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    Slingshot pilot burns up on Saturn

    The stakes were high but all bets were off yesterday when popular slingshot racer Bizi Betiko burned up with his craft in Saturn's atmosphere in an attempt to break the Grand Tour record.

    Betiko had been on day 12 of his trip and was lagging 6 hours behind the current record, which might have let him take an unusually high risk to make up lost ground.

    While not being officially sanctioned, high bets are placed on slingshotting events. The pilots and their handlers can can make fortunes in one go which makes them take high risks. To many belters, the prospects of easy riches is enough to cast aside all safety procedures.

    [Bizi Betiko, shlingshot victim]

    In recent years, the “sport” has suffered a decline in interes after several scandals about heavily manipulated bets. On most larger stations like Ceres, Vesta or Lutetia, betting on slingshotting has been declared illegal but underground betting rings remain active.

    While Betiko has vanished, and everyone who placed on him breaking the record has lost their money, it can be a assumed that his handlers have won a small fortune. In the underground backroom betting it is not at all uncommon to place bets on a slingshotters death.

    Local planetary traffic control authorities have issued a statement discouraging slingshot racing in general as a violation of space traffic safety.


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