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  1. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Rachel floated slowly in a counter clockwise direction as the Captain spoke. She knew she had touched a potential nerve bringing up the man, but one way or another they were going to meet and when they did he would have to come to terms with the fact that his father and Rachel worked together. How Slavko Senior would react to seeing Rachel was another matter, they did not part under particularly positive circumstances.

    “Did not mean to sound condescending Cap,” she was upside down now, but her head was still level with Damian and Henry’s, she took a sip from her bulb before continuing, “you don’t usually hear of Black Sky operatives successfully going clear, de Collective always tries to reel deir people back in...” She had to tread carefully, she wanted to gauge the type of man Damian’s father had become, but before he could reply Henry interjected with a question about the Goons from the Saxons now disbanded crew.

    “If know dem mi, dey will be either fighting or drinking, probably at de same time,” she replied and as if on cue, a yelp could he heard followed by the sound of smashing bulbs. The three Kanyari crews head snapped around to the end of the bar where from a limp body of a gangly belter floated up towards the entrance, a trail of blood drifting from his nose in a trail of droplets that orbited the body like tiny scarlet satellites.

    At the end of the bar, two burly men covered in tattoos, both wearing handlebar moustaches and bowler hats laughed harshly before demanding their bulbs be refilled. “What did I tell you?” Rachel said to Henry, before finishing her bulb and motioning to the bartender for another.
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  2. Makiyama Yamato "Mack"

    Makiyama Yamato "Mack" Chief Engineer of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Mack, Malik, and Afza walked into Shãsa just as a lanky belter flew towards the door in a flurry of blood. Narrowly avoiding him, they ventured forth into the haze of smoke, lights, and bodies. Mack scanned the room until he found three familiar faces along with two he didnt recognize.
    “What did I tell you?” said Lei, before exchanging shoulder punches and handshakes with the two squat earthers. Damian and Henry exchanged an awkward glance.
    “Oyé, who are dese coyos?” asked Mack as he drifted up to them.
    “Da ‘goons,’ da ones Lei told us about.”
    “Oh yeah.” said Mack, and extended a hand. One of the earthers took it and squeezed so hard even Mack winced.
    “So tolowda gonya kom fo Io wit milowda? Xélixup, wit a grip like that,” he said. “Let me buy you a drink.”

    Just then, a tall, bald Belter with a Milky eye floated up next to Damian without him noticing. Henry did.
    “Maksim?” said Henry. Damian's eyes enlarged and his head spun around.
    “Maks! Kewe to, kopeng? Kepelesh pampa mi?”
    “Why mi xiya,” the man said with a smile. “Im wanya see tolowda.”
    “Why didn't he come here?” asked Damian, a bit disappointed.
    “Zakomang on da seteshang. Incognito time.”
    Star Helix? On Kasi Deya?”
    “Still technically an Earth station, lik kowl da Belte. Even though Inya abandoned her for two decades.”
    Damian thought for a second. This wasn't good.
    “Felota. Okay,” he said, turning to the crew. “Tolowda gútegow?” He tried not to show his concern, but Mack saw through it. He said nothing.
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  3. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Rachel looked at the tall, bald belter and back at Damian. The mood had changed quickly and Rachel was not entirely sure it was for the better. Turning to the Goons, she passed them a clear container holding several hundred gambling chips, "dis is your péyeting in advance for one week. Go to de kapawu in airlock seventeen, de security system will let you onboard. Try not to get involved in any scuffles on the way and we will see you later to talk business."

    The two goons looked at the chips and then at each other before quickly taking them and leaving the bar. "Dats taken care of Cap, now whats dis about Star Helix?"


    Several minutes later the crew had been waved into the back of the bar. They floated awkwardly in a rear compartment, crammed in like sardines until the bartender floated in, eyes them all warily and then with a key slotted into a nearly impossible to see crack in the wall. With a hiss and a puff of dust and frost the wall panel popped off revealing behind it a dark, cold passage, he motioned for the crew to enter. "I'll take point, Malik to wanna bring up de rear?" The big man nodded silently, unslinging one of the coilguns from the Kanyari and pressing it up to his shoulder. Rachel turned to face the Captain, uncertainty in her eyes. "Dis is really what we have to do to speak to your pampaw? Seems excessive."

    The Captain responded with the belter gesture for "I dunno," to which Rachel rolled her eyes before unholstering her hand cannon and disappearing down the tunnel. The tunnel itself was freezing, a cloud of crystalised moisture particles appearing in front of Rachel with each breath. Cables and tubes drifted and hung from exposed panels and every now and again the whole tunnel would shudder and rattle as the station passed through the complex gravitational fields of the Jovian system.

    As she floated along, what little lights were in the frigid passage died out. "Ah falota..." Rachel cursed, still drifting forwards but now in pitch black. Fishing out a small torch from her chest pocket, she held it out front of her next to her hand cannon, illuminating the tunnel ahead. In the distance, she should see it came to an end. "We got a door coming up, you guys got some secret handshake or something?" She called behind her.
  4. Damian Slavko

    Damian Slavko Captain of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    “Mi pensa mi kang get us in.”

    Damian knocked twice, then once, then twice. A slat in the door slid open.

    Keting da wowt?” whispered a voice behind the door.

    “Vesperon,” said Damian.

    The sound of the slat sliding shut was followed by several locks unlocking and finally a hiss as the door opened. Damian looked back at the crew and, with a look, told them to stay outside. Except for Henry.

    The room was designed with Belter sensibilities, with no clear sense of up or down and very little furniture. It was dark, and the impossible bodies floating in its void gave off an ominous tone.

    “Démi, kori mi,” said the largest one, with a grin in his thick belted accent. “Kom xiya.”

    The captain stepped forward.

    “Where have you been all these years?” asked Ivan. Damian shifted on his feet and moved his gaze about the room and observed the strange faces floating around him.


    The old man grunted in understanding.

    “Xényeri bi xiya. Vedi,” said Damian, and gestured at Henry.

    “Ah, kopeng mali mi!” said Ivan. Henry smiled sheepishly. The two exchanged an awkward embrace.

    “Oyé, pampa, what's this bout Star Helix ere da seteshang?” asked Damian, fearing the answer.

    “Oxo ya,” replied Ivan. “Why I brought you here. I need you fo take care of dem.”

    Henry and Damian looked at each other.

    “Why us? Your guys better, keya?” asked Henry.

    “I can’t have my hand in it, sorry. Just more trouble. If you want to leave this station, you need to deal with it.” The elder Slavko crossed his arms and looked satisfied. A rustle of stifled laughter swept through the room.

    “Na,” said Damian, adamantly. “Na til my crew weighs in.”

    The old man looked taken aback, but then laughed.

    “You've become wa bosmang gut, maliwala mi. Go du-showxa wit your crew, unte kom bek.”

    Damian nodded. A weight lifted from his chest, but not completely. The worst part, the beginning, was over. He turned and walked towards the door, being careful not to look Henry in the eye. When they stepped over the threshold, the door slammed shut behind them.

    “So?” asked Mack. Damian and Henry both sighed, then Henry spoke.

    “He wants us to take care of the cops on the outpost before he lets us leave.”
  5. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    "Wait a moment...Is he holding us hostage? Doesn't seem like Cap," Rachel said, glancing down the hallway they had floated down and then back at the crew. "If dey can't run some zakomang of de statashan, how are they gonna setóp us?" She said, grinning at Malik who chuckled in his deep voice. "Na here to start a gunfight, gunner...especially not with te Caps pampaw," said Malik eyeing Rachel and nodding slowly. "Den why the pashang are milowda even here? Why even bother docking? Milowda gonna be marked by Star Helix de moment dey get back to Eart or Ceres."

    She rounded on the Captain, her body language communicating more adrenalin than aggression. "Well Cap? We either shoot dem or we pay dem. Depends why dey here in de first place..."
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  6. Henry Noam

    Henry Noam XO/Pilot of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    ”Na hostage,” Damian said. “Just obliged guests. Pampa always gives me shit fo du. He'll make it worthwhile. Na worry, we kang probably just talk dem off the station.”

    Henry looked at Damian like he had grown a second head.

    “You really think whatever your old man did, can be talked over in a few minutes? You dumber than I thought.”

    Damian's eyes narrowed. “To mebi right.”

    “He didn't even say what he did,” continued Henry. “He probably killed someone.”

    “Ya, and im probably have it coming too,” Damian insisted.

    “Everybody jus calm down,” Mack interjected, gesturing them down with his hands. “Let's just think. Did he say we could come back with questions? Then let's think of some. I, for one, want to know where they even are.”

    “And I want to know what they're doing here,” said Henry.

    “And I want to get off this can as soon as possible,” said Malik. “The food here sucks.”

    “Why don't we all just go meet him together?” asked Damian. “He's not that scary.”

    The crew fell silent. Henry laughed.

    “Yeah, you know, I want to see this.”
  7. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    “Worst case I put a round in each of der heads, but,” she stared hard at the door nearby where their conversation was most certainly being monitored, “I hoped the days of killing for de Black Sky were over.” She slotted her hand cannon back into its holster on her thigh and looked around at the crew, the looked around at each other, none of them seemingly willing to commit.

    “De only one he’s gonna be angry at is mi, and mi not scared of Slavko Senior. He may have a reputation but he’s not de smartest man in de verse, no offence Cap.” She walled over to the door and knocked again, a moment later the door opened and she stepped through.

    “Holy kaka it’s Rache Lei,” said Slavko turning around to face her as the rest of the Kanyari crew squeezed through the door and strayed themselves behind her. His eyes flashed malevolently, his teeth bared slightly. The other people in the room, no doubt goons of the big man dominating the space, fell silent. Hands fell onto buts of pistols and handheld weapons, but silent dominated the room for what seemed like an eternity.

    “Hoped seen de last of your ugly face mi, Slavko.” There was a sharp intake of breath, Rachel couldn’t tell if it was from the crew behind her or from those around the big man, but after another long moment the mans face broke into a smile. “Sesata, to wang pashangwala pagal! To have no changed.” Rachel exhaled with relief, she wasn’t aware she’d been holding her breath.
  8. Damian Slavko

    Damian Slavko Captain of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    “Come, come,” said Ivan. “Did you take care of those squats yet? Démi boy said he had the right people, he was right.” Despite his invitation, they remained at a distance.
    “Na, pampa. Why we’re here,” Damian said. “Crew wanted a pow-wow wit da bosmang. I told em you dont bite.”
    “Hard, that is,” laughed the elder Slavko from beneath his neat white mustache.
    Milowda wanya sasa mo. Names. Locations. Why dey here?” Damian swallowed hard as his father's leering eyes shifted from Rachel to him.
    “Do I have to do everything for you? It's three of them. I dont know their names. They're staying at the hole on the corner. Now, go, get rid of them. Miss Lei and I have some catching up to do.”
    Lei took a breath as if to say something, but Henry interjected.
    “Actually, we could use her help.”
    Slavko pouted for a moment, then smiled.
    “Oxo, only for you Xenyeri. Any more questions?”
  9. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    “Yah, you got a master key for dis junk heap? Some computer or AI that runs de show?” Rachel stared at the big, white maned pirate. She was used to people like this, and you had to stand strong, show no fear or else you’d end up chained to a bulkhead in some people smugglers rockhopper.

    The man huffed a laugh and nodded, “aye, one of dem Providence AIs spent enough scrip on it,” people around him laughed. Rachel tilted her head quizzically, “what, couldn’t get it to talk to you pampaw?” More laughter.

    The man waved at them in a dismissive manner, and judging from Damian and Henry’s expressions that was ample signal to get out. Several minutes later they were floating back up the flickering corridor. “Dey got a Providence AI running de show Cap, piece of cake! We let de Kanyari in and she’ll take over de whole station....Hell we can go play cards while de core vents de zakomang!”
  10. Damian Slavko

    Damian Slavko Captain of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    The crew looked at each other and shrugged.
    “Too easy…” said Malik, while looking worried.
    “Just easy enough if you ask me,” said Mack.
    Henry and Damian looked at each other, then Henry looked away.
    “Ko,” Damian said. “Let's do it.”

    Back at the Kanyari, the crew finally relaxed. Mack and Malik got drunk and played a game with cards that only Belters know. Afza and Henry drank coffee and talked about their childhoods. Damian and Rachel, however, set right to work on finding the Star Helix officers on Kasi Deya.
    “Ok, core, cheki corridor eight.”
    Nothing but a drunken brawl and a couple prostitutes working.
    “Number 9, then.”
    Three men and one woman stood in the empty corridor. Ancient cables hung from the ceiling and drifted in the miniscule gravity. Two of the men were squat, and seemed to be keeping the tall couple from leaving.
    “Dat looks like someting,” said Lei.
    “Ya, just gotta du pasa tim until dey alone.”
    “Then we vent whatever room they're in.”
    The pair smiled at one another, and Damian realized they had become friends.
    “I gotta say, I never would have thought of using the core. Taki taki, sésata. You've become a real valuable member of my crew.”
    She was about to speak, but then the couple on the screen made a break for it and the two men bolted after them. Lei pushed a button and sealed the door before they could reach it. Now, it was two lonely earthers trapped in a Belter corridor. They did not look comfortable.
    “Identify yourself,” said Damian into a microphone that was tapped into the stations ancient announcement system. It came out the other side in a series of hisses and crackles, but the earthers understood.
    “Kent Hope and James Reef,” said one of them. “Were from Earth.”
    “And what are you doing here?” asked Damian, already fingering the button that would kill the men.
    “Just visiting.”
    Lei and Slavko laughed.
    “We know you're Star Helix.”
    The men started scrambling up the walls like squirrels in traps. The pair just laughed harder.
    “To wanya du da honors, sésata? Your idea.”
  11. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Rachel grinned and looked back at the display, watching as the two hired cops tried desperately to escape, even attempting to pry off wall panels and tear their way into the station's guts. "As much as no fan mi of zakomang, we murder two Star Helix, and that could have consequences," she too out her terminal and folded it out on her lap, extending the screen to four times the previous size. SHe tapped at it for several moments before leaning back, nodding with a satisfied smile. "So dese stations keep old emergency capsules from back in de early days..." The terminal spooled words across it as Rachel executed the programs via the Core AI. Across the station, emergency bulkheads slammed shut, and corridors and thoroughfares vented their atmosphere until an unbroken line of hard vacuum formed between the compartment containing the two trapped cops, and a tiny emergency escape pod. "You ever saw dose pneumatic delivery tubes? Ancient technology, but still effective for specific tasks," she tapped her terminal again, and the compartment on the opposite side of the cops also vented.

    "You put something, money, food, whatever into dese little cylinders and stick them in the tube and the suction pulls them up and off to their destination," she tapped her terminal again and instantly the doors on either side of the trapped cops whipped open, hurling the two unfortunate Earthers and the atmosphere around them 50 metres down the hallway into the next compartment where the doors slammed shut. The compartments on either side vented, and the atmosphere repressurised the compartment containing the cops, who were both laying on the floor groaning from having been launched several metres a second into a bulkhead. Rachel did it again; the two cops launched another fifty metres, whipped around a corner like ragdolls and slammed into another compartment. Vent, repressurise, repeat. "You want a go?" She said, offering the tablet up to Damian. He accepted it eagerly and like a child with a new toy, pressed the button several more times, watching as the two Star Helix officers were steadily catapulted through the station, eventually coming to rest in a battered, bruised pile inside an emergency escape capsule.

    "And now for the finale," Rachel said, tapping the screen another dozen times. The airlock on the capsule slammed shut, followed by a large, clawed waldo on the outside of the station plucking the capsule off the station and hurling it with great force in the direction of the inner system. "Made sure they had enough food and water...and last them till Ceres, they'll live...but they sure as hell won't be coming back to Kasi Deya again."

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