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LFG - Campaign The Fuzz

Discussion in 'Roleplay Discussion' started by Lukas Forgrave, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Lukas Forgrave

    Lukas Forgrave Scourge of the Water Pipes

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    Wasn't sure if this really qualified as a campaign but...

    I'd like to try and get a group thread going for Star Helix and others on Ceres, revolving around something quite scandalous. A premier restaurant on the plaza paid good currency to have a shipment of fresh(ish) meat (Steaks and Ribs) sent from either somewhere on Earth or one of the Agricultural moons (high G for that freshness). However, as soon as that steaky goodness hit the docks, it disappeared al la the great cheese heist.

    Those owners happen to be good friends with some of the shareholders of Helix back in London. And now, the Captain is taking a request and making it an order. Find the steaks, bring them back good as new. No one eat any of those steaks. Might be tough, considering the odd rumors circling around about hidden grey markets suddenly having limited stock of fresh meat...

    Thought it could be fun. Wouldn't necessarily need to be coordinated, we could all pair off or coordinate. OPA members could come in, figure out how it's impacting the local economy and causing issues, etc etc. Something that might be a little bit low key, could be occurring after the Phoebe bombing.

    Also...Someone in discord mentioned that this could be how we find out about some human kibble being pawned off as real fresh meat. That'd be fun...

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  2. Gully Foyle

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    I'm down.
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  3. Ozomatli ‘Oz’ Sanchez

    Ozomatli ‘Oz’ Sanchez Boom Shaka Laka

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