CERES The Great Meat Heist

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  1. Lukas Forgrave

    Lukas Forgrave Scourge of the Water Pipes

    Character Biography:
    The station was a powder keg. Not in the revolutionary and romantic sort of way, like in some upcoming moment - everything would change and for the better. It was an inconvenient powder keg, the sort that meant more rules, more eggshells, more steps to get from point a to point b. It meant playing nice, cutting back on the Helix mandated quotas, it meant that things would change. And maybe not for the better.

    Luka had gotten mixed up in the riot, in his own fashion. But where he was helping out a friend, dealing with some inconveniently angry mobs down on the docks, a belter had gone and gotten himself killed. Didn’t matter the reason, martyrdom was a particularly loud and distracting set of beats, just begging for a chorus. On top of that, he couldn’t walk down through the medina without seeing the face of a certain Earther, joining the rebel cause, calling for people to Remember. Everywhere he went, kindling laid about, just begging to be picked up and struck against something. It was all just a matter of time.

    He did his best to not get caught up in the politics. So long as there were crimes and gangs, he had his crosshairs pointed towards the rail and away from the stars. And the station was filled with bad deeds, waiting to be rectified - hell, even some good deeds when the well dried up. Everyone else was looking up, wondering what faction would fire next, and he was busy trying not to trip over something.

    Hey.” A thick Russian accent come out of nowhere. Luka had taken to doodling on an outdated writing pad and the pen was running out of ink. That was too bad, his rendition of the office space was something similar to mice trapped in cages with random snakes roaming about. There was still one rodent that needed a bit of shading and some filling in. “You hear about the case?

    Luka pulled his eyes away from the masterpiece, legs propped up on the table and enjoying the down time. “Probably not.

    Yeah. It’s new. Meat case. Holloway is calling it…Detective Hartigan lifted his bony Russian fingers towards the sky, like he was brushing the dust off some old sign hanging above the door. “The Meat Heist.

    She’s calling it that?

    Hartigan shrugged and smiled, his thick mustache inverting into a flattened ‘u.’ “Nah. I’m calling it that.” He pointed to himself with a stern thumb. “Remember that when money starts coming in.

    Yeah okay.” Luka went back to scratching the pen into the notepad, trying to reanimate the tool.

    So…” Hartigan patted his lips together in what Luka decided was a surprisingly irritating habit. “You’re on the case.

    You my boss now?

    Maybe. I think Captain Holloway has a thing for me.” He lifted his shoulders twice and bounced his eyebrows. Then his face flattened to a normal neutral tone. “Nah. Just the fucking messenger. Quit being a dick about it. It’s you and Thompson.

    Luka squinted, the scratching at the pad stopped, and he looked out across the headquarters. Couldn’t see the man but if he was being honest, he hadn’t ever paid him much attention. Hartigan pulled out his little blue and purple terminal and slid the information over, seamless. Luka’s desk terminal was suddenly populated with all the information he could ever need. Or, as it translated, the limits of mediocre beat cops doing their very best.

    With a giggle, Hartigan pulled his terminal away. “Hey, Forgrave. Go fuck yourself.

    Yeah yeah...stop drinking on the job.

    This ain’t potato juice...It’s all me baby.

    With that, he was off again, off to do something that was likely as important as this case. Which, in effect, meant not important at all. Luka looked over the details of the case and realized why it was called what it was. A series of murders near the synthetic meat preparation facilities. With a low groan, he sent a message to Officer Thompson. They’d need to sit down, get their ducks in a row.

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  2. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    Jacob sat in one of his usual bars and was about to finish his second bottle of the disgusting belter Whiskey they served here and that was supposed to be a speciality, but if he was being honest it tasted more like someone had pissed in a bottle and stored it for a few month.

    When his handterminal buzzed it presented a welcome distraction and gave him a reason to stop drinking even though he wasn´t sure if he wanted to do that.

    He chugged the last glass and picked up the terminal, a message from Detective Forgrave...Forgrave , huh, he remembered that from somewhere but couldn`t quite grasp what it was, must have been the alcohol clouding his mind.

    Thompson took a quick look at his whiskey bottle and realized that it was completely empty when someone sat down beside him, it was a young belter with a OPA tat that stared directly in his face.

    „Oye paxoniski; xídawang imbobo rɒm OPA, sasa ke?“

    „Yeah, yeah i know and if you don`t want a third asshole, i recommend you piss off“

    The boy looked like he was thinking about it but when his friends called from another table he stood up and walked away, not without spitting in his empty glass however.

    Normally Jacob wouldn`t have let that slide but he had work to do.

    Thompson paid, stood up and walked out into the corridors of the medina.
    He pulled out his handterminal and finally started to read Forgraves message.

    Apparently Holloway had put them on a case together, „the meat Heist“, Jacob chuckled while he typed out a response.

    „Hey Luka i am down in the medina and on my way to a transit station so if you got a spot where we can meet up, let me know.“

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  3. Lukas Forgrave

    Lukas Forgrave Scourge of the Water Pipes

    Character Biography:
    He had a place in mind. A little coffee joint down on the plaza, a few blocks from the headquarters but far enough away to dull the gleam of the brass starring over their shoulders. He sent the location to the other senior detective. The man would know the place. Everyone on the force did.

    It had a rustic sort of appeal, like this was the futuristic prediction that had them stepping back in technology, instead of forward. No neon orbs or LEDS, no places to hook up the terminals and broadcast holographic planetary displays. If he concentrated hard enough, he could almost hear the click clack of keys from an pre-millenial computer system. He had a bit of nostalgia for the era, despite never having known it.

    The Tipping Cow, named as such by some Martians sense of pride in the vocation of herding and running down cattle. The front sliding door was half frosted glass across the top, half paneled wood across the bottom. The railing was even trimmed in brown though it rattled on every open and close action. It smelled like coffee beans and ash, an odd concoction of coffee supremacy mixed with the mishandling of the basic roasting principles. The interior stood out less than the exterior with unremarkable black and white checkered flooring, metal half-back stools with velvet red cushions, and dusty couches with ratted up upholstery.

    It was a good place to smoke a cigarette. Luka was sure the filtration system hadn't been cleaned in years, which he liked. More smoke, less antiseptic, the way a lounged was supposed to smell.

    He took a heavy seat on one of the couches and sunk half a foot. Lifting his hand with one extended finger, he made his usual order and waited for his new partner to show up.

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  4. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    The Tipping Cow
    'Cause he knew the place.
    It was a nice place, it had atmosphere, only problem was it didn't serve any alcohol.
    Even though Jacob had intended to stop drinking for today he had hoped Forgrave would choose a bar or at least some place that served something with some alcohol in it.

    Well nothing he could do about it and it was probably better anyways.

    When he entered he took a deep breath and sucked in the badly filtered air.
    The urge to smoke a cigarette rose within him but one look at the coin in his hand reminded him and he supressed the urge and instead he ordered a bulletproof coffee, hoping it would supress the effects of the alcohol circulating through his body and numbing his senses.

    After a quick look he spotted Forgrave and walked over to him.

    "Detective Lukas Forgrave?"

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