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JUPITER The problems of a birdling

Discussion in 'Private Roleplay' started by Carson Boussaa, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    The door of his room opens to let him in two men. The first is an officer, and the second is an engineer who seems to be a belter. The logo on his uniform identifies him as Zayn Wasabi, with just below the Callisto shipyard logo.

    Anger can be seen on the officer's face while the belter puts his toolbox on the floor, a feeling of unease passing over his face.

    Carson waking up by the noise, open his eyes. Then slowly rises and jumps, sitting on his bed, when he sees the presence of the two men.

    - Oh but, what are you doing here?

    He takes a quick look at his wall clock and grimace. It is 12:15 ISH (Internal Ship Hours). He slept for a long time.

    - Lieutenant, what are you doing here?

    His voice is angry and annoyed. He really doesn't seem happy to find Carson here. And the late hour shouldn't help put him in a good mood.

    - Well, I sleep in my quarters.

    - Sleep!?? In.Your.Quarters!?

    - The quarter I share *it marks a break* was sharing with my teammates and friends. They're dead now.

    The remark doesn't seem to have calmed the officer down.

    - Lieutenant, don't make fun of me. Your quarters are no longer your quarters.

    He frowned with misunderstanding. But his fatigue prevents him from moving his muscles properly and he makes a grimace.

    - What do you mean, I don't understand. Am I being moved?

    - We have renovations to do here! It's been some time now that you've been moving elsewhere! You have received the notifications, I hope?

    - Uh no sir, you're teaching me something! And when can I come back here?

    The officer seems really angry. Several colors pass over his face. As the belter comes out of the room,the scene in front of him seems too much for him. The one of an angry officer yelling at a lieutenant in a bobette, lying in his bunk, a sheet covering half his body.


    - WHAT! Who signed this order? Where does it come from?! I've always slept here! Why would I move!

    - Ask someone else! Commander Wright signed the order. It's him you're yelling at, not me.

    - But...

    - No buts, Lieutenant. You take your pack up and get the hell out. I'll give you 15 minutes. If I come back from here and find you here again. I swear to you, it will be the military police. Consider yourself lucky that I'm just reporting this story in your file!

    Then he comes out of there, furious as ever. Carson gets his legs out of bed, and watches his feet touch the frozen floor. Cold waves rise up along his legs to his head. He shivers, then stands up. A few steps in front of him confirms the fact that he has horrible hip pain. And around the neck too.

    Then he takes his hand terminal lying on the ground. It closes the entertainment and porn tabs. Then it opens the application reserved for ship information. The Simurgh logo is displayed. Then a list of unread notifications appears.

    So the first one:

    Disciplinary accident

    Acused: Lieutenant Carson

    Accusation: Fighting in a bar fight.

    Description of the situation: The Lieutenant got drunk in a bar called Le matelots soul. Then entered fight with a belter who was also a customer of the bar. After blowing his glass on his head. The defendant started a fight with a gang of thugs who had just entered. After a long fight, Carson was arrested by the military police called to the scene. The latter found 5 individuals ashore and the accused who was completely drunk and trying to fight with the police. After controlling the individual, they put him to sleep and transferred him to a cell. Then, the latter was sent to the Simurgh. Even if the police doubt that he's totally sobering up.

    Consequence: The Lieutenant is relieved of all responsibility until further notice.

    Authorized and Signed by Simurgh Commander Steven Wright.

    He sighs, he doesn't remember much about the fight. He scrolls down to find what he was looking for.


    You are officially moving to common dormitories. The indications of your new location are indicated in the attached instructions.

    Authorized and Signed by MCRN Simurgh Commander Steven Wright.

    But what could he have done, for the cap' to punish him like that? Not having much choice. He approaches the drawer under his bed. The latter is black as ink and it is enough to rub a small black plate ( of a shade of black different from the black of the dreawer) for open it. The latter slides towards him and shows all his personal belongings.

    To the right of the drawer, an empty bag waiting to be filled. Carson takes a t-shirt and decent pants. Dresses up and then starts filling the bags with all his personal belongings. A heartache takes him when he casts a last glance at the room. His companions' beds are empty, only occupied by a Martian flag to indicate their death.

    He takes his maggots and leaves the room forever. The corridor is full of technicians, soldiers, officers and engineers running all over the place. Carson, he slowly drifts towards the elevator. He doesn't like Callisto's gravity at all. He liked the one from Mars. She was pleasant, not too light. Not too attractive like the Earth. The perfect medium.

    Then he discovers that the elevator is out of order. Here he is forced down the stairs. After a very long descent. After a very long descent. Where he seemed to be the only person who took his time while people rushed him, too eager to go I don't know where.

    Here he is at last, and to make sure he has arrived safely. Fate made him face to face with a plaque bearing the names of everyone who lives in the dormitory where he forced to move in.

    His name appears, just below a guy named Buck Bardsley. Anyway, hoping it's not the kind of comrades who make jokes that are too heavy and that keep bothering everyone at night.

    With a slow step he goes to his bunk and puts his bag on it. He opens it and takes out a towel, it would be a shower first.

    The water is not as hot as it used to be. But at least he has peace. Since he seems to be the only one who's used the showers at this time of day. Coming out, all wet and a towel of the waist. He passes in front of a mirror before stopping.

    His reflection seems to be judging him. As if a part of his unconsciousness knew why he was being punished. But another part of the latter was surprised that the Commodore did nothing for the protection of the consequences. But the same party that knows why he is being punished, laughs and knows why he expected him to be protected. As if a party of him had always known something he refused to understand. And that the latter took advantage of his morning mood and tiredness, to scream what he thinks, while Carson's consciousness (consciousness trained by the MCRN not to ask questions) violently silenced him.

    It is never good to stay too long in front of a mirror.

    Dry and clothed, he approaches his bunk again. Then open his bag again. He takes a jacket with the Simurgh logo on it and turns his heels. Its installation can wait for its return. The ship's bars are obviously closed. And the canteen stopped distributing food. There' s no choice, he has to go to Callisto.

    The exit locks are all connected to a terminal that brings everyone out or into the dock of the shipyard. Carson enters the elevator of the arm connected to the airlock at the same time as other people. The journey is fast and takes place in silence. Then military police officers checked their identities before letting them out. While a group already controlled, climbs inside the elevator.

    The observation bays of the shipyard are....magnificent. The surface made of ice is beautiful observed, with its soldiers literally skating on it to advance. It's like a ballet without music... or interest.

    A bunch of warehouses and complexes belonging to the MCRN is located on the surface. From what Carson knows, whoever tries to enter will be shot without somation. Go find out what's in there. Personally, Carson thinks it's just rumors. They must not be that important and the marines posted for their protection are not going to shoot everything that moves. What would Mars want at this point protected?

    Access to the surface is not complex. A free shuttle bus (free for Simurgh crew members) takes him to a dock. The latter allows access to elevators. It allows you to go down into the city. Literally.

    Then, at the same time as the elevator opens, a vast possibility of hobbies opens up. Hands in your pockets and your head full of problems. Carson is wondering where to go first. Eating first would be nice......

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