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  1. Irys Akane

    Character Biography:

    The mission brief is fairly simple:
    • Intelligence has tracked an OPA operative thought to be behind recent bombings between Ceres and Io on the freighter Megellan
    • The Nergal and Strident are tasked with retrieving this individual and any OPA data.
    • The Strident is going to burn hard at 5g for a short period, then drop to 3g for hours and then cruise past the target as it decelerates in stealth mode.
    • The Nergal will burn at 2g for 12 hours then dropping to 0.3g before turning and decelerating to close on the target.
    • (Strident goes fast to overtake, Nergal comes in slower to catch)
    • When the Magellan flips halfway to decelerate the Strident will approach from the direction of Io and take out its engine in a surprise attack. The Nergal will approach from the direction of Ceres (behind but actually "front" of target) and launch marines.
    • However, Magellan will send a distress signal shortly and be under attack by a well armed pirate cruiser.
    Plenty of action for crew members and marines.

    Open to all.

    "All stations check in," the Captain drawled. The heavyset woman with the thick accent - that apparently originated in Texas - was on the upper half of the CIC.

    "Communications station. All systems are ready," Akane replied when it was her turn. She didn't want to be on the Strident for this mission but here she was. This week had been rather unique. At times over the past few years she had wished for something more interesting than intercepting belter comms, interrogating pulled over freighters and doing intelligence analysis. How this week affected her career would determine how she would view it in future.

    This week she had filled in for her superior in the largest MCRN operation that wasn't for training purposes. Then she'd been grilled by task force command on the view of the intelligence community on how it would affect OPA operations and been shouted at for suggesting it was 'negligible.' Then interviewing a field agent who had panicked during the blockade. And to top it all off the Minister for Defence himself had communicated with her to share new intelligence and given her information to brief Task Force Command.

    Right now she wasn't thinking about that. She was thinking about the fact that her seat was reclining ready for a long 3g burn. They'd hit higher decelerating on the approach to Ceres but not for that length of time.

    Akane despised high G burns. Her superior on the Dialla had suffered a stroke on the way to Ceres and that fact did nothing to calm her nerves.


    She looked up at the Captain who was casually leaning over the railings of the upper deck. "Yes ma'am?"

    "We have nearly a half day to intercept but given how useless you are during a burn I assume you've prepped to emitters to blind the Magellan and jam her comms as soon as we've taken out her drive?"

    "Yes ma'am." It was quite a technical job she was well suited for with her background in signals analysis.

    "Excellent. Now try and relax or you'll hemorrhage. That, or break my chairs." The captain gave one last nod. Her tightly cropped hair didn't even move in the gesture. Then she was out of sight, returning to her own crash couch where she could see the pilot's screens.

    Irys looked down at her hands. Her usually chocolate coloured skin had gone bright white around the knuckles. She took a deep breath and tried to relax. Why couldn't she have stayed in the Nergal for a relatively serene flight plan by contrast?

    "Timings are precise here so we go on the Nergal's order," called the captain.

    "We've got a one minute timer now ma'am. Estimated intercept assuming no change to target's flight plan: twelve hours, fourteen minutes and twenty six seconds," called out one of the bridge officers as they received the flight plan via the navigation deck. It was precise.

    "Time for the juice then."

    Akane eyed her screens and tried to distract her mind as she felt the needles bite down. Damned marines were probably two decks down laughing about the whole matter.

    There was the Magellan. Assume the OPA hadn't tricked them. Following a freighter in the system was like tracking a grain of sand in one of earth's oceans she had seen photos of. However, the MCRN had one of their big arrays pointed square at that ship now.

    They didn't know the storm that was coming their way.
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  2. Irkalla Kasai

    Irkalla Kasai That’s ‘Commander’ to you.

    Character Biography:
    The Strident definitely drew the shorter straw in this pursuit – Kasai had visibly winced when presented with the flight plan. Still, it’s what the other ship was built for.

    Most of the Nergal was already under. All but the most critical personnel were tucked away in the Crew quarters. Lucky bastards, to sleep their way through a burn. Those days were long behind her, though. Hell, even when she was an enlisted grunt, Kasai was usually the one slated to go in first.

    No rest for the wicked.

    “Captain Winiata, this is Nergal Command.”

    Something of a personal courtesy, really. She could’ve had Beaufort do it, but then the Commander had retained the preference for getting her own hands dirty. Jade eyes closed on the timer for a few seconds as she let out a long exhale, willing her body to relax in the seat. The heavy straps of the crash webbing were a familiar companion after almost three decades in space.

    “Ready to burn in ten…”

    Getting some shore leave would be nice after this.


    Twist Videlli’s arm a bit. He owed her one.


    Five, more like. Fuck, how she hated that man.


    There was that bar in Breach Candy. The one with boxing matches on Fridays.


    What was it called again? Fourth Rock?

    “See you on the other side, Strident.”

    Yeah. Hunt down OPA, go home, get drunk, get into a fight, get laid.

    And not necessarily in that order, as @Brenda Hernandez would say.
  3. Aurelia Juarez

    Aurelia Juarez Hammer and Nails

    Character Biography:

    Juarez wanted off the boat, she wanted off now - if anyone hated the burns, it was her. "Relax Sarge," someone uttered and all she wanted to do was get out of the chair and slam them into the floor. Fucking brilliant, genius. Agitated. Very much so, why couldn't the belters just behave for once in their miserable lives? She was also well aware of the other ship involved in this little scheme goddamn it Wildcat, why couldn't you have stayed on your end of space?

    She growled, her hands gripped the armrests of the chair. Compared to the Nergal, the Strident's team of marines were relatively small and it meant she was in for the ride. It meant she was going to get to feel her entire body burn the sickening wash of the Gs as it rode through her every being threatening to break everything. Just relax, just relax they always said and suddenly she wanted to vault from the chair and take her chances in space. What happened to just running into ships and asking for their manifest?

    "Locked and loaded," called the pilot, "y'all ready back there?"

    Fuck no, fuck you, fuck this ship, fuck everyone here.

    Juarez's small frame was never prepared to handle a burn, much less one like this.

    "Here we go."

    No, pendeja don't you - you puta, chinga tu madre.

    Countdown was short and sweet.

    I hate all of you.

    There'll be no strings to bind your hands
    Not if my love can't bind your heart
    And there's no need to take a stand
    For it was I who chose to start
    I see no need to take me home
    I'm old enough to face the dawn
    Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)
    Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
    Just call me angel of the morning, (angel)
    Then slowly turn away from me
  4. Irys Akane

    Character Biography:
    For a few precious seconds she could imagine it was a fun ride. The Strident could burn hard at 15g for a long trip if necessary, but few on the ship could keep conscious for long in such conditions. By comparison 3g as relatively mild. It was equivalent to what early astronauts suffered without juice. But they were going to be doing this for hours.

    It went from a tingle in her belly to an elephant in her chest. Breathing started to feel laboured. Even with the support of the couch her joints began to ache.

    To top it all off she could hear the captain and pilots chatting away as if they were at the coffee machine. The navigator reached out with a trembling hand and checked the numbers.

    Akane closed her eyes and imagined she was somewhere else. She wondered what an ocean really would look like.
  5. Rajendra Vaikar

    Rajendra Vaikar Martian Marine

    Character Biography:
    It was common knowledge amongst the MMC that the Navy would have them abolished if they had the power. Similarly the Marines would have relegated the Navy to a glorified taxi service if they could. And if abolishing wasn’t possible, the Navy would like to put them on ice until they had to be thawed out for use. Ferrying around a group of knuckle draggers just irked their sensibilities.

    The burns were when Raj felt most like cargo. Induced unconsciousness, put under as non essential personnel. Or as the Navy would see it, just another distraction or nuisance. Rumours were rife that the matelots would find any excuse they could to put the groundpounders under.

    Both sides generally kept to their respective parts of the ship with trespassers (bar the unfortunates on duty) generally made to feel unwelcome should they stray. As Raj’s mother would have put it, ‘One had to maintain social standards’. Officers of both branches might interact but for some, the assignment to a Martian vessel was akin to exile.

    To the crew it seemed like the Marines loafed about doing make work to kill the time between action. They’d not appreciate the hours training to keep fit, the checking and servicing that every piece of kit had to go through. It had a dual purpose as well, keeping them busy stopped le cafard and kept the brawls at a manageable level. Similarly some of the lobsters couldn’t appreciate the work needed to keep a vessel like the Nergal running 24/7.

    Ignorance is bliss sometimes. Raj wouldn’t have been agitating for staying conscious during the burn if he knew the risks that the crew were taking.
  6. Tayleigh Ryven

    Character Biography:
    Hazel eyes and neck muscles flared as the juice kicked in. "Okay, baby, just another day." She let out a grunt, adjusting once more to the usual feeling of burn, the breath in her chest holding for a few brief moments before releasing in a sigh. "Engines and systems green, Ma'am. Our friends down below are sleeping soundly."

    Lucky for them, they got to nap before work.

    Tayleigh had a pair of monitors up in front of her, hands constantly shifting between various screens to observe the subroutines of the Nergal, as well as make minor adjustments and calibrations where needed to maintain a prolonged burn at their current pace. 2G was hardly the worst, but after a while it still felt like someone sitting dead weight on your chest.

    All in the name of duty.

    OPA. Scum lords of the system. Hunt 'em down and hang 'em.
  7. Irkalla Kasai

    Irkalla Kasai That’s ‘Commander’ to you.

    Character Biography:
    Jades glanced briefly over at the Lieutenant – visual confirmation was always good. Leftovers from her enlisted days, but what can ya do. It was probably the main reason why Nergal was one of the only MCRN ships where Marines and Navy got along.

    “All yours, Christensen,” Kasai looked over to the grinning Helmswoman. One crazy Swede, that girl. Spent her younger years slingshotting through the Belt before returning home to enlist. Every time they went full burn, it was like someone lit a fire in her eyes.

    To be honest, the Captain just did her best to ignore it.

    She had thin scars on her neck and wrists by now from the juice syringes. Didn’t even notice the prick anymore, only the heat of the drug. A sigh curled from her chest as Kasai pressed back into her seat. Breath regulation worked wonders for keeping conscious the whole ride over – and hell if it wasn’t going to be a long one.

    Couple cycles in, and your lids start drooping.

    With a groan, she snapped to. Well, much as the crash webbing allowed, at any rate. Reed chuckled, half a deck lower. “We’ve got three more hours to burn, Ma’am. Game?”

    Kasai stretched out her toes – rolled her wrists and shoulders. “Certainly. Your turn as white, I believe.”

    When breath regulation didn’t cut it anymore, the Captain and the Chief of Security resorted to mental chess. Reed even kept a scoreboard in the Officers’ quarters, smugly flaunting her two-point lead.

    Four matches later, Kasai was ahead, and the Lieutenant was the one sweating bullets over the decimated state of her figures.

    “Ma’am, we have a… distress signal coming in.”

    The Commander snapped her gaze to Beaufort. Strident?”

    “Negative, Ma’am. Civilian designation.” His brow drew tighter. “It’s— it’s the Magellan, Ma’am.”

    “Play it.”

    :: This is freighter Magellan, requesting assistance. We’re under attack by pirates. Single corvette-sized ship, they’re gaining on u— ::

    The bridge went dead silent.

    “Ma’am, do I res—”

    “No.” She shook her head, features hardening. “Transmit that to Captain Winiata immediately, along with a request for Lieutenant Akane’s input. This is the Spooks’ show, and she’s running it.”

    Kasai slammed her fist into the armrest. Better have some pirate contingency in that plan, MNI… She let out breath. Turned to the navigator. “How far out are we?”

    “Uncertain, Ma’am. Our original rendezvous point is in half an hour at 0.3g, but the Magellan might’ve been ambushed earlier.”

  8. Irys Akane

    Character Biography:
    Zero gravity was bliss compared to the oppression of her own weight in a hard burn. Running in covert mode Akane didn't have the bandwidth for a video message back to command. Instead she was finishing the composition of an update that would go before @Erwin van Dam .

    ...updates on target vessel have been provided via tifhtbeam message and it continues close to expected flight plan. We have passed by at a distance of fifteen thousand kilometers and there is no sign we have been detected. Now that we have detected their engine firing in our direction we prepare to bring our drive online. Our approach should be shielded by our engine plume. Once they realise the Nergal is on an intercept vector the Strident shall attempt to disable their vessel.

    She added some details and files and send the message. Then she prepared herself for another hit of juice. Not only were they ahead of the Magellan now but they had more velocity. They had to lose it. Quickly.


    The word in its own wasn't enough. The pilot must have changed the juice mixture as she was rapidly brought to full consciousness. The lights suggested they were at a war footing but the screen before her suggested they were several minutes away.

    Her weight was slowly decreasing. The drive was ramping down. "Yes captain?”

    "Screens Lieutenant."

    Irys saw several data dumps splashed across her screen. It included the distress call.

    "Why are shutting down the drive?" She asked the navigator to her left.

    "The Magellan switched off their drive two minutes ago. If we keep decelerating they'll shoot past us."

    Akane had orders on her screen. Find the target. By the time they got a message to Mars to turn long range sensors in this direction it would be too late. There were advantages and disadvantages to working on the Strident. She was a much newer machine than the Nergal and had smarter systems. On her first day it had read her biometrics, used them as authentication and configured her interface for her role. On the other hand the Nergal had more processing power and bigger sensors.

    "Captain I'm going to need active sensors."


    Every part of Akane ached after the maneuvers but she got to work. Down below the marine complement including @Aurelia Juarez and rest of the crew would be woken and briefed to be ready for combat.

    "Confirmed we have a corvette sized vessel alongside the Magellan. We'll need to be closer before we can identify them. They are running with a transponder," Akane called.

    "Do that as soon as possible. I don't want to open fire on a UN vessel by mistake Leiutenant," Captain Winiata called. "Full battle stations and extend the PDCs. Signal the Nergal. I'm going to take us in fast, ID them. If those are pirates we're going to get up close and personal and strip their defences so we can land."

    Akane swore under her breath. She tapped out a quick report for command. They'd never encountered actual pirates in their patrols. Space was a large place and they kept well away from Coalition forces. But the Captain had sounded supremely confident in her orders.

    Akane wondered if the Captain of the Donnager had.
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  9. Ben Shannar

    Aboard MCRN Nergal. Off Ceres Station Zone.

    His transfer papers had arrived two days after he had reunited with his unit aboard the Scipio Africanus, following the events at Ceres Station. If Ben Shanaar could be honest, they had been a blessing; once aboard the evac shuttle, the men were silent and somewhat revering towards him. Once on board, the personel quietly made their ways around him but he could feel the looks they gave him. Respect never felt more wrong.

    He had collapsed, trying to snuffle out his tears, as soon as he entered the designated quarters of his fireteam and realized that he was the sole survivor. Ashley's* stuff were still scattered across her bunker, always a messy space-grabber; Martinez's bed was still unmade; his squad had lived, rested, fought and laughed in that confined room. And now they were gone.

    The first night he didn't manage to grab any rest. On the second day, exhausted and irritable, he almost got into a fight with an ensign. He needed to leave that place.

    No one knew him on top of the Nergal, he discovered. As soon as his papers had arrived, he silently packed his few personal items and a few things he wanted to remember his squad by; when he disembarked the Africanus, he went straight to the signed dock and never once looked back at the ship that he served on for the last two years.

    As soon as he had reported to his CO, @Irkalla Kasai, the marine was assigned to a company and was told to make himself at home. There wasn't any time for the rest of the formalities. The Nergal was preparing for a mission. Which was all to the good, since Ben needed to think something, anything other than what had happened back on Ceres.

    As soon as he was gone from that godforshaken station, the better.
  10. Brenda Hernandez

    Brenda Hernandez Kasai's Hammer

    Character Biography:
    Brenda was doing what @Irkalla Kasai wanted. He was doing his job. Weapons were passed out to the Marines from the armory - with the express instructions that they should be bloody well spotless when they were returned. One of his greatest pleasures was telling someone the weapon they were returning was dirty.

    If you pissed him off, you'd have to clean it six or seven times before he'd accept it, and since that meant you couldn't go off duty for a couple of hours, it quite literally paid dividends to be on his good side.

    He wasn't a Marine any longer, though, and that meant he wasn't going anywhere. Instead, he'd function as an armsman here on the Nergal, helping to repel any boarders who might, somehow, inexplicably, get onto the ship.

    And since they wouldn't, he'd get to ride this out in style. By doing bloody nothing.
  11. Rajendra Vaikar

    Rajendra Vaikar Martian Marine

    Character Biography:
    The juice aftereffects were unpleasant to say the least. The shakes and the dry mouth were bad enough. For the bridge crew it was like the worst comedown when the crash came. It was a necessary evil, the chemical cocktail kept you alive through stresses the human body wasn't meant to endure.

    Still groggy, he shook his head and took a painkiller tab to try and combat the effects before they kicked in fully. He joined the queue for the armoury with the other Marines. If there was anything he hated, it was the bloody armoury lines. Their word was law and if they weren't happy with a weapon's condition; you went right back to cleaning to go through the entire rigmarole all over again.

    They were in pressure sealed suits for this, standard operating procedure for a boarding action. You couldn't guarantee the structural integrity of a hostile vessel, particularly if pirates were involved. Raj had heard stories of them venting the atmosphere to asphyxiate the crew. The only air he'd trust would be the air in his suit.

    "My thanks to you" he murmured, accepting the weapon from @Brenda Hernandez . At least morale was high, anyone from the loftiest aristocrat right down the lowest gutter rat could buck up at the prospect of pirate hunting. They generally got a swift trial and a fair execution.
  12. Irys Akane

    Character Biography:
    @Ben Shannar @Brenda Hernandez @Rajendra Vaikar @Irkalla Kasai @Tayleigh Ryven

    "PDCs online."

    "How far are we going to pass?"

    "Within two kilometers at current heading."


    "They can't lock a torpedo on us, but as soon as we start maneuvers I'll blast them and blind them. Just don't get too close," Akane called.

    "No choice on the matter," Captain Winiata called. "We can't risk the Nergal's torpedoes if the target is on that ship. The Nergal won't catch them. All hands prepare for CQC."

    Irys flicked down her visor and waited for the hiss of the seal. She check her immediate vicinity for any loose items that could be a threat if they were penetrated by a tungsten round.

    "This is Captain Winiata to the Nergal. We are going to pass by the pirate vessel and attempt to disable her engines and weapons."

    Irys sat upright held firmly in place by the straps. She could hear the noise of the PDCs moving on their mounts as the gunners gave them a quick check and aligned them on the target.

    "They're scanning us!" She called. Either the drive signature or PDCs compromising their sensor profile had given the enemy vessel a lock. She worked fast, taking every kind of reading she could. "No known UNN class. One PDC, potentially another on the far side. Two external torpedoes!"

    "This is Captain Winiata of the MCRN Strident. Power down your engines and prepare to be boarded."

    "Ma'am they're accelerating and trying to lock on."

    "Light them up!"

    Irys hit them with a sweeping burst of signals and lasers to try and blind their targeting systems. It likely wasn't an advanced vessel that could adapt quickly.

    "One of their torpedoes is away!"

    "It does not have lock it's flying blind."

    "Gunners, strike that if you can anyway!" Winiata called. A low buzz reverberated through the ship several seconds later.

    "Detonation. That was an old plasma torp."

    The Strident, in black and amber closed quickly. With pinpoint precision her cannons fired. Several beams of teflon-coated tungsten rounds swept wide to try and find them.

    "One PDC down."

    "They're still firing...." The CIC shook. "Damage to lower deck. Engine operation. They only pierced the other hull."

    "Gunners!" Winiata called impatiently.

    The PDCs fell silent. "That's their second cannon and engines down." One of the two gunners called.

    "Winiata to the Nergal. They're all yours. We're proceeding to the Magellan. Helm bring us alongside the Magellan and dock."

    The pirate vessel Harlequin has no engines or point defences. They have one torpedo left. Fifteen well armed pirates wait to defend it from boarding. Several OPA crew remain on the Magellan and must be disabled.
  13. Irkalla Kasai

    Irkalla Kasai That’s ‘Commander’ to you.

    Character Biography:
    @Ben Shannar @Brenda Hernandez @Rajendra Vaikar @Irkalla Kasai @Irys Akane @Aurelia Juarez

    The first few years after she’d switched from the fireworks of ground ops to the silence of space had been… disquieting. Kasai was used to it by now, of course, but the feeling settled like lead in her gut. Jade eyes flickered over to Christensen and found the Swede staring straight at her screen with a set jaw – as focused as she’d ever seen her.

    “Understood, Strident. Keep us updated.”

    The smaller ship blinked past a few moments later, and then the hulking form of the pirate vessel appeared on their sensors. The Captain uttered sharp commands, her bridge alive with the reactions of a well-trained crew.

    This wasn’t their first rodeo.

    “Torpedo lock, Ma’am!”

    The shout came just as the blue alarm lights came on. Kasai narrowed her eyes at the theater display. “Helm, evade. I want PDCs on that torp—”

    Reverberations shook the ship, but there was nary a sound to the explosion. Never was, not out here.

    She hissed and slammed her fist into the seat. “I want Ashur and Enki on those boats stat. Board them and subdue them.” The Commander expelled a raw breath, “And if they don’t comply, fire at will.”

    They were here for the Magellan – if a few pirates disappeared in the process, nobody would bat an eye.

    Kasai turned to @Tayleigh Ryven with a severe expression. “Status?”
  14. Aurelia Juarez

    Aurelia Juarez Hammer and Nails

    Character Biography:
    Drip. Drip. Drip.


    "Juarez!" Someone shouted but her mind was locked away.

    "Juarez!" Another shout.

    Drip. Drip. Drip.

    All she could hear were the drips of sweat.

    All she could feel were the drips of blood.



    Her eyes flew open and she felt like a gasp for breath as if something had crushed her breasts and compressed them back into her rib cage and squeezed her lungs for everything it had. She hated the burns, and as the nauseated feeling crept up into her body she leaned over and felt for the floor until she was sure she could touch it. Juarez grabbed the man in front of her and looked over at her locker and armor. In an instant she clicked her boots and stomped her way over just to make sure she didn't fall over.

    The Strident rumbled, and the sound of battle rushed into her mind. Suiting up the marine grabbed her gear and rushed out. CQC? She thanked the heavens for her boots, otherwise she'd be slamming into the cieling. Juarez's mind flickered and her eyes scanned the Strident's electrical systems as she made a rush up to the top. "Juarez to @Irys Akane ready to go when you are LT." The sergeant looked over at her team of marines, four of them with her made a total of five.
  15. Tayleigh Ryven

    Character Biography:
    Tayleigh's fingers danced across the two panels of screens in front of her, gaze shifting briefly to the terminal display. The damage was largely isolated to a lower starboard section of the hull. And while there were no critical systems at that particular junction, a gaping hole did nothing to help their life support systems by sucking the pressure and oxygen from within at a rather alarming rate.

    "Sensors are turning up non-essential systems damage, Ma'am. But there's a major hull breach on a lower level. We need to get that patched somehow, and immediately, unless we're looking to evolve past breathing oxygen in the near future."

    She extrapolated the junction where the most prominent damage appeared to be, sealing off hatchways and corridors to slow the process of their air being vented.

    "I can take Blaine and Martinez with me. Together we can get it done. Just make sure they don't go firing anything else while we're down there or I'll personally haunt your ass. We'll radio you our status after we get down there."

    There were several non-essential crew that could likely take care of the damage, but in this case time was short, and there was hardly room for error. These weren't tiny individual holes. The torpedo managed to tear a good chunk out of the Nergal. The brunette released the straps on her station, quickly standing and acknowledging Irkalla once more before calling for the other two whilst making her way towards the entrance of the bridge.

    "Martinez, Blaine; Suit up. Meet me on level 5, section A8. Bring your gear. Gonna need it!"

    Hopefully the others would neutralize the threat before they took another torpedo. Those weren't something to take lightly.
  16. Irys Akane

    Character Biography:
    "Looks like someone tried to force the air lock but hadn't made it yet," Irys called as she locked on the scope. It looked as if they had breached the outer door already.

    "Freighter Magellan, this is the MCRN corvette Strident. Please prepare to be boarded. The pirate vessel has been disabled. Do you have any medical needs?" The captain spoke over the open channel.

    "Strident we're having a problem with the inner deal after they tried to breach. Please stand by."

    "I'm picking up magnetic fluctuations. They're starting to wipe the data cores!" Akane called urgently. She was tugged to one side of her seat as the pilot rushed the approach on thrusters. There was a loud clang as they connected and latched on.

    With her heart pounding she unstrapped herself. She wasn't the most agile in microgravity but she pulled herself down the ladder as quickly as she could. She rolled and slammed down her boots to stick to the deck.

    "Get that inner door open fast!" She shouted as she moved to take a sidearm.
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  17. Rajendra Vaikar

    Rajendra Vaikar Martian Marine

    Character Biography:
    Raj's squad and the others were still prepping to mount the boarding pods when the torpedo hit. The ship shook, sending ratings and marines alike all over the place. "What the fuck was that?!". The NCOs recovered fastest, they were already receiving an order from Commander Kasai. Sergeant Wu swore, "Alright you apes, let's move it!" The damage to the ship wasn't their concern, boarding the pirate vessel was. Leave it to the experts.

    They boarded the pods. They hadn't been designed with comfort in mind, only to deliver their cargo as quickly and safely as possible. Their NCO counted down to blastoff, then there was a lurch and the entire pod shook. Ashur and Enki were boarding at the bow and stern respectively, with luck they'd sweep the ship clean of any resistance.

    The UN told their marines to expect as high as 60% casualties in a boarding action. Mars had better odds but it didn't make the job much less dangerous. Metal claws sank into the other ship's hull and breaching charges went off, the bangs muffled through the pod's hull. Raj hit the release on his restraint harness, the squad rising to board.

    A wave of automatic fire engulfed them. There was no room to maneuver, no room to do anything but just fire back blindly. Start to finish, it wasn't even thirty seconds. Wu nudged a pirate corpse with her foot to make sure he was dead. "Ashur to Nergal. We've boarded the pirate vessel. Initial contact made, three confirmed kills" a grimace "We have one KIA and two wounded". She could see that for herself on the command display, some of the red dots winking out to yellow for wounded and black for dead.

    Raj patted the shoulder of one of the casualties, the marine was tight lipped but the stims and shock were doing their best to stave off the pain. Martian combat armour was the best you could get but it couldn't stop everything, Singh had taken two rounds but he'd be fine once they'd got him back aboard the Nergal. Cortez had taken several rounds right through the faceplate.

    The wounded were left to guard the pod. The rest of the squad had no respite, they had to push on before the pirates had barricaded the access corridors or some lunatic self destructed the entire ship. Raj hated taking point. Advancing down claustrophobic metal corridors with blind corners at intersections was bad enough. Being the first one done said corridor just made it worse.
  18. Aurelia Juarez

    Aurelia Juarez Hammer and Nails

    Character Biography:

    Boarding. Real, boarding - not please stand still while my boys rifle through your crates. No, this was true boarding, and it gave Juarez a great and wonderful feeling. The grin on her face was on that savoured violence, one that was eager to watch the blood spill from the others. All that Juarez could remember from this day was that when they had gotten through to the Magellean she heard the unmistakble sound of her rifle cracking into some pirate's skull. His jaw was sent clicking back into his face, and Juarez didn't give him any time to react as she was quick with the follow through.

    He involuntarily spat up blood, it made for a beautiful show of red as she turned her attention to the one coming from her left she got low and barreled into him, flipped her gun to her back and grabbed the one charging for her and threw him face down into the grate of the deck. A move that she had recently shown off against Kasai, one of the men on her fireteam grabbed the second one and flipped him down onto his back, he was burly man from what Juarez knew thus she often called him, Sue or the Mini-Brenda but really just Sue. And only just to watch his face crinkle.

    When Juarez finally connected that the pirates were OPA scum? Joyful, joyful she didn't hesistate to bust her helmet against a fourth OPA scumbucket face. One OPA came back and tried to hit her in the back but was tossed back by Sue, the second and were third were quickly thrown down by the other three marines who were quick to cuff and snap the two into restraints. "C'mon," she motioned for one of the OPA men to come for her. She stood there in the middle of a bull fighter ring with at least one bull looking straight for her. Juarez didn't care and when he charged with the hope of having his kick connect. Juarez side stepped grabbed his leg with the crook of her armpit and went straight to the deck.

    There was the sound of his leg hitting the deck and the scream that he let out when it connected. Who needed guns when you've been fighting your entire life, and did it for fun in an illegal fighting ring every Wednesday night with @Brenda Hernandez ? As it also turned out, the Strident had its own little fighting ring and as the OPA scumbuckets found out - it hurt, a lot.
  19. Irkalla Kasai

    Irkalla Kasai That’s ‘Commander’ to you.

    Character Biography:
    If it were Captain Videlli running this ship, he’d still be chewing out @Tayleigh Ryven for failing to use the proper, stuffy, stick-up-your ass form of military address.

    Rank was all well and good – but who cared when the enemy had torpedoes with your name on them pointed straight at the bridge?

    “Go, Lieutenant.” She gave the Engineer a sharp nod before focusing back on the CIC. The screens before her were alive with info. Jevshin was relaying her orders with crisp diction, and Christensen responded to each with immediate shifts in position.

    Pirates were tough prey, but if anyone knew how to go toe to toe with their haphazard tactics, it was the crew of the Nergal.

    Her attention was quickly drawn to the feed from the bow as Ashur sounded over the comms (@Rajendra Vaikar). Kasai cursed under her breath at the casualty report, but kept her focus. They always knew the risks going in. Everyone sacrificed something for a better Martian future – sometimes, it was their life.

    “Acknowledged, Ashur. Keep going – Enki’s past engineering. Talith says they’re five minutes out.”

    Of course, five minutes clearing treacherous corridors might as well have been five hours. Kasai remembered the experience well, and didn’t envy the marines as they rounded another corner into a room full of belter guns.

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  20. Tayleigh Ryven

    Character Biography:
    Tayleigh nodded quickly, heading out off of the bridge and quickly down two flights of stairs with the speed of a cheetah. Just as her boots clanked against the steel flooring beneath her she was off again. Two corridors to the left, and she came to the equipment room where Blaine and Martinez were already suiting up.

    "How bad, Lt.?" Martinez asked, while pulling up the zipper to the under-layer of the suit. Blaine looked over as he began to seal his helmet, waiting for her reply. "Torpedo tore a sizeable hole. We'll seal the door behind us and see if we can't find a way to temporarily repair the damage."

    With the help of the other two, Tayleigh was in her suit faster than a marine taking down a target.

    "Let's go."

    Martinez opened the door and immediately stepped inside with Tayleigh behind, and Blaine pulling up the rear to close the entryway behind them. The three looked around, taking in the extent of the damage to the room itself, the hull, and the notable traces of blood. "Shit." Blaine pointed out the sight to the others while they examined the shrapnel damage.

    The brunette radioed for the bridge.

    "Commander, we've got confirmed casualties down here. Exact number unknown. The bodies were vented when the torpedo detonated and breached. Moving to repair the damages now."

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