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  1. Zay Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    - Mars, Londres Nova, Executif building -

    Zay bites a bite out of his pickle. Like everyone else in the room right now, he had taken advantage of the 30 minute breaks between each transmission to get something to eat. Yalara was satisfied with a plate of salmon raised on Mars. While Zay took smoke meats. Nothing better to remember his travels to Montreal. As for the rest of the military staff, it seems that steak dishes with french fries seem popular.

    " As we speak, the Manticore MCRN and the Tenacity MCRN have probably entered Ceres' orbit."

    The admiral points the ships in question to Ceres' holographic map. He sometimes stops talking between words to chew the fries in his mouth.

    "As planned, diplomats and key personnel will be evacuated to the MCRN Manticore. It will protect them from all forms of danger. And when the situation calms down. They can come back to Ceres."

    The map simulates ships leaving Ceres to form two lines. The first line goes to the Manticore and the second line keeps penetrating into space.

    "The Tenacity will protect evacuation vessels for civilians. Once civilians and personnel are out of danger. We can have the freedom to deploy marines."

    "It will all depend on the Governor's Council."

    " We will take care of this part, Admiral." adds Yalara.

    "Excellent, I recommend landing marines on Ceres that are already equipped with anti-riot equipment. And this to help with the evacuation."

    Red dots flow from the Manticore and Tenacity and enter Ceres. On the Ceres map, they form a continuous line from the embassy to the docks.

    - If the local authorities accept our offer of assistance, we will be able to deploy full regiments of crowd dispersal and military police. In order, of course, to apply the laws of Ceres. Once the ships are inspected and the area under control. The docks can be free again. So the influx of merchandise will be able to move again. What is beneficial to Mars and the Belt.

    " We recommend this particular number of forces to restore order". Add one of the generals present

    The map gives way to a list of units and various materials. Crowd Management Unit, Anti-Terrorist Unit and... Four war mechas!?

    - Why do we need this number of mecha?

    - The mechas impose respect just by their presence. It would be sufficient to deploy them on sensitive points in order to calm the crowd present.

    - Pfff, or to look like a bunch of invaders.

    - Reduce the number to one.

    Ceres' map was reappearing. A dot named Simurgh is quickly heading towards Ceres. It seems to be in the deceleration phase.

    - The Simurgh will be on site in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    - Excellent, sent it all this plan with our offer of assistance to the office of the Governor of Ceres.

    Everyone takes a look at the timer on the wall. The latter counts the minutes of latency between Mars and Ceres. It remains so for about twenty minutes before the next reports arrive.

    - You can take a break until the next transmission.

    The members present at the meeting, leave the room quite quickly. Yalara goes out last with Zay. Assistants took their plates and probably moved them to their offices.

    - So, Zay, how's the story with Tycho?

    Zay simply replied showing a report from FMIS (Martian Foreign Intelligence Service)

    "Everything our services know about him. "

    The man is called Morne du Plessis. Age : 37, height : 6,6", weight : 75 kg, hair: black e.t.c. He was a scrap repairman before being hired by Tycho engeenerie at Tycho station. The only really interesting thing about on his file is a memo from the services that suggests he has a connection with the OPA. Unfortunately, they have no concrete evidence and nothing until now had pushed the intelligence services to watch him.

    The elevator, from which they have just entered, begins its rapid ascent to the higher offices. They're alone in the elevator.

    " What kind of cells?"

    " Difficult to determine, certainly not terrorist. Possibly the one Fred Johnson was leading. At least what's left after his death. "

    Zay plays him the answer to the Rear Admiral. As well as the content of the attached files.

    "Does the rear admiral have this information? "

    "Yes, he has information about the groups that Du Plessis wants us to "avoid" killing in friendly fire."

    " You would tell the rear admiral to pay attention to them. When it comes to you Zay, you're going to move your ass out of Mars and go see with him what's the story of the dangers that threaten Mars. Then bend the head before adding: and accessoryly the belt. "

    Zay nods and exits the elevator to get to his office. When he arrived in his office, he noticed that his screen that broadcasts news is on and on mute. The media focuses mainly on the explosion of the MCRN Agrippa and seems to completely ignore the situation on Ceres.

    Zay takes out his terminal by hand and prepares his messages for the rear admiral. He sent him the meeting documents, the list of units that arrived, the plans prepared, a note on Tycho's private security that should not be killed. And a memo on the fact that the Governor of Ceres is officially aware of a proposal for help from Mars.

    Zay sends the Governor of Ceres the contract of assistance from Mars with a note that reminds him of Mars' sincere desire to see the order return.

    Then activates his camera and sends towards the Tycho station:

    "This is Zay Boussaa, in the name of Mars we accept your proposal to meet. I would personally represent Mars during a meeting at Tycho station. Mars is sincerely precuperated by your insinuation of a threat hanging over our worlds. I look forward to receiving a response from you as soon as possible."

    @Noam Kase @Morne du Plessis
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  2. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:

    The Cochrane and her flotilla had dropped into a low-g burn, orbiting Ceres, quietly monitoring the unfolding situation, a flock of ravens, circling the corpse of UN Control on the planetoid. Dolores Muwangwa sat back in her command chair, assessing the situation with a grim look on her face. The evacuation seemed to be proceeding as planned, but there had been reports of gunfire at Mid-Town. The rioting seemed to be confined to the alleyways and the Hospital, but even so, it would be wise to monitor the situation as it developed. Perhaps send in a couple of armoured marines. Worse still, the evacuation was no longer their biggest problem on Ceres. It was becoming increasingly apparent that Mars was intent on making some kind of power play before the UN had even bloody left. There had always been a possibility of Mars trying to fill the power vaccum on Ceres, but if they were putting troops on the ground now, it ran the risk of turning an already volatile situation into a three-way firefight. Foolish of us, I suppose, to expect subtlety from Mars. Dolores raised her eyebrows, and sent off her response to Mendelssohn’s status report, relaying to him her advice. As she did, she felt for a moment a pang of concern. If a firefight broke out in orbit, their corvettes were stationary and isolated. Easy targets for the OPA, and sitting ducks for Mars. Well, if there’s anyone I trust to survive a situation like that it’s Aaron Mendelssohn. He lacked certain social graces, but the Australian was easily one of the finest tactical minds Dolores had ever known. Not that tactics do you much good when a railgun’s put a hole through your reactor.

    An oddly relaxed quiet held on the Cochrane’s bridge, officers observing their instruments, sharing a few short words, taking nervous drinks from bulbs that bobbed merrily on the low gravity. De Camorra analysed fleet data, and occasionally brought up footage of a football game when he thought Dolores wasn’t watching. Hyou, who had even less work to do, wasn’t even pretending. The rest of the crew, however, seemed a sight more on edge. They had already noticed Martian vessels buzzing them. That little stunt the Atrax pulled had put the whole Flotilla on alert. It wasn’t so much that they were scared by the Martian vessel, but a message had to be sent. This was a UN Operation, and Martian interference would not be tolerated. But by the look of things the MCRN was dead set on causing a fuss. I suppose the least I can do is figure out why. Dolores massaged her temple, and pulled up her terminal. “Lieutenant Boyle, I’ll need a link to the Martian Embassy. It’s time to learn just what our coalition partners are playing at.”

    “Right away, Captain,” Boyle replied, tapping away at her monitor, quickly setting up a tightbeam between the Cochrane and Ceres. Dolores took it onto her monitor, not hesitating for a moment before she began to speak. “This is Captain Dolores Muwangwa, Commanding Officer of UN Forces on Ceres. I wish to speak to the Martian Ambassador.”

    @Noam Kase @Zay Boussaa
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  3. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    MCR Embassy
    When the the Sergant returned Scarsi sighed in relief.
    He had almost given up and thought they would come back with a firing squad.

    But then something interesting happened, the Sergant returned with two more men and they were escorting someone who was almost fully obscured by the marines bulky appearance.

    As they arrived at the Gate the Marines spread out loosely around the man and he saw an imposing Martian in uniform who was lacking one eye.

    Scarsi frowned and pushed the OPA Bodyguard back that had previously positioned himself before him to get a better view.

    "Thats certainly interesting." he mumbled to himself.

    He knew the man. OPA "Intelligence", it wasn´t really anything like a organized intelligence Agency but it was what they got, had reported on a Martian Rear Admiral that arrived on Ceres a while back.

    This wasn´t at all what Kea would´ve liked to see.
    A Rear Admiral in charge of negotiations meant military was in charge of everything Martian and military didn´t like negotiations.
    He hoped this wasn´t just some greenhorn that had gotten the position through afilliations and that would now try to prove that he had the biggest Ego on station.

    "I would, wouldn´t I?" Kea smiled and extended his hand to greet the man, he seemed resonable but that could just be a fraud.

    "I think you will understand that it would be unreasonable, even suicidal, to enter the Embassy of one of the biggest enemies that the faction i am afilliated with possesses without any form of protection. I am sure you will refrain from harming me but it would still hinder fair negotiations if you could disperse of me whenever you like. You can be sure that a fair exchange cannot be done if either side has a gun to its head."

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  4. Zay Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    - Mars, Londre Nova -

    Zay had pretends he needed to think. Which is neither a lie or something unusual. As usual, he took the elevator and descended to parking lot B7 where his personal cart is parked. With a bag in his hand to carry the rest of his meal.

    His personal cart looks like a car that can be found on Earth. With a roof, a door and closed and smoked windows.

    He took his place in front of the wheel and activated the autopilot mode, with the itinerary of driving around the neighbourhood. Olympia is one of the sectors of Aterpol. These are the government buildings of the MCR. On a 3d map, it looks like a rectangular cavity several hundred meters high connected to another cavity that together forms Aterpol.

    The roads are quiet and his autopilot takes care of everything. With his smoked windows, Zay is certain that he will be able to "work" without anyone disturbing him.

    A hand terminal other than the one he uses comes out of the glove box. The latter takes some time to light up. The hand terminal is equipped with two software programs. A synthetic voice software and another that allows you to communicate in a " discreet " way.

    Thanks to the synthetic voice software, he composes a fully coded and indecipherable message for anyone. Then once the messages are created, they are read by a totally robotic voice that can be found anywhere on the Internet. Zay sends it to the "special" messaging application.

    The message is sent to an encrypted server on a satellite abandoned in the depths of space. The latter will transmit the message to the recipient before burning and then eject the hard disk into space. A channel that can only be used once in one direction and untraceable.

    Once his crime was committed, Zay carefully destroyed the hand terminal. As it did in the Military Intelligence Service, it extracts components, in particular from the remains of the hand terminal. The components extract its grind and place it in a place that no one would examine. Her perfume vial. Once his vial is in his little pocket in his coat. Zay places the rest of the hand terminal in the bag that carries her remaining meals.

    His cart returns to the executive building and is placed in the queue to enter. A notification on his hand terminal, the one he normally uses, informs him that a journalist has left the media area and managed to reach his office. The poor man found it empty since two minutes before, Zay had just left. Instead he found only angry police officers. That explains the longer than usual line. Security has strengthened.

    When his cart stopped at a recycler's height. Zay threw her bags in the recycler and took advantage of the delicious noise she made when she compressed, shredded and dissolved the latest evidence. A marine nods his head when he sees him throw away his bags. The latter were used to it. It wasn't the first time Zay went out for a drive and threw his food bag in the recycler.

    The shredded ,in small powder, pieces of his evidence will then be sent to an automatic processing centre in about 30 minutes. The latter will disperse everything across Mars and beyond.

    The officer in charge of the verification doesn't even bother to check his papers, get used to his walks. Instead he smiled and wished him an excellent day, and Zay did the same and walked into the tunnel leading to the parking lot.

    Alone in his vehicle, without anyone being able to see him, Zay began to smile in an evil way.

    The perfect crime!

    No one in the solar system will know that he has just ordered the death of the Governor of Ceres.

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  5. Damien

    - Ceres, a tunnel under the governor's residence.-

    He received the messages from the operator. He always called it that and it will never change. He had been preparing for the one for a long time.He had personally decided to endorse the identity of a militant of the takeover bid months ago. But if it serves the operator's plan then fate decides it so. Its mission is to kill the Governor of Ceres and specific members of the Council. It is fortunate that the designated survivors are at home. So they will survive. The operation must absolutely look like a riot going wrong.

    He decided to use a group he infiltrated for months. Members of the Black Sky and other small OPA groups classified as violent.
    He has already helped many times. He has their full trust.

    "Today is ours days! The rats of the Earth flee and abandon us cowardly. It is time to take charge of our destiny. At the top of us is the Governor, who has never stopped selling us to Earth. He enjoys a luxury that no one else has down here. And spit in our face. What if we remind him who the boss is?"

    The gathered groups scream with joy and war cries. Weapons are distributed as well as armor. Damien wears an armor helmet. One to protect his identity, even if he often changes his appearance and no camera ever sees it. Two, it will be for step 2 of the plan.

    The group moves towards an isolated elevator. Damien checks his equipment and the plan one last time. His rifles are printed using a 3D printer while the bullets come from Earth. These were a model that was used by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Pretty easy to recover they left a lot in the bodies they left behind. It is then sufficient to analyze them to create perfect copies. The Operator had not necessarily asked him for this detail. But Damien likes chaos. And finding Earth intelligence bullets in the governor's body should create quite a mess.

    His bionic implants are well functional, especially the one that will inject him with cyanide if he is captured.

    The plan is to use a guarded corridor only by two guards. The camera system is down just like the security system. once the dead guards will use the protected elevator, a service elevator that is never used, to enter the residence. If all goes as planned there should not be much security in the residence. It will be a real massacre. A crowd of people demonstrated right in front of the latter's doors. The doors will be open and will be pillaged and chaos.

    The two guards are at their posts. The poor did not understand what happened to them when a rain of bullets bombarded them. Once their bodies collapsed to the ground. Damien walks towards the elevator while someone behind him destroys the camera pointed towards the elevator.

    He pianos a series of numbers on the pavement and waits for the elevator to come down.

    Well, it'll be fun.
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  6. Tadgh

    Character Biography:
    @Steven Maguire

    There was near silence as the thrusters and drive all went offline. Held in Ceres embrace and spun about at a dizzying speed they didn't need any engines to provide an intertial replacement for gravity.

    "Glad you're awake. As you can probably tell from the lack of holes in the ship they didn't fire on us again. @Lyla should be joining you soon."

    Tadgh melted back into his seat. All the adrenaline left in his system had nowhere to go. Hands against his sides trembled faintly. Steven and Lyla had very nearly died. Then he had been convinced that all of them were going to die together in a hail of teflon coated tungsten from a UN vessel with an itchy trigger finger at the gunnery station.

    Azimuth had taken a beating. Time not at sea was costly. Repairs were costly.

    "Let me know if she arrives or if I need to go drag her to medical," he said. There was a chance she had gone back to repairs despite the risk. "I'll go find out how bad it is on the docks and when we're likely to get a team down here."
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  7. Bodhi Xin

    Character Biography:
    Plaza Level, Criminal Territory.

    @Loske Matson @Thompson Jacob @Lukas Forgrave

    "Yuh know what mi like about to? Na fucking about." Bodhi rounded a corner and rushed towards the barricade. Despite Lokse's question and Lukas' response the OPA, or at least his faction, wasn't after a blood bath. If they took the Griega HQ then some of them were definitely seeing the wrong side of an airlock, but they needed some high profile captures.

    This needed to be a propoganga piece for a stronger, safer Ceres. A Ceres run by the belt. Where the UN didn't ration the water the keep the downtrodden desperate and compliant.

    One of the kneecapped gang members had the fortitude to reach for his weapon. Bodhi was close enough that he could take two quick steps and deliver a swift kick to disavow him of the notion.

    The OPA had lost a lot of good people at Thoth, but it had also been a trial by fire. When a round hit the floor by the barricade the three man team took cover quickly.

    "Anodda couple of shooters!" Bodhi called out. "Window on da right."

    The problem was that the shooters had an elevated position and there could have been civilians in the houses adjoining that one.

    "Can't hit da wrong window, someone cover mi!" He leaned forwards, hand against the corner of wall. Maybe twenty metres to run and a locked door to break down.
  8. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    Plaza Level, Loca Greiga Territory

    He didn´t like Bodhis approach, he would´ve just rained bullets on them but he decided to follow the belters lead.
    His own team was made up of two Star Helix officers in heavy SWAT gear and assault rifles and himself.

    "Ok, when he starts running you move to the other side of the street and take cover there. Then you lay down supression fire. Dont hit anything that isnt an asshole! Understood?!" He ordered them.

    "Yes sir!" they responded and got ready to make the run.

    Jacob would watch for muzzle fire that would give away their position, while the two ran.

    He patted Bodhi on the shoulder and nodded.

    "Don´t get killed."

    He looked at Loske and Lukas.
    Lukas was all professional but Loske seemed terrified.

    "Are you gonna be ok?" he asked her.

    @Bodhi Xin @Loske Matson @Lukas Forgrave
  9. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    MCRN Simurgh Command Bridge

    MCRN Simurgh is getting closer and closer to its destination. The ship's deceleration began several hours ago. They'll be in Ceres' orbit in less than 40 minutes.

    The officers saluted when the cap' arrived on deck.

    "Report" he said in his serious and deep voice.

    "The Atrax sends us particularly valuable information about the ships in the target's orbit." Answered one of the officers present when he got up

    "Any known ships?"

    "We identified the UNN Cochrane and a panel of other vessels from the UN fleet."

    "All ships in our database?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "So we have a monster ridge on them." A smile pierces his lips. " The Atrax is a new type of ship just like the Simurgh." The UNN has therefore never seen them in combat, so they know neither our weak points nor our full capacity. But we know theirs."

    It displays the Cochrane and its fleet on the strategic information projection table.

    "This ship is the most recent model of their pitiful fleet. If there is a ship that will be a problem for us if in case of a battle. That's him! But, the rest is that we know the ship's weaknesses and capacity and they know nothing about ours."

    His remarks were received with cruel laughter from the crew.

    "Show me a simulation in case of a fight."

    A 3D simulation appears.

    The following messages appear first: We have no right to attack first. The risk of we start the fight is 0%, the risk of UNN starting the fight is between 4% and 8%.

    The simulation then begins. The MCRN should be largely capable of repelling the attack. But where it would hurt most is in the evacuation vessels that come out and enter Ceres. The simulator calculates a risk of destruction of all evacuation vessels present during the combat, regardless of whether it is MCRN or UNN, of 75%.

    Tenacity has a chance of total or partial destruction of 65%, Manticore has a risk of major damage of 55%. And the Simurgh has a risk of destruction, partial destruction, major damage from 2 to 10% with a margin of error of 5%.

    The MCRN would win the battle at 56% success rate.

    Steven Wright bulged his chest, proud of the power of his ship.

    Possibility that this could turn into a total war between the MCR and the UN: Over 95%

    Silence falls on the bridge and someone drops a tchip. The whole crew turns their heads towards the culprit last raises their arms as if they were surrendering and leaving the deck.

    "Well, let's avoid getting into this situation"

    The simulation is replaced by a Ceres map and all the ships in orbit.

    " We need to keep an eye on the Atrax. I want PDC and torpedoes ready to protect the Atrax from any form of attack."

    "Should we prepare UMPWs?"

    Another new invention from the R&D labs. A good idea on paper. The problem is that like every other thing on the Simurgh and test on the Simurgh. Their sensors must record as much information as possible whenever it is used to fill in endless documents and reports. The procedure is used to considerably improve R&D weapons and inventions. It works yes, even very well. Since the labs immediately receive the processed data and work on the spot to improve and patch the defaults. But at some point it gets boring in the long run.

    "Not for the moment we'll do it the old-fashioned way. Oh and don't forget to collect the information on the Atrax for sending it to the lab."

    The officer in charge rolls his eyes.

    Sometimes it makes you want to shoot yourself, but the rifles they have in their hands are also improved models straight out of the R&D labs. Scientists will certainly find a way to bring him back to life just to get information on the use of the weapon and fill out reports to improve it.

    Martian technological superiority has a price.

    "What if the UNN ships ask us what are we doing here?"

    "The ones above us will take care of it. And there's no need to tell the UNN ships to arrive or to say hello. We do our business and they do theirs. I don't see why we should talk to them."

    A noise is heard and a light flashes on one of the control panels. This means that some rails guns are loaded and some PDCs, just to be ready for anything.

    "I want the troop transport shuttles ready, and our marines have to be ready!"

    The officers immediately got down to work by pianoting on their monitor while others left the bridge at a brisk pace.

    "Once arrived at destination, we do what we planned to do and obey the order of the Command and notify the rear admiral Noam Kase of our arrival. "

    @Noam Kase
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  10. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Ceres local space, geostationary orbit over docks

    Karen smiled slightly as several acknowledgement pings appeared on her terminal, the rest of the fleet was arriving, bit by bit, and the mighty Battlegroup Astartes was inbound as-well. She whistled lowly to herself as she reviewed the deployment details. This was one of the biggest military build-ups over the last several months, rivalled perhaps only by the Jupiter Fleets battlegroups looming over Ganymede like a pack of wolves.

    Her eyes flitted left and right as she scanned multiple data inputs. Several times now the UNN fleet had pinged her, she had not responded. They were obviously unimpressed with her manoeuvre and subsequent probing of their defences, but as long as they kept their distance she could relax.

    Her terminal pinged again, this time a package from the MCRN Simurgh, her home away from home. It looked like the orders had not been sent by the Captain, which was odd, but replayed through the ship from CentCom. An odd decision, but they were orders nonetheless. As she read the document her eyes slowly widened, a grimace creeping across her face. They wanted the Agrippa's black box...if it even existed. The Atrax was small and agile enough to get up close and personal with many other vessels and even Ceres, without risking collision...She would have to find its tracking beacon...then pilot the ship in manually and either go out in an EVA suit and grab it by hand, or guide the device into the weapons bay of her craft. The only difficulty there was there was several apocalypses worth of ordinance in there currently, a tumbling piece of debris did not make her feel comfortable.

    She sent her acknowledgement of the new orders and entered the encryption key for the black box into her terminal. Instantly, a sensor ping appeared on a 3D map of the local space. It was drifting lazily towards the station, tumbling in a chaotic arc, it would impact the planetoid in several hours, and while Ceres and its inhabitants wont notice another piece of space junk bumping into them, the MCRN would miss out on valuable intel.

    Plotting in a course, Karen flicked several switched on the weapons control panel. On the underwide of the vessel, the large weapons bay doors retracted, and out of it lowered a formidable weapons package, over two dozen compact ship to ship missiles, wrapped around a cylindrical rapid loading cradle. The system was designed so the Atrax could dock with the Simurgh and other vessels like it, reload their entire arsenal in a matter of seconds and rejoin the fight. With the flip of another switch, the arm attached to the cradle released, separating the Atrax from its arsenal. The cradle went into silent running mode, it would only appear to the vessels around as a piece of debris the size of a basketball, but if anything happened it could target a dozen ships and deploy its payload within seconds.

    Karen intentionally left the three nuclear warheads inside the weapons bay, she wouldn't detonate from an impact from a black box, they weren't that volatile, plus she did not want to set off radiological alarms across the local area, not while everyone was still on edge about the Agrippa.

    The Atrax began to move, small puffs of superheated water jetting from its RCS pods, and a faint blue glow from the ships micro-epstein drives. The Martian vessel began to approach Ceres, 900 metres and closing, the docks dominated the entirety of Karens view. Now, several scanning lasers had begun pining her, curious as to why a Martian warship was approaching the docks, and coming dangerously close to a UNN vessel in the process.

    "To all ships in Ceres local space this is an MCRN Priority Alert, the Atrax is conducting a retrieval mission, any interference will result in a military response. MCRN out." That should keep them on their toes for now...
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  11. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    Outside Ceres

    An hour ago, a freighter passed within several thousand kilometres of Ceres before apparently being scared away by the steadily increasing presence of a number of UNN and MCRN vessels. The ship conducted a flip and burn, and hightailed it into the depths of the Belt, no one paid it much attention. Ceres Traffic Control did not even bother to hail them. The vessel had however, deposited three shipping containers, modified with simple but effective RCS thruster pods welded to their outer hulls. These pods guided the shipping containers towards Ceres, from time to time initiating chaotic tumbles to simulate lost, abandoned cargo.

    As the pods neared the surface of Ceres however, they changed course, coming to a stop not three metres above the surface of the rock before firing harpoons into its surface and reeling themselves in. Out of them, a group of figures emerged, moving along rappel lines towards a small raised section on the rocks surface, a service entry. Once inside, the group shed their vac-suits and began loading a small arsenal of weapons.

    They stood at the junction of a disused tunnel, one of the first bored into the interior of the station, it moved in a loose spiral that eventually carried it all the way to the junction of several important services on Ceres, including the stations cargo shipping network. After several minutes lights appeared down the tunnel, accompanied with a dull roar. Within seconds a large loader appeared, the logo of New Providence Station stamped on its side, and its six enormous wheels coming to a squealing halt.

    Captain Buttersworth opened the door to the cabin, making eye contact with the leader of the group. "Oi Captain, good to see you again, you ready to do this?"

    "It's now or never beratna. Get in." The group clambered aboard, and with the screech of wheels the loader tore off down the tunnel, further into the depths of the station.
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  12. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:

    Well. This had all gone off the rails pretty damn quick. Baptiste scowled, and pumped two more gel rounds into an already downed Belter. Around him, what remained of his team tied down belters and checked on their wounded comrades. He wasn’t sure how it had all gone so wrong. They’d had their quarry in their gunsights, it had seemed impossible to let them slip through their fingers. And yet, here they were, in a bloodstained alley full of wounded men, and no Lockleys in sight. They’d known there would be trouble from the locals, but they hadn’t counted on being boxed in like that, surrounded and forced to fight the belters at close quarters. It had been chaos, a mess of gunfire and actual hand to hand brawling, in which both the doctor and his lady friend had managed to slip away. They’d managed to come out the victors, tactical cohesion and superior firepower eventually prevailing over numbers and raw zeal, but it had not been without cost. They had two men dead, and three men wounded. 50% losses, and the escape of their objective. It wasn’t just inconvenient, it was embarassing. Worse still, they couldn’t very well leave their wounded lying in an alley on Ceres. They had to get them to the Evac point at Mid-Town, make sure they got back to the docks. That was still more time the little shit was going to gain on them. Baptiste grumbled, and reloaded his pistol, sliding it back into his holster before he bent down to pick Private Salazar up, helping the young man to walk away from the carnage. Around him, the rest of his squad were picking up their casualties, as they prepared to set off.

    After a nerve-wracking walk, and a temper-fraying conversation with Lieutenant Spiers, they were back on the road. They had lost half their manpower, but doubled their resolve. They were going to track down Shay Lockley and bring him back to the Tereshkova, or die trying.

    @Shay Lockley @Cpt_Buttersworth
  13. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Space- Ceres Airspace]

    The freighter lumbered forth from the docking bay, dropping almost straight down before the Epstein Drive kicked on, the thrum of energy and engines briefly pushing Aden back into his crash couch as his body slowed just slightly slower than the ship. As soon as the ship wasn't obscured by the bulk of Ceres, Aden brought his ship to a halt and looked down from his controls to the LADAR. He noted the positions in his mind of friendly assets, UNN assets, and other assorted civilian assets. Having remembered the UNN's apparently itching for a fight, he decided his best course of action would avoid their space entirely.

    The Arcadian began to move slowly toward the wreckage. It was a thousand kilometers from Ceres, which would give him plenty of room to operate in. He wheeled around the ship to course, using the RCS thrusters, and used a short burst from the main drive to begin pushing toward the wreckage. It was a low-g burn, barely enough to push him back into his crash couch again before the drive cut out and he cruised toward the wreck. Thankfully, it appeared that the UNN had no interest in bugging him - they were more than occupied evacuating their own forces and dealing with the several MCRN warships that had entered the airspace. Even so, Aden kept a close eye on the ships. One never knew what might happen.

    As the ship gently accelerated, Aden did some back-of-the-napkin math. The ship accelerated at 1/3rd g, which worked out to approximately 2.9 meters per second per second acceleration. Next was a simple physics displacement problem. .5at^2+ut-s=0, where t was time, a was acceleration, u was his initial velocity, and s was the total displacement. Some quick math later and he figured it'd take him about 15 minutes to reach the wreckage at this speed, provided he hadn't messed up his physics again. He wasn't in any rush, by far. All he wanted was to be outside of the Ceres environment and away from all the big warships painting targets on each other. Railguns had the range to still hit him, probably, but at least he was outside of PDC range and so people would be more interested in tearing each other to bits instead of him.

    He turned around from his controls, looking at the other displays around the control room. Nothing much going on, and so he returned to his favorite past time of long travel: Counting rivets. The computer would inform him if anything happened. He sighed and began counting.
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  14. Loske Matson

    Character Biography:
    Plaza Level, Criminal Territory

    The local gang members, the wrong kind, hadn't time to respond to @Lukas Forgrave's question, and Loske found her palm slapped against her mouth when the first two shots rang out. She was near the back of the group, which gave her time to compose herself from her initial mortified reaction.

    This is it kid, this is what you signed up for.

    Her empty stomach growled.

    It's not like she wasn't familiar with firearms and discharging them. The frequency of S.W.A.T. drills at the academy were alarming, in fact, if they'd run any more she could have possibly contended for UN Marine status. She was used to bullet proof vests (although they were sorely down some), curling around corners, locking someone in the proverbial cross hairs and splattering them with paint. Paint though, not bullets. The only red she'd worked with had been from a canister of liquid, not someones veins. She exhaled heavily, shaking her palms out at her hips and anxiously tightened her ponytail. Breathe.

    And @Bodhi Xin was off. Alone. For close-quarter standoffs. She could do close quarter. She was having difficulty with range.

    She didn't know what was worse, considering there were compressed seals of paint beneath the clothing of the gangsters, or coming to the actuality that there would be physical devastation. Which one would help her sleep better at night?

    She hadn't time to reach a decision between the two evils, when @Thompson Jacob interrupted her thoughts. "Ah? Oh, yes..I..I'm gonna be fine." That sounded suspicious. She simpered mischievously, a pretty good con job for a curled smile "Better than those guys up there, that's for sure." Yes yes, sprinkle a joke in the conversation. That'll make it better.

    "Shouldn't we give them something else to fire out, split their attention between our SWAT hands and our running backs? Three plays in the field. What do we say?"
  15. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    Plaza Level, Criminal Territoty

    Not fine then. Well he wouldn´t poke her anymore than needed but he would keep an eye on her. Just in case.
    "Hmmm, well i was intending our SWAT boys as a distraction so they focus their fire on them, then @Bodhi Xin makes his run while we use their weapons flashes to get their position and put down supressive fire. That way James and Sojiro here will only be under fire for a minimal time, which they can take better than anyone. At least thats how i planned it but i am open to suggestions." he explains and ends with a shrug.

    He looks at @Loske Matson and @Lukas Forgrave in expection.

    A sudden thought flashes through his mind and his attention drifts off.
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  16. Lukas Forgrave

    Lukas Forgrave Scourge of the Water Pipes

    Character Biography:
    "Unless they're using silencers...or plastic rounds." He paused, offering constructive criticism for Thompsons suggestion about chasing muzzle flares. "I hope they are using plastic rounds." Dangerous environment for anything but. One metal slug in the wrong spot and that's the station, a cascade in a pan.

    But the truth was in the pudding. They could sit here in a fire fight for the end of time, playing the disadvantaged spot, or they could let Bodhi risk everything for that quick 20 meter dash. Man had to had confidence to put all his eggs in that basket, or maybe an impressively degraded sense of self worth. That was a common thing among patriots, eyes on the prize and away from the mirror.

    "Alright Bodhi, pretend like there's a fresh steak and the end of this run...and maybe a Martian is trying to get to it before you...or...." He stopped. "Whoever we hate this week, they're gonna get that steak before you." He turned towards Loske and smiled. "Wait for me to open fire. Fire through these slats..." He tapped the wooden boards on the barricade. "You don't have to hit them, just make a lot of noise."

    He eyes Thompson and nodded. "Sound the alarm, get your boys going..."

    Luka popped his head out of cover and fired multiple rounds. Tippy tapping against building frames in between the windows, he screamed for Bodhi to go and for everyone else to fire.

    @Loske Matson @Bodhi Xin @Thompson Jacob
  17. Danger

    Danger Arceneau Mercantile

    Character Biography:
    Docks - Docking Pier 12

    [ Copy that Azimuth. Get your crew patched up. Nelspruit, out. ]

    Flipping the tight beam message control off, Danger swung her focus towards the controls. "Where the hells is McGown?" the redhead cursed under her breath, red hair swinging along her cheeks as she did her best to get everything prepped.

    With a quick flick and swipe of her thumb, she used her hand terminal to figure out where her crew was.

    "McGown --I needed you here five minutes ago!" she shouted, sending the recording over. Another second, and she sent the confirmation that the Nelspruit would be undocking from Docking pier 12.

    [ Two minutes!] the response was from her Second.

    "Bloody, fucking 'ell."
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  18. Steven Maguire

    Steven Maguire Gotta keep flyin'.

    Character Biography:
    "Nothing yet," Maguire grunted. "I'll let you know. Make sure you're packing before steppin' dockside. I'll check the accounts."

    The captain pulled up the messaging on his hand terminal, wrote a short message and sent it on its way towards Luna. There was a chance the Earthers wouldn't come through for him, though, so he also requested a docking list to work out who was on Ceres who owed him favours. He was going to need a good few of them.
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  19. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    Plaza level, Criminal Territory

    "She is beautiful isn't she?" Thompson mutters to himself his eyes looking at his coin but his view drifting off into the distance.

    He slipped the coin back into his pocket and looks around, he hadn't noticed everyone was getting ready.

    He slapped the two heavily armored SWAT officers on the shoulder.

    "Let's do this. Remember, you will only be under fire for a few seconds until we can spot them" he said trying to encourage them even though he knew that if they did use silencers they wouldn't be as easy to spot.

    They nodded and prepared to run as soon as Bodhi would give a signal.

    @Bodhi Xin @Loske Matson @Lukas Forgrave
  20. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    Air - Water - Power, Maintenance Level A

    The occupants of the AWP facility on Ceres were honest, hardworking belters. They held few allegiances, they were paid well, and their work was critical to the wellbeing of everyone on the station. The facility of a small room covered in monitors and displays, nestled in a tangle of pipes, covered in a perpetual layer of steam and condensation. The men and women inside the room dutifully kept the air filters running, the water flowing and the stations fusion core humming.

    The AWP control room was buried far into the depths of the station, the coriolis effect was powerful, like someone tugging on the top of your head, constantly threatening to unbalance you. The group reacted in surprise when their normally quiet, uneventful lives in the hot core of the station was interrupted by the roar of an engine, followed by a shower of sparks as the heavy door to the room was cut open. Fingers reached through the gap and after a moment the doors were pulled apart by half a dozen armed belters.

    The manager on duty, a large man covered in tattoos but with a friendly, amiable face climbed to his feet, "Oi what in hell do you think you doing beratna?"

    "We," said Captain Buttersworth whilst brushing some residue from the cutting torch off his shoulder, "are taking control of the station."

    The big man did not even have time to respond as his eyes bulged and jaw clenched shut, followed by a faint clicking through the room. The big man collapsed to the ground as a small hexagonal drone hovered behind him. Buttersworth plucked it from the air and clipped it back onto his belt. Raising a handgun, he pointed it to the remaining occupants. "Everyone, up against that wall. Nate, get to work."

    Nate "The Douchebag" Dobson was Buttersworth's resident technological wizard. Whilst normally at the helm of the Saxon, the belter kid had come along for the express purpose of breaking into Ceres mainframe. "How long should it take kid?"

    "About 5 minutes Cap, we just gotta made a hole in the mainframes security to the New Prov AI can get in and then the stations ours."

    "Good man, make it happen."

    One of the workers began to protest, throwing her arms up in anger. "You can't do this! You'll kill everyone! We got to keep dis station running or everyone will die!"

    "Hush sesata, we're not going to kill the station. We are handing it over to its rightful owners."

    "We're in Cap. AI is locking down the electricity grids...now the water recycling plant....and now the air filters....Done."

    "Give me a station wide line," The Captain growled. "Ready Cap, patched it through to your terminal."

    "Attention people of Ceres. For too long the belts largest city has been controlled by foreign powers. The inners have taken from this stations inhabitants for generations, have fought wars that resulted in your thirst and famine, and even now as the UN seeks to leave this rock behind, the Martians seek to make it their own. I say, Ceres belongs to the Belt! The wealth of the Belt flows through Ceres, it is belters who should benefit. That is why I have taken control of the Air, Water & Power facility on Ceres. I am delegating control to my associates in the OPA who, within the next fortnight, will hold elections to form a new, Belter lead government." As he spoke, doors slammed shut across the station, catwalks retracted, atmosphere was vented in certain compartments, barriers descended around Martian squads and UNN outposts. "I have begun locking the inners out of our station. They will have one route to follow, and that is back to the docks. If they do not comply, it is up to the population of this station to force them out, like a body forces out an infection. If you want a part in this new world, contact your nearest OPA representative or member. They will lay the groundwork for the stations new administration. Du Feri da Belt."

    "Holy shit Captain, the inners ain't gonna like that"

    "They don't have to like it. They have no claim to this place any more. Can you release the lockdown on the Saxon from here?"

    "Give me one moment.....yep sure can."

    "Do it, and get me Du Plessis."

    "Done and done."

    Buttersworth began recording a message for the crusty old Belter who right now, was his best contact. "Du Plessis, it's Buttersworth. You may have already heard, but I've taken control of...well not the entire station, but its air, water and power facility. I need you to direct your most trusted OPA operatives to begin forming a new administration right away, hell if you can find him get Dawes onto it, he'd be perfect. This is our only chance, if we don't take it the inners will never let go again."

    He turned around, holstering his handgun and stared at the employees lined up on the wall of the room, "Alright, all of you back to work. You are now all employees of the OPA, nothing else has changed." As he made for the exit, he typed out a quick message and sent it:

    To: Rachel, Shay
    The Saxon's lockdown has been released. Get ready to leave.

    @Morne du Plessis @Shay Lockley
    @Lukas Forgrave
    @Noam Kase
    @Dolores Muwangwa
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