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    Almost a decade since he'd been out on an actual Ice Mining Mission. He'd worked a few odd jobs, rock-hopped, shot smugglers for pay whatever. But time at Ceres was running out for him now. People were asking the hard questions, like who he was and where he came from. Gangs and OPA were no one he wanted to mix with.

    He needed out. He had a message out over the Galactic Net, and was ready to sign up for just about anything. As long as it gave him a break from the crap hole that was the Medina Quarter.

    "Computer, delete all files."

    "Files deleted, anything else Mr. Jast?"

    "Nope, lights out."

    He shouldered his pack and glanced around the slum apartment for the last time, before checking his chrono.

    Time to go.

    And not a moment too soon. As he stepped out into the din of the halls, and slipped away twin Star Helix agents slipped past him, making for the apartment.

    Time to go now...
  2. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    Jacob and Simon were following a lean of two stolen Star helix Uniforms that had been take from two Officers this morning.

    They had spotted two men in badly fitted Uniforms about an hour ago on a video feed and they were searching the vicinity and asking citizen if they had seen anything.

    "Yes two men in Star Helix Uniforms, have you seen anyone like that?" asked Jacob a Belter who had a little Shop that sold electronics.

    "Uhhhh.. let me think....Yes i have." responded the man.

    "And when was that?" asked Thompson.

    "Just a few minutes ago. They walked down the street and split up. One entered my shop." said the Belter smiling.

    Before Jacob could burst out in violence and slam the mans head on the counter his teriminal buzzed.
    It was Simon, Jacob pick up the call and went outside.

    "Did you find anything?" he asked the young Detective.

    "Yes, talked to a few people and the showed me were the two went. Its a small apartment, looks like someone broke in." said Simon.

    "Ok stay were you are, i come over and take a look." ordered the Senior Detective, already hurrying towards Simons position.

    When he arrived at the apartment he could spot the young Belter nowhere, but he could see which apartment he had meant. A small hole, its door ripped out of the hinges.
    The man had probaly disregarded his advice and had went inside without backup.

    Jacob pulled his revolver out of the shoulder holster and approached the door.
    He went in low to the left. The apatment was empty. The furniture was throwen over and everything looked like someone had searched it.

    The door to the bathroom was open and he heard a rumbling and then a curse.

    "STAR HELIX! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE FUCKING AIR!" shouted Thompson and positioned himself to the left of the door.

    "It´s me, Simon! Please don´t shoot!" responded Simons voice from the room.

    Another rumble and the young Belter Detective came out with his hands in the air.

    "Didn´t you hear what i said?! Found anything?" asked Jacob, angry and the young Detective for being so reckless.

    "Sorry i thought it was safe. All data has been wiped and everything has been searched. No trace of the Uniforms." responded a ashamed Simon.

    "I am gonna called the forensics and then we will see what we can find." said Jacob and sighed.

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