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Event The good, the bad, and the OPA

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Raziel, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Damien

    - Ceres, Gouvernor Residence -

    "Have pity!"

    It was the last word's of the gouvernor before is death. The location was not very complicated to occupy. A cruel lack of guard, especially competent guards. They found the consil members in the meeting room with the gouvernor. Onces the target are dead, the other members of the group left to sack the other rooms of the residence.

    Which leaves Damien alone to continue his work. The computer in front of the governor's corpse displays a message from Zay as well as an official document offering assistance. The governor doesn't seem to have had time to issue a response.

    Which is perfect since Damien will do for him. It only take a few moment of pianoting to simulate a positive response to the resquest. All is take is a signature and a video message. Anyone who analyzes the computeur will believe that the United Nation murdered her to stop her from letting Mars come. Even if Earth pleads otherwise, the bullets found will discourage the public from believing it.

    Well, it looks like someone's having fun. All the more reason to hurry up and finish. As planned, the governor's replacement is alive and at home.

    He sends ,through the governor's computer, a notification to the Martian embassy that the governor wishes to discuss. Then his software, which will self-destruct afterwards, will send a general alert that the residence is being attacked.

    Damien wipes the weapon he used one last time before leaving it in a flower pot. If everything goes as planned, Mars will find it before Earth. Additional evidence against Earth. Then the HUD of his helmet confirms that the bombs he hid his armed. He comes out of the office without anyone calling him, everyone is busy raiding everything they can find.

    Obviously the cameras are destroyed, the rest are lying on the ground. Their physical destruction doesn't change much, the network was already down before it came back. Which means no video evidence. So no one has seen or noticed that Damien is getting into a closet.

    The latter is small but big enough for Damien to close the door behind him. Damien starts unscrewing the plate from an air duct. Then he slips in, and thanks to his magnetic screwdriver he manages to close the plate behind him. He thus advances in the duct during about twenty meters then unscrews the plate on the left side.

    The latter overlooks the Ceres rock. A small but sufficient space allows him to leave the conduit and find himself in the space between the rock of Ceres and the station. He closes the plate and makes sure at a glance that his helmet provides him with the necessary air. When it comes to pressure, all you have to do is know where to step. But his armor plate connected to his helmet should save his life if the pressure drops suddenly.

    Walking around like this is strange, but all you have to do is rely on your 3D map and have a strong stomach. He is therefore ready for the next step of the plan...

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  2. Karan Ashoka

    Karan Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    The Atrax floated through the void, its arrowlike profile gliding serenely between two nearby UNN vessels. They were packed in like sardines, relatively speaking. There was enough room for a small ship like the Atrax to manoeuvre, however there was not much room for error. The sensor suite pinged happily as it tracked the black box of the Agrippa. 300 metres out...275...250...225...200...Rachel could see it now, the size of a large luggage case, bright orange with a sporadically flashing beacon. Hopefully it wasn't badly damaged, which was impressive in its own right as apparently the detonation that destroyed the ship was nuclear.

    Tapping the yolk lightly, Karen brought the Atrax in slow and steady, the weapons bag doors retracting as it lowered itself over the device. 50....25...10...5...1...a dull clunk echoed through the ship, Karen quickly hit the switch to close the bay doors and pulled back on the control yolk, "MCRN Simurgh, package retrieved, returning to dock." The Atrax fired its epstein drives and shot away from Ceres towards the approaching Simurgh, now a flicking blue flare in the distance as it continued its braking burn towards the station. Karen had left the weapons package behind though, so if any trouble did decide to brew, all she had to do was press a button and all hell would break loose.

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  3. Bodhi Xin

    Character Biography:
    @Loske Matson @Lukas Forgrave @Thompson Jacob

    Plaza Level, gang territory

    Bodhi gave Lukas' question a thought. "Eh, mi hate dis lot enough already," he decided. A distant, tinny speaker blurted out the message from the air, water and power control, but he didn't hear it. When Lukas opened fire the only sound he heard was the rattle of weapons fire and his pounding heartbeat.

    "Pashang, shit, bollocks..." Bodhi wasn't sure if he actually swore as ducked his head and ran as fast as he could or if the words just swirled around inside his head.

    He was about halfway when one of them managed to spot him. Even pinned one of them managed to get their head up and spray some bullets in his direction. He felt a sharp pain just below his collarbone but kept his feet pounding. Once he reached a point where the shooters would have had to make themselves big targets he was in the clear, barely slowly to shoulder down the door.

    On the other side everything was oddly muted. The gunfire sounded distant. Voices carried down the stairs. He drew his sidearm quickly, wincing in pain when moving his shoulder. Looking down he saw the round embedded in his armour. Lukas had been right at least, plastic rounds.

    "He's downstairs!"

    Hearing the thundering steps, Bodhi found a good angle to keep out of sight in the corner and crouched down to make himself small. The Loca Griega member was carefully turning out of the staircase but he aimed his weapon the wrong way. Bodhi put two rounds in his neck and then another in his head once he hit the ground.

    "One down," he muttered into his radio. He crept towards the base of the staircase. How many were left now? If more than one then there would be a weapon aimed down the stairs right now.
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  4. Shay Lockley

    Character Biography:
    Midtown District General Hospital - Ceres

    The hospital was in absolute chaos, and how Rachel Lei managed to score herself one of the cubicles in the emergency department was anyone's guess.

    Shay had dragged her through the doors, and was only able to catch the attention of one of the nursing staff, who had shouted for an orderly to assist. Rachel had been fading in and out of consciousness, and as time passed her comatose episodes had gone further in depth and longer in duration.

    The entire department drowned with mayhem. Injured people in bed trolleys lined up against the corridors, staff rushing between them, painful grunts and terrified screams from behind closed curtains, the asynchronous blips and bleeps of monitoring equipment in the background.

    And so Shay wasn't surprised when all the help he got was to bring Rachel on top of an abandoned gurney, have her pushed into a miraculously unoccupied cubicle, and left to be.

    He shook Rachel's shoulder several times, hoping to get a response, but received nothing more than a few moans and winces. It soon dawned on the young doctor that he was going to have to sort Rachel out himself. Everyone else was too busy and had their attention focused elsewhere. Hardly any of the department's staff even recognised Shay had returned to the hospital.

    "Okay, okay..." he whispered to himself, his quiet murmurs suppressing a great deal of anxiety from within.

    Springing to action, he rummaged through the supply rack up against the wall and pulled out a heap of pre-packed gauze and an array of surgical equipment. He tapped against the monitor cuff he had applied over Rachel's arm earlier, ordering it to wirelessly relay her vital signs to the larger screen that hung at the corner of the room.

    HR 126
    BP 92/60
    SpO2 96%

    Airway, breathing, circulation...

    Shay glanced over at Rachel's face. Still the occasional moan, which was a good sign. No awful gagging signs that might indicate an airway obstruction. Chest still rising and falling in rhythm to her breaths - another good sign. The displayed heart rate and blood pressure... not so much.

    He started a drip. Hung a litre of fluid, running the infusion wide open. He knew that would only be a temporising measure. The source of the bleeding had to be controlled, which wasn't something he could do, if it required surgical intervention. The most he could offer were stabilising measures.

    He reached over to the right side of Rachel's flank. He crudely ripped open the fabric of her shirt to further expose the wound - which was little more than a small hole underneath the gauze, which persistently bled without any direct pressure.

    Once again Shay rummaged through the supply rack, his blood-stained gloves smearing red marks over everything he touched. Finding what he was looking for, he went back to Rachel's side, ripped open the pack, and poured its contents directly over the wound - a fine, white powder that looked remarkably similar to something one might toss and mix into a baking bowl, but was in fact a potent coagulant. It certainly wouldn't directly stop the bleeding from within, but hopefully could form enough of a clot to tamponade the source of the hemorrhage.

    "Sorry, this might sting a bit..." he warned, before squeezing a heap of gel-like substance from a large syringe over the wound, and applying a target compression device on top. With the tap of a button and twist of a small dial, the device instantly began applying well over 200 mmHg of pressure over the puncture site, hopefully enough to squeeze shut all blood vessels directly underneath.

    Shay looked up at the screen again - Rachel's heart rate began to settle, and her systolic blood pressure improved somewhat. What he'd done was working - for now.

    His hand terminal suddenly vibrated. Ripping his gloves off, he tapped the glass screen to reveal:
    Of course, there was no way he could drag her on his own all the way back to the dock. She'd either have to stay at the hospital to have her injuries definitively managed, or she'd need to at least be awake enough to hobble her way out with his assistance.

    He shoved the terminal back into his pocket, and turned back to Rachel, shaking her violently once more, hoping to get a better response. With her blood pressure rising, her consciousness should improve, at least marginally.

    "Wake up!" he shouted, pinching a thumb firm against the front of her shoulder, enough to be painful.

    @Rachel Lei
  5. Hayakaze

    Hayakaze Rockhopper merchant family ship

    Midtown District General Hospital

    Dieter rammed through a bunch of people following blood trail on the floor after hearing about inya doctor and belter girl get shot on the way to his dock. He know him only a name and description. Shay, or Zhey or something similar, UN doctor who were stationed on Ceres. Calico Felicette crew ask him to look over the guy because he might run into trouble again. And he did.

    Old man rush into emergency department to see a sea of blood, red marks everywhere. Young girl in a pond of blood barely breath and the man, Shay, try to wake her up. She gone pale and look green in blue light. He is not a medical staff but know at least it is really bad. This is not in the plan, he is just looking for a man and offer some trip but there something unexpected. But isn't his 20 years in MCRN are full of unexpected and complicated stuff.

    "Take this" Dieter pull some adrenaline cartridge and injector from his first aid kit, shove it into Shay hand. "Some guy tell me to help you. I'm no medical guy but I may can help." His hand jump from each pocket and bag under camouflage cape, digging through various item. He can see clearly what is the problem. Her blood is not enough to feed her brain, especially while she grow up in low gravity. Blood flow down to torso and legs because of gravity, even in 0.3g it still go down that way. What if there is a way to squeeze it back to chest so her heart can pump it up to the brain?

    Compressing legs and torso to push blood back to feed the brain. Why did I forget it. Dieter quickly call his crew back on the ship. Few minute later they arrived with a package he ask for. The size may be a bit big but still work. He start to wrap Rachel in an old g-suit he keep in locker for a decade. But it still operatable. MCRN-made military equipment are made to last a hundred year under proper maintenance. And it come with his ship when he bought it from scrapyard. Normally it operate under >5g acceleration but he can overwrite its program. Dieter zipped up and lace it tight like a professional. His finger tapping on hand terminal connected to suit's microcontroller and few second later it start to pressurized presing on the girl's body.

    She should gain useful consciousness enough to move with help from Shay or his crew in next few minute. But this is only temporary measure. She need a proper patch up or she will slowly die.

    @Shay Lockley @Rachel Lei
  6. Danger

    Danger Arceneau Mercantile

    Character Biography:
    Dock 12 - Ceres
    The Nelspruit

    "Cap'tn!!!" It was the thick brogue of McGowen that came echoing from behind Danger. The crew had finally arrived.

    "You took your bloody time!" the redhead yelped out behind her shoulder, finishing the startup.

    "Gaines, get in here,"

    "On it Captain," Trina Gaines was the pilot they'd hired on Luna. The girl was of Vietnamese descent, her family making a life on Luna for several generations.

    Sliding off the pilot seat, Danger let Trina slip in. Around her the rest of the crew took their positions.

    "The locks are releasing!" Trina called out.

    "Then get us out of here." Danger replied, strapping herself down on her seat. "Take us to Ganymeade."
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  7. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Free Agent of Providentia

    Character Biography:
    The world around Rachel came rushing back once again, first dull sounds, shouts, screams...bleeps and bloops, then sharp, metallic. Her body felt like it was being compressed, her head pounded. "Whaaat the pashang is thiiiisssss..." She began to say, before the sentence ended in a wheeze as her breath was pushed out of her lungs. Her body was wrapped in some kind of compression suit...she hadn't seen anything like it. Shay stood next to the bed, concern on his face. Turning her head, she noticed several other people, also looking at her. "Who the pashang are you?" She said, before her had began to swim again and she blacked out.

    A moment later the world came rushing back for a third time, her eyes rolled and she shook her head roughly to clear it. "Hey Doc..." She said groggily, "Your friend is here..."

    The man who had been in Shay's bed when Rachel and the Captain had first "introduced" themselves to Shay was standing at the end of the cubicle, eyes flitting between the Doctor and Rachel, covered in blood, on a gurney. Her head began to swim again, but something was nagging at her. Her vision wavered before sharpening once again and she noticed it, a small pulsing icon on the edge of her vision. An update from the Saxon? Usually the implants embedded in her eyes were inactive. She used to use them all the time but as time wore on she began to prefer using her natural senses over the augmented ones. They only activated when a high priority alert came through on the Saxons private network.

    It was from The Captain...The lockdown had been released...He must have carried out the mission when her and Shay went offline. Good. With a groan and a wince she pushed herself up into a semi seated position and with great discomfort swung her legs around the edge of the bed. "We gotta move..."
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  8. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Wreckage Field - Ceres Airspace]

    Aden kept an eye on the UNN and MCRN fleets as he decelerated his ship, coming to a relative stop just outside the cloud of debris. From there, the two crewpersons who'd come with him had begun EVA to recover any spec of debris larger than a coin, at least until his ship was full. He programmed the RCS to hold him in relative position, as he launched a couple of drones to retrieve or tow wreckage in. The drones followed a mostly pre-programmed path but occasionally needed some manual input.

    Minutes later, the cargo hold was full up with as many of the larger pieces as he could find. As there was no air resistance in space, the fragments of the explosion - what hadn't been vaporized - had continued on its new courses, requiring more and more effort to keep track of and get into the bay. More back-of-the-napkin math gave him the information that it'd take him over 30 hours, even at a high-G burn (for this ship, a moderate 3 G's) to get back to Mars. That number, however, didn't even take into account the deceleration time so he didn't just smash into the planet. Aden didn't exactly fancy the idea of sitting in a crash-couch for 30 hours, but at the same time if he was always changing his speed at high-G it would be almost impossible to be boarded, or for whoever had hit the Agrippa to catch up to him. That is, provided that they didn't already have a nice railgun trained on his head.

    He waited for the outer doors to close, the crew to return to their couches, and drones to be recalled before he tapped in the maneuvers to the computer, checking his math. Everything seemed to check out, and he tapped out a quick message to MCR command.

    "Wreckage secured. Returning to Mars for forensic analysis."

    He sent it off, and pressed the controls to start the flow of high-G meds to the three occupied couches, before the Epstein drive roared to life and pushed for all it was worth against the bulk and mass of the freighter, as it soared sunward away from the fleets and rocks and back toward the red planet.

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  9. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    Earth, Quebec Special Administrative Zone, Meyer domain

    Meyer's family home is located in the heart of Quebec . A 8000 hectare plot of land acquired for the modest sum of $1, as the Desmarais had already done in the past. As expected he finds his sister in the garden pavilion. A servant serves him tea and in front of them lies a lush and magnificent forest.

    - Do you know that the trees are connected? Each tree is connected to a complex network that connects each tree in the forest. Studies even prove that it transmits information and redistributes surplus food.

    William raises an eyebrow

    - They somehow live in a perfect communist society.

    - I knew you had to be very wary of them. Add William with a sarcastic tone.

    - The situation on Ceres?

    - Well, it's not going as planned. And even if the people of Ceres become independent. They will always be dependent on corporations. Believe it or not. But some even want the Earth to give full control to corporations!

    - William, if the Earth leaves and they leave the corporations. The inhabitants will quickly understand that they are behind the intensive exploitation in many places. We can no longer hide behind the government! They will blame us directly

    - One problem at a time. What are we doing with Mars?

    - Mars has until now the right to send their fleets around Ceres. At this point, I prefer a Martian control than letting them manage themselves. In fact, these quite rare that Mars tries this kind of thing. Do you know who's behind this?

    - Zay. The same one over and over again. At no time was this guy profitable to us.

    - Not even when he was in Military Intelligence? I heard he was pretty good at dismantling terrorist organizations.

    - Whatever it is, it's the man to destroy now. Zay is a man of the shadows, and he comes out a little too much for my taste in front of the spotlights.

    - How do you plan to destroy it?

    - I have an idea and his wife on my side.

    William smiled and then turned his heels.

    - With regard to the MCRN Agrippa.

    William suddenly stops.

    - There is every indication that OPA terrorists have gotten their hands on nuclear weapons.

    - I would have thought you'd have more information than that!

    Fortunately, William is backing away to her. Otherwise she would have known he was lying.

    - No, sorry, sis, I'm really late for this one. If it finds Zay is behind the destruction of the Agrippa and uses him as a reason to land on Ceres.

    "Zay, it makes sense." whispers Angel for herself.

    Or not. Adds William for himself moving away from her....
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  10. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Yi Sun-Shin

    Character Biography:


    Dolores played the recording over again, rolling her eyes. Well, isn’t that quite the thing. It was hardly the first time that unwashed OPA bandits had tried to take control of Ceres, but Dolores had to admit, this was a particularly proficient attempt. They’d seized the lifesblood of the planetoid, the air and water, and they controlled the doors too. Any reckless action could endanger the entire evacuation. Well, it’s a good thing the Martians don’t have a tendency for recklessness, isn’t it. Dolores sighed. She’d call it a fifty percent chance their coalition partners tried something idiotic and got the whole station vented. And I just know who’d get blamed for that. They weren’t answering her messages, their troops were mustering, and with a full-scale battlegroup en route to Ceres space it looked as though they had two coups going on at the same time, and the UN was just stuck in the middle of it all. As per bloody usual. Dolores drummed her fingers on her armrest, a few idle bars of Chopin, and frowned. “Lieutenant Boyle, get me the Martians back on the Tightbeam.” Hopefully, this new development might have made them a little more open to negotiation. If they could get their cooperation, there just might be a way to sort this mess out. “And send word to Commander Mendelssohn. Get our people out now, and tell McLeish and Basquerro to prepare to retake the station.”

    One imagines the Belters expected us to have already given up on Ceres. That we would simply step aside and let the OPA set themselves up. But I’m not about to let them challenge us so openly, these pirates and thugs. We’ll soon see how well brazen audacity stands up to twenty power-armoured marines.



    Well, this hadn’t exactly been Murder on the Orient Express. The Doctor had said precious little during their brief encounter in the alleys, but most of it had been about the Hospital. He’d have expected the boy to have a little more survival instinct than that, but then, he had seen the girl get clipped by an OPA round, so maybe that had been the deciding factor. Heh, we both got slowed down by our wounded. I guess the fates wanted a fair contest. Baptiste chuckled, as his footfalls, and the footfalls of his men echoed through the pristine corridors. It had been tricky enough getting inside, what with the rioting and all, and that goddamn dumbass taking control of the station wasn’t exactly helping, but they had a job to do, and once they’d gotten inside it was simply a matter of flashing around their rifles and their more than generous operational expenses account, and Baptiste’s suspicions had been confirmed. The ER. Jesus kid, you might have at least found yourself somewhere out of the way. Now we’re just going to make a mess. Baptiste sighed, as he kicked open the door to the department, assault rifle already raised. “Lockley! Neither of us want me to start shooting in a hospital, but I reckon your compunction’s gonna kick in before mine!”

    @Shay Lockley @Rachel Lei
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  11. Shay Lockley

    Character Biography:
    Shay felt like his head was in a whirlwind, and hadn't even managed to stop the random stranger from trying to treat Rachel Lei. Some old guy who acted like he knew what he was doing, but Shay couldn't be so sure.

    He'd seen G-suits used as a way to force peripheral circulation back into the central vasculature - a practical solution for austere environments - but of course it was just a temporising measure. Without source control of the haemorrhage, she would eventually bleed out. But this would at least buy them some more time. Perhaps enough to bring Rachel back to the Saxon, where Captain Buttersworth sounded so keen to depart the station. Exactly when that was going to happen, Shay didn't know. He reckoned the man wouldn't dare leave without his XO...

    He looked down at the pre-prepared syringe of adrenaline in his hand, which had been thrust in front of him earlier. A diluted one-milligram solution, 10 mLs of it, enclosed in a protective case.

    "Sure," he had said, tucking it away in his pocket. Might be useful as an adrenaline infusion later, he thought to himself. He'd have to dilute it in a bag of saline first, though.

    "Just... keep an eye on her, will ya?" he told the stranger, his words flustering a little, hoping that would be all the man would do. "I'll be right back..."

    Once again he dove into the chaos. Weaving past people, amongst the dusty air that began seeping from outside and through the many hospital entrances. The temperature was rising, and Shay could feel the sweat from his skin stick against the back of his shirt. A cacophony of noises pounded into his ears - people shouting and hollering, screaming in pain, the dizzying medical alarms and hissing ventilators, sounds of metal surgical instruments striking against each other.

    It was a complete sensory overload, almost to the point where he almost forgot where he was going, and what he was trying to do.

    "Saline..." he muttered, quiet enough that he could hardly hear himself amongst the mayhem unfolding around him.

    He suddenly found himself in the department's main storage room, pulling open several large racks and rummaging through supplies. Ripping open the small backpack he'd brought with him, he began pulling things off the shelves to keep. Bags of fluid, an antibiotics, IV supplies, airway equipment, dressings and drugs...

    With his backpack stuffed full, he slung it over his shoulder and exited the room, plunging back into the disorienting frenzy that was the hospital's emergency department. He slipped past the horde of staff and casualties that crowded the hallways, trying to find his way back towards the cubicle where Rachel was...


    He turned around to the familiar voice that had called out his name. His eyes landed upon another young man, seated on one of a series of chairs lined up against the hallway. Wavy hair, soft eyes, albeit this time with a small bleeding gash over one brow, a bag of ice wrapped with cloth held over the wound.


    He rushed over and knelt down, reaching out to gently move the cold pack away so he could inspect the injury. Nothing too serious, as far as he could see. "Jake, what're you doing here?!"

    The young man chuckled, as if trying to make light of the awful situation that was consuming the entirety of Ceres. "We keep bumping into each other," he smiled. "At the club, then at that bar where you were about to deck me... And now here at the hospital." He paused and seemed to sigh. "That drunken old man who plowed through your door that morning... who was he? The one with that sidekick girl of his? You disappeared after that. I went looking for you... And then all this shit happened..."

    Shay could tell that something wasn't quite right with Jake. Perhaps whatever concussion he'd sustained had rattled his brain a little more than what the small laceration over his eyebrow suggested.

    Shay watched as Jake's face twisted a little with confusion, fear and uncertainty in those eyes, and he realised he couldn't just walk away again.

    "Can you walk?" he asked, reaching out to gently grab Jake by the arm, helping to lift him up. "C'mon, we have to go. I can bring you somewhere safe..."

    Of course, there was no way he could promise they'd arrive at the Saxon intact. The possibility of never making it back to the docks was high, and trying to do so with two casualties made their chances even slimmer. But they'd have to try.

    The two young men clambered down the corridor holding onto each other, turned around a corner, evaded several staff members rushing past them, and eventually made it back to the small cubicle where Rachel Lei was. By now she seemed to be more alert, and was trying to get herself up and off the bed.

    Shay nodded quickly. "Yeah... and he's coming with us."

    Shay jumped at the deep voice that boomed from nearby, clearly broadcast through a compact loudspeaker system. The thought of UN Marines threatening to open fire within a hospital was horrifying. This was not the UNN he knew and once served alongside in the past. The more he heard from that man, the more he became suspicious of them. They sounded more like mercenaries than members of a professional military.

    The young doctor nodded in agreement, after having made sure that both Jake and Rachel could actually walk. "This way..." he said in a loud whisper, motioning towards the left side of the cubicle curtains, which would lead them towards a more inconspicuous corridor and into the department's back offices.

    They moved quickly and quietly, with Shay closing the door behind them just after catching a glimpse of the Marine and several of his men, scouring through the nurse's station and surrounding cubicles.

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  12. Hayakaze

    Hayakaze Rockhopper merchant family ship

    Yes, we gotta move. But how the heck you could made it to your ship. One slip can be Auf Wiedersehen for all of us. Dieter watch Rachel struggle to the exit. Seem like we are run out of choice. And the doc, he is inya but work for New Providence guy. The girl also soaked with blood and will attract too much attention from surrounding people. He take off his cloak and throw it over Rachel hiding all bloodstain from sight.

    "Ja" He answered. And when the young doc come back, stuff start to mess up. He know there is no rule in such conflict but the idea of soldier open fire in hospital area is totally unacceptable. Irredeemable. First he think it is just propaganda for saying Earther are bad but now he is not sure about it anymore from solid evidence in front of him. He secretly recording that sound before turn back and follow Shay. His weapon is now exposed but isn't nearly everyone on this rock have one?

    He got a weapon. But only idiot pull the trigger thinking it is power.

    "There is a maintenance shaft go directly to the dock. Better go that way." Dieter send his map to Shay's hand terminal. "Avoiding contact with other faction is safest way to get out of here. And seem like I have to hitch a ride on Saxon for a while." He text his wife he going to join them later and few minutes later, Hayakaze left its port. He ping Buttersworth telling everything in very short message and hit send button. He is a bit worry about the girl for blood loss and how she force herself to move. Every step is hell for such injury. Hopefully her ship have a good meds bay.

    Many people die on his ship when he is in service.

    Dieter know only fundamental first aid for battlefield. He have nearly zero knowledge for aeronautic medicine. Power shift on Ceres also another unexpected incident. Now they are walking in a small tunnels housing air and water line. Wastewater drip from ceiling is gross and can cause complicate infection but that is less concern for now. Air in the tunnel is heavy from bad ventilation. Hayakaze indicator say it ready to depart when the Saxon is undocked.

    He slam the door open and walk into belter control area. There is only few people standing around. No familiar face he know. At least no one pull out their weapon. Dieter pont at random guy in Saxon jumpsuit for help and escort Rachel into the Saxon.

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  13. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Free Agent of Providentia

    Character Biography:
    Rachels world continued to spin, people were shouting, calling out, screaming, fighting...And then darkness and silence...humid, muggy air, and wet footsteps as she was carried for what seemed like an eternity. They were definitely no longer in the hospital, the bright lights and noise was gone, but she could make out the familiar silhouette of the Doc in the semi darkness.

    She did not know how much time had passed, but through blurred eyes she made out the familiar prow of the Saxon, it's PDCs tracking their movement suspiciously as they ascended its cargo ramp. The Captain was there...at the entrance, bathed in golden light from the ship, barking orders, machine gun in hand. She must have lost consciousness again, because the next thing she knew, she was laying in a crash couch in the medical bay on the Saxon, the calm beeps of machines echoed nearby accompanied by hushed voices, the familiar tone of the Doc...and someone else...She relaxed...She was home...Soon the familiar rumble of her ships reactor dominated her thoughts unconsciousness rushed back in once again.
  14. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    "Mendez! Kowolski! Get ready to cast off! Missus, prep the reactor. Smith, get that cargo stowed away on the double!" The Captain had been back aboard his ship for several minutes and was getting it ready for cast off as fast as possible. He checked his terminal from time to time to see if Rachel and the Doc had checked in, they had been disturbingly quiet since they got to Midtown.

    The drydock was soon filled with the dull humming of a fusion reactor being spun up, and the Saxon began to vibrate. "Come on Rachel..." He said under his breath. In his left hand he held his terminal, in his right, an assault rifle. Several gangs had tried to board the ship in their absence, however several quick bursts from the ships PDCs had been enough to discourage them...However he did not want to risk it...Having strangers aboard was not something he wanted to deal with. It was bad enough he had to give the crew of another rockhopper a lift, but at least they were old customers, reliable, perhaps not trustworthy, but belters all the same.

    The Captain shouldered his rifle as several figures approached but relaxed when he saw the familiar yellow jacket that Rachel wore...There was red on it...a lot of red and her head rolled like someone who was unconscious...or dead. The Doc was with her at least...that was a relief, and the man from the Hayakaze who was carrying her...As they ascended the ramp the Captain locked eyes with the Doc, "Where's the rest of the team?" The look the Doctor gave him in response was enough of an answer, he didn't even stop them, instead waving them through, "Get to the infirmary, we're pushing off asap."


    On the bridge, the Captain went through the undocking procedure himself...Nate "The Douchebag" Dobson, the ships usual helmsman was barricaded in the Air-Water-Power facility back in the station, he'd have to fine a replacement. "Crew brace for emergency undocking, it might get a bit rocky."

    "Ceres traffic control this is the NPS Saxon, we are preparing for an emergency undock."

    "Acknowledged Saxon, drydock doors are retracting. Godspeed."

    The dull hum of the reactor turned into a roar as the drive spun up, and with the flick of a switch, the station fell away from them. The drydock shrunk to the side of a matchbox and then was lost amongst the rest of the stations surface infrastructure.

    As they passed by dozens of Belter, UNN and MCRN vessels, several alarms began to whine, the bridge lights turning red. On the holotank several alerts displayed, showing a dozen ranging lasers had judge locked onto them. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck...Missus! Let out some chaff, they're gonna nail us!"

    Outside, dozens of compartments burst open, sending millions of tiny chunks of metal, magnesium and flak out in a slowly expanding cloud around the ship. The Captain gripped the edge of his crash couch tightly, watching as the targetting lasers attempted ot require the ship, before one by one they began to drop off...An unusual move, even surrounded by a cloud of chaff they were still within targeting range...at least for another minute or so. Something must be distracting them...He thought, before opening a tightbeam back to Ceres.

    "Nate, keep the AWP facility under belter control until the OPA arrive...This is the only chance they're going to get."

    "Don't worry Captain, we'll hold it for as long as we can...to the last man. Du feri da belt."

    "Good luck helmsman."

    "It's been a pleasure, Sir."


    The Saxon continued falling away from the station, and with several puffs of its RCS thrusters, spun around and lit its epstein drive, taking it away from Ceres Station at a steady 0.5G. "Missus, plot in a rendezvous with the Hayakaze."

    "Done Captain. Where would you like to go next?" The Captain leaned back in his crash couch, before shifting onto one side and pulling a bottle of whiskey out from behind him. "Ganymede seems nice this time of year, plot a course for the Jovian system...How many did we lose?"

    "During our time on Ganymede, we lost seven crewmembers. Four security personnel, two from engineering and one from accounting." He had a swig of the whiskey, before pouring some out on the deck for his lost compadres. "Did we recover their remains?"

    "No Captain, from my review of the security footage, their bodies are still on Ceres. The station is in chaos Sir." The man shook his head, having another swig of the drink. "Inform their families...Deposit their payouts into their accounts and set up a contract for the retrieval of their bodies for shipment back to New Providence."

    "Done, Captain. I think you should also know Sir, that we are being followed." He didn't react, instead he closed his eyes and sunk deeper into the crash couch. "Will they catch up to us any time soon?"

    "No, I am matching their speed, they will not intercept."

    "Good. I'll be in my quarters."

    The Saxon roared off into the void.

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  15. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Yi Sun-Shin

    Character Biography:


    “We had ‘em ma’am, we had ‘em, but they managed to get to the docks.” Baptiste’s harsh Cajun drawl came, worryingly static-strewn, from Dolores’ terminal Goddamned Basquerro, making me deal with his bloody people. Dolores massaged her temple, nodding patiently as the Marine continued. “Boarded a ship called the Saxon. You’ll catch them if you engage now, I reckon.” Dolores frowned. She did not make a habit of taking orders from Sergeants, but here this man was, dictating to her. “That will be all, Sergeant. Report back to Lieutenant Basquerro. We’ll handle things from here.” She closed the link, and shook her head. Bloody Jarheads. Like a gang of alsatians with bloody rifles. Would that Basquerro and his malfeasant acolytes were the least of my worries. She brought up a tactical map of Ceres’ space, and began to track this ship that Baptiste had warned her about. Eriksen had already begun to track the vessel, and its icon switched from red to gold, indicating a perfect lock. “We’re in railgun range, ma’am.” Al-Mubarak’s harsh baritone rang out. It always seemed out of character for him, when the Weapons Officer began to take things seriously. “I could put a round through their drive cone.”

    “No,” Dolores replied sharply, a frown on her face, her fist slowly clenching. “Mars is on high alert, and they have an entire battlegroup en route. If we so much as power up our weapons right now, we could be looking at a firefight. We cannot engage them while they’re in Ceres space.”

    “Captain, this might be the man responsible for the uprising, we can’t just let them get away.” De Camorra spoke up in a rare moment of dissent, looking impassionedly up at Dolores. “I have no intention of letting them get away, Mr De Camorra. I simply said we cannot engage them while they’re in Ceres Space. Ms Boyle, get me the Jakarta on the Tightbeam.” Dolores began putting together a tactical outline, the destroyer slipping out of the slow orbit, and burning hard after the frigate. It would be a tough chase, but if there was anybody she trusted to catch them, it was Captain Nicolão Dantos. As if on cue, the smiling face of the Portuguese officer appeared on Dolores’ terminal. “Captain Muwangwa,” he smirked, sitting back in his command chair. “Something for me to do at last, I hope?”

    “Captain Dantos,” Dolores replied, her smile thinner, more exasperated. “I’m sending you our sensors read on a small frigate, the Saxon. We have reason to believe it’s carrying the individual responsible for the insurrection on Ceres, as well as a fugitive from Earth. I need you to stop it, and capture the crew. Alive, Dantos.” Dolores’ chastisement drew little more than a playful smirk from the captain, but he did eventually nod his head. “Consider it done.” No sooner had he said that, than the Jakarta began to follow the course Dolores had plotted out for it, tumbling through the void with violent intent, its Epstein Drive flaring with a sudden blue glow. Dolores wondered if the crew of the Saxon knew how much trouble they were in for. She wasn’t allowed to wonder for long, though, as another message flared up on her terminal, this time from the Loup De Mers.

    “Commander Mendelssohn, I hope this is good news.” Dolores looked down at her XO with hard brown eyes. Reassuringly, the Australian was wearing as close to a smile as she’d ever seen on him. “Last of the evacuees just boarded the shuttles, all of our men are accounted for.” For the first time since they’d arrived at Ceres, Dolores allowed herself a smile. Of course, accounted for did not mean that they had not suffered casualties, but they were still a long way off from their worst-case scenario. “Good Man,” She replied, relief audible in her voice. But their work was far from over while Belter rebels held a knife to the station’s throat. “Wait until the shuttles are clear of the station, and then tell McLeish and Basquerro that they are cleared to engage. I trust they’ve already drawn up a plan of attack?”

    “I’ve handled it myself, Captain. Rest assured, it will be done as quickly, and as cleanly as possible.” Mendelssohn spoke calmly, assuredly. There was something comforting in the Australian’s unflinching, clinical manner. “Excellent,” Dolores nodded. “Keep me updated, Commander. Muwangwa out.”

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  16. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    Gang Territory, Ceres Midtown District

    When Bodhi ran for the building Jacob realized that it hadn´t been his most genius plan.
    But it enabled them to get a good look at the gangsters. As they peaked out of their cover he raised his Vector and fired three bursts. Most bullets missed, the Vector wasn´t made for these type of engagements and he wasn´t the most proficient shot, but some did hit the man. The Shooter staggered back, stumbeling, red expanding across his chest. Then his head exploded. He looked at the two men in SWAT Gear who had crossed the gab and opened fire at the gangsters.


    "Secure" yelled one of the SWAT men.

    The battle for the building had only lasted another minute, now they were checking the building.
    Jacob went to check the balcony the shooters had been positioned at.

    Blood was splattered across the walls and pools of crimson were forming around the dead bodies. He was about to turn around and leave when he hear a noise.
    Jacob spun around and pointed his Submachinegun at the source of the sound.

    One of the dead bodies didn´t seem so dead anymore.

    Jacob turned around and walked towards the door. The Rookie Loske stood in the dark corridor. Jacob turned his head and pointed his gun at the dead man.
    One burst, a last spasm and the man was dead.

    He turned to face the young women again, she looked shocked. He shrugged.

    "He was already dead, I did him a favor." he said, voice cold.


    He used wire ties to tie the hands of the man laying before him behind his back. He grabbed the ties and pulled him up, nearly dislocating his shoulders. The man screamed, but Jacob stayed cold. He pushed him out of the door, onto the street.
    There he forced him to kneel down besides the others. They had made about three dozens of arrest over the last couple of days, of course there were a lot of Loca Greiga that didn´t need to be cuffed anymore, only bodybags.

    He was tried, he felt the desire to smoke but supressed the urge, promise was promise.
    Instead he pulled out a small field bottle and took a sip.
    He tasted the flavour of the cheap ass belter fake shit and spat it all out again.

    "Ugh, who drinks this disgusting shit anyways?" he muttered to himself.

    He spotted the others standing a bit to the side, aound them star helix officers were arresting Loca Greiga and bringing them to the the HQ for interrogation.

    He saw the Rookie, Loske Matson that young quirly girl, she had made some though experiences during the last three days. She had experienced first hand how Star Helix handled things and that they were far from being white knights. He pitied her, should was still able to dream. Most Officers on this rock lost the ability to dream over time, he had lost it very early, now there were only nightmares and the alcohol enduced delirium.
    He looked at his left hand, opened and closed it, watched how the mechanics worked, yes he had lost dreams early on.

    He saw the OPA guy, Bodhi Xin the energetic man, everything had worked out for him so far, he had gotten a few bruises but now the Midtown District was cleared and the OPA had expanded their influence. Jacob wasn´t sure if he liked that but it was certainly better than leaving the people at the mercy of Loca Greiga.
    He liked the guy, he was OPA but he was willing to fight for his cause but wasn´t to stubborn to ask Star Helix for help.

    He saw the other Senior Detective, Lukas Forgrave who was similar to him in many ways but not, he seemed to still have something in his life that madehim happy. Thompson hadn´t felt proper happieness since she had left him. But all in all it had went well for Star Helix, they had showed the people they were still in control and that they could depend on them.

    He saw himself, Jacob Thompson a rusty depressive excessively drinking vigilant Star Helix Cop. He had gained as much as any other Star Helix Officer and he had been able to take care of some of the assholes that he had been planning to remove for some time.

    Jacob walked over to the others.

    "Hey, how about we go to a bar and have some drinks? I pay first round." he looked into the faces of their small group.
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