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JUPITER Ganymede Mystery Station

Discussion in 'Private Roleplay' started by Henrik De Leon, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Henrik De Leon

    Henrik De Leon First Lieutenant

    Character Biography:
    Henrik would have preffered to take only his guys into the fray. Rather than having an additional twelve marines clunking around down there, he would have taken just twelve Marine Raiders down. They traveled light compared to a standard Marine. They were equipped for CQB and tight quarters fighting. While their armor wasn't thick or made for direct incoming fire, they were trained to move fast and hard to catch the enemy off guard and by surprise. But, he knew command was anxious about what they were going to find.

    " Alright ladies and gentlemen, light and tight. Expect close quarters and lots of hiding spaces. Keep your spacing tight, and overlapping fields of fire.... Orders are to take whatever intel we can get our mits on, and bring it back to the King. If you think you shouldn't touch it, ask. If you think you can, still ask. I don't want something in a tight space going boom, or worse... Reaver boys, I want four of you up front, rest bringing up the tail. Given most of us are lightly armored compared to you heavy bastards."

    His comments drew a few chuckles and comments across the comms in his helmet, both from his drop ship and the other filled to the brim with UN Marines. He was lucky enough to be the officer on duty when the call for a unit to hit the ground came through, so he gathered his unit and was gifted a standard marine squad and a squad of Marines in Reaver power armor. His own equipment was lighter. A tactical rig with a plate up front and behind over a vac suit. His breather built right into the tactical rig that was covered in pouches of various sizes and shapes. His weapon clipped into the rig itself on his chest. Holding true to the 'light and fast' aspect of a Marine Raider, he was not heavily armored. His armor was only meant to protect vital organs and the likes, just like the rest of the Raiders in his dropship.

    Some time after they settled into their couches and buttoned up their helmets, they were on the way down to the surface of Ganymede. The lack of atmosphere meant that they were in for an easy ride down, but the pilot made sure they knew that this wasn't exactly a low priority mission, going over a few G's to make sure they were the first down on the surface.

    They landed, harder than he expected. The door opening to his drop ship to reveal the other vessel landing directly beside them. The ramps opening and the Marines flooded out, weapons at the ready.

    " King, this is Raider Actual, we are on the surface. Good signal on the suit cams?"

    Without waiting for a reply, he reached to the camera mounted on the left side of his helmet, gently tapping, smiling to himself as he did so. He knew a high level officer would be watching in on it all, but didn't mean he lost his sense of humor in all of the chaos as of late.

    His gaze moving back and forth as his Marines spread out across the landing platform to make a perimeter. Attention falling to the airlock door. Followed by two Raiders he approached the airlock slowly.

    " Any intel on the airlock, King?"

    Waiting for a response, he examined the door along with the control panel on the right size of the door on the frame around the Airlock.

    " Richards, talk with the King to get this door cracked. Ask nicely. If it doesn't budge, crack it or cut it."

    A Raider moved from the side, slinging his weapon and drawning a few components from a pouch on his chest, a few wires and screens making their appearance as he knelt down in front of the screen on the door to begin doing as ordered. It was always good to keep things light during combat, despite this not being a combat situation. Cutting the tension kept everyone feeling a little better and less anxious. The last thing he needed was a Marine spraying a rock full of holes because it was shaped like something they thought to be hostile.

    " Alright, change of plans...Second squad, stay back and keep the LZ secure. If we need to get out of here, we need a safe extract. First Squad is with me. Two Reaver's stay back with Second Squad, the rest with me... Four of you heavy SOB's up front, identify your targets. Fire only if fired upon. Last two Revers bring up the rear."

    He was doing his best to make sure they stayed focused. But, given the past couple of weeks, everyone was on high alert and their trigger fingers itchy. Hell, even he'd admit his own trigger finger itched a bit.
  2. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    Clark stood at the command table of the Kings CIC. Suess had left the coordination and supervision of the ground operation to her.

    The Marines had just touched down and were now disembarking the dropships.
    She watched as the blue dots spread out around the LZ to secure the position.
    A tap of her finger magnified the image, it now only displayed the LZ and the nearby area.

    The UNMC Coordinator standing besides her responded.

    " Raider Actual, this is King. Suit signals are good, proceed as planned."

    The XO was linked into the direct com channel via her earpiece.
    Livia wondered what would be in that plant, or whatever it was, that warranted a full blow MCRN assault, reigniting cooled down fighting and killing thousands on both sides. She had avoided looking at the list of casualties, she'd need to eventually.
    For all she knew it might just be some new agricultural technique, which Mars had no clue about and they had thought there was something bigger behind it.

    "Not more than you, Raider Actual. Facility isn´t listed anywhere." came the reply.

    A tap, the screen zoomed in to show the area around the airlock.

    "Raider Actual, this is King Command, the door needs to be kept intact. We don't know what is behind it and what would get destroyed." she said, plucking herself into the conversation to remind the marine of the importance of the operation.

    She doubted it would matter since the King had enough computing power to crack anything short of MCRN encryption within seconds.

    The Kings central command platform was designed slightly differently than that of a normal Truman-Class.

    It´s central platform was overall about a meter or so wider to accompany two small command crash couches at two corners.

    The XO sat down into her command couch and grabbed her coffee mug out of the air.

  3. Henrik De Leon

    Henrik De Leon First Lieutenant

    Character Biography:
    Henrik kept watch with the rest of his Marines, standing near the airlock door, his weapon at the ready, his eyes ever moving. Much like the rest of the unit, head on a swivel. Getting caught out in the open wasn't an ideal situation, but he'd handle it accordingly if he needed to.

    " Roger that, King."

    Now it was just a waiting game, to see how good his tech was under pressure and while the command is breathing down his neck to get it done.

    " Roger, King. We'll ask nicely then."

    He stood, moving over to his tech who was working hard on the door. Henrik watched for a moment before he brought his left hand to the mans right shoulder. Giving him a tap, he would wait for his head to swivel. Radio communication was good, but he felt it was better to relay something important while looking into a man's eyes, it also displayed the urgency and delicacy of the situation.

    " You gotta open the door, we don't know what's inside, so cutting 'er open won't do, bud. Use whatever compute power you can get from the King and get that door open. "

    Richards nodded and Henrik took a few steps away, taking a kneeling position only to look and check on the Marines. Each one had a five to ten meter gap between them all. The Reaver armor nuzzled five yards behind the outer ring of Marines but also keeping a ten yard gap between one another.

    " Open sesame,"

    Henrik turned his attention as the Tech stood up from his kneeling position. Henrik stood near him. The panel on the wall displayed green. The door opening, Henrik smiled.

    " King, we are in."

    Henrik raised his weapon, aiming into the airlock as it opened. As it opened, he hit the pressure switch on the foregrip of his carbine, the bright white LED flashlight illuminating the airlock. Stepping back, Henrik allowed his people to work, watching diligently as they swept the airlock for traps, explosives, anything really. There was no telling what was waiting for them, but he was sure they'd find out soon enough.

    Clear sir,"

    A young corporal called to him, giving him the thumbs up. Signalling, Henrik nodded. Moving to the airlock.

    " Alright, First Squad in the airlock. Second squad, you know your orders... Hold the LZ down."

    With his orders, the first squad entered the airlock four at a time. It was a slow process, but rather than pile everyone into one airlock and one lucky grenade going off, they'd take their time getting everyone in. Lastly, the Reaver armor. Within a few minutes, the squad of Raiders and the Reaver suits were in side of the facility, or station. Henrik wasn't quite sure what to call it. Was it a top secret lab? Underground Lair?

    Once inside, he turned to his technician who managed to crack the airlock with the help from the King's computer.

    " Richards, see if you can download schematics of this place off the airlock panel and forward them up to the King. Corporal Quince, stay with him."

    A tall yet rather fit woman in matching armor nodded. Richards began working as soon as he was ordered, the Corporal moved to stand near him and watch his back while he performed as ordered.

    " Aye, Lieutenant."

    " King, Raider Actual, i'm gonna have my tech plug into the system via the airlock panel, see if he can download some schematics of this place or at least some sort of map and send it up to you. Maybe from there you can guide us through. It's dark down here and lots of places for people to hide."

    Flashlights on, the unit of sixteen moved down the corridor. Every nook, every cranny, every doorway; if they found them, was combed over. They did not rush, they took their time. Heads ever moving, knees bent, weapons at the ready. Henrik made sure to give those watching his own suit cam a good view of whatever they came across, but it was mostly a long corridor. But, it had to end somewhere.

  4. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    The XO took another sip from her coffee and closed her eyes for a bit. The last few days had been pure hell on all of them and she was tired to the bones.

    She chuckled at the man's response, at least someone still had some humor left in him. Now that she thought about it, the last time the genuinely laughed must have been quite some time ago, everything was so serious these days. But that was something she would discuss with Suess, now they would need to say focused.

    The UNMC Coordinator nodded to himself. "Good work Raider Actual."

    Olivia rose from her crash couch, she walked around the Ops table until she stood on the opposite side directly across to the Coordinator. Two tabs and the video feed duplicated, she turned it around with a swipe and watched as the marines moved through the facility.

    "Good call, Raider Actual." the Coordinator said, a bit of praise to his men.

    After a few seconds a file appeared on the ops table. Clark opened it and looked it over. It was the rough schematic of a small facility.

    Clark tapped her earpiece. "Raider Actual, this is King Command. Schematics say you´ve got about 100 meters of tunnel there´ll be an tunnel leading off to the right after 24 meters. At its end is a small room. After 54 meters is another intersection to the left leading to a bigger room. After that you won´t have any more tunnels leading off until the next room."

    She kept studying the schematics trying to determine the purpose and contents of the rooms.


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