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    Tensions between Earth and Mars are increasing following an event around the quarantined Eros Station

    The MCR embassy on Earth issued a formal complaint after UN vessel Sunnydale fired warning shots when an alleged MCR research vessel was attempting to dock with Eros and ignored requests from UN naval assets to withdraw. The MCR ship broke off its attempt and returned to a wide heliocentric orbit.

    While nobody was hurt in the incident, it marks a new low point in the Earth-Martian relations which had just thought to have improved slightly after a planetary conference on Luna.

    Several task forces from both navies are operating closer to Eros, a test of resilience was just a matter of time, defence analysts say. This could be only the beginning of several manoeuvres to test the boundaries.

    The nature of the missions of the Martian ship was not disclosed by the MCR, it remains unclear what the situation on Eros Station itself is these days but UN seems very dedicated to enforce its blockade against any incursions.

    Diplomatic channels which worked well during the blockage of Ceres are believed to have cooled after the destruction of Phoebe by an unknown Martian stealth frigate.

    The UN security council is in session.
    "We will assess the situation and and make sure we have all the information necessary. Our operation goes on as planned and the provocation by the MCRN was met with measures according to interplanetary protocol." a UN spokesperson said.


    What was the Martian ship trying to achieve on Eros? Will the next shots fired be the spark that could ignite a war between Earth and Mars?
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