Tightbeam Message to Star Helix Personnel

Discussion in 'The Terminal' started by Oz Sanchez, May 18, 2018.

  1. Oz Sanchez

    Oz Sanchez Belter Militia Pilot

    Character Biography:
    To: Star Helix Headquarters, Ceres
    From: Lt. Oz Sanchez, Belter Militia
    Re: Murder in Dock

    we have tightbeamed.We have sent emails. We have even gone to your station in person. A goddamn girl, maybe 16, was raped and murdered on the Docks, and she was dead for a week before your people came to even investigate. And what was that investigation? One agent came and interviewed an old woman that lived on the other side of the sector! Well, since you couldn’t do your job we did it for you. The Militia now has evidence on who the murderer is, and surprise surprise, it points to someone in Star Helix. You want this info? Come down to Dock 19, look for a carrier called Terminus Est. I’ll be waiting.

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