Look, I know that's practically bullshit, Tosha. Just tell me the truth."

    Maldita sea, Alexandr! How did yo-? he told himself as he began to began to breathe heavily.

    "A few weeks ago, I received a tightbeam transmission from our mysterious benefactor; the same one that got me out of jail."

    Sasha's eyes were wide open at the revelation, and the closer the Lovecraft got to docking at Psyche Station's carcass, he decided to ask:

    "Let me guess: he wants us to meet him personally in this abandoned wreck of a station, huh?"

    The mercenary nodded at him, and as the freighter began to dock, Sasha told him:

    "Be careful, Tosha. This place is still abandoned, and if this really IS our mysterious benefactor, then keep an eye on him or her or whatever. Удачи... Призрак (Udachyi...Priyzak.)"

    Antonio nodded in approval as he got Lao and Mary to get their gear, and he grabbed his 9mm pistol and his AK-33. After all: they were here to grab some weapons and ammunition leftover from the Psyche Massacre that he caused, in addition to their real main objective. As the airlock opened and the station's desolation remained in view for all to see, the mercenaries in their EVA suits began to start searching for whatever they could recover.

    The next thing he knew, he saw a shadowy figure in one of the alleys and the group aimed their weapons at the shadowy figure.

    "Woah, woah, woah, easy there, freunde! Don't you know how to welcome a guest appropriately?"

    The three lowered their weapons as the shadowy figure revealed himself....
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  2. Jan Kaspar

    Jan Kaspar, Protogen corporation.” he said “You look like just the type of men I've been looking for.”

    He held out his hand, but no one took it. He put it away.

    “Alright, then. Well. I have a job that needs doing, in fact, a man that needs killing. Are you up for it, or is that scar just for show?” He watched the men react for a moment before grinning and continuing. He was talking quickly, like he had somewhere to be.

    “I’m about to hand you a hand terminal containing a file with the whereabouts of a man named Benjamin Hailey. Get in your little ship and head that way. I will send you more information as it becomes necessary. So, do you accept?” He dropped the friendly smile he had been wearing like a mask, and stuck his hand out a final time.
  3. Antonio Guerrero Jiménez

    Character Biography:
    The men looked at each other and Antonio reached out his cybernetic hand and shook the Protogen contractor's hand.

    "Well, you bailed us out of jail once. We have a deal."

    He wanted to ask questions, but he said it himself:

    Things seemed just like they were about to get interesting.


    The Lovecraft
    Pysche Station Docking Area
    As they returned to Lovecraft, Sasha was once again waiting in the cockpit.

    "How did it go, Tosha?"

    Antonio handed to him the hand terminal, and as Alexandr Kurilov began inputting the coordinates and begin the burn towards Ceres, he began to return to the join Lao and Mary in organising the salvaged ammunition and weapons from Pysche Station.
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  4. Jan Kaspar

    The men were en route to Ceres when they received a message from their contact:

    “Hello again. I'm glad to see you've started on our little project. Here is what you need to know. Benjamin Hailey is a UN official who is attending a meeting with a high-ranking OPA official. I won't bore you with the politics of the situation. All you need to know right now is that the man needs to be dead in four days, he will be at the Blue Swallow Bar & Dance Club on Ceres at 2300, and he looks like this:
    Short brown hair and mustache, blue eyes, tanned white skin, 6’0” 170 lbs, and will probably not be wearing a UNN uniform. You will hear from me again once you reach Ceres.”

    The message deleted itself when it was finished.
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  5. Antonio Guerrero Jiménez

    Character Biography:
    The Lovecraft
    On approach to 1 Ceres

    The armoury was full of weapons and ammunition; more than enough to complete the objective. He began to load the clip of his AK-33 and place the fake ID card into his pocket, wearing his civilian clothing. He placed the old mid-21st Century firearm into a bag, which he would carry past the guards, along with a pack of frag and EMP grenades. He carried a silenced pistol on his holster and as he heard the door slide open behind him, Antonio heard someone say:

    "Sir? The rest of the Bravo Team is ready."

    Antonio turned around to Mary, who was in a UNN uniform a different name tag when he saw her.

    "Good. Tell them to get ready for infiltration. Maintain radio silence until I give the word."

    She looked at the former UNN Marine as his bionic eye stared into her and she nodded back as she left the room. He then turned on the intercomm and said:

    "Sasha? Status report."

    He got the reply almost as quickly as he spoke.

    "We are getting close, Tosha. We are about to dock soon; just be careful down there. Those Belters still hate you after what you did, so keep your head down. And please do not attract any attention from those ублюдки (ublyudki); I REALLY don't want to pay for your fucking funeral."

    He chuckled at that comment and responded:

    "Entendido, Sasha. Get us docked."

    Almost as quickly as the attempt at dark humour stopped, Alexandr responded:

    "Understood. Making final approach now. Out."
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  6. Jan Kaspar

    As the crew was making their final approach, Antonio’s terminal chirped. It was Kaspar with the last bit of info they would need to take out Hailey.

    “Hello. This will be the final message you receive until the job is done. Benjamin Hailey will be meeting with OPA radical Ravi Moffat in the back lounge of the Blue Swallow to coordinate a joint effort against Protogen. This can not be allowed. Benjamin Hailey must die by 2200 hours, one hour before the meeting. He will be wearing civilian clothes, talking to a dark-skinned man with curly black hair. There will most likely be several guards surrounding him. The method of elimination and escape is up to you. Failure is not an option. Kaspar out.”

    The man had become less friendly with each message.
  7. Antonio Guerrero Jiménez

    Character Biography:
    Antonio paused for a minute and thought to himself:


    He got back to focusing on the task at hand and as he turned on his remote comms implant, he began to speak quietly as he walked past several civilians.

    "Escuadrón Bravo. Comienzen la fase uno."

    Mary's voice could be heard saying:

    "Understood. Package is in sight."


    Somewhere in the Medina Level
    Ceres Station

    20:42 hours UTC

    Moffat began to take a look at the Medina District, looking for the Blue Swallow Bar and Dance Club, when suddenly, he heard a female voice right behind him shouting:

    "Hey, you! Punk! Give us your cash!"

    He turned around and saw twelve armed individuals, one of them which seemed to be their leader.

    "You've got thirty seconds to give us your cash or else!"

    Rather than being scared, he ordered his escort to draw their weapons at the group.

    "What kind of right do you criminal scum have to attack an official, huh? Now, scram befo-"

    One of the gunmen fired at one of his escorts and as the gunmen and guards exchanged fire, he began to run for cover. He then felt something pass by his leg and it felt painful. He began to crawl towards cover as panicked civilians scattered and ran for their lives as the exchange of fire continued. As he turned around, he noticed a trail of blood and one of the gangsters approach him. He drew his pistol, and as his vision became an extremely high pitch black, the last thing he ever saw was a flash of light and the barrel of the gun pointed at him.


    Back Lounge of the Blue Swallow Bar & Dance Club
    Ceres Station

    20:47 hours UTC

    Antonio bean to approach his target as his HUD managed to obtain a positive ID on the target and his escorts. He suspected as such, as he and the rest of Alpha Squad noticed the guards. They were scattered and concealed among the customers and as he approached him, he began placing a remote explosive. He was already onboard the Lovecraft when it blew up. Now, it was time to get out of there.

    "How did it go, Tosha?" Sasha asked.

    Antonio replied almost immediately:

    "Mission complete. Let's get out of here before shit gets ugly."

    He nodded back and the Lovecraft began departing the place just as the station went into lockdown...
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  8. Jan Kaspar

    The man's face appeared on Antonio's hand terminal.

    “Well done. Kudos on making it look like a robbery. Return to where we first met to collect your payment, and perhaps something else.”

    That was all the message said.
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