Event Glitter and Trauma

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  1. Shay Lockley

    Character Biography:

    "Hurry, this way."

    Shay's path had, once again, managed to collide with that of Jake's, despite the pandemonium that had enveloped them both since their everything had gone to shit back on Ceres.

    The younger man appeared oddly calm and collected, weaving through the throng of people at the dome's terminal, his eyes dead ahead, fixated on his goal and determined to arrive at their intended destination. His arm stretched back to have his hand grasped firmly with Shay's, dragging him along and not letting go, his grip tightening each time someone bumped against them in a jolt.

    They were making their way to the moon's UN embassy. Ganymede only had one, just like Mars did, although it seemed over the years each respective nation had expanded the size and scope of their local diplomatic missions bit by bit, in an obvious attempt to claim a more significant presence on Ganymede. Clearly now none of that mattered, with UNN and MCRN ships shredding each other apart many kilometres above the surface.

    "You're sure this is the right way?"

    "No..." Jake said, frowning a little, his eyes showing that hint of anxiety he couldn't quite conceal behind his steady demeanour.

    Shay didn't ask any further. They went past the terminal and into a deep corridor, which meandered along the edge of another dome - this one somewhat more intact than the previous - before going down a wide set of stairs into an underground thoroughfare, lined with various shops and other commercial services. Several turns, and they were back up again, this time within a building that interconnected with another - random office space, labs, a medical clinic.

    The crowds began to disperse the further they ran from the terminal, until they reached a large, ceilinged lobby. An empty backpack lay by the corner. A misplaced shoe upside-down in the middle of the hall. The shops were empty, and the only sound was the advertisement board running a video loop promoting an energy drink, FedEx's inter-system delivery service, and the latest hand terminal to hit the market.

    "Which... which way?" Shay said in a stammer, watching as Jake paced about, looking at the many directional signages displayed from the ceiling.

    Another seemingly random decision by Jake, as he led them down yet another wide corridor, for them to eventually emerge in another area. This one was within what appeared to be a local government owned building, just across from a glass hall that housed tightly and carefully placed rows upon rows of greenery. Some sort of hydroponics bay, obviously managed by scientists who were no longer present.

    They had come across chaos, again.

    People rushing about, pushing each other. Alarms rang. The intermittent sound of glass shattering. All the noise came from a terminal not far away. Obviously another known exit route to get off the moon. Further into the distance, one could spot a series of ships docked outside the terminal, picking up refugees.
    Shay turned around. Was his face really that obvious amongst the crowd? Had it been plastered over every single UNN briefing? He felt sick to the stomach, knowing his father was exerting so much influence over him, over 600 million kilometres from Earth.

    He looked at the Marine, picking every feature apart, in an attempt to decide whether the man was one of those mercenaries he'd confronted back on Ceres.

    Jake had also turned around, and seemed to step alongside him, almost partly in front of him, as if to block any potential contact, in case it got violent.

    "The William King?" Shay repeated. He still couldn't quite believe that UNN Command, supposedly, wanted him back on Earth. It all still sounded suspicious, but he reminded himself that he'd made the decision to leave the Saxon in order to go home.

    He quickly held onto Jake's arm, pulling him in. "He's with me."

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  2. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    The command table displays the results of the last battles. The marines near Dome 6 failed to take it. But their Intelligences indicates the transfer of prisoners to one of the UN outposts. According to their information, belters and Martian prisoners. Photos taken by spy drones, confirms the information.

    The officer in charge of operations, a man with a weary face, distributes the orders.

    - The fleets have started hitting each other again. We have to move too. Columns 4 and 5 have already engaged in combat. When the troop opposed him from our "territory" they managed to repel an attempt by the blues to break through our lines.

    He points many points on the map.

    - We have to move too and hit first. Carson take the front and with your team take this outpost. If the plan succeeds and this outpost is released, and the other attacks succeed. We can then have a very advantageous plot of land to take dome 6.

    Carson greets the officer and turns his back.....
    MCRN Simurgh

    The Commodore watches the scene from the command bridge. The order had surpassed it at first, but he did not. Understanding the risks posed by this ship.

    - Rail-gun ready

    - Fire!

    The UNN ships are still at a safe distance. And even if they lose the battle. A large fleet will be arriving in a short time. Long before the UN could send theirs. Even if it means sacrificing every ship, man and woman possible. Victory will be Martian.

    The Atrax MCRN has stopped responding, the fate of its pilot is unknown. It is essential to get the ship back before anyone else does.
    In front of one of the many screens, an officer uses the power of their radar and Ladar combined with the data of all the ships in their fleet to find the ship originally targeted.

    The High Command suspected him of being in fact a ship that had come to recover the monsters that had wreaked havoc not long ago. And if that's true, he won't let the Earth get its hands on it for anything in the world or even get it out of Ganymede.


    After many efforts, the ladars and radars managed to detect a thin signature. The ship seems to be using the debris from the Atrax to sneak up on the surface. The Commodore thanked, mentally, the fate of having made it possible to kill two birds with one stone. The Simurgh's heavy guns, as well as the Martian fleet, fire at high speed towards the ship. Many shells hit the surface and cause push storms. As a constellation of torpedoes moves in its direction.

    A glance in the direction of another screen reassures him about the upcoming arrival of the support fleet. No matter what happens, they still have ground and the ability to slowly but surely retreat towards the fleet to take refuge and then crush the UNN.

    As for the black ship, it seems determined to land. A small key that looks like a black and orange rectangle comes out of the inner pocket of his uniform, with one of the two ends equipped with a fingerprint reader. Mars assured him that he had to nuke the area where the ship was located, rather than take the risk of seeing these blue monsters flee Ganymede.

    He closes his eyes remembers the lively domestics on Mars, its inhabitants. The wonders he encountered during his travels in the solar systems. Yeah, it's always better to nuke the area rather than take the risk of seeing the solar system contaminated with this blue shit.....
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  3. Walter Jenkins

    Walter Jenkins UN Marine

    Character Biography:
    Walter looked from Shay to Jake and back before nodding curtly. “Keep your heads down and follow me.” He grabbed Jakes hand and placed it on Shays belt, squeezing slightly, “hold on tight,” he then did the same with Shay, placing the mans hand on his belt, “don’t let go Sir, if you do Ill have to come find you again.”

    With a nod from the two men, Walter turned and faced the direction his HUD was leading him, the yellow highlighted path lead off towards the “north” of the dome, an approximately 500 metre walk through tunnels and hydroponic labs. Raising his rifle to his shoulder, Walter started forwards down an alleyway.

    Lights flickered overhead, here and there someone would run past or forage amongst the plants that grew from green walls along the corridor. As he watched one particular man rummage through the foliage, stuffing chunks into his mouth before moving onto the next, his stomach growled...The last time he ate was before they got the alert to deploy after the fleets started shooting at each other. He wasn’t sure exactly how much time had elapsed but it felt like a year.

    Pressing one of the buttons in his helmet with his chin, Walter opened a transmission on the UNN emergency band. “This is Private Walter Jenkins, second battalion, Ganymede garrison to any UNN assets in the area, I have a VIP in custody and am moving towards the EZ at the north docks in Dome 6. VIP is one Shay Lockley, please respond. We are alone, my squad has been wiped out, I repeat, Walter Jenkins, Ganymede Garrison, VIP in custody.”

    They continued down the hallway, halting at every intersection as Walter peered around the corners, made sure the coast was clear, and continued on. “Not long Sir, just a few more intersections and we’ll be at the EZ...”

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  4. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Karens eyes scanned the displays in her cockpit as fleet updates spooled through, since the nuke launched by the William King, Karen had to think fast on how to reboot her ship whilst not being turned into a steadily expanding cloud of superheated plasma. As soon as the thrusters came online she took advantage of the sensor scrambling effects of the nuke, and the 360 degree panoramic cockpit of the Atrax to fly teakettle, right through the burning hulk of a vessel and right up close against the hull of the UNN Black Ship.

    That were where she floated now, reading that she had done the impossible but also potentially signed her own death warrant. The moment she fired the reactor, she’d be targeted and destroyed, but if she didn’t move, the MCRN would blow her and the black ship sky high. Just as she was about to input new orders into the ships computer, an alert came down from the MCRN encrypted wide beam.

    MCRN Simurgh preparing nuclear strike. All vessels vacate blast radius. Danger: Close.

    “Jesus fucking Christ,” Karen swore under her breath, they were going to nuke the station? Were they insane? She tapped vigorously on her terminal for a few moments before fighting the straps in her crash couch and grabbing onto the control stick.

    On the underside of the Atrax, the weapons bay doors retracted. Out of the corvettes bay lowered the weapons pod, a long cylinder bristling with missiles, bombs and torpedoes. With the flick of a switch Karen disconnected the pod before connecting remotely to its RCS thrusters and slaving them to the manoeuvres of the UNN black ship. Pulling back on the controls, the Atrax fired its own RCS thrusters and hurtled off back towards MCRN lines using only teakettle propulsion.

    Karen watched as the black ship began its descent, surprisingly it was not anywhere the station, but on the far outskirts, near where the infantry battle occurred. Satisfied with the ships proximity to the surface, she flipped another switch, this one trigger the weapons pods remote detonation.
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  5. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    CIC of the UNN William King

    Suess had mostly been managing the fleet organization while his XO took care of the actual battle.
    It wasn´t going to well.

    The UNN had the upper hand for now but the Martian Support Fleet was inbound and would arrive before their own reinforcements, they could try to hold out for the new wave but it wouldn´t be very pretty if they had to.
    He sincerly hoped the politicans back on Earth and Mars would start negotiating, otherwise there´d be a lot more casualties than anyone would like to see.

    Caught up in his thoughts about tactial movements and hopes for a deus ex machina, he didn´t hear what was going on in the CIC of the William King. His XO shouted orders across the bridge and suddenly the ships gravity shifted as the massive Truman-Class changed it´s course.

    He watched the different tabs that were opened all over the screen of the ops table; tactical maps of different areas of Ganymede surface and it´s surrounding space with troup strengths, ship numbers and damage reports; a feed with the messages and communication channels of the UNN Fleets; a small news feed tracking any potentially interesting events and a small window that displayed all data important for the UNN Black Ops Ship.

    He hadn´t paid to much attention to it for some time. He was busy giving out orders to the Fleet so they could remain in control. But this was only temporary, everything was temporary in times of war.

    Suddenly, the tab tracking the Unmrked Vessel exploded. Well not literally of course, in fact it was quite the opposite. The whole tab just suddenly went very silent, just a few more messages popping up.

    He shot a quick glance at it, just to confirm what he had seen at the very edge of the tunnel that was his view, completely focused on commanding he realized the sudden lack of motion.

    The Rear Admiral magnified the tab and looked at the tactical display that had tracked the ship.
    There was only debris were a ship should´ve been.

    "Ltd. Davin, what did just happen?" he asked without looking up.

    Even though the CIC was filled with noise as the battle went on, his voice carried through the storm of voices and his Sensors Officer looked up at him.

    "I don´t know, Sir. We detected a ship heading away from the position of the Unmarked Vessel. As the ship entered the direct orbit there was a big explosion directly next to it, blew the thing outta the sky. MCRN has fired some torps at it before that but we got it covered pretty well so nothing major went through."

    So the martians had destroyed the ship in the end, the ship that the UNN had sacrificed a lotta lifes to protect.
    They´d need to pay for this.

    "Do you still have the ship that moved away from the Unmarked Vessel?" he asked, with a grim expression.

    "Not exactly, but i can calculate its rough position if we assume it heads directly for the MCRN lines." she responeded, the Ltd. wasn´t quite sure what Suess was up to.

    "Give me that position. Mister Parma, have some Flechette torpedos loaded and ready."

    He finally looked up from his ops table and realized that the whole CIC had gone quiet. His senior officers were looking at him, they were waiting for him to take command again.

    "What are you staring at? Get back to work." he shouted across the CIC.

    Everywhere, his men and women were scrambling to pick their work back up. The battle was mostly over for now, fighting was still going on but it was going more and more into long range. The MCRN was slowly pulling back, now that they had gotten what they wanted.
    But he wasn´t finished just yet, just one last kill.

    "I have the ships rough location dailed in, Sir. What are we gonna do now?" she asked still unsure what her CO planned.

    "Relatiate." He said. "Parma, use the flechette torpedos to bombard the potential location of that ship."


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  6. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Outpost near Dome 6

    They´d walked for almost an hour. The area was mostly UN controlled so they didn´t encounter many martains. On their way they meet with two more UNMC squads who were escorting civillians outside the danger zone.

    They were resting when suddenly, a massive shockwave went through the station.
    Hilman, who had just inspected his boot a bit was caught off guard. Standing on one leg, he stumbled and only barely managed to catch himself using one of the massive plant pots.

    He looked around and checked if the civillians were ok.

    What the fuck were those idiots even doing out there? Seemed like they were trying to blow up the station.

    "Ok, everyone. Let´s get movin´." shouted Idowu.

    Around them civillians and Marines alike stood up and started to get ready to leave.
    Hilman looked over at the singled off martian navy officers they had captured an hour earlier.

    They were going to put those in the first shuttle they could get and send them off to the King.

    He let his look pan around. A few meters infront of him walked his Gunnery Sergeant.
    Suddenly he turned his head and looked around. He signaled Hilman to join him in whatever he was doing.

    As the Corporal put on a faster speed to catch up to his CO he looked back at the pregnant Women they picked up together with the martians. He´d accompnied her for most of their trip to look after her. She reminded him of his wife back home.

    "What´s the matter Gunny?" he asked as he caught up to Idowu.

    "There´s been reports that the Miccies are moving troups around. Intelligence says they are preparing to take the very outpost we are heading to."

    "They are seriously gonna attack an outpost full of refugees?" he asked back, astouned

    He had seen how dedicated and target oriented the MMC was throughout his career. But he´d never known they´d go that far.

    "Seems like it. Though command is unsure wether or not they´d actually be able to do it. Most of the boys from the King transferred there after the area near Dome 6 was declared a Danger zone."


    UN Outpost near Dome 6

    Colonel Falconer looked grim and deceisive. His eyes panned across the tactical screen built up infront of him.

    He saw a broadcast pop up on one of the UN Emergency bands. With a motion of his hand he logged the call and relayed it to his headset.

    He looked at the tactical map that was now zoomed in on the Privates position. He had the VIP with him that all this hassle had been about, the little rich boy who had run off on his own and got his poor little parents all worried.

    Falconer spat on the ground. He had lost good men because of that shitty kid. But orders were orders.
    He´d need to get the boy hauled up to the King, but first he had to make sure he got here.

    He tapped on the tactical map to see who was near the Privates position. There was only one group of marines, three squads escorting a bunch of civvies to the outpost. He tapped one of the squads and pulled it towards the lonley Private, they´d get and automatic message giving them new orders.


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  7. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    MCRN Simurgh

    The ship has managed, for the time being, to escape its attacks. The commodore sighs, his right hand turning on himself the remote control that will launch the nuclear attack procedure. With a weary gesture he puts it back in his internal pocket. The nuclear attack is only in the event of final measures. And there are still other solutions that are more "peaceful" than the latter.

    - Send orders to the Atrax, I want its objective to be the total destruction of this damn ship. And naming it Target X. I'm getting tired of constantly calling it "the ship". Send a quick explanation on the fact that this ship is about to take on something terrible for everyone. I think that Mrs. Ashoka deserves to know a little more about why we are bnombarded like mad for just a simple ship.

    The communications officer nods his head and pianos on his terminal.

    - Oh and the orbital bombing guns have to be ready, Target X must not have a single minute's respite. I want it destroyed!

    If it is well what he fears, it is in his interest, for the safety of all, that this ship does not leave with what he has come for.


    The Commodore has his mouth wide open. Finally the damn ship is destroyed!

    - Send my congratulations to our brave pilot. Our new priority is its protection. She must return to the fleet's safe area before UNN destroys her out of pure revenge.

    The Commodore smiled and without anyone noticing, he sighed with relief. He's pretty happy not to have to nuke an innocent area. And UNN can do what they want they can't beat us until our support fleet arrives. Checkmate, you little prick.

    The good news must be on the way to Mars right now. All we have to do now is wait for these damn politicians to declare a ceasefire. All we have to do is wait, the fleet, the ceasefire and... release the prisoners?

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  8. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    CIC of the William King

    "How does the supposed landing site of the Unmarked Vessel look?"

    The black ops ship might not be able to retrive the package or whatever it had intended to pick up then they´d need to do it. He hoped Mars wouldn´t make a dumb decision again and reignite the fight.
    They´d pick up whatever was down there, haul it up to the King and send it back to Earth with a nice ribbon as decoration.

    A video feed popped up on his ops table. It showed a relatively untouched abandoned barren wasteland.
    There was a little airlock with a landing pad hidden inside a crater. It was barely visible to the naked eye but throughout his career he had learned were to look if someone was trying to hide something.

    "I want two dropships with our best men and two Reaver Squads. Send the boys to investgate that Airlock." he said.

    He wanted to know what was so important that the MCRN had sacrificed so many lifes for it, what was so important that the UN had send an Unmarked Vessel into a brewing warzone? He couldn´t answer the question he was asking himself obviously. But he might be able to do it soon. ONI would certainly like to know about it, if they weren´t involved themselves that is.


    A hatch opened on the starboard side of the King, a hatch opened. Two L-Type Dropships emerged from the dark shadow of the hangar bays.

    Manuevering thrusters fired and the Dropships rotated to prepare for landing. Hatches opened at the four corners of the dropship.

    Suddenly bright flaming jets shot out from the cones hidden beneath the metal sheets.

    The men inside the dropships were shaken around in their crash couches as the skiffs decelarated.

    Dust, small rocks and debris was thrown up into the atmosphere of Ganymede as the 12 man skiffs touched down just a few hundred meters away from the crater that had the airlock and landing platform hidden inside of it.
    Hatches opened and the Marines moved to secure the landing site.


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  9. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    The Commodore frowned as he went to the loss table. So many deaths and losses for a single ship. Was the King aware of the contents of the merchandise? They deployed troops towards the surface, towards the intended destination of the vessel.

    - Stop the assaults, all of them without exception.

    The officers around him continued to work, so much so that no one noticed that the Commodore had left the bridge. Back in his personal apartment, he rushes into the bathroom and vomits a good blow. Many thought parade in his head. Why, why all this!? Luckily he didn't have to use the nuclear weapon. Only the Atrax is aware that there was a risk that it might be used. But thank God, he wasn't. He looks at his vomit and throws the remote control into the toilet bowl and flushes it all out. The integrated recycler scrambles the damn remote control.

    Who among the High Command gave the order to nuke? Who is the madman who makes it? Guerrero? Is it that son of a bitch? Who else is stupid and belligerent enough at this point? I'll kill him, no Zay will take care of them from time to time. That's his job, not mine. Zay always knew how to be more sadistic than the others. He was always like that, even at the academy......

    Zay was always cunning, unlike him. There is always another way to hurt other than physically stabbing, which he always said.

    He's not going to launch troops there. No, he's going to let them take it back. But having proof that they're going there. What is there is theirs. Earth is guilty of using monsters and this blue shit. Let them do it, while filming them. And then we'll see what history will remember....


    Carson is in a military rover heading towards his target. Suddenly, the rover slows down. Orders were issued. The attacks must stop immediately. Carson gives a raging blow to the wall. What about the prisoners?

    We're a few meters from the escort. Wait, did they see us? If so, are you going to attack us? If so, should we go back or answer them and save our compatriots?
    The Simurgh and Martian fleet cameras record the fact that Earth troops are entering the hidden base.
    General messages:

    The Commodore's face is severe and it can be seen on his face that he seems outraged by something.

    This is Commodore Steven Wright from the MCRN Simurgh. I have fought the Earth many times, but never in the least would I have believed that you could be dishonourable. I would never have believed that Earth would be ready to do anything to recover a devastating and dangerous weapon for all possible life forms. Is this right after using it on innocent people.

    *Silent time*

    There is no point in continuing to shed blood. I am ready to immediately cease fire. I will publicly publish the list of all the bodies of the Earth Marines we have, since I have taken the trouble to collect them, as well as the list of our prisoners. If Rear-Admiral Suess takes the trouble to do the same. I'm ready to return the bodies. Maybe the Earth will show some common sense this time.....

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  10. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Captains Office of the William King

    The Captains Office was one of the most luxurious rooms on the whole ship. It had been designed to be used in diplomatic efforts. The walls were paneled with mostly real wood, there were big glass displays built into the windows, one corner was filled with a glass-wood coffee table surrounded by comfortable armchairs and the dominating feature of the room, the big real mahagoni office table with the imposing chair behind it.

    Suess sat in that chair when he received the broadcast from Commodore Wright.
    He shook his head. That poor little Martian was all upset about his practical loss against the UNN just half an hour ago. Now he was trying to defy him publicly. Couldn´t they act like adults just for once? Of course not, it was typical for Mars to magnify the blame they could push on others and act like the mistakes they had made didn´t exist.

    Suess sighed. He pressed a button on the tables integrated terminal.

    "This is Rear Admiral Gwenael Suess speaking in the name of the UNN Ganymede forces. We would like to sincerely ask MCRN Commodore Steven Wright to spare himself the embarrasment and contact us directly if he wants to discuss a ceasefire with the UN. Suess out."

    He tapped the surface of the desk a few more times and the message was send out as a public broadcast.

    Opening one of the heavy drawers of the mahagoni desk he pulled out a bottle of scotch and a glass from a cooled compartment inside.

    He pourd himself a glass and let the golden booze dance inside the filigree decorated whiskey glass.


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  11. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    Steven Wright smiles inside. The desired effect was achieved. It seems he managed to learn something from Zay.

    He pressed his fingers together in a reflective position. He is well settled in his personal quarters. He's been trying to imitate Zay's positions. Politics and language are his field of action. He even turned off most of the lights and lit a small artificial fire in his (artificial) chimney.

    A communication channel appears. Admiral Hohenhart, who is coming to reinforce him fleet, seems to want to talk to him.

    - Oh Commodore, how delighted I am to finally be able to talk to you live. Even if we have latencies of a few seconds.

    He seems to be sitting in a comfortable chair. Her smile and tone is warm and fatherly. Something paternal and warm comes out of him. A slightly round face with white hair and small round glasses that seems to fit into his face. Like he was born with it. An interesting detail, since in the position he occupies, he must be able to have access to medical services capable of giving him a perfect view. Admiral Hohenhart is not just any admiral. He is a member of the High Command and has a long and very rewarding experience. And according to Zay's information, you can't trust appearances. Behind the appearance of a kind man is a paranoid man who seems to hate the Earth and the OPA. An old man of the old guard. And this kind of information seems publicly impossible to get, this man is borderline a saint if you look at his file. Go find out where Zay gets his information.

    - I would like to congratulate you absolutely on your actions.

    A part of the commodore's face rises in anger.

    - The ship was destroyed in exchange for many lives!

    - But your public message seems to have cast doubt on the public! Even if you didn't mention it, people will immediately think about the weapon used on Eros. And as you know, people love to speculate and make connections. It won't take long before it all connects to Blackwater's mysterious "accident"! And Mars is considered to be those who have tried to do everything to save humanity. You're a genius!

    A taste of remorse rises up his throat.

    - You have information that allows you to go in this direction, I presume in the tone of your voice?

    The admiral lets out a laugh that could pass for a cruel laugh.

    - Our mutual friend Zay (the Commodore tic) who's meeting on Tycho Station. Seems now to have had crucial information. A member of his delegation succeeded in sending us a message indicating that the OPA offers us tons of data that could incriminate the Earth!

    - When does Zay come back from this mission?

    The admiral keeps his hands on his chest like an old grandfather telling a story.

    - Communications from the stations are rare and controlled. But no concern that we will have these data.

    He therefore completely omitted to say that his ship (the MCRN Gungnir) received the destruction signal from MCRN Dun, who have the mission to protect Zay and the station and that the latter was under attack.

    - Excellent, I'm negotiating a cease-fire with Rear-Admiral Suess?

    The admiral continued smiling calmly.

    - Yes, of course....The poor man will be dragged through this whole thing, although I personally consider him innocent. Can I be honest with you?

    - Yes, sir

    - I was sure you were going to use the nuclear weapon!

    - I beg your pardon?! The orders were that I use it in case of a last measurement. If the ship completely escapes us and the United Nations fleet seems to be blocking our way completely.

    - Yes, but I honestly believed that we would be unable to destroy it. And that the UNN fleet would successfully block you.

    An additional screen is added. The latter seems to demonstrate a strategic simulation of a deployment. The reinforcement fleet arrives in such a way as to protect, like a cocoon, the Ganymede fleet. And then overwrite the UNN one, which is even easier when you have a Donnager. Steven's breathing increases when he notices that the Simurgh is missing on the map.

    - I don't understand?

    - Once the nuclear explosion was done, there was no chance of survival for you, my friend. The UNN would have lashed out at you. You'll be the only target of an angry and disgusted fleet.

    - I don't see a escape pod either.

    - It was certain that the Earth would have destroyed them out of pure revenge.

    So, you give me permission to use the nuclear weapon knowing full well that it would be my death sentence! thinks Wright

    - The High Command (including the Admiral) absolutely did not want the weapon to fall into Earth's hands. But you surprised me and proved that you are the best! You, the soldiers and this brave pilot deserve a recompilation for your actions. Congratulations again Vice-Admiral!

    Communication cuts itself off and the Commodore has a completely dry throat and a desire to vomit again. He takes several sips of his drink. Even alcohol seems to have difficulty soothing it. Him and who else sent him to the abatorium to prevent Earth from getting its hands on this weapon? Wait, he'd be ready to put his hand to the fire that the admiral voted for the idea. That would mainly explain the fact that he seems to have a schematics and a simulation beat already ready. No, this is not the time to be shocked and ruminated about, there are people out there who die and will die if he does nothing.

    On his table settles his research on Rear-Admiral Suess. The reports do not seem to describe a man who is quick to do dishonourable things. What if he was innocent in this? There is no point in continuing to speculate. We must take action

    "Rear-Admiral Suess, this is Steven Wright from MCRN Simurgh. First of all, I would like to inform you that Mars is well aware of the crimes against humanity that the Earth has become involved with this experiment. I am your enemy, and not even 30 minutes ago I was trying to kill you and destroy each of your ships. So I understand your scepticisms in front of my words. I don't even know if you're aware of what this ship is ready to carry. But to know that for nothing in the world I wouldn't let anyone take possession of it. Even if it was my own side that wanted to take him.

    *The Commodore is looking at something off-camera.*

    The first ships of the backup fleet arrive in 25 minutes. I undertake to keep them away from yours. And I'll deploy crates of survival equipment on the surface. All assaults are currently stopped. My troops will not move and I expect yours to do the same. I'm going to return all the bodies I collected. I took the trouble to order that each of the enemy soldiers' bodies be recovered rather than left lying in craters. I have identify them all, and let everyone rest, in a room where they can wait with dignity for you to recover them. I will send you the list as attachments.To avoid misunderstandings, I expect you and I to communicate for each ship that lands and takes off. If we cooperate I think we can avoid misunderstandings. Then as far as refugees are concerned, I have fully functional domes who can welcome them and I can remove my troops from some of them if you do the same.

    This is my actuel conditions and I'm waiting for yours."

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  12. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Captains Office of the William King

    Suess sat in his chair. He looked at the model of a spaceship.
    It wasn´t a real design but rather a fictional ship designed by the artist who had made it. The ship was one of a couple models displayed in the Captains office, there was a model of the William King herself cast out of pure platinum, a model of the first Earth Ship to be equipped with an epstein drive and models of multiple sea faring ships throughout human history.

    A red priority alert message ripped him out of his thoughts. He straightened his Uniform and leaned back in the massive office chair, then he accepted the message.

    He remained calm and quiet while the Commodore brought forth his accusations and conditions.
    Suess considered to respond to the accusations but reminded himself that he didn´t intend to let this conversation devolve into a pathetic fight between two kindergarten kids. He´d need to be the adult instead, even if the martian didn´t seem to be planning on doing that.

    "I am pleased to hear that you are willing to return the bodies of our fallen soldiers, I would be willing to do the same so that would be the first point we can agree on." he said while he watched the list of names scrolling through on a different holodisplay.

    "We have already taken measures to protect the Civillian population of Ganymede and are gonna continue with that. I think however that we should try to maintain the current battlelines until we can return to the status quo. Furthermore I agree that we should avoid misunderstandings, however I am not willing to lay open the purpose and task of each ship that takes off from the surface. I trust your sensor systems are good enough to register ever ship that moves bewtween the surface and our ships. If you want you can contact me about specific ships and I will see how i can help you. Additionally I think it would be best to establish a neutral demlitarized zone inbetween our two fleets."

    He takes a sip from his scotch, letting the aroma flourish inside his mouth.


    @Carson Boussaa
  13. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    He expected tougher negotiations. But in the end, his demands are very close to his. He didn't mention anything about what he said earlier. Hoping that he is understood something, and that he will try to understand what his camp is doing. Because, on his side, there are things to worry about.

    Excellent, I am sending you my proposals in terms of demilitarized and neutral lines as attachments. My troops stay on their lines, of course I expect your troops to do the same. As far as bodies are concerned, it would be send to respective bases. Then I make an additional request. I want a list of all the prisoners you have. I have one right here. And it is very long.... Soldiers, corporals, colonels, agents, sergeants, scientists, diplomats, intelligence services. You will understand that returning these people to you is outside my field of action. But I am showing good faith by warning you that we have these people, rather than letting you search for them, or even declaring them dead. I expect you to do the same and provide me with a list of all your prisoners. This will greatly assist our respective governing in their tasks. I await your answer.

    He sends the answer and waits. His bottle of cognac is attractive. But since his conversation with the admiral, he hasn't been thirsty for anything. A glance confirms the fact that the fleet continues to record what is happening on the ground, precisely the base. Nothing goes on in this world anymore....

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  14. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Ganymede Surface - Dome Six]

    Aden didn't know much of the battle being waged above his head in the Ganymede sky. He didn't know of the battle of words between the UNN and MCRN as they both lobbed political jabs and trapped words to try to get the other to take responsibility for the mess at Ganymede station. He didn't know about the war of words as to who would take the first step down, or who was ultimately the better commander. He didn't know of the battle of Ego as the MCRN reinforcements drew near and the UNN forces consolidated, for Aden was just a simple Petty Officer. A cog in the MCRN machine. A cog out of place, and therefore useless and expendable.

    Nor did he know of the clash of weapons, the torpedoes, railguns, PDCs and classified armaments being hurtled through space at each other, breaking steel and bone as they went. He didn't know of the secretive protomolecule project, or even what a protomolecule was. He had no idea the damage it could cause or the edge it would bring whoever mastered it - or what disasters could unfold if the molecule mastered the man. He merely knew his orders, and that he was to fight or die if ordered to. Such was the life and promise of a soldier. The only way he could tell the battle was still ongoing was the sounds of ground forces firing, troops marching past at quick pace, and the occasional rock of the station as either a stray round or weapon impacted the surface, or a ship came crashing down in whole or in part to the rock below, shaking him off his feet as he came tumbling down, only to be picked back up and set about his march again.

    The latest ship had sent Aden tumbling to the ground, only his now-reattached helmet keeping him from his teeth tasting the floor. The Marines checked on the civvies, apparently leaving the MCRN prisoners, cuffed as they may be, responsible for picking up their own. They managed, and now they approached the end of their walk. In a few short minutes, they would be sent to some UNN ship, to either be shipped off or traded back to the MCRN. Of course, there was still a third option, if the battle truly still raged. Their pod or the ship they were taken to could be struck, venting the compartment and launching the prisoners into space... unfortunate and unnoticed victims of Friendly Fire. Such a weird phrase, as there was nothing friendly about a two-pound slug of tungsten being fired at blistering speed toward, past, or through your body.

    At the very least it'd be painless.

    Now he waited, to see what would happen next, or if the commanders of the ships above were still trying to complete their measuring contest. Knowing the ego of the UNN and MCRN when they came into contact, Aden would have put money that the contest was still ongoing.
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  15. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Captains Office of the William King

    As he received the new message the built in desk terminal started to play it and Suess stood up to wander around the room.

    Well, at least he´s behaving remotely like an adult now, Suess thought.

    "Well I decline that demand since I am not willing to lay open viable tactical data to someone whom I know isn´t to be trusted when it comes to negotiations."

    It was a short message but he wanted to make it clear to the Martian that he was not his friend nor was he interested in being anything close to a friend.
    He walked over to one of the wall embedded showcases. In it was a model of the HMS Enterprize, a british naval vessel from the year 1705.

    The Martians had even captured diplomats and scientists. Not against any law but certainly not very gentleman like, those were non-combatans and he had refrained from capturing them as much as possible.

    He doubted that Mars had as many POW as the Commodore had implied. Mars usually was to efficient to leave something on the battlefield that was still capable of being captured.
    This was a matter that the politicians would need to sort out. The list of names wouldn´t be of any use to him without actual exchanges and since those weren´t happening the only thing it would achive would be that Mars would have access to important data while not neccesarily providing valuable data themselves.

    He had no guarantee that the Miccies would give them a real list or in what shape the "Prisoners" were.


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  16. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Captains Office of the William King

    Suddenly Suess turned his head away from the model he'd been looking at.

    He tapped a small button on his earpiece.

    "What is it Gwen?" asked the voice of his XO.

    "Do we have the location of the wreck of the UNN Ablation?" he asked.

    After a short moment of silence Clark responded "Not right now, but I am sure Ltd. Davin would be able to find it out."

    "Tell him to get a location and send a skiff to pick up anything that might give us useful information." he ordered.

    "And send a skiff to scavenge the remains of the unmarked ship" he added.

    He tapped the earpiece again and pulled it off of his head.
    They'd need to find out what exactly had happened here.

    Suess threw the earpiece into one of the armchairs in the corner. He walked over to a bookshelf filled with real books, one of the luxuries this office was equipped with. The shelf was protected by a reinforced glass door.

    The man swiped his hand across the security terminal and the vac seals unlocked themselves. He took out one of the books and started to flip through it's pages.

    The art of war, one of his favorite books.


  17. Violet

    Violet Mackenzie

    Character Biography:
    The Earther marines looked apprehensive, talking quietly among themselves while she, the Belter whose name she still didn't know, and the cluster of captured Martian marines plodded along behind them. At a guess, there was something wrong; but since they were in the middle of a war zone, there wasn't a way for Violet to surmise more than that. Whatever it was, it was highly likely that it was potentially lethal.

    The soldier that had been sticking close by glanced back at her as he jogged to catch up to the one who'd called him over. He'd taken a liking to her for some reason, and she wasn't sure how to respond to that either. Should she play into it? Snapping at him seemed like a good way to get left behind or killed. For now, she decided to let the matter be. If he wanted to look after her, she wasn't going to rebuke him; but she wasn't going to encourage it.

    She didn't like not having a weapon to defend herself with if it came down to another fight. As far as she could tell, they were just one big walking target. If the martians had friends in the area, it was entirely possible that they would try to rescue their comrades before they were shipped off for interrogations. She couldn't blame them. She wouldn't want anyone she cared about being whisked away by earthers either. Unfortunately, that meant that she'd be caught in the middle of the cross fire. Again.

    Her nose wrinkled slightly as she considered the different outcomes of the day -- most of them ended up with her dead. Just another casualty of a war that she had no part in. How many other people had been killed because of this nonsense? She may not have known the exact number, but she knew that it was too many.

    Beneath her feet, the ground shuddered violently as another impact shook the surface of the moon. One of the martians stumbled, unable to catch himself properly with his hands bound as they were. Violet trotted over to him and bent down to help the man back onto his feet. Once he was up, she realized that it was the soldier who she'd tried to signal to run during the firefight. Asking him if he was alright was stupid, so she skipped over that question. Of course he wasn't alright. He'd been captured by the enemy and one of his friends had been killed in the process.

    "Anythin' important broken?" She asked instead, managing a weak smile.

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  18. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Karen leaned back in her crash couch, the devices pneumatic arms hissing as it conformed to her new fully reclined position. Overhead she watched as torpedoes and PDC rounds steadily petered out and eventually stopped together, the only light sources now other than the stars and drive plumes being burning wrecks, tumbling in space. Had they ceased fire? She could not tell, not without risking revealing her position, radio silence was her best defence right now.

    She had put the Atrax down in a shadowy crater several kilometres from the domes of Ganymede station, not far from the burning wreck of the ship she had destroyed, the small corvette having suffered several critical strikes from a volley of flechette rounds launched in her direction after her destruction of Target X as the Commmodore has designated it, just as she had blown it out of the sky.

    Even marooned on the surface of Ganymede, Karen felt lucky. She had emptied her ordinance taking out Target X, if she had not, she and the Atrax would be a cloud of dust glittering in space, the majority of the flechette rounds had gone through the now empty weapons bay. Still, they had also pierced many critical systems, air, coolant, reactor containment...

    She had just enough time to vent all the atmosphere in the ship before plasma from the reactor flooded every compartment. This came at the cost of her two other crewmembers who were simultaneously flash cooked and flash frozen. She had made the descent to the moons surface on reaction mass before the thrusters overheated barely ten metres above the surface.

    Now she laid in the cockpit, vacsuit and helmet on, watching minutes count down on her emergency oxygen, in a ship full of holes and buckled landing gear. She prodded the terminal near her, running on battery power, and took inventory.

    Torpedoes: 0
    Missiles: 0
    Countermeasures: 0
    Oxygen: 90 minutes
    Water/RM: 5 minutes remaining
    PCDs: Full

    Five minutes of reaction mass was not enough to escape the moons gravity. It might be enough to get her to a high enough altitude the Simurgh could swoop in and pick her up, but that was large risk. She had enough air to get to the station, but that was suicide, and the Atrax would need to be scuttled if she went down that path.

    She sighed, wondering what to do. She didn’t dare send a widebeam, doing so would most likely result in a high speed introduction with the business end of a torpedo or Railgun. Instead she’s did something she hadn’t done in a long time, she meditated. She slowed her breathing and heart rate, attempting to find a moment of peace in the murderous intensity of the last few hours.

    As she laid there, breathing slow, deep breathes, lights shone through her eyelids. Opening her eyes she saw the telltale plumes of two UNN dropships approaching her... “This is it...” She tapped her terminal, the vessel responding slower under battery power, retracting the covers of the dorsal PDC turret which extended out and rotated to track the dropships, in the shadow she would not be visible...how did she spot her? She watched as they descended, manually tracking them...until they flew completely past her hiding spot...they hadn’t even noticed she was there. “What the fuck was that about...”

    She tapped the terminal for a minute, and off the top of the Atrax a hexagonal drone popped out, emitting small puffs of gas as it lifted up and away from the crippled ship and over the edge of the crater. The dropships had landed not two hundred metres away, dozens of troops running down their ramps. “What the hell are they doing?”

    She tapped a new command into the drone, instructing it to fly in low and slow, to find where these troops were deploying and why...after a moment she saw it, a hidden doorway, an airlock to some sort of underground section of the station...possibly what Target X had been on its way to originally...the UNN were trying to secure whatever X were going for and only Karen could see what they were up to. She glanced back over at her inventory...PDCs: Full...
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  19. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [Ganymede - Dome Six]

    As Aden worked his way up to his feet, he gratefully accepted the assistance offered. If the Belter-Who-Was-Actually-An-Earther inspected the uniforms of the Martians and knew her insignia, she might notice the insignia that the captured Martians wore was not actually that of the Marine Corps but was in fact just Naval insignia. Other than that, however, nothing much really changed. Aden was angry, ashamed, and afraid. Not a great trio when the male ego was on the line.

    He knew it was his fault that the rest of the Martians were in this scenario - he was the highest ranked surviving person from the ship, which made the rest his job. He didn't like knowing people had died under him - and that led him to second-guess every decision he'd made. Maybe if he'd done something differently, they'd still be alive instead of in a pool of blood somewhere, or in the blackness of space.

    What also didn't help Aden's mood was the lack of information and control he had over himself and his surroundings. At the helm of a ship, he could move anywhere, or do anything. Mold the ship to his control, change the battlefield to suit him. Here, on the ground, he was forced to contend with both gravity and only two-dimensional thinking and warfare.

    As far as Aden knew, the prisoners were the only Martian force in the area. Add on to that the fact that they were far behind UNN lines, there wasn't much chance of a surprise rescue mission. It just wasn't in the cards. Even if there were Martians, they would much more likely open up on anything that moved, returning him to his previous dilemma of friendly fire. Some might say that he didn't trust his Martian colleagues... but the reality was much simpler. He didn't trust almost anyone, as a matter of rule. He wouldn't really blame his compatriots if they unloaded on the first sight of some UNN Marines. A sobering but practical view.

    "No, Ma'am," he answered her, keeping his voice short and sharp. He didn't say much, but regardless his voice betrayed all he felt. Some of the anger he had at himself and the Earth had spilled over to her, blaming her and the Belter with her for stopping the escape of the Martians. It wasn't her fault, of course, but he still blamed her regardless. It was something he couldn't exactly help. Overtop, and overpowering that anger, however, was the pain he felt. Like many people in the service, the most action he'd ever seen was simulators. Actually, sustaining casualties was a new, unwelcome sensation. He looked at her, the sharpness failing him. "I'm fine. Thank you, though."
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  20. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UN Outpost 3 km away from Dome 6

    Finally after another 15 minutes of walking the group would reach their destination, the UN Outpost. They would be greeted by a squad of Marines in Gen 2 Reaver powered armor who are guarding the entrance.

    The Outpost was a repurposed local security station. Surrounded by multiple lines of barricades the Station would have a small yard in front of it surrounded by a military fence. The fence would have been closed with metal sheets to guard the people inside from Martian attacks. The inside of the yard would be filled with crates of ammunition and equipment, on them would be sitting UN Marines taking a break from the strain of battle. Some would be seeking distraction in cleaning their rifles and armor.

    As the group would walked through the yard towards the front entrance they could spot a UN Marine sitting between a pile of crates, his face would be buried inside his hands but his head would be covered in blood, not his own blood however since there wouldn't a single wound visible.
    Even though this would be the only man that they could see that was affected by the events that had happened over the course of the last few days, every face they could look into displayed different kinds of pain and grieve.
    Some would look sad, some would have fierce looks of determination on their faces and again others would look more angry than anyone had ever seen.

    But as they would step through the main door they would discover the real horrors of the battle. The first room would be a big lobby filled with injured personnel. They were laying, standing and sitting around the room while people with often improvised red crosses on their cloths tended to their wounds.

    They would spot a man sitting on a chair behind the secretary desk. Underneath his chair was a pool of blood and he was holding his guts were it would seem like he'd been shot. The man would seem to be sleeping or unconscious but as a woman in a bloodied white tunic would approach him to bring him into one of the neighbouring rooms to be taken care of the man would suddenly awake and push her away.

    "I am fine! Leave me be!" the man would scream.

    The man would jump to his feet and try to run away only to be caught by two of his injured comrades who gritted their teeth to help their brother.

    They would bring him through a door that would have a red cross on it that looked like it had been painted with just two simple strokes and still seemed wet.

    As they went on, escorted by a marine, they would look through a open door inside a room full off bodies.
    Some had been put into bags but many didn't seem to be that lucky. Upon closer examination they would spot a body that looked like it had been ripped apart by an enormous force.

    As they would walk deeper into the building they would see less and less of the horror. Now they would spot repurposed office rooms filled with crates of with built up equipment of all sorts and higher ranking UNMC members who were coordinating operations or just doing nothing. They would occasionally see rooms were prisoners were being guarded or civilians being taken care off.

    They would stop in front of a room and the highest ranking Marine would step inside. As he´d come out he´d escort Violet and the captured Martians into the backyard.

    They would try to bring Remi into one of the rooms for the normal civilians but due to the particular medical situation of Violet and the worth of MCR Naval personnel they would be shipped up into orbit.

    In the backyard they would wait for a UN Transport Humvee to bring them to a UN controlled dock.


    Near Dome 6

    As Idowu received Falconers orders to dispatch a squad to escort Shay Lockley to a UN Outpost he called in his Marines and explained to them what they were ordered to do.

    "Meier and Mendelsohn, you are gonna go with two guys from the second squad and take care of that VIP. Stay safe and meet us at the Outpost."

    The two men saluted and jogged off to meet their comrade and reach their target as fast as possible.They may be behind UN Lines but Mars wasn't the only threat. The people were desperate and desperate people did desperate things.

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