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    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    Australia, Earth

    The glider landed calmly on the roof of the La Quiétude tower. Its delicate wings fold over themselves before storing in the hull. The wheels brake and the whole machine stops. She looks strangely like a bird with the tip of the device forming a beak. The door opens by sliding on the side. And four guys in suits and ties come out. None of them smile, and one of them even seems to want to throw someone off the roof. No one else leaves the aircraft while the four guys remain with both arms together in front of them. The eyes staring at an invisible spot and the nostrils quivering.

    Then, a piece of the wall in front of them opens and a man comes out squeaky dressed in a purple shirt with a black button. As soon as he stops in front of the plane, one of the four guys snapped his fingers and movement was heard from inside the plane. Slowly, William Meyer emerged from it.

    - Whew, it's hot in here.

    - Welcome to Australia. The territories where you are located have been severely affected by climate change.

    William smiles and reaches out his hand to the man.The latter shakes his hand.

    - I'm Paul Manfort, new CEO of La Quiétude.

    - William Meyer, representative of Global Interest. Your first and largest investor and shareholder.

    After exchanging greetings of courtesy, the two men climbed into the elevator followed by two of the men in black. The elevator descends only a few floors and stops in front of a richly decorated corridor. At the end is the Manfort office.

    William sits in one of the office chairs, a desk that is standarement decorated. No imagination, everything you expect from a high-placed man, nothing more.

    - Mr. Meyer, it's a pleasure to meet you. Figured you'd think I had some points checked with you.

    - Good thing, I have things to check with you too.

    - Well, let's start with the company's operations. The latter is, as you know, composed of multiple branches completely independent of each other. And it was only when I arrived at my post that I saw the empleur of the structure.

    - What do you mean?

    William has just said his sentence in a very polite and slightly disinterested way. Like he really doesn't understand what he's getting at.

    - Well, the company has a lot of operations and a fuzzy contract. And many holding companies that lead to other holding companies.

    William scratches his neck. He frowning with misunderstanding.

    - From what I understand, it's normal not to understand what's going on. Since the company was structured for the whole thing does not fall under the control of a single individual. We wanted total independence for each investigation, so that it would be conducted ethically and thoroughly. Every holding company you see serves in one way or another has applied justice.

    His interlocutor seems slightly lost, then raises an eyebrow. And start pianoting on his tablet.

    - And why one of the branches has a systematic contract with Fusion Lightning Power or even it gets lost in its notes. Whatever, they get their contract automatically renewed without negotiations! There's no record of negotiations anywhere. And now that I think about it, the first time they had their contract, there were no negotiations or consultations either! And...

    As he lifted his head off his tablet, he noticed a funny kraft paper envelope on his desk. William that we kept looking at him like nothing happened. His arms on top of each other on his legs. No sign of him moving or putting the envelope there.

    Paul takes the envelope, slowly. And opens it, his eyes open in front of the amount of money inside.

    - As I said, Justice is blind. And all these operations serve only one purpose: to apply justice as fairly as possible.

    - yeah, of course.

    William nods his head in satisfaction. Then waved to continue. The man pianos extra things on his tablet.

    - What about the very opaque reintegration program for our captured criminals?

    Another envelope appears.

    - What about the stations we own hidden behind a multitude of holding companies?

    Another envelope appears.

    - And a part of the money that disappears into untraceable accounts?

    Another envelope appears. He seems speechless, and now looks at the little pile of envelopes lying around on his desk. He became rich, very rich in a few moments.

    - Mr. Meyer, I really care about the interests of this company. Tell me what to worry about?

    William displays his biggest smile. Like a child in front of an adult who finally gives him what he wants.

    - Nothing! Make sure that this company has all the resources it needs. If you have any questions....You know where to contact me. And besides, don't worry too much about lobbying. As you are under our "protection" we take care of your lobbying for free. Which I make you highlight, saves up to 10% of your budget.

    He stands up and extends his arm to shake his hand. But stops at the last minute. And a hand terminal comes out of his pocket.

    - And oh, one last thing!

    He pianos for a moment and makes a donation cheque appear.

    - A little help for your foundation, I'm sure it's nothing. But I sincerely hope that these children will have something to eat!

    - It's a very generous donation, but the association I work with offers them access to schooling!

    William's smile remains despite everything on his face.

    - Anyway, with this money they can now finance meals in class!

    - But that, on a certain point, is very generous of you!

    William closes his terminal and shakes the man's hand in a purple shirt. Then after the greetings of courtesy comes out of the office. The elevator takes him back to the roof or his aircraft is waiting for him. Once inside, he sits in his comfortable seat. His four henchmen on the other seats.

    The interior is very similar to that of a private plane. Except, it's narrower and smaller. The beige seats are made of real comfortable leather, and are all mounted on a rotating mechanism. Its seat, which was pointed towards the exit, turns slowly forward as the door closes again. There is no pilot to drive the machine. It's an automatic system that manages everything. And William retrieves a tablet nestled in a storage compartment on the side of the seat. He pianos for a few minutes. Then the device starts to purr.

    Its wings spread and the back reactors come out to raise the metal bird in the air. Then, free of charge, the "glider" goes back into the air to its new destination.

    It passes over the huge penitentiary complex that encloses all kinds of criminals in the deadly heat of the Australian desert. A natural safety measure. The complexes are spread over miles. Staining the view of their green-grey coloured rock. Sometimes, from the top of the clouds, we can see tasks that represent prisoners. Give up in the yard? Punished? At recess? William doesn't care, it's not his problem right now.

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