BELT Terror of the Shipping Lanes

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    It seemed Buttersworth had only just taken his hand off the comms panel when the ship jolted violently and things began to float. Packets of bacon flavoured protein drifted lazily through the room as the Captain and the Doctor made eye contact. "Those assholes..." The Captain grumbled before grabbing onto a handhold near the door and launching himself out into the hallway.


    "Report!" He shouted, arriving middair through the bridges entrance. The bridge was a cacophony of alerts and blaring klaxons, but one by one the bridge crew silenced them as they brought the ship back under their control. "They put a round through our primary drive cone Sir, the computer killed the power before it could do any damage to the ship."

    "The reactor?"

    "Fine Sir. They targeted the cone and nothing else."

    "Okay, spin us back up ad get us the hell out of here before they can target us again."

    The Captain pushed off from a nearby bulkhead and landed arse first in his crash couch before buckling in. Reaching for the intercom he switched it on, "all crew prepare for a high G manoeuvre. We're going to vent everything except the med bay, make sure you've got helmets on and you're stapped in in 30 seconds."

    The Saxon was a unique ship. Over the years the crew had added many modifications, mostly through lessons learnt the hard way. The armour plating was added after a particularly disastrous run in with a Martian patrol, the railgun was added after another run in with a rival pirate vessel. This was however, the first time they had used the two backup Epstein drives they had installed a couple of years ago. They were smaller than the main drive, but the two of them equalled it's power and gave the vessel another level of redundancy the vast majority of others did not have. Usually a damaged drive cone was a death sentence, here it was an expensive inconvenience.

    On either side of the main drive cone, several armour plates exploded off the hull, tiny detonations removing the armoured compartments that disguised the backup drives. The ship reorientated one more time, it's railgun spitting a new round straight their the Jakartas own railgun, before the two drives flared to life, hurling the Saxon away from the UNN destroyer at enough G's most of the crew passed out momentarily.

    The Captain picked up the radio again, clearing his throat....before holding it a moment...and then returning it back to it's holder. Instead he tapped at the terminal in front of him, disabling the locks on one of their nuclear warheads and issuing the order for it to be loaded into one of their torpedo tubes.

    The warhead erupted from the tube and hung in space briefly before it's drive if ignited, taking it on a course back towards the UNN Jakarta. The Captain didn't even wait for it to hit the frigate, he gave it enough time that it wouldn't immediately destroy the Saxon and keyed in the detonation code. The ship jolted violently again, the lights flashing before dying along with the rest of the shipboard electronics before the system began a hard reboot, showers of sparks erupted from consoles, the hull groaned and boomed as the superstructure was pushed to its limit. The world seemed to turn upside and and inside out for the crew, a chaos of noise and fire before the ships automated systems fired back up and began dousing the flames. When the sensors restarted, the screens flickered, static and radiation washing over them, but the transponder from the Jakarka was not there, and that was enough for Buttersworth.

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    “Got em, Cap, clean through the Drive cone.” Chau grinned, turning back towards Dantos. The Portuguese Captain chuckled, and pointed his finger approvingly at his weapons officer. “Excellent job, Mr Chau, switch targets to their reactor, and open up that tightbeam again. Let’s see if we’ve shot some reason into them.” The crew chuckled, but suddenly, Salazar looked up from her terminal. “Captain, we’ve got a fast mover coming out of the Saxon!” Dantos’ head recoiled. Were they really that stupid? There was no way a Torpedo could be accurate at this range. He shook his head, deciding not to let their idiocy distract him. “Well, have our PDC’s ready to intercept it the second it comes in range, and get me a shot on their reactor.” It was time to put a stop to this. As they maneuvered their railgun, and the crosshairs got a fix on the Saxon's reactor, Salazar's voice echoed out again. “Torpedo closing to ten klicks sir, we’ve got about a minute until they’re in PDC range.”

    “Don’t bother me with it, Salazar, just tell me when we’ve destroyed it-”

    “Holy shit.” The Sensors officer muttered, “Captain, it’s a nu-”

    The entire bridge went dark. Gravity slipped away, and Dantos could feel himself begin to lift away from the crash couch. The entire ship began to list, and flip head over heels through space. No power meant no juice, no protection from the G-Forces involved when a fast-moving warship abruptly stops being fast-moving. When the movement slowed, Dantos shook his head, and grumbled. “Well, shit.” he mused, reaching up to release the restraints of his crash couch. “How’re we all doing?” He called out hopefully to his crew. “Battling on, Cap.” Andrea Malone’s gruff Australian tones came muttering out from the darkness, as the emergency lighting slowly flickered on. “Well, hold down the fort here, while I go check in on Commander Healy,” Dantos replied, and a brief chorus of assenting voices with a few notable exceptions echoed out from the bridge, as he pushed himself away from the crash couch, floating through the red-tinged confines of the Jakarta.

    It was a good thing he could do this with his eyes closed, since the emergency lighting was barely adequate. He could hear panicked shouting all around him, as he pivoted towards the emergency access hatch. A minute or so later, he slipped out into the Engineering space, his hair mussed up, but otherwise unharmed. Inside, Commander Mike Healy and his subordinates were hard at work, desperately trying to get the lights back on. “How’s my girl, Healy?” Dantos asked with a bleak smile, swinging down onto his feet just next to the burly engineer, who turned to regard him with a dour chuckle. “She’s pretty banged up, Captain, but I reckon we can get her running again.” He smacked his hand down on the railing, having to tuck in his feet so he didn’t lose his place. “How long’s that looking like taking?” Dantos replied, frowning. “We ought to have vital functions back online in ten minutes or so, weapons’ll take longer though. Can’t even imagine how borked our high-sensitivity sensors are.”

    Damn it. Dantos scowled. There was little doubt the belters would be able to get moving first, which meant that, best case scenario, they would get away. Worst case scenario, this blackout would become the least of their problems real fucking soon. “Try and make it five, Healy, and then tell your people to strap themselves in. We’re burning back for Ceres the second we have our navigational systems back.”

    “What about the Belters, Cap?”

    Dantos paused at the entrance to the emergency hatch, and turned back with a fearsome grin. “Oh, I’m sure we’ll run into them again.”

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