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    Earth, New York, Oliver Yaeger's Apartment

    A subtle chime blared through the bedroom. Slowly the windows shutters raised themselves and let in the dim Manhattan morning sun. Oliver heard the noise and wondered what it might be that caused such a disturbing noise but quickly realized it was his own alarm clock. He rolled around to face the small black nightstand and reached for his hand terminal. After a bit of fumbling, he finally managed to deactivate the alarm. The urge to lay in bed and fall back asleep was strong, but he still had to prepare breakfast. So instead he rolled around once again, now facing the large window side of his bedroom he opened his eyes. The bright sun stung his mind like a dozen needles but it also woke up his body. Slowly he got out of bed and began assembling his clothes from the neatly organized wardrobe.

    Balancing his clothes in a neat pile on one hand and his hand terminal in the other he walked through his apartment. As he reached the bathroom an alarm popped up on his hand terminal reminding him of his schedule for the day. Today was rather calm. He had only a single appointment to attend to.


    The kitchen was filled with the smell and sound of frying eggs. Oliver stood at the stove with a flipper and fired a few eggs for breakfast. Cooking was a form of art, turning the eggs just at the right second, careful not to damage them with the flipper while he did and cautiously adding a bit of pepper and salt here and there.

    "Your turn!"

    Oliver turned around to face the table in the middle of the kitchen. Grace had already put the dishes there and was now standing next to it, leaning over the chess board in the middle of the table.

    Her father looked over his shoulder and studied the board while he lifted the pan up from the stove to avoid scorching the eggs.

    "Long rochade." he said and turned back to his eggs.

    "You're playing defensive today, dad. Finally, do something," she complained while executing his turn.

    "I am doing something, Gracy. I am cooking your breakfast." He smiled over his shoulder.

    "Which is finished right now." Oliver turned around and let two eggs slide onto each plate. After putting both pan and flipper into the sink he sat down on the opposite side of the small table, the black side of the chess board.

    Her mouth was still full of fried egg when Grace began to recapitulate their little early morning match.

    Her father looked at her and bloated his mouth as if it was full of food and mumbled "No talking and eating at the same time Grace." To make his point he lifted up his fork as if it was a warning finger.

    "Yes yes, I know," she said, mouth still full of egg. Then she gulped down the food and added. "What I am saying is that you nearly lost to me today... you never lose." When her father looked up from his own food he could see the serious look on her face, this was more than just joking around. "Is something wrong? I know you haven't slept much recently. Dad, I know you don't like these talks but I ain't a kid anymore. You should take some vacation. Maybe go to Pennsylvania for a week or so."

    Oliver sighed. He hadn't even noticed it had become this apparent. "I can't just leave you here and while I'm here I might as well work."

    "I'm sixteen dad. I can take care of myself just fine."

    "Exactly, who knows what you'd do while I am away, worse enough leaving you if I have a deployment. Besides, spending time with you is all the vacation I need."

    She sighed and proceeded to eat her breakfast.


    "Promise me you'll take it easy. You'll work yourself to death if you continue and that would defeat the point wouldn't it?" she said and smiled

    Oliver sighed and nodded. "Have a good day at school."

    "I will," she said and smirked.


    Earth Orbit, Pecunia Spin-Station

    Cervan left the chartered shuttle he had taken from the surface. He wasn't wearing his uniform, nor any other UNN insignia identifying him as a member of the navy or the government. Instead, he wore a fine suit, specifically tailored for this occasion, and carried a suitcase with him. He looked just like any other Businessman on Pecunia Spin-Station, one of Earth major hubs for all kinds of big corporate businesses that extended their activities into the inner planets and beyond. Of course not as big as the giant underground cities on luna but way more secluded and private. A place where sums of money higher than the average citizen could imagine were transferred and invested like it was pocket money. He tightened his grip around the suitcase and made his way through the corridors. After all, he had a meeting to attend to and he didn't wanna be late.


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  2. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    In front of the observation bay shows the fleet in preparation. Luna's shipyards have been pretty busy lately. William confessed this with difficulty, but he knows many of the secrets that have happened here. The lawyer next to him finishes telling him the last procedure while William listens to him with one ear. Soon his expedition will be able to go in search of the damn Eros of shit. Who knows what we might find out?

    Behind him, an interactive map shows the proposed route for the expedition and the search areas, Venus appears very high in the searches. William hopes to inspire some development in this area of the solar system through his initiative, Venus remains a strategically interesting target.

    "...We'll have to determine on these stories about your sister's funeral, sir"

    Here's one thing still unclear, she never wanted to have a big funeral. Not to mention that doctors should be kept away from his body. But he found a perfect reason, she signed in her will that she immediately wants to be buried in her fucking forest. As desired, madam.

    " Bury her immediately without a funeral in the chosen location on our wood. I'll organize something later when I have time and things have calmed down... That's what she would have wanted."

    Actually, he doesn't know what she would have wanted. Is it suicide or did William kill her? What does Zay have to do with the equation? He's sure Zay killed their father and made his sister sick. The latter had long implied that Zay was behind, but why did she refuse to fight back for a long time or prove it?

    "Sir, the forces of authority are once again asking for permission to search our d..."

    "Let them do it! We haven't hidden anything and we've already done it a few times! We are cooperating fully with them on this sordid story. We'll eventually find that son of a bitch Jule-Pierre Mao. Other things?"

    "No, sir."

    "So let in madam and leave me alone, thank you for your time, my dear."

    The lawyer nods his head and exits leaving the door open. A beautiful woman then enters inside. A mocking smile hangs over his poker face.

    " Madame Boussaa"

    It's an old spade he uses to piss her off sometimes. He knows very well that she's divorced.

    " William, there's just you to book a complete observation station. Behaviour worthy of a child a little too rich"

    " hmmm, it's still my money that keeps you alive! This station will be your new workplace! Your office is just down the hall"

    She took her place in one of the seats without taking a look at William. The screen now displays the hull of one of the vessels being soldered, illuminated under the light of lots of small blue and white sunlight.

    " The last time I saw this scene was with Pete Knight. Really sad...."

    She knew the subject was taboo. He puts one hand on his three-piece black suit and correctly replaces his badge. The latter is the standard model worn by those who mourn or support the mourning of a lost member of the armed forces. In William's case, he was for the Knight and his friend who left too early.

    " I want our operations to be successful, I will not tolerate delays or sudden changes of plan!"

    She sighs. She knows that William needs her and seems to be using it to her advantage.

    " Look, William, I can't promise that fate will flow exactly in the direction you want! Unless your money is able to buy that too?"

    William responds with a dark look

    " Don't be angry, I'll usually manage your projects successfully and then bring you on a silver platter as many Martian technologies as you want. But I need something..."


    "No restrictions on resources! Then of course the position of Director of Operations!"

    "You'll never get the second one! I can give you a promotion, but that's no!"

    " Strange I was sure I had proved that I was worthy..."

    " You still need to prove it! I have an appointment, I'll be back in a few hours. Avoid trying to kill Zay again."

    The smile on her face suddenly disappears, William knows she tried to get killed? Kignapped? Anyway, she tried something against Zay before she left for Tycho Station. If Zay dies, it doesn't change much for William, but knowing that she knows he knows it. Here's something that will put her in her place. He doesn't even say goodbye when he leaves the room. The station is a rotating station in orbit somewhere between the Earth and Luna. It allows the user to keep a direct eye on his construction site in Bush shipyards and at the same time to host design teams on it. Its use is really really not really necessary, but William likes this kind of useless jewelry that shows he has power.

    The shuttle trip to Pecunia station was not very long. William quickly finds himself in this small orbital station, as there are so many around the Earth. The designates it neither the plans really change and the meeting place is easily reached. Two bodyguards at William's back as he approaches the man who wants to see him. His clean black suit and straight badge make him smile kindly.

    " Hi! I hope you didn't wait too long?"

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  3. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Earth Orbit, Pecunia Station

    Cervan saw the man approaching and knew it was him before he even started to speak. He had never met him in person before but the way he handled himself told the experienced Admiral a lot about him. The two bodyguards that had escorted the man remained a few meters away from them while they talked.

    "Not at all. Do you have what I asked for?"

    He didn't want to spend much time on this station. After this business was finished he would disappear from here.


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  4. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    He hardly wears his military costume, nor any badge that could betray that he works for the government. What hardly surprises William, is what he expected from him based on his reputation..... and "some information gleaned here and there."

    He answers her with a simple complicit smile, I see he wants to get directly to the point

    He digs into his coat and takes out of his pocket a little card that looks like a business card, if you look at it from afar. Except that it is actually a data chip, rather rare nowadays... but very very very well secured.

    - That's everything I know about the Amun-Ra as promised. The code is Rear-Admiral Suess' birthday.

    He sketches a smile as if he was laughing at a joke that only he understands. Then he looks up again at his interlocutor.

    - You will always be welcome in my "offices". Happy and I would always be happy to do business with you.

    He reaches out his hand to him to shake it, and then he can go back to his projects...

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  5. Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

    Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger Commander of UNN Frontier Fleet

    Character Biography:
    Pecunia Station
    Earth Orbit
    Year 2351

    Cervan looked at the flush man in front of him. He looked at him with a piercing stare and remained stone-faced.

    William hands him a business card which serves as a disguise for datachip.
    He shakes his hand and hands him the suitcase. "All the information about Protogen I could acquire. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

    After William walks away Cervan slides the Business card in his suit pocket and heads for the shuttle docks.


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