SPACE The Hunter and the Hunted

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    Lunar Bush Orbital Shipyard

    A man in a Black Suit stood at one of the big panorama windows of the Bush Shipyard and looked at one of the drydocks outside.

    The drydock was filled out with the big illuminated spaceframe of a UNN Ship. From time to time there bright blue flashes of welding torches and mechanical arms could be spotted moving around the ship to do some final work and take care of the last bits.

    "Sir, the ceremony starts in 20 minutes." said a UN Official standing besides the man.

    The man in the suit turned around and walked down the corridor following the man. Their magboots clicked as they walked through the facility.

    They came to a halt in front of a big metal door. The man in the UN Uniform keyed something into his terminal and the door opened with a hiss.

    Behind it was a big room with multiple stands arranged around a half circle platform. The wall behind the platform was covered by a big blue curtain. On the back end of the platform stood a UN Banner. The whole room was decorated with blue and white flowers and UN Flags.

    They walked across the empty room to a side door behind the stands. The man in the UN Uniform opened the door and they entered a small dress room.

    "Make our special guest ready for the ceremony. The other guests are gonna arrive in a few minutes." he said to the personnel that was waiting inside, then he hurried outside.


    15 Minutes later.

    Now the room was filled with people. Admirals and UN Officers, High Ranking UN Officials and Civilian Guests, including journalists and cooperate owners, had taken their assigned seats on the stands and were now waiting for the ceremony to begin.

    The platform was now filled with people.

    Suddenly the anthem of the UN started to play and the conversations slowly died down.

    As the anthem came to a close one of the men on the platform stepped forward to the speaker's desk at the front of the platform. It was UN Secretariat Leon Niael.

    "When I was a child, Earth was at the brink of war. Mars had made an attempt to cease the UN Protectorate of Ceres from us and the UNN had stepped in to prevent that. Today we are at the brink of war once again. Mars is advancing its interests in the Belt more and more. Earth now needs to affront Mars to ensure it´s survival. For that reason we have commissioned the Olacile Project. Today we will see the fruits we managed to harvest from the efforts we put into this. With the help of these fruits Earth shall ensure itßs supremacy and show Mars it´s place in this solar system."

    The UN Secretariat stepped back and the UNN Fleet Admiral as well as the man that had stood at the panorama window 20 minutes earlier. He now wore a UNN Uniform.

    The Fleet Admiral began to speak "Not only do we celebrate the fruits of the Olacile Project today, but also the promotion of Commodore Gwenael Suess to Rear Admiral. Please step forward."

    He took a step back and now stood opposite to the man whose name was Suess. The Admiral received a little box from a servant that stood besides the platform. He opened it and took out the insignia of a Rear Admiral.

    "I, Gwenael Suess, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the United Nations against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter." the man said and the Fleet Admiral gave him the insignia.

    The Fleet Admiral now stepped forward again.

    "Rear Admiral Gwenael Suess will be assigned to a new ship, a ship that is the fruit of the Olacile Project."

    As he said that, the curtain covering the back wall was pulled aside and revealed the drydock the man had looked at before.

    Suddenly the lights on the gigantic Spaceframe of the ship sprang into life and illuminated the name painted onto the hull.

    UNN William King stood there in bold white letters.

    Suess inhaled while tension crawled across his skin. It was the first time he got seen her in all her beauty.

    UNN William King en route to Saturn, a few days later.

    Suess was glad he managed to escape the celebrations and politicians. They were a absolute pest sometimes.

    The King had gotten her first assignment at once, which he was tremendously thankful for. They were heading to Saturn to meet with a portion of the Seventh Fleet.

    They were going pirate hunting.


    OOC Info
    ( This is a free thread for the regions beyond and within the Belt. Everyone who wants can participate be it Belter Pirate, OPA terrorist or legitimate freighter. This thread happens 5 months before the Ganymede incident. There is no overall story and the thread is just there to have a bit of fun from time to time. Boarding actions, Ship patrol, terrorist attacks, pirate attacks and many more things can be potential events happening here. Good Hunting and good luck to the hunted.)
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