Event Glitter and Trauma

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  1. Violet

    Violet Mackenzie

    Character Biography:
    Soldiers fighting and killing one another wasn't exactly unheard of, but her experience with battle was different. When violence broke out, Violet was usually swept away in the madness and did her best just to keep her head afloat. She always tried to get away from the danger, but now there wasn't a way for her to do that. Trapped on the small moon for now, she was forced to confront the horrors of war. One that she wasn't even involved in.

    For some reason, she was reminded of the time the Albatross crew had been involved with a belter raid on Phoebe. There hadn't been any outright violence in that trip, but she remembered the carnage that the team had discovered. Charred and maimed corpses scattered about the abandoned facility, though she still carried the small data stick she'd found in the lab. Never knew when it would come in handy. Is that what this place was doomed to, she wondered. Perhaps it was actually seeing the aftermath of a battle that brought the distant memory to the forefront of her mind. It was rare for her to stick around long enough to see what a place looked like after the brutality.

    Seeing the battered and bloodied soldiers made her skin crawl.

    When they separated her from her brief traveling companion, she tensed up. She may not have known his name, but he'd provided her a small sense of normality in all the chaos that had broken out on Ganymede. Why were they trying to leave him, but take her somewhere else? Instinctively, she reached out to grab the belter's arm and hauled him over to her side while she whirled around on the soldiers, accusingly jabbing an index finger into Corporal Hillman's chest plate.

    "You're nae gonna leave him behind because he's a belter." She growled, defiantly narrowing her eyes up at the marine. "You said that you'd get us both off this rock, and that's what you're gonna do."

    The doctors that tried to kidnap her were fresh on her mind, and she was suspicious that this was somehow related, illogical as that was. Maybe she should try to make a run for it? Try her luck at the docks? But what good would that do? She needed to get off of Ganymede while she could, and this seemed to be the only option available to her. For now, all she could do was hope for the best.

    There was a tension in the air as the group huddled in the back while they waited for the transport to arrive. Violet was leaning against a crate next to the cluster of martians. She may not have been in restraints, but she felt every bit a prisoner as them -- bound by the circumstances that were far outside her realm of control. What else could she do?

    She glanced to Aden, the martian that stood nearby. He wasn't a marine, as she'd initially thought. She'd noticed the different insignia earlier when she'd helped him back onto his feet. He likely blamed her for his team's situation, and she couldn't really blame him. If she were in his shoes, she would have felt the same.

    Feeling obligated to help in someway, she murmured quietly to him without looking directly at him.

    "Anythin' you'd like me to pass along? Your names?" It was a risk, but she hoped that he'd understand that she was offering to make sure he didn't just disappear into a UN interrogation room, never to be seen or heard from again with no one the wiser as to what happened to him and his men.
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  2. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    The elegant yacht slides into the cold of the void with great grace. Its exterior surface is beautiful. A polished and smooth metal that beautifully reflects the stars and darkness of the universe. The yatch, therefore, slides like a dagger into the cold of space. A dagger approaching an unknown victim. Slowly, but surely, as if a , invisible, conspirator's arm slips it slowly towards the back of a poor victim. The end, which resembles the tip of a blade, should certainly not help to think of anything other than a blade.

    The ship is large, large enough to incorporate all the comforts that a rich aristocrat on earth would need for his personal comfort. Swimming pool, small garden, atmosphere control system, gigantic suite, observation and contemplation room, antenna powerful enough to collect data from hundreds (if not thousands) of metal spies through the solar system and an army of hard leather armed to the teeth and ready to snatch somes troaths.

    The room is round, and the 360° wall is replaced by a screen. The latter displays a live broadcast of Jupiter taken by the external cameras of the yacht. And above the difusion they are other informatif windows. In the centre of the room is William Meyer sipping a delicious wine. Fall down in a comfortable seat. One of windows, broadcasts the Commodore's message, the latter repeats itself in a loop with the sound in silence. Otherwise scatter across the room, is spread the points of views of many spy drones that observes the confrontation between the two giants.Another window, which is behind William's head, seems to be broadcasting information about the tycho station, but that's not for sure. A lot of information seems to be walking around on the 360 screen. Without William necessarily paying attention to them. Shipyards hidden in the depths of space, an orbital take from Phoebe, diagrams for stealth ships...

    A simple hand gesture makes everything disappear, and leaving only the information related to Ganymede and its current situation. Even the live broadcast of Jupiter is changed by a Ganymede diffusion. A huge 3d map of Ganymede shows luminous points moving. William made them disappear and replaced them with the positions of each ship. He seems to be in a deep reflection.

    His older sister always told him that he sometimes takes spontaneous and stupid decisions.

    He puts his glass down, gets up and activates the camera.

    " This is William Meyer, a citizen of the United Nations and a citizen of the Earth. I am addressing you to inform you that my yacht is currently near Ganymede. I wanted to take a short walk through the solar system. But *moment of silence* what happened happened happened. Happily, perhaps thanks to the mercy of the gods, my poor little ship was not detected by the Martians. So I stayed in the current coordinates all the time, without moving, for fear of being detected and destroyed...

    So I would like to be told if the way is clear and there is no longer any danger. And I also want to inform you that I have a reliable ship at my disposal, in case you need my help with anything. I have men and a ship currently on Ganymede and I am ready to help my homeland to the best of my ability.

    William Meyer, over. "

    With one push of a button on the shoulder of his seat, he sends the message to UNN William King.

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  3. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UN Outpost

    Hilman was untouched by the things they saw while walking through the Outpost. He was a Marine and he´d gotten used to it. It was a sad realization and it made him wonder if he'd lost his humanity or if it made him a worse person. Sure it was horrific what happened in war times but i found himself thinking it was just usual business.

    As they reached the command room their group had been mostly split up. The other Marines and Civilians had been taken care off. That left only him, Idowu, the belter, the woman and the three martians. The Gunny entered the room and came out just a few minutes later.

    They still stood in the corridor, there weren't any chairs but the pregnant woman had sat down on one of the crates while the others stood around and waited.

    "The Woman and the Martians are to be shipped to the King." Idowu said to Hilman when he came back out, their helmets were closed and they were talking through radio.

    "What about the Belter?" he asked.

    "Didn´t say a thing about him. I guess he's gonna join the other civilians" the Gunny replied not quite knowing what to do with the man.

    "Ok, Sir."

    Hilman waved over a Marine who was sitting alone in a empty room.

    "Hey can you take care of this guy for us? He's supposed to join the other civvies but we are kinda stretched with those Martians." he asked the man.

    "Sure thing, Sir" the marine said.

    But as the Marine wanted to bring the man away the woman grabbed the man by the arm and pulled him next to her.

    Hilman raised his arms as she jabbed her index finger at his chestplate.

    "It's got nothing to do with him being a Belter. There is just no particular reason for him to get up there. You have a important medical condition that cannot be taken care of down here. That´t the only reason we are allowed to bring you up there." he tried to explain.

    But she just stared at him, a fact that made it clear to the young marine that she wasn't about to give in.

    "You think we can take him with us? I don't want her to get more angry. She might hurt herself." he asked Idowu though the radio.

    He realized that that was the husband of a pregnant wife speaking from him. He knew how much trouble it could bring to accept someone in that state.

    "I doubt they´d even notice, but we gotta keep that to ourselves. The King ain't just some rustbucket and if that ONI Prick finds out that we brought civvies onto the ship he's gonna make us clean the toilets in some questionably welded freighter at the edge of the fuccking solar system."

    "I´ll make sure he doesn't find out. That's a promise, Sir"

    "And you better keep it Marine."

    Hilman looked at the woman, still standing there looking like she was ready to fight the Corporal to the death.

    "We are gonna take him with us. But as soon as we are on the ship he´s gonna do exactly what we say or we are all in trouble." he said to her and waved them after him.

    As they walked down the corridor towards the backyard Hilman looked back a last time. he spotted a few civilians as they were escorted into rooms were they were supplied with food and water.

    He pitied them. He felt sorry for not being able to take more aboard the King. Even though the situation was anything but funny he had to laugh. He imagined the face of the Kings ONI Officer if they brought a whole bunch of mostly unidentified people onto the Battlecruiser.


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    Captains Office of the William King

    Suess now sat in one of the armchairs that stood around the expensive coffee table. He had put the book back into its shelf and instead had a Data Plague in his hands.

    He had contacted his contacts all throughout the UNN and ONI to get some information about the Ship that had attempted to land on Ganymede. now he was reading through all kinds of messages and files that people had sent him.

    There were a lot of "Sorry, I don´t know anything about that." type messages, some true, some not and some that he wasn't sure about.

    Then there were a bunch of messages sending him information and files on stuff that was complete unrelated, years old or just bullshit.

    And then there were a few that actually had something to say, even if it was just so little.

    Suddenly the earpiece laying in the armchair on the opposite side of the table chymed happily. Everyone knew that the small thing was the thing that he used to communicate so they usually patched stuff to that.

    He opened a tab on the data plague and tapped the message.

    "Hello, Sir. We just received an interesting transmission that you might wanna hear. Transferring it to you now." said his Comms Officer, Laila de Fiore.

    What could be that interesting? Most sources of potentially interesting messages were already patched through to the Office.

    Another message popped up on his data plague and he confirmed it.

    Well, this was certainly interesting.
    What was that fool even doing here? A warzone is no place for a luxus yacht.

    Suess was very thankful that the fighting had died down right now. At least they wouldn't have to worry about the fragile ship getting blown to debris.

    But this made the situation even more complicated. He had no clue what Mr. Meyer was up to. He´d helped tremendously with the Olacile Project and was a man that Suess did like to spend his time with but he was never quite sure what the man wanted to achieve with his actions.

    Gwen could only imagine a couple reasons why Meyer was here. For one he could be watching what he does to gather information about the man he had supported so much. He could also be here just on accident but that was highly unlikely and the final frightening but not that far fetched option, he could have something to do with the Unmarked Vessel. After all the ship had been fairly small and would´ve needed some sort of escort or a vessel to transport it and since no ship from the Ganymede forces had been ordered to accompany the ship when it left there needed to be a different player that he as a UNN Rear Admiral had no control or knowledge over.

    He stood up and walked over to his desk to record a response.

    Sitting down in the chair, Suess tapped a few times on the desk interface and a camera arm popped out of a ceiling hatch to record the message with visuals.

    "Hello Mr. Meyer. This is Rear Admiral Suess from the UNN William King. I am surprised to see you here and even though I am in no position to ask I would still like to know what the exact reason of your presence here is. You don't need to worry about any attacks by the MCR. We are currently in the midst of negotiations to agree upon a temporary ceasefire and they could not afford to attack a civilian vessel. However I have to recommend that you not take any actions favouring the UN even though I am aware and honored by your offer and the love you show towards the UN. This would result in potential aggressive actions from Mars due to the particular capabilities of your vessel that could lead them to assuming or marking your ship to be a disguised military vessel. Suess out."

    He tapped another few times and the arm folded back into the hatch. The message was encrypted and send off to the luxurious Yacht of William Meyer.

    What he wasn't aware of was the fact that the data plague he´d been using before and that he had put onto the desk in front of him had slowly floated into the frame of the camera s the video was recorded. A file that he´d just opened was still displayed on it´s screen, it was a file send to him about William Meyer.

    Suess had forgotten the fact that the King was floating in it´s position and only his mag boots allowed him to walk fairly normally. He had been so lost in thought that he hadn't been aware of that fact anymore.

    He swiped across the desks surface and a video feed was displayed. It showed the Surface of Ganymede with multiple blue dots moving towards a point that had been marked in yellow.

    "Go 3D."

    The map went into holographic mode and showed him a detailed view of the terrain. The Marines were just approaching the crater that had the Airlock and landing platform hidden inside. They'd try to find a way inside and see what was in there.

    He'd tried to find out something about this location but it wasn't listen anywhere and officially no tunnels existed at that part of the station, not even any of the original tunnels that had been carved into the stone years ago when Ganymede had first been colonized.


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  4. Remi Lièvremont

    Character Biography:
    The soldiers were earth born. Short and squat and heavily muscled. Even if he had been fully conscious, sober and uninjured he would have struggled to put up much resistance to them leading him away.

    Fortunately the earther he had accidentally helped to escape that car intervened. The soldiers looked as if they had far more important things to do and relented.

    Even through his bruised features he managed to look grateful, relieved and mildly embarrassed. At least they would be off the rock, but a UNN vessel wasn't what he had in mind for getting to safety. Martian torpedoes and targeting sensors were apparently far more advanced than the ageing defences on UN ships.

    "You didn't have to, thanks," he said. He made a quick gesture of thanks. Even if she wouldn't understand it was reflex now. He rubbed at his eye, only to remember how swollen and painful it was. He hissed in pain. "I'm Remi."

    "Look like mi gonya cause trouble eh?" he asked the marines. It was quite clear that he was in no shape to cause any.
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  5. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [UN Foothold - Ganymede]

    Aden took in his surroundings mostly silently as he was escorted through the UNMC guards, through the soldiers and past rooms and boxes of stuff. The fact that such a formidable garrison base could be expanded so quickly said a lot about the war hawks that were the UN, but regardless of why the base was being put to use.

    He kept his head low, not drawing attention to the trio of Martians walking with relative impunity through the UN foothold. Drawing attention was the last thing Aden wanted to do. His two compatriots seemed to understand as well, as they made no attempt to do other than what they were told. Observe, but don't interact. It'd only be a few moments before they were back within the confines of the command ship.

    In the meantime, however, the Earther prisoner had decided to try and strike up a conversation. In Aden's mind, there was no mistake. She was as much a prisoner as he was. She may have been an Earther, but she was still bound by the same chains as Aden was. Regardless though, the more people who knew what had happened to them, the better the odds they didn't get... 'Lost', so to speak.

    "Peterson. Hosta. McKay. MCRN Gladius," he muttered, just loud enough for her to hear him, not turning his head or acknowledging her in any way, instead he poked at the dirt at his feet with his toe. He didn't make any kind of sign in the dirt but stared at it intently, head held low. Circles, squares, little footprints, and finally just one final grind of the toe into the dirt, grinding it into his boot's tracks. A simple nothing.

    Aden said nothing as the UNMC and UN Citizen bullied each other into if the belter would go with them or not. The longer the Martians could keep up the impression of being beaten, defeated, and broken, the better. But, there was a line. So far the citizen had been the lesser of two evils, and so if it'd weaken the UN position, he'd side with her. Maybe cause an annoyance to the UN. But, in the end, it didn't seem like she had needed their help.
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  6. Violet

    Violet Mackenzie

    Character Biography:
    Violet had been around more belters than earthers for most of her life. The language was something she had a firm grasp on, and she even had the habit of talking with her hands like a belter would. Not that anyone gathered in that courtyard would have known that about her. There were plenty of things that she didn't know about them either. Though the belter at least provided some information to help eliminate the deficit of information: his name.

    She managed a small smile in return while giving the belter gesture of you're welcome, before offering up her own name. "Dinnae mention it. I'm Violet, by the way."

    Remi winced when he touched his eye, causing Violet's tepid smile to falter. While the belter quipped back to the marines, Violet rummaged through the small bag that she carried over her shoulder. Over the years she'd' picked up the habit of carrying most of her life with her everywhere she went; especially since she never stayed in one place for very long, always bouncing from one crew to the next for one reason or another. For a time, she thought she'd found a home on the Albatross, but that had been an optimistic folly.

    Not long after, she procured a small bottle of pain medication. A few pills were tapped out into her palm, which she held out towards the belter. "Here, this may help with the swellin'."

    She looked back to the martians, frowning slightly as she took in their beaten appearance. They were just as much outsiders here as she was, and as far as she was concerned, they were mostly on the same side -- both groups held at the behest of the UN marines. "What about you three? Any of you need some?"
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  7. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    The bridge is silent while the commodore observes a 3D representation of the surroundings. A part of the support fleet has just arrived, and with it the flagship of the Hohenhart. If one of the officers on the bridge looked at Wright, he would see his hands behind his back, contracting. After a very long moment of silence. One of the officers broke the silence.

    "Sir, the admiral has made a request for transmission. "

    The commodore just nods his head. The 3D representation is replace by a 3D image of the admiral and what is behind him, the command bridge of his donnager. The whole bridge rises in the presence of the admiral.

    "Commodore! I'm taking over command. You can take care of your reports and problems on your side. I'll take care of the fleet."

    "What about the cease-fire?"

    "I'll take care of it too. How did you find Rear-Admiral Suess?"

    "Well, what do you want me to say? Seems to me to be a cunning and intelligent person."

    A moment of silence hovers.

    "I'll take care of him. Anything else?"

    " Pilot Karen Ashoka seems to want to observe the team on United Nations ground. My cameras already oberve them. But having a pilot of his own kind close by is not a bad idea."

    "All right, he's your pilot. Take care of her. Over"

    The bridge sits down and the Commodore turns around to face his chief scientist. A very brilliant person, his career had led him to work in the Academy's scientific team before taking the choice to be transferred to the Simurgh.

    " Sir, I see my notes and reports on the state of the lab have already been sent."

    "I know, the support fleet has just the resources it needs. I grant you the right to lead the operation."

    "I already know that, it's your signatures I need."

    The commodore sighs.

    " I'm going to go to my office in 10 minutes and you'll get these signatures."

    She left satisfied as an officer, not the chief engineer officer, approached.

    "If it's for the reports on the use of our weapons. Give me some time. We just got out of a battle, the paperwork and data collected must be huge."

    The officer smiles, with a bitter and ironic smile.


    "This is Admiral Hohenhart. If you want to talk to the MCRN, you must now go through me now.

    As far as the cease-fire is concerned. The terms are as follows, there will be a neutral demilitarized line that is summarized in the document sent. We will not talk about the prisoners. It will be the business of our dear political leaders.

    The bodies will be returned, and I hope you will do the same.

    Otherwise I expect nothing more from you. Our representative political leaders will soon be communicating with each us.

    Admiral Hohenhart, over.

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  8. Buck Bardsley

    Buck Bardsley MCRN Lieutenant

    Crew Quarters of the MCRN Simurgh

    Buck was sleeping, or pretending to sleep, wasn't much of a difference anyways.

    "Hey ya fat fuck. New orders, get your ass down to the hangars." said his bunk mate who'd just come into the crew room.

    Buck had been pretending to sleep. His eyes opened suddenly and he jumped up from his bunk.
    Finally some action, he had sat in this god damn bucket all day while the UNN shot holes into it.

    Now he finally got to go out himself. At least that was what hoped. His comrade hadn't said anything about what he was supposed to do down there.

    He opened his locker and pulled his vac helmet out of it. He was already wearing his flight suit and just had to zip it up. Buck jammed the helmet underneath his arm and hurried to get to the Simurghs corvette hangar bays.

    He hated this ship for being so incredibly big, he'd be dead tired as soon as he arrived at the hangar. What had those eggheads thought when they developed this bucket?

    He pulled a protein bar from a pocket of his flight suit.


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  9. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    The library of his yatch has an invaluable collection of works in real paper. Original edition, of course. Otherwise it's not funny. He quickly flips through Volume 5 of his Harry Potter book collection. A great classic of the 21st century. Original and paper edition. His handheld terminal is making noise in his pocket. He pulls it out slowly, there's no rush.

    He slowly puts the book back in its place. No, that's impossible! Suess, really? The poor man's pressure and stress must have made him forget. He takes his place in one of the library's chairs. The atmosphere of the latter was controlled. And this is to protect the paper books. It replays the video without the sound and zooms in on the data that scrolls to the back. He records everything for later.
    Well, there will soon be a representation of Verdi:requieme on Earth. It'll be huge. I'm sure Suess will appreciate the invitation to attend the performance with him in his lodges. Hoping that it will change his mind despite the current tensions.

    He clicks on his comms application and records a message for Suess:

    "Thank you for your advice, I will follow them. As far as my activities in the area are concerned. Honestly, I was passing by. Then, Mars began to attack you and invade Ganymede.

    *And with a wave of the hand, a lot of data is transferred to Suess.*

    I have many labs on Ganymede, and tons of crucial information. I stayed to organize the escape of my employees AND the most crucial data. I send you a sample of the data. But to make a long story short, one of the reasons why Mars is dependent on Earth (and prevents it from declaring war on us and enslaving us) is the phospore and a whole bunch of stuff.

    And I have just evacuated crucial data on synthetic phosphorus. As well as data acesories on leading-edge drugs. Currently, some of these labs are under Martian occupation. But don't worry about it. I emptied them and emptied the databases and also computers. To make good measurements, the hard disks was burn!

    Well, in the data sent, you can find the ship of one of my employees in charge of collecting the information. Her name is Elena Cosgrove and her ship has managed to get out of the area! I know that my yacht is fragile in this hostile environment. But I think the risk I took was rewarded! These red sand eaters, they won't find anything!

    If you have any questions, don't be embarrassed! I'm still in the area. My yatch is moving slowly.

    William Meyer, Over"

    William crosses his legs and thinks about whether he should order a drink. He's thirsty. Tea, alcohol? No, it's better to have a Coke.

    As far as his yacht is concerned. It's not that fragile, a panel of weapons dissimulate with stealth technology is hiding under the hull. And the engine is able to reach speeds that no one would underestimate for a yatch. It is better not to mention the fact that his "yatch" is in fact the first model of stealth ships he has managed to produce. He kept the hull, engines and weapons. But no one doesn't know that. And no one will know, thanks to stealth technology! (and his spies on Mars)...

    Speaking of ships, he takes a tablet out of a small storage space hidden on the side of the chair. Opens a document that displays the logo of the Martian armed forces. He starts leafing through the documents saying that something should be done against this Celestial Bird project.....

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  10. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Captains Office of the William King

    Suess shook his head as the message finished. Meyer was a decent man, a patriot, but sometimes he wished the guy would behave a bit more suited to his age. He had fire, normally Suess welcomed that, but he disliked it when someone that's supposed to be a good example was like that. The people in charge needed a cool mind to avoid running head on into a stupid situation.

    He leaned back in his chair and pressed the record button.

    "Thanks for the your understanding regarding the current situation. It is good that you managed to keep the data away from Mars. Everything is vital at the moment and we can't allow the MCR to gain an edge over us. I am continuing to secure vital labs in the currently UN controlled area, so if your employees need help with evacuating just transit their position to me and I will send forces to assist them."

    He let´s his view slide across the data that Meyer send him. With a gesture he transferred the data onto the 3D map of Ganymede and watched as new yellow dots appeared.

    None of them covered the bright blue one. He had hoped it had been one of Williams Labs.

    Guess not then, he thought.

    He picked up the data plague and began scrolling through the battle reports. Suddenly half a dozen new red dots appeared on the Tactical map over his desk.

    A part of the martian Support Fleet had just arrived. Two taps on the desk added the transponder codes to the individual dots and zoomed in on the location.

    Another swipe with his finger and information was added to the new ships. One of them was the MCRN Gungir, a Donnager-Class Battleship, captained by Admiral Hohenhart.

    Suess sighed. That meant that the Commodore wasn´t the highest ranking martian on and around Ganymede anymore.

    Just a few minutes later a new transmission appeared on the screen on the table just as he had expected it.

    Wow, that was the only thing Suess thought.

    This was so surprisingly easy it made him suspicious.

    "File information request for Admiral Hohenhart of the MCRN Donnager-Class Gungir."

    A swipe with his finger across the desk and a keyboard appeared on its surface. He typed out a simple message for the Admiral.

    "I agree to the pruposed terms."

    Another tap and the message was send.

    He leaned back in his chair and looked at the model of the Normandy.

    Slowly his eyes began to close until he finally fell asleep.


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  11. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Priority message - Centcom: Atrax vessel diagnostics report high potential for hostile capture. Unacceptable proximity to UN assets. Evacuate to Simurgh immediately. Refit and rearm to occur. New crewmen standing by.

    "Well fuck you too command," Karen said as she began to fire up the Atrax' systems again. She was ready to go out in a blaze of glory, but nope the brass didn't want their shiny stealth corvette to be destroyed, or worse captured. Rest assured the well trained martian pilot would have ended her one life rather than face interrogation at the hands of the UN, but the real threat was the amount of technology. Evacuate...immediately...Trust centcom to order me to evacuate without any way to evacuate...She grumbled to herself, punching in coordinates and orders into the ship's computer.

    Five minutes of reaction mass brought her to 85% escape velocity. The reaction mass would run dry, and the Atrax would begin to fall back to the surface. Well...At least I can point her at the blues...The thought again, a grim smile on her lips. She pulled up the readouts from the reactor, it was bone dry, the fuel was still there, slowly burning a hole in the bottom of the ship, but the coolant was practically empty. If only she had something to give her a hard shove, she could get out into open space and signal the Simurgh to come get her....The fuel! She could dump the fuel, and it'd reduce her weight enough to get her to orbit.

    "Okay you stupid moon, take this..."The grumbled again, punching in the authorisation codes into her terminal. "Burn in three...two...one!" The squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself. The Atrax shot up into the sky, its ventral RCS thrusters firing hard and catapulting the ship up into space. If any UN Marines were looking they'd see a black and red Martian ship suddenly appear on the horizon before disappearing into the inky blackness above them.

    "Ejecting fuel in three....two...one!" With a series of loud clunks, a dozen canisters of fuel pellets dropped out the bottom of the Atrax reactor housing and fell back down to the surface, the acceleration intensifying with the reduced weight. After four and a half minutes, Karen opened her eyes. The terminal flashed happily at her, stating that orbit had been achieved and she had just enough reaction mass to make it back to dock.


    The Atrax flew into the Simurgh's dock and unceremoniously collided with the docking clamps, which thankfully managed to absorb the kinetic energy and clamps onto the vessels hull, leaving large scratch marks in the ships black paint job. The ship was dented, scratched, perforated with dozens of holes ranging from microscopic to the size of a fist. When Karen climbed out of the airlock, the engineers looked on in grim shock at the interior of the vessel. Everything but the cockpit had been seared black, burnt by the intense plasma reaction of the breached reactor.
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  12. Walter Jenkins

    Walter Jenkins UN Marine

    Character Biography:
    Walter ran down another corridor, followed closely by the VIP and his friend. They didn't speak much, just kept their heads low and did what Walter told them. Walter was happy about that at least. He had been running on autopilot for the last half an hour now, they were so close to the UN outpost, he could practically taste the blue in the air. Every now and again the station rumbled, people screamed, but things seemed to be quietening down a little. He heard less gunfire, saw marginally less wanton destruction.

    They crouched at the corner of an intersection, Walter holding up his hand shaped into a fist to signal that they stop moving. He could hear something, boots on the ground. He checked the ammunition in his weapon before inching forwards and briefly poking his head around the corner. A small group of soliders were coming up to the intersection, no red markers...that meant friendlies...hopefully. He braced himself, and turned to face Shay and Jake, "we have company, looks like UN...but if not I want you to run back the way we came, take the first right and sprint like hell, you got me?" The two men nodded, "good, okay be ready..."

    Walter turned back to the intersection before standing up and calling out, "Hold your fire, UN Marine coming out!" He placed his weapon on the ground before stepping out into the open, hands above his head. Several voices erupted over his radio, flashlights in his eyes. "Walter Jenkins, Second Battalion, Ganymede Garrison!" He stated, hopefully before anyone shot him.

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  13. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    Heavy steps, Carson, walk in one of the base's corridors. Earlier, the same jaded officer who gave the order for the assault had greeted him by shaking his shoulders. As he understood it, the Martian forces have just concluded a ceasefire with the enemy. However, however, this enemy is accused of being behind Blackwater's strange accident. If it turns out it's another twisted plan from above. He'll never understand the schemes of the big ones.

    He finally finds what he's looking for. An empty chair to sit on. From there he observes the surroundings. An officer with a severe appearance gives, or rather screams, orders. Another one right next to him is just writing things down on his tablet. Sneaking up on others from time to time. Bodies are moved in large quantities, all without executions are in black body bags with a small United Nations flag on the right side.

    The bodies are placed in front of an officer armed with a scanner. The latter scans the barcode on each body bag minutely. Then examines the names that appear on his tablet, nodding each time the names are correctly scanned. With each nod, a soldier removes the body in question and takes it elsewhere, probably outside to be transferred to the enemy.

    Like a well-oiled machine, the rooms full of bodies empty themselves. The wounded are transported elsewhere, food boxes are collected. Refugees take their places in the now empty rooms, eat, and finally sleep.

    How long has it been since he's been sitting here? I have no idea. An officer comes to see him. And tells him he has to get out of the room. In fact, the entire base. The entire complete headquarters is emptied to another location. Carson looks up at him. The officer brought a military police armband.

    - Were you present at the battle?

    The man looks at him strangely, his pupils retract with surprise.

    - N..cough, no I just arrived with the support fleet.

    Carson just nods, a little stupidly now that he thinks about it. He gets up and leaves the room without looking back. The corridors once full of soldiers, is now full of civilians and members of the military and civilian police. Officers, whom he recognized as military administration, appeared from time to time. Giving orders or indications. Sometimes filling out forms, for whatever it is. Order seems to be taking hold.

    His walk finally leads him to an agricultural dome. Well preserved. He saw scientists and engineers tattooing the ground, getting their hands dirty, and nodding their heads. A member of the new administration takes notes on his tablet with a serious look.


    A farmer takes a leaf from one of the rotten plants and crunches it. A smile appears on her face and you can hear a "they will survive".

    Carson walks away from the stage, with no real purpose. And lands in front of a lab building. The door is broken down and members of the military police and intelligence services are inside. One of them pushes a swearword hard enough for Carson to hear it outside. A soldier comes out of there, pushing a cart full of hard disk and a carbonized computer.

    An officer comes out of it, lost in thought, and passes in front of Carson. The latter halts it.

    - Sorry to bother you, but what's inside?

    The officer is suspicious at first, then lowers his guard. What would that change the situation?

    - A sophisticated research lab, a lot of important stuff is in there. Incorable research on artificial and improved fertilizers and nutrimens. Ultra-useful data for fertilizing Martian soils and solving part of the food problems of the solar system.

    The officer sighs.

    - Everything is gone, the computers are empty and the prototypes have disappeared. Even the scientists are missing. And to make matters worse, we can't communicate with the company behind the lab.

    - But we want to steal their research?

    The officer seems surprised

    - Goddamn it, we don't steal that kind of thing. No, since we have their lab. We wanted to propose a contract with the company to continue the research. The results of their experiences could be beneficial to both sides. Unfortunately, everything is missing on the call. We're not even sure if someone didn't just steal everything during the fighting.

    Then the officer greets him, claiming that he has work to do. And then he goes back.

    Carson's leaving again. His steps finally lead him to the metro station that connects the stations. The counters are closed, but two marines are guarding while a line of refugees are checked in by an officer who looks bored. Carson doesn't even get arrested when he tries to pass. And down the stairs to the rails.

    All around him, people are moving in all directions. Sometimes to transport goods. On the other hand, carts of body bags.

    Seeing an empty bench in front of the tracks. Carson's giving himself a break. A member of the administration approaches him.

    - Lieutenant, what's your destination?

    - Um, is the train working?

    - Of course! Otherwise we wouldn't be here! He takes out a tablet You understand that I must have your destination

    - Um, HQ? Honestly, no one has given me any orders since the fighting ended.

    The officer looks at him with a touch of pity.

    - Oh, uh, HQ then. It's the next train. He's heading for the Newground city.

    The officer goes back in another direction after pitonating on his tablet.

    After a long time, punctuate with the sounds of motorized armor. The train finally arrives. Its doors open, squeaking, and workers come out. The compartments full of refugees, food shipments, body bags.

    Once the train is empty, Carson and others get on the train. And the latter leaves in the darkness of his tunnel....
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  14. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Near Dome 6

    Meyer was scared. Not like shitting his pants scared, but he was certainly not comfortable with running around in territory were the impact of a destroyed ship could snuff out the meger flame of his life and he would just end as one of the many lives lost, without a funeral, without anyone that would remember him, he would die and his body wouldn't even be found. That made him uncomfortable. He wasn't afraid of combat. Getting shot in battle was one thing, he could shoot back, ensure his own survival. If a ship hit the ground above them and caused the tunnels to collapse then he'd have very little chance of survival with no chance to do anything about it. That thought scared him.

    And sacred like that he jogged through the tunnels to pick up that damn VIP.

    His belly growled and he realized he hadn't eaten since they had left the ship and that was almost a day ago. An earth day of course.

    "They should be right around the corner by now" said one of the Marines from the other squad, Private Tiberius if he remembered right.

    Meyer raised his rifle.

    "Hands where i can see them!"

    "It's our man, boys. Hold the guns down." Gunnery Sergeant Reginald said.

    "Private Jenkins correct?"

    The man nodded.

    "Pick your rifle back up and hurry. We are still in the debris impact zone. If anything falls down near us we are fucked and I don't really like that thought." said the Sergeant.

    They took the two civilians into their middle and headed back the way they came.

    Meyer preyed quietly that no debris would fall on their heads.


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  15. Remi Lièvremont

    Character Biography:
    Remi was still thinking through enough of a haze that he held out his hand to shake hers. It took a fraction of a second to process what she had said and instead pick the small tablets out of her palm. He was far too tired and shaken to ask what they were. He wouldn't have known anywhere and it would have been the worst circumstances ever to try and poison somewhere.

    He hurt all over. Small little areas that started to bruise up after the doctor have given them attention with his fists. The sore patch across his tongue where the coffee had burned it. Then the great pain all down his head where he had slipped and caught the bar with his own face.

    Slowly, as they were escorted to a transport, that all faded away beneath the weight of what was happening. Remi had drifted for years, but if the belt had become the battleground that permitted the inners to go at it without risking their homes then where would he drift to?

    "Where yo headin' after this?" he asked @Violet suddenly. A strange question to ask, but he was quite lost in his thoughts.

    I need more coffee.
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  16. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UN Outpost

    When Meyer arrived with the VIPs and the Marine that had found them they all jumped into a Humvee, an aged military design barely advanced upon since the 21st century were it had first seen use. It was amazing how earth managed to dig out ever old military tech they find and put it to use.

    After 15 minutes they arrived at a UN controlled docking area. This one wasn't as chaotic as the Outpost they had been at a couple of minutes ago.

    As they all got out of the Car a man wearing a UN Administration uniform walked over to meet them.

    "We are supposed to get a shuttle and take these civilians up to the William King" Idowu said before the man could even speak. UN Administrators weren't very popular among Marines and vice versa.

    "Ah yes of course. I am afraid you'll have to wait for the next free spot." the man said with a smile.

    "How long?" Idowu wasn´t happy and that was clear.

    Directly in the dock just a few meters away was a shuttle. It seemed to be empty.

    "At least an hour I am afraid." he said and shrugged.

    "We are gonna bring those people up, now." the gunny said, a threat in his voice without an actual threat.

    The man looked like he was about to respond so Hilman shifted his weight to move his weapon. The action itself was simple a change in posture but it discouraged the man immediately.

    He was just an Administrator and he didn't wanna risk his teeth by standing in their way. They certainly would punch him straight in the face. They´d get dragged in front of court before they could blink. But Marines and UN Administrators usually drank in the same bars and he doubted they´d forget him.

    "I think I might be able to fit you into a shuttle." he tapped around on his data plague "Ah yes, this one is supposed to be for cargo but there should be enough space for you." he said with a smile.

    He pointed over to the mostly empty shuttle. "That one over there"

    Idowu waved them to follow him and they boarded the shuttle.

    As soon as Meyer entered the ramp retracted itself and the shot closed itself.

    "Ok ladies and gentleman, buckle up and please don´t puke on my floor, please just don´t." came the voice of the pilot from the cockpit.

    Hilman walked over to him and tapped his shoulder.

    "Yes, sir?" he asked, turning his head around.

    "We have a pregnant lady with us. So a gentle ride would be nice." he said to him in a low voice.

    "Don´t worry about it Mister. I can fly this lady so gentle you won´t even notice we took off." he said.

    Hilman gave the man a thumbs up and buckled up.

    The ride up to the Battlecruiser was short. Hilman listened as the outside shot towards the docking were closed and the airlock was depressurized to release the shuttle into space.

    It was a surprisingly gentle flight. The shuttle was only flying at half it´s max speed and it didn´t rattle as much as he was used to for UN Dropships.

    The pilot contacting the King asking for docking clearance was the only indication for the passengers that they had reached their destination.

    Hilman was sad but glad that they didn't have any windows in the shuttle. He'd only ever seen the King from the outside once when she had been still in the dry dock of the Bush Orbital Shipyards above Lunar. The view had been magnificent and he was sure it would be now as well.

    Then again, he liked being alive and surely a dropship regularly entering the atmosphere would not profit from having windows.


    William King Bay 1

    As soon as they left the skiff they were split up. The civilians were led to medical facilities to check them for any problems, take care of their special needs and identify them. Afterwards they would be brought to their new quarters.

    The marines headed for the barracks were they would get something to eat, a medical check up and some sleep before their debriefing.

    And the Martians were directly hauled off to "debriefing". They would be asked out by a UN Interrogation Specialist for at least an hour and then taken to the brig were they´d get food and medical attention if needed.


    @Remi Lièvremont @Aden Peterson @Violet @Walter Jenkins
  17. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Captains Office of the William King

    A continuous buzzing ripped Suess from his sleep. The stress of the last days had caught up to him. He hadn't slept in 3 days and sleep had finally defeated him. The Doc wouldn't be happy about it.

    We pushed himself out of his seat, picked up his data plague and headed out of the room.

    The Captain's Office was part of the small VIP part of the ship that was designed to house special VIPs such as ambassadors and politicians. It was situated two decks above the CIC, connected only via a separate elevator.

    As Suess stepped out of the elevator into the senior staff crew decks he saw the first signs of the battle.

    Multiple wall panels were opened, either be repair crews or due to power grid failures, cables were hanging from the walls and occasionally there were big plain metal sheets temporarily welded onto the walls or the floor where tungsten rounds had pierced the ship. Multiple doors were lit by red emergency lights indicating that the parts behind them had been vented and groups from the engineering crew could be spotted everywhere, fixing cables and performing check ups.

    The King had gotten a good beating.

    Suess headed directly for the main elevator. He tapped the third button that would bring him to the bridge, before the doors closed Suess heard a shout. "Wait a minute" and a man jogged out from an intersection.

    He held his hand between the closing doors to stop the elevator.

    "Thank you, Sir. I was afraid i´d need to climb again." said the man, one of the engineering crew it seemed.

    "How is the ship looking, Ensign?" Suess asked the man, who didn't seem to be completely aware to whom he was talking to.

    The Ensign tapped a bit on his terminal and then answered the question.

    "It's not nice but it could be worse. Main problem is the power grid failure. Aged system, couldn´t handle the stress very well. One fourth of the ships compartments are vented. Parts of the crew are closed off by corridors full of vacuum. Med bays are filled to the brim, concussions, broken bones, shrapnel hits, burns, hypoxia and shocks. But otherwise the hold herself well. Some systems still break down due to delayed effects but otherwise we don´t expect much more trouble."

    Right after the man finished the elevator stopped.
    Suess looked around but realized they hadn't arrived at the CIC yet. They were caught between two decks.

    He tapped the control panel to refresh the input, but pulled his hand away as the terminal began to spark.

    "Awwww man. This cannot be real. The terminal is fried, this thing won't go anywhere." the engineer sighed.

    Suess sighed and reached for the ceiling of the cabin. Covered by a plexiglass panel.

    After he removed the covering with ease he manipulated the emergency mechanism and opened the hatch.

    "Gimme a hand here." he said.

    The Engineer helped him out of the elevator and was then pulled out as well.

    "Guess you have to climb anyways" the Admiral said with a smile.


    CIC of the William King

    After a minute of climbing through the ladders of the ship's emergency shafts he finally reached the CIC.

    "Captain on bridge!" said the Comms Office who spotted him as he came from one of the side entrances.

    "Clark, Status report." he said while dusting of his uniform.

    "We have power grid failures all over the ship but the engineering crew is working double time on fixing it. Decks 3, 7, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 35 are completely vented. Multiple partially vented Decks all over the ship. Currently working on fixing those holes from the outside and restore air in those. 56 confirmed dead, 123 injured. Hull damage is limited to mostly piercings but the starboard hull of decks 23-26 was stripped by an indirect torp hit." reported his XO.

    "When will she be fully operational again?" he asked back.

    "I mean she should be ready within two or three days if we really press it, but we should head to a UNN dock as soon as possible. We´ve been ordered to return to Saturn patrol so the Iapetus Orbital Repairyard would be the nearest facility."

    "To Iapetus it is then. Call in a meeting of all lead Officers in one hour please."

    The stairs leading up to the elevated command table weren´t comfortable but Suess was tired and they were the only opportunity to sit down.


    Within the next days the William King would begin a One G burn towards Saturn's Moon Iapetus and the UNN Ship Repair Facility orbiting it.

    More UN ships would arrive within the next weeks to deliver supplies and help stabilize Ganymedes Infrastructure. For the crew of the William King this would just be another chapter in their relatively short story.
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  18. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    The Commodore leaves his pencil suspended above his desk. The entire surface of his desk is a gigantic screen. And the latter displays, like a real office, many scattered documents.

    He rests his pencil, as long as a real one and as black as a black tourmanline. A rounded tip and connected to the table to be able to write. The MCRN logo is engraved on the other end of the pencil.

    In front of him was his report on the battle:

    "....the situation has started to deteriorate sharply following the destruction of the MCRN Zama. The latter could not react and defend himself in my opinion because of the following reasons. The sudden change of situation and the sudden attack of UNN Beowulf. And two because I had ordered all of them not to attack or attempt anything...."

    Steven hits the table with a furious blow. All of a sudden, the text disappears completely on the table. The document becomes white again. He takes his pencil back and starts writing again. There's a knock on the door. He doesn't answer right away. Then another knock at the door.

    - You can come in!

    - Commodore.

    The officer stands at attention. Straight back and determined gaze.

    - Your report, officer.

    The latter raises an arm and a card appears in 3D beyond the desk. Ganymede is represented with many blue and red dots all around. A red line appears and starts from the Simurgh position to go around Jupiters and stop at Callisto. A second animation comes to life that displays radar waves that scan the area and shows a multitude of other red and blue points. Sometimes even other colors.

    - The admiral wants us to leave as soon as possible to repair ourselves at the Callisto shipyard. Preliminary procedures are completed and the trajectory calculated. We theorize, we're not supposed to have any problems getting to the moon. But I want you to know about this funny thing.

    It points to a point on the map. The latter is close to Ganymede and grey in colour. In addition to flashing at 5 second intervals.

    - We were able to intercept what appear to be communications signals in this area. Our first preliminary radar analyses concluded that a ship was involved. But when we pointed our radar hoops at him to get a better idea of what it was all about. He's disappeared. Literally disappeared. There was something here, then the moment after that nothing!

    - So we conclude that there is an analysis error?

    - Or stealth technology!

    Wright remains silent. Having to manage a possible stealth technology in the area doesn't tempt him too much. And what makes you think it wasn't just Martian intelligence or a simple mistake?

    - Sent a report to the fleet for investigation. It could also be our intelligence services patrolling with a stealth ship

    The officer nods his head and comes out of his office.

    The Simurgh is almost ready to go. All the crew members have returned. Not all of them alive....

    He had read a report that Carson was finally back, with a significant delay. He is currently confined to his room, and according to his comrade, he is lying in his bunk and staring at the ceiling. That worring...let's give him a little time alone before he gets dressed down for his delay.

    He is looking again at his report. Before sighing and slipping it into a corner of his desk. He slides the stack of documents to be read towards him.

    Each document seems to want its signature. Most of them were not very interesting. Just a summary of what he already knows.

    Reading, signing, reading, reading, signing.

    The following document contains the MCRN logo and the Martian flag with the title: "Dead and Missing Martian from the Ganymede Confrontation".

    He turns the page and finds himself with a long list of names spread over several pages. Name, surname, rank and location.

    He recognizes the names of certain people. Marines he spotted in the hallway. Officers he worked with. Others who had their lives ahead of them. Marines he threw at a certain death, and those for the control of an icy rock only interesting because it simply has a magnetic field. He was so absolved by the battle that he was not conscious of the sacrifices. No one was.

    His pencil slips on the table and falls to the ground, and he does nothing to catch it or pick it up. A drop falls on the table and forms a tiny puddle on the Martian flag.

    - I'm sorry...
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