CERES Testing out the Wares

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  1. Castilene Kramer

    Character Biography:
    "Well..." She gestured with her hand, eyeing the woman as she went about her things. "It's not as if I start the day looking to get shot at."

    That normally meant things hadn't gone to plan. Probably better to assume Cas was bad at planning. Or maybe just a bullet magnet.

    Crossing her arms, a grin encroached on the neutral expression she had so far garnered. "I'm sure there are other things that could need mending. With how adept you are with your hands...you have any experience with suturing? Or do you stick strictly to soldering?"

    Aug was all elbows when it came to that sort of thing. And Cas could think of several instances where it might have been nice to have an extra pair of hands instead of employing the biting technique.
  2. Renaya

    Renaya huffed, putting down her work and giving Castilene nothing short of an indignant look. "I am a properly certified technician!" Castilene was given a moment to let that gravity of her words sink in before Renaya pursed her lips and picked up her tools again.

    "My employers would break contract on the spot if I couldn't suture. Or code. Or fix your gas lines," she grumbled, gesturing to the ship with a loose wave.

    "You need something done, I can do it." She paused abruptly, brows furrowed as she looked warily at the woman.


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