JUPITER The Right Ship in the Wrong Place

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  1. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Pilot on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    Karen smirked at Bucks response, “and I’d expect nothing less. Okay so you are both obviously not fuckups, this bird is worth too much for that. You didn’nt have any major infractions on your files when I reviewed them so maybe...hopefully...the brass have finally assigned me a crew worth of this ship.” She extended the bottle of amber liquid across the table and poured a small amount into Liz and Bucks cups, “I’ll cheers to those odds,” she held up her own up in the centre of the table.
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  2. Liz Ritter

    Liz Ritter Engineer on the MCRN Atrax

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    Liz looked at Karen carefully, then raised her glass.
    This ship might not be a home, and this crew might not be a family, she thought. But as long as there's whiskey, I'll stay.
    “Thanks, girlfriend," she said with a grin. "To the Atrax, and to the Martian Republic."
    She drank her shot and felt the liquid warm her throat and belly.
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  3. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Pilot on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    "Aye, to the Atrax" Karen echoed, downing the drink in a gulp and standing up. "If either of you wants it, now is the best to get some rack time. We're gonna be pretty busy when we approach the Daedalus." She left the galley, mag-boots echoing behind her.


    Several hours later

    Karen was back in her crash couch going over mission reports and sensor readings. Outside, the storms of Jupiter had receded as they steadily gained altitude and broke away from the Gas Giant's gravity well, heading towards Europa. Even in space she could see that the Moon was being fought over, occasionally a tiny pinprick of blue-white light would blossom as a ship was destroyed, followed by tiny telltale trails of torpedoes and PDCs. Flicking on the radio, she tuned it into the Daedalus and Martian joint frequency.

    "-mayday mayday, we are hit, oxygen is running out fast, several crew injured, MCRN Dawn-"

    "-hold tight Dawn, Icarus two is inbound-"

    "-they're everywhere, they got hundreds of torpedoes heading right towar-"

    "sailor get off this channel, this is required for resu-"

    "-help us please! We're dying! Our ships been hit! The reactor bottles cracked, please hel-"

    "-CRN Lone Star closing in on UNN forces, first salvo away, secon-"

    The chaos of battle echoed through the cockpit, the rescue fleet trying its best to salvage the Martians fleet lead to hundreds of terrified, desperate voices overlapping on the channel. Karen forced herself to listen to it. This was where they were heading, this was their next fight and they needed to make a difference or die trying.
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  4. Ailbe Bynes

    Ailbe Bynes Captain

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    "Sailor get off this channel, this is required for rescue!", commanded the stressed voice of LCDR Bannockburn with that Texas twang of an accent over the channel.

    The Calabolg was at the edge of the conflict even so walls of lead flowed around her as if she were the daughter of an angry porcu-badger prodded one too many times. Vibrant blue explosions, miniature supernova detonated off her bow and starboard side.

    "Clear the channel Phelps and answer them on assigned ship channels. Rescue is coming," commanded the stern voice of the ship commander, Captain Ailbe Bynes. There was no reply to the order but LT Evelyn Phelps immediately started to hail separate ships over their alternate channels.

    "Petrov. Silo one and two fire to interfere on designated incoming torpedo groups alpha, beta, charlie, delta. Norton. Silo three and four on targets designated zulu, yankee." Both operators gave an affirmative after each command was issued and thumps issued as torpedoes were flung across the void. "Gutierrez and Bannockburn I need you on tug control. Reel what's left of the Dawn back. We are pushing forward to give her cover. New heading..."
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  5. Buck Bardsley

    Buck Bardsley MCRN Master Chief Petty Officer

    He gulped down the whiskey. "To Mars, fuck the UNN."

    A bit of workout time would've been nice but that was very hard to do without weight so instead he went into the crew quarters. There were three small bunks in there. He chose the one that didn't seem to be taken, stored his few personal belongings in a empty locker and "lay" into the bunk. Without the securing straps that he hadn't put on he slowly drifted in his bunk.

    There he lay, eventually sleep came upon him.


    Ashoka's voice blaring through the internal comms ripped him out of his calm sleep. His eyes opened and he realized he was drifting in the middle of the room. To his surprise he didn't seem to have hurt himself while drifting completely freely.

    He turned his madboots to maximum and slowly drifted towards the floor. After a few seconds he made contact with the metal plates of the floor. Before heading for the ops deck he turned the setting of his magboots down a bit so he could walk properly without turning it into a massive exercise.


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  6. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Pilot on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    “Saddles up cowboys!” Karen shouted her her shoulder just as several alerts began blaring in the cockpit and ops decks. They had been burning at a relatively high rate since leaving Jupiters orbit and were closing on the battle over Europa quickly.

    It did not take long for the UNN battle group to detect the Atrax and lock onto it with several targeting lasers however so far they had not laughed any torpedoes. Karen began locking down the ship, pulling her helmet down and closing the air locks between the ops deck, cockpit and other cabins before venting them of any atmosphere.

    “Picking targets,” she heard the voice of Buck crackle over the team channel. “Three targets designated.” Karen hit the accelerator and was smashed into her crash couch, a full rumbling filling her ears as the Atrax mighty power plant and drive answered her commands and generated huge amounts of energy. “Roger that beginning attack run,” she relied, barrel rolling the corvette and sending it down into the fray.

    The Atrax shot through the UNN lines, on a vericle approach vector that gave them a massive firing angle but also made them vulnerable for a short period as they passed through the tightly packed ships. “Missiles away,” Buck announced as several thumps echoed up through Karen’s suit followed by half a dozen points of light they shot ahead of the corvette and slammed into the side of three already partially damaged and burning UNN ships.

    “Fast movers incoming!” Liz shouted as a new series of alarms cheerfully interjected. “Deploying countermeasures,” Karen responded, flicking a switch releasing a cloud of glittering chaff behind the Atrax as it thundered back towards Martian lines.
  7. Brandon Keener

    Brandon was hot, he´d bored himself to death over the last few days. Now there was finally some action. After Ganymede, his unit had been transferred to a new ship that had been sent to Europa to intercept an MCRN Battlegroup.

    When the battle began he and his team had taken their positions in the hangar of the ship. There they´d waited standing ready for the case of boarding action. While he sat there, strapped into a crash couch inside of a UNN breaching pod he once again checked the seals of his armor. Breaching pods always made him nervous, they were cramped and the thought of only a few centimeters of metal and ceramics separating him from the cold and dangerous void.

    "Pod Number 3, prepare for boarding action. Launch in 10 seconds."

    Around him, the 15 other marines checked their weapons and seals for the last time. His own rifle was loaded and ready, his sidearm was loaded and secured in his holster. The armor he was wearing was a specialized version made for TARAS Commandos. It didn´t quite have the quality of martian marine armor, but it was as close as it would get for the UNMC.

    He straightened his armor and leaned back. The black visor of his helmet made the area around him calmly dark.

    "Launch in 10...9...8...7....6...5...4...3....2....1..0" when the voice counted to zero they all felt as if they were weighing 5 times their weight.

    Adrenalin was rushing through him, fear was crawling underneath his skin, but it was numbed by excitement.

    Suddenly his HUD flicked on. Over it was running information about their mission assignment. His team was to board the MCRN Calabolg and attempt to take it´s CIC. Additionally, they had been ordered to sabotage a few key systems.

    If he´d been able to he would´ve rubbed his hands at that task. Taking a ships CIC was a near-suicidal job and not many marines would be excited at that, but for him, it was just another challenge. Another opportunity to prove his abilities.


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