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BELT Providence

Discussion in 'Private Roleplay' started by William Buttersworth, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    Scarsi was horrofied of what he heard. This man would ride them all into hell. He had to do soemthing about it.

    He stepped forward out of the crowd. "Are to insane? Building warships to fight da inyas aint gonna make anyting better. To got one cruiser and a couple ships, dats a nice show but noting else. If to attack da inyas, or dey see dis as a threat towards dem, dey are gonna crush to."

    He turned around to the crowd. "Beltalowda, throwing rocks at dem inyas aint gonna protect your children and loved ones from their wrath! Do not be blinded, dey will see dis" he pointed at the ship "as another reason to increase deir grip on beltalowda, and mi has seen wat da inyas can do to us if dey get provoked. Mi was on da Behemoth, mi saw wit mi own eyes how just a handful inya ships obliterated a whole flotilla of good beltalowda."

    After a short pause to let it sink in he continued.

    "After we attacked and destroyed tu of deir ships over Io a fleet aint gonna do anyting to make us look like a unified nation. Dey think all beltalowda are savages, moves of aggression like dis only gonna make dat worse. Beltalowda gotta prove dat we just like dem, dat we ain savages. And not give dem more fuel for dat fire."
  2. Drake Jast

    Drake Jast Mercenary Pilot

    Character Biography:
    Drake found himself on the run. An MCRN deserter, and now former Priate, whom had found work on a ice hauler, he was now between jobs. The company had retired the hauler, and dissolved. That left him with a few belter dollars and a real big target on his back. He wasn't traveling as Drake Jast no longer though.

    He had papers that cleared him as Jor Kel. A ship Captain disgraced from Io.

    He stumbled into the demonstration and cocked his head. He'd picked up enough belter rock-hopping to try and spew off a few words.

    "Oy, wat bout beltalowda that need a job? Dis wun here. I needa job!"
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  3. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

    Character Biography:
    William nodded solemnly. The massive bulk of the Revenge eclipsing the light from the systems distant star through the window behind him. The vessel was imposing, impressive for certain and already a small constellation of vessels was forming around it, rockhoppers and skiffs piloted by curious belters trying to get a closer look.

    “I agree with Scarsi,” William said, “in that we can not provoke the inners any further than the launch of this vessel. But even now I intend to show them that we are not animals, we are not warmongers. We must bring them to the table, and discuss our differences on a level playing field. Once the remaining ships of the first security fleet had been launched they will set off on their first mission, to bring aid and relief to the citizens of the belt. Our first stop will be the Jovian system, where we will rendezvous with our rescue fleet, having recently completed its contract with the Martians, they will bolster our capabilities. Once complete we will spread aid through the Jovian moons and then move out to Saturn, where entire colonies are collapsing, stations are starving. We must save these people, citizens of the belt, before there is nothing left, for it is out there where we forge our destiny."

    The room erupted once again, shouts of anger, frustrating, derision, but also applause and cheers. William didn't care, he knew he had the majority of the factions on his side, and the Revenge at his back.


    Several Hours Later - Core AI Sanctum

    William and Rachel stood in the great cathedral like hall which contained the central node of the Core AI. The vast construct had its intelligence spread throughout the entire system, clones of itself aboard many starships, hidding in the databanks of countless colonies where it would never be discovered, however it was on New Providence where it had access to the most powerful components, vast fields of processors, kilometers of circuitry and yet William felt more of its presence in his mind than ever before, as if the Core felt some presence was keeping it from fully settling in the home he had made for it aboard the station...almost like it was afraid. Rachel watched him, as he stood staring into the harsh red light of the Core's central processor, a cable extending from its angular, almost alien design down into the base of his skull.

    "No matter how many times I see you and that thing communing, it still weirds me out." Rachel said, a joint sizzling between her fingers. She blew smoke rings up into the murky, vaulted roof, the bluish smoke twisting and curling into the void. When WIlliam replied, his voice was altered, deeper, as if dozens of voices spoke alongside him, echoing out from the darkness. "We are slowly becoming one and the same Rachel, once it has discovered how to store itself fully within my mind there should really be no need for all..." he motioned around him, at the pulsing red Core itself, the hall full of steaming heat sinks, the catwalks and gangways that extended through the darkness. "this...And with your help we are one step closer."

    "You want to use that...stuff on yourself?" Her face looked like a cross between revulsion and fascination. Her mind quickly recalling the sheer terror of being chased through the halls of the research station on Io by the Protomolecule Hybrid. William continued to speak, "We have learned a lot from Protogen, but they tried to control this...gift...with the subtly and tact of an ape with a bonesaw. What we envision is far more...graceful."

    "Really? Cos it sounds to me like you want to use that glowing blue shit to bridge the gap between you and the Core."

    "The lines are so blurred these days Rachel, I hardly even know where the Core begins and I end but even with all the power we have harnessed here...we are still restricted by our technology...radio waves...light...lasers...The Core and by extension me...has spread throughout the system, on countless vessels and stations, but there is lag."

    "Light delay," she said, taking another drag on the joint.

    "Exactly. Can you imagine how it would feel to have one part of your brain think one thing...try to recall a memory...and it take minutes...hours even for the other part of your brain to respond?" He turned to face her now, his eyes glowing vaguely, the implants inside them making him look truly post human.

    "Well...I watched your Dad drink himself to the point where that was probably true..." She grinned, trying to lighten the steadily more creepy atmosphere. William didn't smile, he barely even reacted, just stared at her with his strange eyes. "The protomolecule communicates on a quantum state. Did you know what when Eros reacted to the Inners fleets, when the hybrid were released on Ganymede and Io...when you destroyed the base there and all the protomolecule samples within, the scientists on our black ship noticed an instant reaction? It can communicate instantly, across the entire system."

    "Are....you serious?"

    "I'm deadly serious Rachel. I risked the safety of this entire station on the sample. And your life. I would not have gambled with something so important if the potential benefits were not worth the cost." He turned back to the Core, which vibrated with seething power and energy.

    Rachel stood off the railing she was leaning on and took a step towards Bill. "What you're talking about...you sound like those guys back on Thoth...You're gambling with the lives of entire stations for personal gain. Is being able to communicate across the system instantly really worth it?"

    "Not just the system Rachel...You know the protomolecule was not from our system, it was sent here from somewhere else. The beings who engineered this technology sent it on its course eons ago...They could be all around us. Right now they could have a thousand Phoebe's ready to pummel our race into oblivion. They had a way of communication instantly not just across star systems...but across galaxies." A small grin formed on Williams lips. He felt the presence of the Core in his mind, writhing around, spreading its intelligence and power through his being.

    "Bill...you need to take a step back. You are seriously starting to sound a bit crazy."

    "Every visionary since the dawn of civilisation has been called crazy. Shunned as a mad man, but they were the ones who dragged our race kicking and screaming out of the mud and into the stars." He smiled wider now, spreading his arms. "And you made this possible."

    "You gambled with my fucking life Bill!" Rachel shouted, tears forming in her eyes.

    'And given enough time I can give you the same thing I am so SO close to achieving."

    "Don't you fucking dare Bill..you say that word and I'm leaving this fucking room, you can find me in a bar when you're ready to talk some sense."

    "You are staring at the first potential person to transcend the flesh and become something more. My mind is no longer bound by my brain..." His voice rose, joined by a chorus other disembodied voices.

    "Fucking hell..." He heard, and turning around he saw Rachel walking off down the narrow catwalk towards the exit. For a moment he did feel a little sad, but the smile soon returned.

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  4. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    The Vault - New Providence Station

    Rachel stood at the viewport and gazed into the vast construct of the Vault. Within the large circular room, a robotic apparatus handles the cylinder of protomolecule she had recovered. First moving it from the storage compartment she had place it in, then transferring its contents to a more secure holding cell. The blue light filled the room, twisting, fading, growing and changing constantly as the strange substance reacted to its new home. Thousands of small blue wisps spread through the space, looping and spiraling in a beautiful display.

    "So this is what killed Eros..." She said to herself, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. "And now it's here..." She gazed on as the protomolecule spread out from the cylinder she had brought it in and expanded to fill the entire space. Whilst the room was fully sealed and completely isolated from the rest of the station Rachel still felt unsure about letting such a dangerous substance out of its original container. Now the only way to purge the vault was to either fill the space with aerosolised fuel which would ignite and incinerate anything within, or to physically launch the vault out of the station at the speed of a rail-gun round where it would safety detonate away from the station. Both options suited her perfectly fine.

    "Sample is secure. Your payment has been deposited into your account Commander Lei. Your services are no longer required here currently," a scientist nearby stated matter-of-factly while staring down his nose at her. He wore a synthetic apron and thick rubber gloves, as well as a respirator around his neck. "You're...not going in there are you?" She scoffed, looking at him incredulously.

    "Oh no Commander, this is merely a safety precaution. The vault will remain sealed whilst we study the specimen, no one will be permitted to enter under any circumstances." He nodded shortly at her and then turned to the control panel, tapping controls here and buttons there, lowering sensors and measuring devices into the vault. "Even without a host the specimen is displaying certain traits of sentience, it can detect that we are here, and that there is a nearby radiation source," he motioned behind in where a large heavy door lead to the backup fusion reactor for the vault.

    "A very fascinating find." He stood up from his work again and stared at Rachel expectantly. Rachel, realising what he was wanting slowly turned and left the vault's control room, passing through teams of security personnel, motion and movement tracking gun emplacements and even a large, rail-less bridge which spanned an unnervingly large void. The vault it would seem was one of the safest locations in the system...but why then did she feel so unsettled? She remembered that look of almost delirious amusement in William's eyes, the deep throbbing vibration of the Core AI in the distance behind him, and felt a shiver spread across her body.

    It didn't take her long to reach the docks, she had priority access to transport carts and public maglev trains, slowly she made her way back to her current ship, the Slipstream and stepped into the cramped but comfortable cabin area. Locking the door behind her she made her way to the cargo compartment and opened a hidden panel, gazing down on its contents. The hairs on the back of her neck began to stand on end again as the familiar blue glow touched her face. Reaching in she pulled out a minuscule vial of the blowing blue protomolecule, no bigger than a child's finger and slid it into her boot before leaving the vessel again.

    It didn't take long for her to find what she was looking for. The Kanyari was a unique vessel, even by belter standards. The sleek, aggressive shape of the vessel made it stand out almost as much as its bright yellow paint job. She walked down the umbilicus extending from the docks to the vessels airlock and stood in front of the large door, trying to slow her breathing. She then knocked, hitting the door with the back of her fist three times, and waited.

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  5. Henry Noam

    Henry Noam XO/Pilot of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    After Bill's big speech, Damian led the crew back to the Azul Palace to discuss it and celebrate the success of their mission. The faux wood, saloon style doors swung as they filed into the smoky Belter bar at the heart of New Providence.
    "Oyé!" came a chorus of assorted voices from around the room. An old lady with lots of makeup shuffled up to them.
    "Kowltim gut fo vedi to," she said, meaning always good to see you. What she really meant was, "Always good to see you're still alive."
    "To oso," replied Henry with a little smile. "Can I get a whiskey?"
    They all sat down at their usual table in the corner, drinking and talking. Laughs turned to whispers turned to angry tirades until finally becoming the odd drunken grunt. Malik left early, claiming fatigue and Damian had found himself a companion in a saloon girl and headed off soon after. Mack was a drunken mess, so Afza and Henry had to carry him back to the ship.
    "He's heavier than he looks," said Afza, hunched over and struggling.
    "Dead weight," replied Henry in agreement.
    They shuffled laboriously through the narrow station walkways until they found themselves under the towering ceilings of the docking area. As they came to the tube conneced to the Kanyari, Henry stopped short.
    "Rachel?" he asked. She turned around. "What's wrong?"
    She was about to answer him when the door opened to reveal a 7-foot-tall, half-naked woman sleepily rubbing her eyes.
    "Ya?" she said in a hoarse whisper.

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