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  1. Raziel

    A single shot rang out above the noise of the crowd. A half second of silence as everyone took a breath in. Then came the screams and cries of rage.

    Malachi was the name on everyone's thoughts. The images of his execution by UN soldiers were still printed on walls and spread across the network.

    Protest placards urging the UN garrison to leave now were abandoned. One body remained on the floor beside them.

    It wouldn't matter that the young man had been holding an improvised explosive. Everything was only going to get worse from this moment on.


    It was all planned out. After the Martian blockade and with increasing belter resistance the UN was going to pull out from Ceres in a careful, phased approach. Fleets would consolidate their forces at Io and Ganymede and private corporations would look after their interests on Ceres.

    Everything was undone by the words of one, insignificant man. A junior official spoke too freely to the press and the UN move was splashed across every terminal in the system.


    Opportunistic gangs quickly cement their positions. An entire swathe of Ceres falls under their control as secret pacts are made to carve up turf and to work together to keep Helix and the OPA out. Having lost men to the OPA and Protogen, the Loca Griega, Golden Bough and Dos Arriagas see this as a chance to regain their power.

    The OPA moves quickly but not decisively. Two factions take Ceres territory. One wants to negotiate with the corps and political powers (The Risen), the other wants to do nothing but take the asteroid by force (Black Sky).

    Star Helix keeps the peace in other sectors, whilst several precincts are surrounded by riots. All officers were called in. Who do they take orders from now?

    The Martians don't have the numbers to take Ceres by force but they work reinforced their foothold and must decide on their long term plans for Ceres very quickly.

    The UN forces are surrounded by riots. The accusations of UN soldiers executing belters the chorus still ringing out. Ships are on the way, but the UN must hold out or make a move to reestablish control.

    Key Information
    • Posts can be set on Ceres or across the system
    • Tag your post at the start with a location (either a Ceres level or somewhere else)
    • Light travel time from both earth and Mars approximately 30 minutes.

    Core Level (restricted): Critical to station’s well being, neutral zone and key personnel allowed maintain their duties there.

    Central: The poorest districts of Ceres, where the spin is lowest and coriolis effects are strongest. Star Helix have stopped venturing into this district and several gangs, including the Dos Arriagas are rising. Some gangs have aligned themselves to the OPA.

    District and Plaza: Spinwards is mostly controlled by the Loca Griega. Anti-spinwards by the Black Sky and allied OPA factions. Some violence has sprung up as gangs attempt to extort business, especially profitable casinos and large establishments. Star Helix does what it can and maintains order in neutral territory.

    Medina Level: Mostly under OPA control, The Risen and allied factions try to keep order and bring supplies to those most in need.

    Midtown: Both UN and MCRN had embassies here. Businesses have hired the most corrupt Star Helix officers who have abandoned their posts and joined private security. The more diplomatic OPA factions are trying to drum up support within sympathetic business and people with influence.

    Docks: Dock level controlled mostly by gangs and criminal organisations. Other factions control their own secure docking point but don’t venture into the labyrinthine tunnels where the gangs run the casinos, brothels, and bars that cater to spacers. The UN has a large swathe of docking space and is trying desperately to evacuate its forces. The MCRN has pushed outwards from their significant holdings but were not prepared to make a power play this soon.

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  2. Ilona Lisowska

    Ilona Lisowska OPA Saboteur

    Character Biography:
    Ilona was in the crowd, chanting away at the UN barricades. Personally she thought the posters a bit much, anyone could tell from Malachi's tattoos that he'd been no choirboy. It was just the principle of the thing. The Inners had been standing on the neck of the Belters for over a century, three to four generations of her people had grown up in this subjugated existence.

    She'd come along more for the hopes of a good natured riot. Maybe a chance at some looting or a bit of a ruck. She had her knuckledusters with her, a fighting knife tucked into her boot, and a hidden holster with her sidearm. The shot rang out frighteningly loud and Ilona cringed against the wall. Others had copied her or dropped to their knees, fearing it was the first of a fusillade.

    "Kurwa!" she swore, more to get out her nerves than anything else. The crowd was only quelled for a moment before the chanting returned, this time louder and angrier. Blood would have to be repaid wit
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  3. Zay Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    Mars, Londres Nova, Executive Building, Zay's Office

    The wall screen displays more depressing news one after the other. Which is perfectly normal since Eros.The bad news of the day is Julie Vignault who is coming out of her political retirement to try to form a new coalition in the partial elections. A problem to be solved in time and place.

    The news feed then passes to Ceres, images of mass riots. Banners in the UN colours tearing and ripping open. Without forgetting the many tags and gratifies in honor of the execution of the terrorists. Oh, I'm sorry for the sacrifice of a hero of the Ceres people! I apologize for that!

    A very strange situation that could well benefit Mars for once...

    His new assistant puts his head through the door of his office.

    "Sir, you were expected in the crisis room with the Prime Minister"


    The path between his office and the crisis room is not very long. No one on the way dared to approach him. This has considerably reduced travel time. The guards outside the room let him in. The Prime Minister is already here.

    " Zay, I didn't have time to ask you how the bill is going?"

    "The situation is better on this side than Ceres."

    The joke makes people smile. Zay sits in his assigned place, it's strange to come back here. At the last meeting, they even attended the strangest event in history.

    "The Minister of Interplanetary Affairs is on his way and so are the remaining members of the meeting." said one of the assistants present

    The projector lights up and distributes a detailed map of Ceres as well as a list of strategic locations for Mars like embassies, garrison of our soldiers remained there since the blockade and...

    Wait, wasn't her son off duty on Ceres!?
  4. Bodhi Xin

    Character Biography:
    @Lukas Forgrave @Danika Tenzin @Loske Matson @CFB9

    Plaza level

    The needle buzzed angrily as it was drawn across Bodhi's arm. Many belters and nearly every member of the OPA had a tattoo that showed everyone which rock their were from. Bodhi, Brak and the rest of his cell all had the Ceres markings.

    Today was different. There was a melancholy air to the tattoo parlour. The others had already been done and were passing around a bottle of cheap whisky. No one was smiling, yet the odd ripple of muted laughter spread from time to time as they told stories.

    The artist took a cloth and wiped away a misting of scarlet blood. Xin looked down at the band that was almost finished. It was an Eros band. None of them came from that dying rock and yet they were all getting the same. Since the news had been spread that everyone on Eros was probably dead many within the OPA across Ceres, Pallas, Tycho and further out had done the same thing.

    The Cant was one thing. No one would ever forget Eros.

    "Best finish up quick," Brak rumbled. "Shit just hit da fan."
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  5. Danger

    Danger Arceneau Mercantile

    Character Biography:
    Midtown - Trade Center

    “Fer fuck’s sake!” The curse shot between full lips, twisting in growing displeasure across Danger’s heart-shaped face. In her hand she held her hand terminal, her thumb furiously swiping left then right to double check what she had just read. For the past several weeks, things had managed to go from bad to worse. It began just after the blockade of Ceres. Not only had her freighter, the Nelspruit , been locked down on the station, but subsequently, what trade goods lay in her cargo hold were being 'inspected' -- see confiscated -- by Star Helix.

    The inspection shouldn't have taken but a few hours, but as a result of increasing OPA riots, not only was the Nelspruit forced to stay, Danger also had to go through the hassle of trying to find someone in the Trade Council to sign off on her release. Already the redhead had cursed both the United Nations and the Martian Congressional Republic for being idiotic dick swingers that lead to all this mess. Now it was worse, with the Belters at arms at the video of the cold-blooded assassination of the OPA member. Malachi. Malachi -- it was spraypainted across just about every visible piece of dented steal and pipe from one side of the Medina to the Docks.

    Malachi was just one of many instances to fuel what would inevitably become an all-out war. First, it was the blockade. Then it was Eros. Who knew what was next.

    One thing was for sure; if Danger didn't manage to find somebody with the pull to allow her to get her cargo and her ship out of Ceres, it was likely that she'd get caught in the middle of a mindless grab for power. I rather not end up at the recyclers, she mused. Biting her lower lip, the young woman brought up a new screen on her hand terminal.

    If the United Nations was pulling out and Star Helix was being hired out left and right by private companies, maybe she could wrangle some sort of support.

    Names. She needed names to contact. This was where she was at a disadvantage. By all accounts, half of the folk on Ceres might consider her an Inner and the other half an Inner pretending to be a Belter. Her ID might say she was born in Ganymede but she was a Luna resident. If she was looking to garner favor from anyone during this politically tight situation, it was going to take a lot more gabbing than what she preferred.

    At least her parents had the good sense to think ahead. A glance at the reflection of her face reminded her of that fact. Big green eyes, rounded cheekbones, full lips in a perpetual smirk. Her frame was short for a belter but Rubenesque. All curves. Top it off with the mass of dark auburn hair and she stood out amidst the tall, lanky Belters and the stout, muscular Dusters.

    "I should've stayed on Luna." Danger told herself, biting her lower lip. She could try United Nations, chat up Star Helix, to take her risk with the OPA. Either way, she'd have to leave this little private terminal booth to find someone to help her at the Trade Center. Locking her hand terminal, she slid the door open that revealed the crowded atrium before her. Her stomach sank again in growing frustration.

  6. Lukas Forgrave

    Lukas Forgrave Scourge of the Water Pipes

    Character Biography:
    Brentwood, Plaza Line

    This rock had grown old. Not in the sense of history, or in the sense of where it had traveled through the span of its life. In that regard, a thought like that would have been redundant. When Luka contemplated on Ceres, he veered towards his once brimming patience - and how it now felt tattered and ruined. There was only so much that a single person could take and he wondered where he lined up.

    He played with a necklace made of pink acrylic, passing along the beads as if he were saying a silent prayer on a rosary. Or whatever the Mormon equivalent was. The terminal rang and he ignored it.

    He liked to imagine that those toy blocks in the mini closet, hidden from view by his bed, were put there because of boredom. It wasn't an absence that gathered dust, but a lack of interest. He smiled at the sound of those blocks falling over, piled oh so high. The terminal rang again and despite his better judgement, he checked the ID. Detective Hartigan.

    Luka took a deep breath, thought about cheap flour pancakes and the way they always seemed to burn. And how she had like them that way. The terminal rang again and he narrowed his eyes, answering it after letting it go for a bit.

    "It's my day off." He answered quietly, looking out through the tinted pane of glass that shielded him from the light of the Brentwood rails. "Yeah..." He nodded. "Yes. Of course. Yes, friends can talk on days off. Get to the point." Friends being unfriendly. "They're pulling out." It wasn't a question when he stated it. It was a matter of fact. "Wonder if the paycheck is still good."

    He smirked. "You need to get your hearing checked. I said...nevermind. You at the station?" He nodded again as he looked for his jacket. "Yeah. I'll come in. Don't worry. I'll take the back roads."

    A lot had happened the last time someone turned Ceres over and shook it out for all its lunch money. And as always, when shit hit the fan, it was never convenient to be the one holding a badge. He was confident today wasn't going be any different.

    @Loske Matson @Bodhi Xin

  7. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    Captain Buttersworth burst onto bridge of the Saxon, his coat billowing behind him. The display that dominated one half of the room flashed the words "Dock in lockdown." The Captain swore loudly and flicked several switches.

    Outside the great ramp leading into the gaping maw of the Saxons cargo hold stayed open, however above it two PDC turrets lowered out of the prow of the ship and began slowly scanning the drydock where the vessel currently resided.

    Flicking another switch a whistle echoed through the ship. "Attention crew this is the Captain. Looks like something is going down outside on this blasted rock again. Defences are up so if you stay aboard you will be safe, however we need a team to find the dockmaster and release the lockdown, only then can we leave the station. I'm putting my XO in charge of this mission."
  8. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Rachel pushed through the double doors from the hall leading from the rest of the ship into the cargo bay. A large duffel bag slung over one shoulder.

    She was greeted by a small group, some familiar faces, some surprisingly new ones. "Alright if we are going to do this we do it right. Last time we went into that hornets nest we barely got out in one piece. Looks like the Dockmaster has retreated all the way to the Central Level, so we have quite a few levels to get through before reaching him. We will need to be well armed."

    Throwing the duffel bag down onto a table in the middle of the group, she unzipped it revealing a small arsenal of weaponry and ammunition. "Lock and load people, let's get this done."
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  9. FlightAlpha37

    FlightAlpha37 Mastermind behind crew of Calico Felicette

    Calico Felicette
    orbiting Ceres as belter ship

    The station locked down, inside is fully mess up. Riot spreading all over this rock. The crew keep this ship low profiled and try not to ping angry belters for their own safety. No one know how long they can disguise as belter in this situation. It's too risk to blend in so observing is better choice. Failure is not an option in recon mission.

    Kajiya look at the screen, another belter ship fly by. It look like another flying rust bucket at first but also look like patched up from stuff you can salvaged from debris field. He checked its transponder, ship same is Hayakaze. Definitely not MCRN registered but gray-orange pattern make hin a bit missing Calico old color scheme. Hayakaze fly pass Calico into the shadow of Ceres silently.
  10. Bodhi Xin

    Character Biography:
    There was a large crowd around Helix' front door. Bodhi wasn't entirely sure what they were there for until someone screamed something about inya's needing to fuck off home. Someone had just explained to his cell - at great length - that losing Star Helix wasn't part of the plan. Trying to govern a rock as large as Ceres was going to be difficult enough for the OPA. Losing all law enforcement infrastructure in the same swipe would be bad news. Bodhi wasn't certain himself. They had plenty of guns to keep it under control in his ill-informed view.

    "Oi, beltalowda!" he called out.

    When they didn't seem to notice Brak bellowed: "Oi!"

    The noise dropped to a murmur. Angry belters looked at the trio of obvious OPA enforcers. Not only did the tattoos identify them, but they carried sidearms. On their shoulders were little metal pips to signify ranks. One of the ideas Fred had given them. Bodhi was something close to an OPA corporal. Just off the botttom rung.

    "Fuck off out da way, yeah?" Bodhi growled. They had business with Helix. If things were going down then he also had a promise to @Danika Tenzin to keep. His hand stayed near his terminal.
  11. Ilona Lisowska

    Ilona Lisowska OPA Saboteur

    Character Biography:
    The crowd's mood had turned uglier. They started to fling rubbish and other scrap at the barricades. A small explosion went off, the firebomb's flames making the defenders step back from one section of the barricade. A roar of triumph went up from the crowd, happy to see destruction meted out on the Inners.

    Ilona flinched as more shots fired but these were just warning ones. A series of muffled coughs sounded, tear gas canisters being fired into the crowd. Belters ducked away, spluttering from the acrid gas. Ilona winced and tightened her bandana around her face, her eyes watering. She flung her empty spraypaint can at the barricade in a futile gesture, snarling.

    "Du ferí da Belte!" she screeched, raising her hand defiantly. Others took up the chant, the crowd threatening to surge forward.
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  12. Shay Lockley

    Character Biography:
    The Saxon - Ceres

    Shay's hand terminal had rung incessantly since the riots began. Almost every message had come from Midtown District General Hospital - desperate pleas for any staff to return and assist, as casualties began flowing in.

    One particular message tugged at him, somewhat painfully - Jake's. Asking Shay where he'd gone, whether he was safe. Shay struggled to find the courage to respond. He had essentially abandoned the young man, just as both of them were starting to develop feelings for each other. He'd always known feelings would get in the way, and had hoped explaining his situation with the Saxon would've helped.

    Now, feelings were really getting in the fucking way.

    Of course, Shay hadn't even considered joining his new XO on going (potentially) guns blazing against the dockmaster and his or her crew. As much as he'd preferred the Saxon got under way to be free from whatever chaos was about to unfold on the massive asteroid they were stuck on, there was no way he'd want to do anything by force. Sure, he may have just joined (more like coerced to join) what was essentially an illegal, UN-blacklisted pirate crew, he wasn't going to hurt others anytime soon.

    Further small vibrations from his hand terminal. More messages from the hospital, pleading for an extra set of hands. Too many injured, some dying.

    "I have to head back."

    "Fuck you and your Hippocratic fucking Oath," one of the ship's sparkies opened his mouth wide and laughed at Shay's intentions, apparently proud to show his rather high tattoo-to-teeth ratio. Near infinite, which directly correlated to the man's never-ending stupidity.

    Shay easily dismissed the man's dickheaded attitude, having been well-familiarised with similar behaviour and total lack of civility in some of his emergency department patients. Sadly he didn't have any droperidol at hand.

    The young doctor darted his way out of the lower decks, trying to recall how to make his way back to the bridge, the tour offered by Captain Buttersworth having occurred only several hours ago. Some of the more helpful members of crew assisted, and he finally made his way onto the impressive bridge, its people scurrying about to find ways to override the dock's system-wide lockdown.

    The reports have begun flooding in. Flowing through every social media platform. The riots, the violence, the dissent. And... executions? Shay hadn't kept himself as informed as he should've been with the most recent political events, but knew once protests became violent, little else would matter.

    "Captain," Shay said, having to say the word twice to finally get the CO's attention. "Mister Buttersworth... I'm sorry, but a word, if you have a moment... sir?"

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  13. Hayakaze

    Hayakaze Rockhopper merchant family ship

    MV Hayakaze
    Dock at Ceres

    The airlock is open. People flow in and out. OPA, some gang member, a fellow rockhopper or just random people walking in and out. Dieter is known as a secret merchant selling some light to medium weapon, do salvage mission that's many say impossible and delivering shit people pay for it. Legal or illegal is not a reason not to do something to gain some money for his family. His gray business is for his rockhopper family on this ship. Inya and belta on his ship have some past they run away from to start a new life on this ship.

    Many people called him a Dark Merchant based on old RPG game which is a mysterious character randomly appear in a place to sell some cool stuff and they disappear to other place. If he is Dark Merchant then his men and women on this ship are an NPC working for him. But we all are more like family than master-employee relationship. Dieter also open for new rockhopper to hop into this flying bucket for next rockhopping or exciting mission. Like old age viking who fight, feed, hunt and share resource for everyone.

    And on his side is beautiful Lisa. Speaking with hard belter accent. The belter he fall in love since ten years ago. Gentle and smart. If he is the cold and harsh engineer, she would be a warm heart caretaker. The name of this ship also come from her old family language. She take care of everyone nicely no matter where they come from, just be polite and not causing any problem. Or you will know how bad can it be to piss off a housewife.

    "Feel free to ask for stuff you like, ask us to deliver a package or fix something" Dieter always say that to a new customer "No need to afraid, I am here to trade"
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  14. Cpt_Buttersworth

    Cpt_Buttersworth Moderating the shipping lanes

    Character Biography:
    The Captain did not even look up at the doctor as he tried to get his attention. "Permission granted." He said, not even asking what the man wanted. "I figured as soon as this bullshit started up again you'd want to go back and help out. It's in your nature after all." The Captain briefly looked up from the terminal he was hammering away on, the words 'override' & 'emergency breakaway' flashing on different sections.

    He rummaged in his pocket for a moment and held out a small hexagonal device with a strap hanging off it. "Here take this. Its a personal defence drone. Strap it to your thigh. Anyone gives you trouble tense your thigh three times and it'll keep you safe. It also has a homing device and can interface with your terminal, so when we are ready to leave, or if you need help from the away team, just use your terminal." He placed the device in the doctors hand and returned to his terminal. "Good luck doctor, the away team will escort you to the hospital."

    @Shay Lockley
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  15. Loske Matson

    Character Biography:
    Star Helix, HQ
    Plaza Level

    "Woah woah woah, where are you going? This is the moment!"

    A smirk befell the chiseled jaw of the other would-have-been-rookie, one of her mates that had shipped from Earth to Ceres with Loske. Someone she might have called a friend. The girl's grip on his arm was shaken, and he turned.

    "You think Helix is paying me enough to be the bad guy here? I don't think so. No point in keeping the peace for those who are going to end up in pieces. I've got another contract to fulfill."

    "You said that was just moonlighting for extra cash!"

    "No such thing as moonlighting on a station without a moon, kiddo. Good luck with all," the brunette youth gestured about the station, cops readying themselves for the riots outside. The graduate in front of her was swapping his uniform for another, pulling a vest over his tousled hair to prevent bullets and strapping a weapon -- much larger than anything Loske had seen any of the detectives equipped with -- over his shoulder. "This."

    "I can't believe you're leaving."

    "I can't believe you're staying."

    "I'm a cop! It's my job."

    She received an eye roll only, and a flippant two finger salute before he turned away and slipped out to, what would have been, the back exit. Her eyes, now wide, darted to the screen that showed the riot outside. Her first instinct was fear, and her stomach growled out a similar feeling.

    Oh, nope. That was hunger. She had skipped breakfast.

    So she was hungry and a little scared.
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  16. Lukas Forgrave

    Lukas Forgrave Scourge of the Water Pipes

    Character Biography:
    His collar had risen to jaw level somewhere between Brentwood and the Star Helix HQ, doing his best to obscure his face. He took the less traveled paths, crisscrossing the main thoroughfares, as he kept his expression vacant and aimed towards peoples feet - though he had only passed two on his way. He recalled the last riot and how Ceres foamed at the mouth for inner blood.

    It seemed living on Ceres wasn't enough to count. Not for 1 year, not for 20. When people were angry like this, being different was a dangerous place to be.

    "You're going the wrong way." He stopped as a few Officers were scuttling out of the back of the headquarters. He could hear the sound of the riot, echoing off the asteroid's cavernous-like walls. Looking up, he shook his head as the Officers didn't respond. "Ships not even sinking yet and the rats are already running."

    Maybe the ship was going down and he was too dense to realize it. He hadn't exactly been prepared for today to come, not in the acute sort of way. People had talked, he had thought on the concept of the U.N. finally leaving the station. He just never imagined it would actually happen. By the time he looked back down, they were gone and he could almost here the sounds of their footsteps down the way.

    Stepping into the headquarters, the tension was palpable. There was something thick too it and he looked towards the closest air filtration system. It was running hard but he could hardly hear it. Someone had the news on loud, people were talking, and a few officers were scrounging up the remaining lockers of riot gear. Still hadn't recovered from that theft, still had replenished the stocks - it was almost as if the shareholders knew this was coming down.

    He approached the view screen, a camera anchored from the top of the building and facing the entry stairs. He looked and found @Loske Matson. Detective Hartigan was nowhere to be found. Luka opened up the drawer of his desk and pulled out a spare pistol, stowing it at the small of his back - the other hung across his ribs beneath his jacket. "Anyone tell them we don't accept solicitations? Or maybe someone ordered some food?"

    "No no." Hartigan came out of the Captains office, crossing his long arms over his narrow torso. "I fucking said we should put sign up but nooooo...Mormon door salesman. They love to knock on doors."

    "Well, maybe someone should go talk to them?" Luka looked around, lifting his eyebrows. Much to his surprise, no one was volunteering. "Okay. I'll do it."

    @Bodhi Xin @Ilona Lisowska
  17. Danika Tenzin

    Character Biography:
    Ceres, The Medina, Yáterash

    Danika wrapped her thin wrap around her shoulders as she left the lift and walked out onto the main floor of Yáterash with a frown. Looking around it was just the staff and Morwen sitting around the bar talking in hushed but calm voices. Seeing the club without it's normal array of patrons was odd enough in itself but having most of the lights off and the doors locked and barred only cemented the fact that the felota had it the fan.

    She headed over to the bar and then giving Morwen a nod she went behind the bar to stand with her. If Morwen were a boss, which she essentially was, then Danika would be her second. Danika was older than most of the other whores, had more experience, and had grown up on Ceres. Her tall thin frame exuded calm and she looked around the circle of men and women, "
    Oye milowda, da OPA got us under guard, dey will keep us safe and we be back to making credits soon. For now, just be happy you don't gotta be under some sweaty dzhemang." She signed it as well to show emphasis and smiled and winked at the end. It got a chuckle from the group and seemed to relax them a bit, which had been the goal in the first place.

    Her boss reached out and clasped her fingers around Danika's for just a moment and then looked at her staff with her usual motherly yet stern expression. "You can all have drinks on the house today and won't owe rent till the shit calms down. If you need anything else talk to Danika, if she needs to she will bring it to me," and with that she headed to her office.

    Danika kept her "work face" on and started making drinks for some of the others and kept up small talk while she did. You wouldn't think for a moment that her thoughts were swirled in worry over Bodhi and if he was safe. He had promised though so she did her best to keep him at the back of her mind while she kept her little family in working order.

    @Bodhi Xin
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  18. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Bar- Midtown Level - Ceres]

    It had all begun so simply.

    Aden had received orders to report to a ship heading to Ceres, and he'd went. He wasn't the pilot on the ship, just a passenger being hauled. It seemed that someone high enough up wanted a few more laborers up on the rock to wave the flag, or whatever. Pretty simple, right? That's what he had thought, until he had made the mistake of checking the newsfeeds. Some idiot had ruined the blue's whole plan and made a mess of things in the process. It all was crystal-clear why the MCR wanted a few more uniforms on that rock, to protect MCR assets. A simple enough story, although Aden thought a squadron of MMC personnel could deal with the issue better, perhaps it was more benefical to have the appearance of not putting an overly heavy military presence on the scene.

    That was the story of how Aden had started his first trip to Ceres. Since here, he'd flown a few inspection shuttles, moved cargo, and done basic labor as he was ordered to, but staying out of the way of any feuds and keeping his eyes front and head down. He had no need to stir up anti-inner sentement, especially after the UN had made a mess of things with their announcements and actions.

    He'd been out of uniform when all the excitement started. He'd managed to find himself a bar that wasn't too disreputable, but the moment the shot had rang out, the atmosphere had changed. He might not have seen the shot, but it seemed the whole level had known the event seconds later. So here he was, in a bar, surrounded with belters... when an inner had executed a belter. If anyone didn't know, their datapads had let them know quickly. In this age, there wasn't much that happened on the station before the small rectangular devices informed half the solar system.

    That event had made everyone on this station a threat. His orders resounded in his head, as he'd been told before he left the compound. "Keep your head down, don't cause trouble, and stay on the midtown level."

    The day had gotten quite interesting, indeed. He looked around for anyone else he recognized, or anyone from Mars. They'd be pretty easy to recognize, compared to the Belters, just by build. Hopefully there were one or two around. All he knew is he'd like the walls and guards of the Martian areas better than he liked this place right now.
  19. Hayakaze

    Hayakaze Rockhopper merchant family ship

    @Aden Peterson

    Dieter walk into the bar and sit on the counter near Aden. It's been a long time since his last Mars visit, he still got some martian physical traits but also have partially belters build after long time in space with low gravity, plus several tattoo on his neck. Seem like he is an old customer of this bar because the bartender know what to de before he say it. Dark gray cloth wrapped around his body in baggy faded orange flightsuit like an old MCRN ship color scheme. His left arm hide under the cloth but still can be seen, mechanical prosthetic with pressure sensor and build in terminal.


    He start zipping clear liquid from small glass before looking at Peterson. First he think that guy might be someone he know but he is not. He look younger than his fellow retired pilot who start rockhopper after their outdated ship being decommissioned.

    "Got into trouble?" He asked the young martian officer.
  20. Bodhi Xin

    Character Biography:
    @Lukas Forgrave @Danika Tenzin @CFB9 @Loske Matson

    Star Helix, Plaza Level

    Bodhi hadn't really thought that would work. The Belters did as they were told and spread out of their way. With a shrug he walked through the crowd.

    "Fuck dem up!" someone ill-informed shouted at them.

    Bodhi ignored them. If the situation had required them to storm a Star Helix base they would have brought more then five men and something with more teeth than a few sidearms.

    The doors were firmly shut. On the other side of the reinforced glass were several stoic officers. Bodhi had a broad grin on his face when he knocked on the glass.

    "We have come for a chat."

    No reaction. He left Brak to try and convince them they were here for some serious business. Meanwhile Xin waved the other three members of the group to move the crowd back. They were more curious than angry now.

    This was a brazen move. Which was why they were here for now instead of one of their bosses. Xin took a moment to pull his terminal from his pocket.

    How are things there? He sent to Danika.

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