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JUPITER The bird returns to its nest...

Discussion in 'Private Roleplay' started by Anicarn, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    The Simurgh arrived safely in Callisto. As well as who could happen to a ship that has just emerged from what could be the bloodiest battle in over 50 years?

    In the early morning (according to internal scheduling systems), the Simurgh finally arrives at the Callisto shipyard. Slowly, it slips into its reserved place while arms and extensions lock onto the ship. The latter seems to have merged with the shipyard to become one. All the airlocks are connected to an arm connected to the naval hatch. Such as the bridges that connect an aircraft to an airport terminal.

    When the last arm successfully locks and the ship is ready for the start of rehearsals. While points of light rise from the icy ground of Callisot to approach the Simurgh like fireflies fascinated by a dazzling bird. Wright gets up from his commanding chair and applauds the work of his officers. Then invite those who will not be useful during the renovations to take a well-deserved break.

    Avoiding the demands, certainly tiring, of his maintenance officers. No, but how many times do we have to tell them that their damn documents will be signed if they take the trouble to wait?

    He successfully reached his desk and sighed when he sat down. His office is smaller than an officer of his importance would have usually had. It was he who insisted that he don't needed a large office and that it was useless. Especially since most of his work is focused on his desk.

    Except for his desk , chair and the wall behind it adorned with a screen that serves as a false window. The room is not as decorative as a standard office of a senior officer.

    The right wall is occupied by a single painting depicting a bird (possibly the Simurgh) spreading its wings and unleashing a wave of flames or whatever. To the right of the table is a screen that displays information. Most of the time a strategic map of the region. Currently it shows Callisto's orbital map.

    Underneath the painting is a cupboard low enough to serve as a table. Inside is alcohol and a lot of other things. The drawer just above is locked with a key. She hides a pistol with one or two bullets (Wright can't remember), documents and other important stuff. On the top is a crystal glass service.

    Opposite the room is a wall entirely covered with an off screen. In front of the walls is a simple collection of medals, photos and other trinkets abitulously displayed in an office. In the corner is a library. The center of the room thrones a table used to disseminate strategic information. And the room is covered with a carpet that represents the Simurgh logo.

    Well, thought about it, there are certainly things he can get out of his office.

    He cracks his finger joints and starts working. Starting with the most urgent in his to-do list. Scold Carson? Oh yes, meet Karen Ashoka!

    With a simple gesture he presses a , digital, button on his desk and calls an officer.

    - Yes, sir?

    - I want Karen Ashoka in my office.

    - Right away, Commodore!

    Commodore... the crew will have to get used to calling him Vice-Admiral very soon....

    @Karen Ashoka
  2. Karan Ashoka

    Karan Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Karen hurried down the hallway. There were people everywhere, officers, technicians, soldiers, engineers. They all ran in different directions, all in a hurry. They had docked not a few minutes ago, the large warship trembling as it connected to the enormous shipyard on the surface of the moon, Callisto. Karen had just gotten out of the med bay and was on her way back to the hangar to gather her personal effects before her terminal chimed. A message pulsed, requesting her presence in the Commodore's office.

    The Commodore? What the fuck does that guy want with me? She thought to herself as she changed direction and began heading towards the officers quarters. Oh goddamnit, he's gonna chew me out over busting up the Atrax I just know it...She ascended a ladder to the next deck and began taking large, loping steps in the microgravity of the planet, covering the stretch of hallway with three large bounds before grabbing onto a handhold a moment before two soldiers ran through an intersecting corridor, glancing at her on their way.

    Following them, she bounced down the corridor until she saw the sign for the commanders quarters and slowed to a halt. The door had a guard posted outside who looked at her sideways as she approached. When she got to the door she saluted, the guard returning the salute and stepping aside. Karen entered the office behind it and presented to the secretary in there, who looked at her briefly before waving her through to the next soon.

    The Commodore sat at his desk in the low light, his fingers clasped together on the top of his desk. The moment she entered she saluted the man. "Sir, you requested my presence."

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  3. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    Steven seems to be absorbed by the reading of his documents. One of them is Carson's file. As usual, many documents are lying around on his digital surface of his desk. A sound of footsteps indicates that someone is coming.

    He looks up at her. There are no emotions in his eyes. Then, as if he had just figured out what's going on. Her eyes light up in a warm way. He gets up from his desk.

    - Second Lieutenant Ashoka, please take a seat in a chair. It will be more comfortable.

    He walks behind her as she sits down and closes the door of his office. Stand for a few moments before reopening the door to give orders.

    - No one bothers me, no one. Except if the Earth attacks us or if Admiral Hohenhart suddenly dies of a heart attack and I take command of the fleet by default.

    He whispering something about a bottle of champagne.

    - Oh, and if the maintenance officers go through there. I'm busy and their damn documents will be signed, for Christ's sake!

    Making sure the door is locked. He turns to his guest and smiles.

    - The Atrax was badly damaged.

    The pilot's face seems to express fear. But Wrigth continues to smile.

    - Some people will want me to argue strongly with you about your conduct. So, here's the thing.

    He raises his finger as if he scolding a child

    - No, it's not good to risk your life for the Martian cause! It's not right to do everything to obey orders! And heroic acts are bad!

    He gives up a laugh, it's been a long time since he laughed.He's much too serious sometimes.

    - So that's it, I scolded you. |His face is getting serious again| Let's talk about something serious. Would you like a drink? We have a little discussion ahead of us and your ship is too damaged to be able to fly again before long.

    [insert Karen's answer]

    The commodore goes to his closet where the alcohol is stored, and takes the bottle. He turns to Karen, with the bottle in his hand.

    - In truth, I am admiring your acts of bravery and I have recommended you for the purple heart medal. Though, I think you deserve better.

    He hands her a full glass.

    - Drink slowly... You know, I'm very proud to have you on my crew. And, you deserve explanations...

    @Karen Ashoka
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  4. Karan Ashoka

    Karan Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Karen sat down in the ridiculously plush chairs then Commodore kept in his office. Chairs, not crash couches. Something she noticed right away. The man was so in control of his own little world he didn’t even need a damn couch in his own office. She smirked inwardly, before resuming a neutral expression. She let the man talk, explaining about how her bird was so damaged, how she shouldn’t risk her life, and then handing her a glass of whiskey. Earther Whiskey. She could smell the difference from the Martian stuff, it didn’t have the same...age to it.

    She downed the drink in a gulp, breathing out the fire of the liquors fumes before making eye contact with the Commodore. “Permission to speak freely Sir?” The man nodded. “To be honest I would rather be back on Mars working with the delegation to Tanis, working on uniting our planet for the greater good than,” she motioned at the various battle reports on the mans table, “this. But with that being said I would not trust any other pilot with my bird. We’ve been through too much together, and if it means wiping out some blues just to keep her under my command then sure,” she leaned back in her seat and crossed her legs, “I’ll kill blues for you.”

    “But all I see is dead crewmen and my ship in tatters and for what? The fleets are withdrawing, the blues still landed a team after that black ops ship went down. There is a base down there, I saw it with my own eyes and we just let them have it. If I didn’t receive orders from CentComm to retreat in order to save the Atrax, then I would have gone after them,” she picked up the bottle and refilled her glass before downing it in another gulp. “So you’re going to pin a medal on my chest, while letting the blues get what they were after, what they slaughtered half our fleet for? Explain that and I’ll happily go into battle for you again.”

    She realised she was shaking a little, Adrenalin coursing through her system, causing her skin to flush and her heart rate so spike, she could feel the pins and needles ripple across her body, and for a moment she was back in that cell on Tanis, trying to figure out why these people had tried to kill her, simply for being born into the Republic...She realised she was no different. She’d slaughtered the crews of almost a dozen ships, and for what? Some black ops project that was still underway. Her mind drifted to the blues, their dropships and their marines breaching the secret base on Ganymede. They were still there, and she was here listening to this man make excuses.
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  5. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    He was back behind his desk. The pilot seemed to have a lot of things to empty into her bag.

    He nods his head in understanding. Everyone would like to do something else rather than beat up soldiers for no reason, who also have no reason to kill you.

    Here he is in a rather uncomfortable situation. She wants answers, and he doesn't have them all. Whatever, he's going to give what he knows. We'll see what happens next.

    - Well, as far as the unknown ship is concerned. I have something to tell you. Do you believe in monsters?

    |Insert Karen's reaction|

    The screen/window behind him closes. Replace with a black wall. The table in the center of the room starts to spread many documents in the air. On the other hand, they are all grey and a red banner with the mention "classified" prevents reading.

    He says his name out loud. And the documents are unlocked. These are images, videos or reports from different government agencies.

    - The reason why the High Command ordered the destruction of the ship. Is this!

    It points to the 3D representation of a bluish humanoid monster leaning on what appears to be legs and claws. The representation, twists and turns on itself. Slap your teeth and sniff out "prey". Long, bright blue traces cross her body. Like veins that are too large, they seem to be bioluminizing. And its light increases and decreases as if it were following a breath other than that of the monster. And his eyes....let's not talk about his eyes.

    |Insert Karen's reaction|

    - It all started a short time ago. Shortly after our return from Ceres, while you were on a mission with the Atrax. This has happened!

    He points to media reports about a mysterious accident in Blackwater. Then an orbital map of the city, with image analysis. The latter has found what appears to be a large mass walking through town. Then at Carson's picture.

    - I had sent him on spy missions to Blackwater to find out why a part of the city suddenly stopped all its communication. After a long journey, where he discovers that the United Nations has also sent a team to investigate. He is being pursued by this beast you see, whom we have called the "anomaly". Anyway, you know he survived.

    A window is moving towards Karen.

    - This is what the 360 camera in his armor managed to capture.

    The video starts, unveils to the pilot the devastated streets, the United Nations team that is being massacred. Carson continued with the "anomaly", the fleeing civilians.

    He's already seen the images... several times.

    - We dispatched other teams later. Nothing found anything. The monster has vanished into thin air. The public believed a gas leak that exploded and destroyed buildings.

    The video is replaced by a Ganymede strategy map.

    - This is the reason why the MCRN has strengthened its presence around Ganymede. It is the reason why the Earth and Mars suddenly increased their presence on this moon. Increasing tension as a result, tension is already being damaged by the Ceres crisis.

    He crosses his arms, his face closed and severe.

    - The reason the High Command wanted this destroyed ship...is because they suspected it that Earth found the monster's hideout and wanted it.

    With a wave of the hand, an official order appears. The latter ordered the Simurgh to do everything... everything to prevent this ship from landing.

    - The ship avoided all my attacks, then you succeeded in destroying it.

    Satellite image of the discovered entry. Many cameras seem to have filmed it from all angles and in all possible ways.

    - We discovered its destination, and obviously I received new orders. We must now adopt a different position. We have set up spy cameras that filmed the William King's team descending and entering the base. But we know they won't find anything. Since our scanners haven't detected anything, unlike Blackwater. In the end, they came out without the monster. So he disappeared into the wild again. We think the monster was there, but left somewhere else during the battle. Which means that if we didn't destroy the ship. It's very likely that when he landed, he found what he was looking for.

    He sits in his chair, exhausted. All this monster stuff, he really didn't know where to put his head. Or what to think about it, he never thought or reflected on the problems posed by the fact that a monster walks in the wild and disappears without being able to be caught. What to do? Who to listen to? The high command seems to be lost in its decisions. And Admiral Hohenhart... he doesn't inspire confidence in him at all.

    - Any questions? Because otherwise, I have other news for you.

    @Karen Ashoka
  6. Karan Ashoka

    Karan Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Karen watched the feeds, her face a motionless last until the monster appeared. Her eyes widened and a icy feeling spread through her gut like a sickness taking hold. It stalked the hallways, causing chaos, violence and destruction wherever it went.

    And just like it had started the video cut out, replaced with static and eventually a flashing classified marker. The man continued to speak in a concerningly bores tone. Karen has world had gone from normal, a world ruled by physics, nations, humans and steel ships, planets made of rock...it was all turned in its head now. This creature was not from Earth, it couldn’t be from the solar system. For the first time in her life Karen felt real existential dread, like an ant staring at an incoming boot (if ants could feel dread). Like a huge alien starship had suddenly appeared over the skies of Earth of Mars and politely informed them that they were about to be exterminated. This changed everything.

    “With all due respect Sir I have a shittone of questions. Was that thing related to the crazy shit with Eros? Did Earth create it? Where did it all even come fro-“ she stopped as the Commodore held up his hand. “I’m sorry Sir...it’s just a lot to take in, this changes everything.”

    The man nodded solemnly before rubbing his eyes for a moment. “Sir, if I am to be of any further assistance you can’t turn my life’s inside out and expect me to remain at one hundred percent indefinitely. I request that information on this...thing, anything related to it, be sent to me. I can try and hunt it,” she flashed him her trademark devilish grin, “I’m good at that.” The man was deep in though, nothing was said for several moments, so Karen added onto the end; “what is this other news?”
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  7. Steven Wright

    Character Biography:
    He repositions himself in his seat, the microgravity making it difficult to have a comfortable position. With a vague gesture of the arm all the diffusions and holograms of the piece that had appeared earlier disappeared.

    - Honestly, all the information I have just shown you is a summary of everything we know at the moment. Does this have anything to do with the Eros event? Personally I think so, but we have no evidence to prove it. But the other news I will announce to you could satisfy your....requests.

    New holograms appeared, they show documents stamped with the seal of the Internal Military Commission on innovations and new procedures. Piss off because he is unable to find a comfortable position. He gets up from his fault and lets the pilot read the document. He pours alcohol into his glass again. Then, when it is certain that she has finished reading. He puts his glass down and explains the situation.

    - As you know, every fly you make, bullets you shoot, ammunition you use, drops of fuel you burn, enemies you shoot down. Is scrupulously analyzed by a bunch of scientists and bureaucrats from Mars. And their reports have just been published, the Atrax CRNM proves that the Corvette Silhouette II are well worth the expense and worth the effort to put them into service. My ship - the Simurgh - was reoganized into a new fleet under my command. And we will soon welcome two more ships of the same model as yours. You have successfully completed your mission! Prove the powers that Silhouette II is capable!

    | insert Karen's reaction|

    He clears his throat. His attention is diverted to his office where alerts have just poped. Many screens appear displaying characters in Mandarin - one of the official working languages of the MCRN -. Slightly irritating, he waves his hand in front of his desk and all the new windows slide into a corner to form a pile. He pianos on the desk and a logo appears.


    - Personally, I find it rather unoriginal. But are afraid to say that the fleet designers were quick on the spot. In short, the commission had to make a choice about who would lead the silhouette II squadron (and find a name too). I will soon give them my report with a list of choices. And currently I have put your name at the top of the list.

    He crosses his arms and observes the pilot. With his face closed and examining his reaction.

    - I haven't sent the report yet. So I ask you, do you accept these responsibilities?

    @Karen Ashoka
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