EARTH From Where we Come

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    Noam Kase "Mars Robert"

    Character Biography:
    I remember how she looked to this day. She was as beautiful then as she is now, my little fireball - Aliya. I took her to Israel, on Earth, and showed her to the wailing wall. We stood atop it for hours, talking and enjoying this last moment between us before she was given her deployment orders.

    "Baba" she said, turning so that the sun shone through her mother's hair, "I'll make you proud."

    I just smiled, "you already have"
    - Excerpt from Noam Kase's Memoirs
    The exhaust from the Yacht's engines painted the endless expanse in a gentle blue that tailed the vessel as it drifted through Earth's orbit. From high-orbit, the endless cityscapes of Earth could almost be described as beautiful - glowing like a fleet of lanterns that covered the land and bridged the crystal oceans. He wished it wasn't just an illusion of distance and that the beauty held up when viewed up close. It would be nice to show Aliya something as magnificent as that, but he refused to let her first impression of humanity's home be sullied by what the UN had allowed it to turn into.

    No. He would show her something wonderful here, something that'd contradict whatever mindless propaganda they tended to beat into your skull at the MMC. For as much as he loved the Marines and his planet, he was no fool - every government lies now and again.

    "What do you think? Better than the videos I showed you?" Noam asked, turning his good eye to his daughter and gauging her expression, "Maybe a little less exciting without the orchestral music."

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    Character Biography:
    "It's bright." After what she'd been told about Earthers, Aliya had expected their planet to look...different. It wasn't something she could exactly put into words, but after everything she was taught as a child, coupled with the briefings received during basic training, a very distinct picture had been painted in her head that the view from orbit didn't quite fit. Certainly the lights of Martian civilization were visible from orbit, but in comparison to this they were far more contained and gridlike. This, though, was everywhere, and she wondered for a split-second if all the talking down of Earthers really was justified.

    Looking at her father, she couldn't contain her enchantment with this new view. "Do we get to go down there? Baba, it's beautiful." She couldn't tear her gaze away, the twinkling of the lights entrancing. The UN Navy hung in orbit around the planet, their equivalent of the more familiar MCRN. Except, if reports were to be believed, their military was far less advanced and ill-equipped in comparison to the one in which she'd enlisted. But, she reminded herself, her father had cautioned her against listening blindly to propaganda like that. There was always more out there.

    It was hard to believe this was where her family had first originated, that she was only two generations from having been born on Earth. That seemed incredibly long ago, and yet exceedingly close all at the same time. "Can we go see Israel? Do we get to go to Jerusalem?"
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