SPACE The Hunter and the Hunted

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    Lunar Bush Orbital Shipyard

    A man in a Black Suit stood at one of the big panorama windows of the Bush Shipyard and looked at one of the drydocks outside.

    The drydock was filled out with the big illuminated spaceframe of a UNN Ship. From time to time there bright blue flashes of welding torches and mechanical arms could be spotted moving around the ship to do some final work and take care of the last bits.

    "Sir, the ceremony starts in 20 minutes." said a UN Official standing beside the man.

    The man in the suit turned around and walked down the corridor following the man. Their mag-boots clicked as they walked through the facility.

    They came to a halt in front of a big metal door. The man in the UN Uniform keyed something into his terminal and the door opened with a hiss.

    Behind it was a big room with multiple stands arranged around a half circle platform. The wall behind the platform was covered by a big blue curtain. On the back end of the platform stood a UN Banner. The whole room was decorated with blue and white flowers and UN Flags.

    They walked across the empty room to a side door behind the stands. The man in the UN Uniform opened the door and they entered a small dressing room.

    "Make our special guests ready for the ceremony. The other guests are gonna arrive in a few minutes," he said to the personnel that was waiting inside, then he hurried outside.


    15 Minutes later.

    Now the room was filled with people. Admirals and UN Officers, High Ranking UN Officials and Civilian Guests, including journalists and cooperation owners, had taken their assigned seats on the stands and were now waiting for the ceremony to begin.

    The platform was now filled with people.

    Suddenly the anthem of the UN started to play and the conversations slowly died down.

    As the anthem came to a close one of the men on the platform stepped forward to the speaker's desk at the front of the platform. It was UN Secretariat Leon Niael.

    "When I was a child, Earth was at the brink of war. Mars had made an attempt to cease the UN Protectorate of Ceres from us and the UNN had stepped in to prevent that. Today we are at the brink of war once again. Mars is advancing its interests in the Belt more and more. Earth now needs to affront Mars to ensure it´s survival. For that reason, we have commissioned the Olacile Project. Today we will see the fruits we managed to harvest from the efforts we put into this. With the help of these fruits, Earth shall ensure itßs supremacy and show Mars its place in this solar system."

    The UN Secretariat stepped back and the UNN Fleet Admiral as well as the man who had stood at the panorama window 20 minutes earlier. He now wore a UNN Uniform.

    The Fleet Admiral began to speak "Not only do we celebrate the fruits of the Olacile Project today, but also the promotion of Commodore Gwenael Suess to Rear Admiral. Please step forward."

    He took a step back and now stood opposite to the man whose name was Suess. The Admiral received a little box from a servant that stood beside the platform. He opened it and took out the insignia of a Rear Admiral.

    "I, Gwenael Suess, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the United Nations against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter." the man said and the Fleet Admiral gave him the insignia.

    The Fleet Admiral now stepped forward again.

    "Rear Admiral Gwenael Suess will be assigned to a new ship, a ship that is the fruit of the Olacile Project."

    As he said that, the curtain covering the back wall was pulled aside and revealed the drydock the man had looked at before.

    Suddenly the lights on the gigantic Spaceframe of the ship sprang into life and illuminated the name painted onto the hull.

    UNN Pete Knight stood there in bold white letters.

    Suess inhaled while tension crawled across his skin. It was the first time he got seen her in all her beauty.

    UNN Pete Knight en route to Saturn, a few days later.

    Suess was glad he managed to escape the celebrations and politicians. They were a absolute pest sometimes.

    The King had gotten her first assignment at once, which he was tremendously thankful for. They were heading to Saturn to meet with a portion of the Seventh Fleet.

    They were going pirate hunting.


    OOC Info
    ( This is a free thread for the regions beyond and within the Belt. Everyone who wants can participate be it Belter Pirate, OPA terrorist or legitimate freighter. This thread happens 5 months before the Ganymede incident. There is no overall story and the thread is just there to have a bit of fun from time to time. Boarding actions, Ship patrol, terrorist attacks, pirate attacks and many more things can be potential events happening here. Good Hunting and good luck to the hunted.)
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  2. Thomas Hsu

    The shuttle seats have at least the indecency to be comfortable, despite being beautiful. The shuttle's speed is decreasing as they approach their destination. A few days earlier, he was still filling out paperwork in an office on Luna. Unsure of his future. Rather, he was surprised to learn that he will not end his days in insipid offices.

    Now he's ready to return to duty! The ship where it is used has, unfortunately for him, already left Luna's docks. He missed the ceremony, as she was informed that he would serve on board after the ship left. That's why he's on a shuttle and not on board. He feels a slight push as the shuttle finishes its flip and burn.

    Whistles indicate that the shuttle has locked into the airlock. And the screen in front of him invites him to get up and get out of the shuttle. Before taking his only luggage, he inspects himself one last time. His black boots are properly shiny and his pants have no wrinkles or creases. His uniform is perfect, his insignia shines with a thousand lights. And her black hair is perfectly combed backwards. Now all we have to know is how long it's going to take him to stain something.

    Ready and with his bag at the end of his arm, he leaves the cabin and crosses the small corridor. Only a small ladder allows him to access the airlock below. The door whistles as it slides to let him take his passenger out. As a drop of sweat descends on his forehead. Thomas Hsu sets foot on the Pete Knight for the first time.

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    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Captains Office of the Pete Knight

    The new captain's office was a symbol of extravagance and lavishness. A statement. Of course, it was mostly for show. The rest of the ship looked just as rough as any UNN ship. This room was meant to be demonstrative, a location for diplomatic tasks built to impress and show off earths power. Everything was high tech and the extensive decoration all over the room would make most people awe in the face of such waste. Shelves full of real paper books protected by plexiglass, handcrafted real wood and metal models of space and naval ships from humanities history, old weapons, and armor from ancient civilizations and even a detailed paper map of the earth and there were also a few pieces he himself had added to the decorations.

    He sat down in the big padded office chair. Beneath all that luxury and show the office was fully functional. The desk had a high-tech touch screen console built-in, the chair was a fully operational crash couch beneath all that padding and the contents of the shelves were fixed to their surfaces.

    Through his earpiece came the voice of his Comms Officer. "Sir, the shuttle has completed the docking procedure."

    Suess nodded to himself. "Send Mr. Hsu straight to me."

    "Aye, Sir."

    He leaned back in his chair and began looking through the personnel file of Thomas Hsu. It was quite the way from the hangar to the captain's office.


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  4. Thomas Hsu

    In his entire life, he had never set foot in such a large ship. And new! Everything is new here, the floor, the lights, the oxygen filters, the small handrails next to the stairs. Everything is new and smells deliciously new. It's stronger than him, but years of bureaucratic work forced him to imagine the construction costs. And a strange certainty is developing in his brain. Since when do we have the budget?

    Even the elevator that takes him to the bowels of the ship is modern and spacious. Given the way it is headed, it must certainly be a multi-directional elevator with the ability to move in a vacuum. Usually it is the Martians who pay for this kind of gadget, which is more or less useful.

    His suitcase in his hand he crosses corridors that in a short time he will have gotten so used to borrowing it that he will forget the tiny details. Turns into an intersection that will soon become very well known to him. And stops in front of a door or hides his new boss and knocks on the door....

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    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Pete Knight, Captains Office

    Hsu's personnel file wasn´t very interesting, the man seemed to be a promising officer though, he could learn something from him. He scrolled through some of the personnel files of his other crew members, because of the particular nature of the ship and the project, ONI had created detailed files and analyzations on almost every senior crew member.

    Suddenly someone knocked at the door. "Come in"
    He expected it to be Hsu but when the door opened it wasn´t his new Aide-de-camp. Saluting at the door stood a woman in the United Nations Navy Officers Uniform. She was Alanna Agresta, his senior pilot and navigations officer.

    "Sir, I would like to speak with you."

    Suess nodded and pointed at the chair in front of his desk.

    She walked into the luxurious room and seated herself onto the chair. He mustered her with a critical view. "At ease, I don´t bite." After this, she relaxed a little and smiled.

    "So, what is it you would like to talk about?" he folded his hands in front of him.

    "Sir, I would like to request to be transferred to another ship. I know this is not a matter with which I should bother you personally but all my former requests have been turned down."

    "No," he said and leaned back in his chair. She looked at him like she was about to protest but then remembered who she was talking to and closed her mouth. He could see her visibly shaking, only slightly but he knew his answer upset her.

    "Permission to speak freely, Sir?"

    Suess made a waving gesture.

    "I am by no means suited for this position. Lieutenant Anderson is considerably more suited to pilot a ship like this. He has the experience and skill. He worked at the project during development. Additionally, I only ever piloted smaller vessels and have absolutely no experience with ships like the Knight. Please Sir, at least transfer me to backup or 2nd pilot. I cannot fill this job as it would be expected of a pilot."

    Suess looked at her for a long second and then slowly leaned forward, resting his hands on the table. "I can understand your concerns regarding your ability to pilot this ship. But I didn´t ask for Lieutenant Anderson as my 1st pilot when I choose my crew. I´ve read your whole file, not the normal one, a specialized Military file including an extensive psychological profile. I know about that incident back in the academy with the instructor who tried to let you fail, I know about that one time were one of your fellow recruits tried to assault you and you broke his arm. I know a lot about you. You are exactly the person I want to have as my 1st pilot, not Lieutenant Anderson and not anybody else. You have exactly what it needs and you are gonna do your job and you are gonna do it so well you´ll surprise me. And this." he grabbed the datapad resting on the table, it was still displaying her file. He swiped once and transferred the information to her hand terminal. "It's yours, do with that information whatever you want."

    He could see how she calmed down while he spoke, saw how her posture relaxed more and more, how the stiffness disappeared. That was good. Everything he was saying was true, he´d picked her because he was sure she could do the job exactly as he wanted it and he wouldn´t let that get ruined by her lack of confidence, he knew other captains often deemed insecure and unconfident officers to be unsuited for important roles because it wasn´t exactly what you needed with an officer, but if you pushed the right buttons they were often good men and women.
    And he knew how to push those buttons.

    "I hope you now understand why I don´t intend on letting you change ship, if you still intend to do so I am open for it though. If you have any other problems you can always come to me in person and talk about it."

    "Yes, Sir. I understand."

    "Good. You are dismissed." He said and waved in the direction of the pressure door.

    He hoped this would work, there was a great officer in that insecure woman and he wanted that officer. It would´ve been a waste to let her stay on some small corvette or something just because she didn't trust herself to attempt bigger things, sometimes you had to make decisions for someone else.

    Almost directly after the Lieutenant had left the room it knocked again. Suess sighed. "Come in."
    And again it wasn´t who he´d expected. This time it was Thomas Hsu.


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