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Event Timely Interruption

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Raziel, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Steven Maguire

    Steven Maguire Gotta keep flyin'.

    Character Biography:
    A heavy and slightly dusty case came off the shelf only after a significant effort. Maguire grunted involuntarily, remembering how in younger years he had hefted such loads with ease. He nodded in affirmation, though his security man was on the same page as he was. Secure the situation, control approaches, defend the high ground.

    Blast doors hissed closed over the normal airtight ones, which was reassuring. Those were rated for serious punishment, but the captain was taking no chances. He palmed the security lock on this case, which like every other piece of Martian Congressional Republic Navy equipment was bound in orange-and-black polymer and looked nearly factory-new despite an built-up outer coating of static dust.

    A hinged, articulated tripod mount unfolded out of the case with such speed that it looked almost like it was stepping out. Atop the tripod was a compact, externally-powered rotary cannon with a belt feed and a top-mounted sensor cluster. It waved its various optics around for a moment. Deciding that there were no threats, it hunched itself away slightly behind armour panels and kept surveillance on the airlock door with a vaguely suspicious air.

    Maguire sighed and relaxed a little. Small-arms fire was one thing, but this cannon was the same gun that mechs carried. He'd seen this rip up Goliath suits.

    Surely they were safe now.

    "There. Ain't nothin' comin' in through the 'lock 'cept body parts."
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  2. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    Tycho Ops Deck

    Morne waved the Martian delegation towards seats on the deck before strapping himself in. They might have some insights, especially given the inexperience of the crew.

    There was no time for secrets now. Morné had never appreciated the clandestine nature of working for Fred. Secrets got people killed. Secrets would have killed them all right now. Tycho was lost. The view of the reactor hammered that truth home. If they couldn't get the Behemoth out of here then no one was.

    "Detach, and tell me what we've got online."

    "We've got sensors and PDC grid coming online now. Rail guns are not calibrated and we haven't loaded torpedo tubes. Main engine should fire." That was Richard Brunino, chief engineer who had spilt blood sweat and tears to refit the Nauvoo under the noses of the Mormons. The ship vibrated as panels fell away, revealing the systems added in the months since Phoebe.

    Should. Shit.

    Morné pulled a screen close enough to his crash couch. A hundred small dots were picked out around Tycho. Some was damage, most were escape pods, others were protogen drop pods ferrying back and forth. He felt gravity shift as the tugs suddenly fired. A thousand small engines that would now become their maneuvering thrusters.

    "We are clear of Tycho. Protogen vessel is scanning us. They're coming around. Missile launch," called Shana from the ops station.

    "I want capacitors charged!" Morné shouted. The Great barrel of the Behemoth rolled away from the corpse of Tycho Station. Four railguns had been installed around the drum and from their covers emerged PDCs. It would have looked like David versus Goliath but the Behemoth was a long way from completion. Morné didn't even know if the defensive guns would fire.

    They did. The low vibration running through ops as several incoming torpedoes were wiped out.
  3. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    Scarsi stumbled through the airlock. Still unable to see properly he stuck to the walls, a hand grabbed him at the shoulder and pulled him back. He could hear the hiss of hydraulic doors behind him.

    Someone now pushed him into a side room and maneuvered him onto some sort of bed. "Hold still kopeng." said Carters voice.

    "Ey Carter, to made it. Thought mi lost to." Scarsi said in delight, then he hissed as some sort of tissue touched his forehead.

    There was also another person in the room, which was tending to his wounds that he had originally thought was Carter. But now that his view cleared a bit he could see that she had a much slimmer stature. "Boss, dis Doc Fay, she gonna be helping ya wit da injury."

    Scarsi nodded. "Please Mr. hold still or you might make it worse." the Doctor spoke with a soft tone. She had the clean speech of someone who'd had a good education, prolly one of the Ganymede colleges.

    Suddenly there was a little light shining into his eye and he was about to protest but remembered what the doc had said and shut up.

    "What am I wearing?" she asked after she had examined his eyes for a bit.

    He was confused and surprised by the question "Huh, what do you mean? A doctor's garb of course."


    "White and... turquoise, yes turquoise." A tiny bit of movement where her head was. She sighed.

    Now she held up her hand, what he saw was blurred. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

    "Uhm... three?" he tried.

    "What does the sign on the wall next me say?"

    "Uhm... med...exit........I don´t know. Wait, it says Medical Supplies"

    "How bad is dat Doc?" asked Carter, Scarsi could now his tall frame standing behind the Doctor.

    She reached down and something made out of plastic and cloths close over his injury. "It´s not as bad as it looks." Scarsi grabbed her hand before she could pull it back. "Tell me the truth, how bad is it?"

    He could hear her swallow. "A few of the shrapnels drilled into your head. I´ll try to remove them but the damage is done, the occipital cortex was damaged now I can only try to stop it from causing damage to other parts."

    Suddenly there was a sting at his arm and his vision went black completely.


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  4. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    "Railgun one is loaded and charged," Shana called.

    "I still don't know how well the sensor array is interfacing with targeting!" Brunino warned from his station.

    Du Plessis was trying not to be distracted by what he was seeing back on Tycho Station. Remote commands had sealed the doors around the reactor, but the path that monster had taken had left breaches that could not be contained.


    Morné was surprised that the sound wasn't louder. The hypervelocity round carved up the space between the vessels in less than a second.

    "Shot went wide."

    Morne looked towards Brunino. The engineer shook his head.

    "Could take days to get dat calibrated boss."

    Morne watched the approaching vessel. He watched it flip around one eighty and burn. It took him a few seconds to realise what had happened. They had taken that miss as a deliberate warning shot. A statement that the vessel was armed. They had probably splashed them with LIDAR and picked out five more installations ready to fire. Stealth missile frigates were strategic, not tactical weapons Fred had said.

    "Keep sensors on them. Work triple time to give us weapons we can actually fight back with." Morné sighed. "How many people left on Tycho?"

    "Over a thousand."

    "I want a plan to work out how to get those we think are safe from infection off. Then we blow it." Morné felt almost sick saying it. He hated being looking to him for direction for anything other than technical questions.

    "Wit some of our own left?"

    "If we have to."
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