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EARTH Origins

Discussion in 'Private Roleplay' started by Lowrey Molidor, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Lowrey Molidor

    Lowrey Molidor Just a guy

    Character Biography:
    Lowrey had been working at the astroscraps in D.C. for years. He most likely lived there for he had a love for space, a neverending wonder for it. He wanted to go there. Every night, he would volunteer to work the night shift and risk injury in the darkness, radio in a sling, just to study the decommissioned ships, trying to understand how they work, and in his office, research things such as an Epstein drive, a part here and there. Little did the top brass know that he was working on a bit of a project, one that would take him to space.

    "It has always been my dream to see the stars, and it will be realized one screw at a time," he dreamily whispered one night.

    His pet project was all sourced from the scraps. The canvas was a decaying explorer hull, equivalent to a sloop in terms of technology. The drive was inefficient and rather dodgy, with it working some days and other days not. In fact, one of the days, Lowrey almost pulverized himself when the drive fired unexpectedly. He had been reviewing the wiring to the drive when he heard it charging and suddenly fire a two second burst of blue light. It was a good thing the craft had been secured in place. A stray electrical wire was the issue. Every other bit was equally dodgy. Parts that you'd predict wouldn't work did work with Lowrey's scrapyard prowess. He had known spacecraft parts like the back of his hand.

    When he turned his current age, the craft was almost complete. Jagged edges, dodgy patches, and personification to his liking was the overall theme. A spacecraft designer would go into shock if presented with that, but for Lowrey, it was his doing, his design. He even took pictures with it because he was so proud. Still, it was a piece of shit, and Lowrey knew that. In preparation, he welded in a toolbox near the controls and put in his most vital tools.

    The day before his take off from the scraps, he confessed to his manager about his resignation. The manager, a blubbery man that hadn't shaved for days, didn't care. He had found a thousand others to replace Lowrey.

    At last, on the waking sun, Lowrey fired the disposable boosters to lift himself pointing towards space, and subsequently fired the drive. The spacecraft creaked as it went through max q, planting Lowrey to his seat. He had a juice applier, but he didn't know where to find the juice. Alarms blared in the ancient control panel that Lowrey haphazardly put together as the spacecraft burned out of max q and into the stratosphere. He was about to escape the atmosphere when the drive suddenly went out.

    Wait, what happened? he managed to choke out. Lowrey went and frantically checked everything. It seemed that everything was ok in the chaos of the alarms. Fuel was ok as well. Then, it clicked. The craft slowed down as Lowrey pushed himself towards the thrust control and pry open the thrust electrical panel. A piece of wiring had burnt out. Everything was much harder in a 3 g environment, and he struggled to find electrical tape and wire cutters in the custom made toolbox that seemed a thousand feet from him. He'd pull out a hammer, a screwdriver, and the electrical tape. No wire cutter.

    In desperation, Lowrey tugged at the burnt wiring and pulled it free, fraying the different wires that made up his thrust system. With his vision blurry and only the adrenaline serving as his juice, he sorted the wires one by one, finally sorting out the ones he needed. The craft slowed even further, allowing him 2 g gravity. A blessed curse. Even in the less-crushing environment, he pushed to pull the tape's receiving end and apply it to the two ends that he sorted out. In a gut instinct, he jammed the two ends together, swiveled the tape around it, and left the roll in there.

    After pushing against the gravity, it planted him right back into his seat. He proceeded to do a system restart. The whole room went silent as the computer rebooted one by one. The last to reboot was the thrust system, and as it rebooted, the familiar rumble from the back shook Lowrey. He had done it, though he was now descending right back into the atmosphere.

    The craft couldn't handle the stresses of an atmosphere much longer as the drive pounded it against the pull of Earth. Lowrey himself wasn't in a good shape, the stresses of his gutsy maneuver resulted in his nose bleeding, which would be normal for a human that receives the juice. Not so for Lowrey. He would have this nosebleed for a while.

    New alarms popped up that informed about the outer hull. Pieces cracked, patches eroded. The spacecraft was almost out of Earth's atmosphere, but it would be in worse shape than it would be already. Lowrey prayed to a god he believed in, as the drive catapulted him and his craft into outer space.

    The humming down of the drive, and the steady return to 1 g tells Lowrey that he had made it through the escape burn.

    *roleplay starts here*

  2. Juste Celestin

    Well, he is now confined to the Home fleet. Just a few months ago, he was hunting pirates in the belt, risking his life at all times. Then, the UNN High Command decided to send him back to the Home fleet. And the only dangers he faces every day is the possibility that the coffee machine could break down!

    Sighing of trouble, he takes his cup of coffee and joins the CIC bridge. He joined his captain's seat and pianoted on the control table. The Home fleet is not the most exciting of fleets. Currently, his ship is on a standard surveillance mission. This means following the predefined trajectory, keeping an eye on approaching ships, not approaching or questioning them since it is someone else's work. Keep his radars on alert, go around Luna, then propel himself in such a way as to make a pretty 8 with the earth orbit. And repeat the journey about fifty times. Then heads to Luna for a break on the ground for a few days, where another ship will take our place and our itinerary while we rest. Then we go back to the trail, we start again. The joy!

    Except, this time a small dot of red colors has just appeared! When he clicks on this small cut point, a report appears indicating that the vehicle is unidentified and obviously has no permit to exit the Earth atmosphere. The ship's alarms activated and the bridge was quickly flooded with red.

    "Wuoin, Wuoin, Wuoin,Wuoin, Wuoin, Wuoin, Wuoin, Wuoin, Wuoin..."

    Oh shit, he forgot the point that alarm had such a loud noise.

    - Okay, guys, everyone has their stations! We have a possible fugitive/ Martian spy/ asshole to catch!

    He brought his control tablet closer and sat comfortably in his seat while the navigation officer increased the speed. The cold juice eels sink into his neck while on his screen the speed of the ship increases considerably. With a simple pressure of the palm of his hand. It sends an automated message to the target ship.

    " This is UNN Avenger, you have just illegally crossed the Earth's atmospheric boundary. Please slow down immediately and let yourself be boarded. Your ship and crew will be taken to Luna for trial, in accordance with Article 14(5) of the Treaty on the Territorial Management of the Earth's Gravity Sphere. If you resist, UNN reserves the right to down your ship and risk the lives of all those on board. Please respond immediately to this transmission.


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  3. Lowrey Molidor

    Lowrey Molidor Just a guy

    Character Biography:
    The spacecraft's computer had plotted a course for Luna's parts market. Lowrey had planned to go there to try to get some jobs and to make janky repairs to his newly commissioned, well, spacecraft. On the green, sweeping radar map, it showed that there were multiple dots heading for that direction, but one seemed to change course and burned straight to the center. His ship.

    The ancient control panel had the bare minimums for spacecraft. It included a shoddily-made radio that suddenly blared the words of an authoritative man.

    UNN. The universal acronym for the protector of the blue marble that he just left. Now, it is shouting an order at him. Lowrey didn't know jackshit about maritime callsigns. Those were all foreign lingo to him. All he knew was that he could press the reply back message and say something. Beforehand, he did begin to slow the drive.

    In a noticeable Philippine accent, he replied: "Wait, what's going on? I'm not hurting anybody. I'm just going to go to Luna to get parts." He only understood the slow down and let be boarded bit and continued: "Do not worry my friend, I will slow down and let you come aboard and uhh, show you around."

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  4. Juste Celestin


    The response message from the suspicious vessel... is suspicious to say the least. Its command screens indicate that the ship is actually slowing down. Ooooook!

    He is officially the strangest smuggler of his career. The eels are retreating from its neck while the ship's speed slows down. The pilot pianos controls and a few slight hints on his joystick redirects the ship into a better intercept trajectory. Being close enough to the target, external cameras allow him to have a visual. Well, how can I put this. This is the most hideous ship in the history of ships. I know that ships are not meant to be beautiful on the outside. And that many of them look like office buildings.

    But this one, looks like a can that would be the fusion of broken pieces of other different cans.Who together created a new can and they contributed to pay a reactor!

    How did this shit ship get through the atmosphere?! Wait, how did she manage to extinguish herself from the earth's gravity?

    Slowly, his ship approached flying waste and finally found itself in parallel with it. Two mechanical arms, equipped with magnetic clamps, came out of the side of his ship and grab the suspect. He gets up from his chair and goes down to the armoury/dress section. He thus joined two soldiers who were preparing to board the ship. Weapons loaded, armor full of energy. He takes a gun in case one of the established ones is used. He joins the airlock with his two colleagues and waits for one of the outer airlocks to deploy to connect to the suspect ship's airlock.

    Then the heavy door in front of him finally opens, and he slides into the tunnel. Only a thin layer of transparent material separates it with the cruel vacuum on the outside. Turning his head, his eyes landed on the entire globe. Their position is sufficient for the Earth to reveal itself to them in the form of a complete and imposing globe. The weightlessness slowly sliding it towards the end of the tube where it waits for it, I-don't-know-what.

    Arrived a few centimeters from the door, this last one whistles and opens. The two soldiers behind him, weapons at gunpoint ready to fire at the slightest suspicious movement....

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  5. Lowrey Molidor

    Lowrey Molidor Just a guy

    Character Biography:
    As the dot made its way to the center on Lowrey’s radar, he prepares to be boarded. He had actually developed a headache from the unprotected g forces and his vision was still a bit blurred. When the dot did stop right of the center, his ship shook as the much larger vessel rode in tandem and grab the ship. He tried to make himself as presentable as he can, in his plaid shirt and messed up hair.

    The drive suddenly misfired yet again and delivered a full boost for a slight second, throwing Lowrey to the floor. He doubted that misfires of that damn drive would do much to the other ship, so he let it aside. Walking with a relaxed gait, he proceeded to the airlock, the somehow crank-operated airlock, that led to the people on the other side. Cranking it open, it revealed three people, two pointing guns at him, one hand in holster. It was an awkward moment with him fully cranking the airlock.

    “No need to point guns friends; I am unarmed.” and it showed. The thin jeans that he was wearing right now would’ve given out suspiciousness of his honesty. Instinctively, he raised his hands, albeit in a less tense way than you would expect from a suspected smuggler, up to show his compliance. He had been truly a positive man, confident in his abilities to get himself out.

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  6. Juste Celestin

    The suspect is let's say, not very dangerous at first sight. Suspicious, he gives a wave with his hand to sends one of the soldiers to check the inside of the ship. The suspect seem to be under a lot of stress. Embarrassed by the situation? Whatever it is, it could be a facade. He may try to bury us here, while a gang of mercenaries protects an illegal cargo in the hold.

    A signal appears on his terminal indicating that the search is complete and that the ship is secure. He advances inside is the first thing that surprises him is how to say...the general aspect. Everything is done by tearing it off, electrical wires are coming out of everywhere. A burning smell is ominipresent. Not to mention all the flashing lights.

    For fuck's sake, this ship must not respect any regulations in force

    The other soldier is waiting for him in the cokpit, or rather in the room that serves as cokpite. User and scrap metal screens are used as control screens. For fuck's sake, there's a dead pixel line that pierces one of the main screens. The seat, we're not going to talk about the seat. A spark, resulting from the contact between two electrical cables, causes it to startle. He turns to what appears to be the only member of the ship's crew.

    Without warning, he takes out of his uniform an instrument that looks like a tube and wears it right next to his neck. A thin, small metal arm protrudes from the side of the tube and sinks quickly under the epidermis. It barely lasted a few seconds, that the tube was already far from his neck. The suspect's file appears on the display of his terminal.

    Lowrey Molidor, that's his name. Born on Earth, economic zone of the Philippines. Lives in the North American Common Interest Area. Normal citizen file. He did his basic classes. So how did he get to own this ship? He had already heard stories about ships built from scratch to be used as single-use vehicles. Perfect for some criminals or smugglers. Or terrorists!

    " Mr. Molidor, you are under arrest for the violation of numerous local reglementation on space travel. And also because we're suspecting you of illegal activity! You and your ship will be taken to Luna for investigation. You have the right to a lawyer, but you can of course appeal to him only when you arrive on Luna."

    Without even waiting for his answer, the soldier behind him puts the handcuffs on and pushes him out, towards the Avenger.

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  7. Lowrey Molidor

    Lowrey Molidor Just a guy

    Character Biography:
    Things turned out for the worse for the Filipino. He had tried to be relaxed. Nothing was really on board except his improvised handiwork. Maybe too improvised. He had tried to be reasonable, but the headache had now increased to a throb all over his head with a gruff soldier as a complement. As the soldier pushed him towards the ship, which was of a different design than any of the documents that he read. Granted, it was the same old stuff. Just with a few more monitors and fancy tech. Nothing out of my expertise. he pondered. He shouted back to the deemed leader: "Nice ship you've got there. I see that these are all newer tech. Nothing I've seen before on uhh, what you call them? The Truman-classes yes. And it's definitely not a Leonidas, no. It is much better. Your boss might've cut you lucky man. I give my congratulations." To think that he was being hauled off to Luna, it was quite incredible that he's keeping a casual attitude towards his new superiors. As he entered, the smell of new spacecraft engulfed him. Nothing more than an energizer. Still got the headache though.

    Lowrey still reveled at the level of tech the R&D team of the UN has reached with the newer tech demonstrated on the ship even with his headache. He did have a sinking feeling that there was something, off. He couldn't pinpoint it at the time.
    Can be anything... Hell, the wiring was newer material. Material that could transmit more electricity than at least half of the fleet, he bet.

    On the walk towards the holding cells, he attempted many a times to converse with the soldier, get the tensions to ease off a bit.
    "Hey come on, just a little talk with your prisoner. I mean, nothing that could hurt. Sooo, what is your favorite dish back home, man?" He waited patiently for a response.

    The ship slightly shook. Probably from his ship misfiring yet again.
    "Sorry friend, I used a drive that even the S-250 can overcome. That thing misfires like shit." Though he wasn't sure. His ship wouldn't shake the frigate, even just a tiny bit. The Epsteins, there's something wrong with the reactors. This time, the shaking didn't stop. For sure it wasn't his ship.

    His heart sank as his sense that there was something wrong had been confirmed by the slight shaking that only he can feel because he had light clothes on. As he went into his lavish cell, he said his thanks to the guard and sat in the anti-acceleration cell that was a slight courtesy of the navy.

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  8. Juste Celestin

    He allows himself to sigh once he finally reaches the bridge. Its pilot seems to be pianoting on his control tablet in a rather frenetic way.

    - Is there a problem?

    On the screen is displayed a 3D model of the engine. The latter is shown in front of the reactor. Like a circular fruit cut into pieces. The reactor is separated into different circles one into the other. And whenever there was a problem in the combustion or something. A red triangle appears at the target location. Usually, there are always two or three triangles that appear. Except that this time, a wave of red keeps crossing the different circles. Blinking furiously. The pilot nods his head and simply keeps on pianoting.

    - The engine pulls too much on the juice! Maybe the fact that we're towing a ship disturbs him.

    - Bizzare, because he didn't panic so much when we were chasing the red Kromrad.

    Actually the Red Komrades were just a boring pirate ship. They were not terrifying, nor were they that dangerous. Just that the chase was long, very long. And pulled a lot on the power of the engine. The Red Komrade wasn't even their name. Just the one his crew gave them to make the mission more " epic ".

    - At the same time, considering how crazy the ship we're towing is. I wouldn't even be surprised if it's his fault what's happening. , say the pilote

    He can only nod. What else can I do?

    - Anyway, we're just going to Luna. Until then, I'd be surprised if the engine exploded.

    He drops a laugh. But the pilot doesn't seem to be laughing. His hands contract while he watches the data.

    - Relax! Relax! Once on Luna we will be able to get a bonus and a holiday! We could even go to that restaurant you were talking to me about.

    That doesn't really seem to reassure him. He gives him a pat on the shoulder.

    - You know, with a little luck we can get back in the belt! No more useless patrols.

    - Oh, really? You see the shit situation?

    - What situation?

    - We risk a war with Mars at any time!

    - So what? That's what we signed up for!

    - Why you signed! I signed up to escape hell! To have money and not have a miserable life. UNN was my only alternative. It was that or...

    - God, you're depressed today! For your information. The situation on Ganymede is not such a great disaster. We've postponed the MCRN. In case of war, I remind you that we have digital supremacy. No matter how powerful their ships are. We can only win.

    - The Simurgh! You know what it is? This machine is according to rumours, is ready to be produced in several copies. How do you want to win against that?

    - I remind you that the Simurgh was pushed back. So it's not that powerful. So there's no reason to panic! You know what, I'll get you something to eat. You avoid killing yourself and make sure the engine doesn't explode in everyone's face.

    His colleague just grunts. Rolling his eyes, he left the bridge. And headed for the kitchen. It is already in the past that his companion has shown himself to be "pessemist". But today it is even more so than usual. And at the same time, he had something else to do but manage ships that bear the names of birds, legendary or not.

    The closet quickly offers him an interesting choice. A set of nutrients to rehydrate. Mix it all with a delicious chicken taste. In any case, according to the packaging. In two turns, three movements. The whole thing was the machine to heat and rehydrate. A small timer appears. Like on the microwave. 1:30, 1:29, 1:28, 1:27, 1:26, 1:25...1:25...1:25...1:25. He raises an eyebrow. Strange! Then the machine stops, then all the lights. The reactor noise spreads. A brief moment of silence.

    - Am I dreaming or do we have no reactor?

    Then without warning, the latter restarted. But more power than expected. The shock is such that it falls to the ground while the ship is propelled at high speed. Propulsion slows down, but remains elevated. Moaning, he tries to grab his hand terminal on the ground. From where it is, it can read a warning message. A message indicating that the network is unavailable. He's trying to get up. He lets a whimper of pain escape, then falls back. His knee makes him suffer like the worst dog ever. He must have broken something inside during the propulsion shock. The lights in the kitchen didn't come back on. This means that power is not restored for all services on board. And the engine seems to be ready to do another crazy thing at any moment. And shit......

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  9. Lowrey Molidor

    Lowrey Molidor Just a guy

    Character Biography:
    "As if," the short Filipino pondered. In his fears, he had prophesized that the ship that they were on had a malfunctioning engine. "Sir, if you mind, may I please speak to the controller of the bridge? I think I have a solution in mind for what is going on. I really do think that the ship's internal wiring had fried and is completely misfiring the engine. Or worse," he called out to the attending prisoner warden.

    The prisoner warden had thought about it, but shook his head firmly, assuming that Lowrey had ill intentions, even though he had checked for any weapons or illegal items that may have been hidden under Lowrey's apparel.

    "Sir, please. I really do think that the ship has something horribly wrong with it."

    Lowrey's mind raced to think of any solutions and the timeframe to do it. He concluded to a solid forty minutes to fix the wiring before the engine would ruin itself and they'd be stranded in space, surviving on hopefully a working backup generator.

    The young cadet looked uncertainly at the lights, and snapped back to attention after letting his fear pass.

    Lowrey shook on the jail cell door lightly and pleaded,
    "Sir, I really do know how to fix the problem. At least call a higher member of your crew or something. It's the least you can do."

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