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  1. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    There were two things that made Jacob Thompson feel alive.

    The first one was bringing justice to those who deserved it and the second one was the Blue Swallow.

    He couldn´t explain the last one, he just felt it everytime he stepped through the Maindoor of the small Club, a vitalizing energy flowing through him.
    The music, the lighting, the people all those things made him feel good.

    Some might argue it was just seeing a couple halfnaked girls dance but he had never much cared for that.

    Today had started relativly normal.

    He had come to HQ, looked at his desk and the open cases, picked a few that should be taken care off and collected his "paperwork" to finish it somewhere else.
    He had never liked to sit at his desk in the office area, doing his "paperwork".
    The work itself wasn´t a problem but he couldn´t concentrate for shit when he sat between the other Star Helix cops, so he mostly took his files and data with him and worked on it on the go or he would find a nice spot and finish it there.

    This time he had chosen to do his work at the Blue Swallow.

    But before he could even start sorting his files and filling in reports his terminal buzzed.

    Silently cursing whoever had just interrupted him he looked at his terminal.

    "Priority Alert for all Star Helix Personal in close proximity!"

    "Witness reported assault in progress at 25th 3rd Corner Medina level! 3 Attackers 1 Victim"

    He jumped to his feet and hurried towards the Maindoor sprinting as soon as he was out in the corridors.

    "Detective Thompson responding to priority alert for 25th 3rd Corner Medina level!"

    When he reached the location he could only see 3 Belter men, Dockworkers judging from their Overalls, running away into a tunnel.

    "Star Helix! Stop right now and put your hands in the air or we will be authorized to open fire!"

    Of course the fuckers didn´t stop but it was worth a shot.
    He pulled out his gun and ran after them.
    "Officer Thompson chasing 3 Suspects requesting asistance at 23rd 3rd Corner, Belter, gray Dockworker Union Overalls! Get your asses down here!"
    When he reached the next crossection and caught sight of them, they had split up and went different ways.
    He quickly decided to chase after the one on the right, pushing aside people, jumping over obstacles and desprately trying to catch up with someone who was way younger and not limited by prosthetics.

    When Detective Hartigan showed up he was like an angle, meeting the fleeing Belter right before he could escape into one of the old and tight corridors were he would´ve never been able to catch the more nimble Man

    He finally caught up when Hartigan had already handcuffed the man.

    "I...I... I can take over from here on" Only barely managing to speak while breathing heavily.

    Hartigan gave him a look that said everything.
    "Ok fine. Bring him to HQ i will interrogate him... later."

    He turned around and started jogging back to the original crime scene.
    One Officer arrived at the same time as Thompson and began talking to the victim, a earther wearing a suit and looking like he must be important somehwere, while Jacob started looking around and talking to the witness who had reported the incident. She knew absoutly nothing and had just spotted the assault while she walked through a neighbouring corridor.
    When the other Officer was done with the Victim he gave Jacob the soundfile recording of the conversation and they parted ways.

    On his way back to HQ he couldn´t stop hoping this wouldn´t turn into one of those dirty cases that usually involved the dockworkers.

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  2. Devram Reyes

    His voice overpowered the din as he stood over a Star Helix desk officer who looked as if he had resigned himself to this one way conversation.

    "Mi boys nah woulda done dis. Imalowda went out to see what was going on cos he called us thinking he was followed, sasa ke?"

    "So why did they run eh?"

    "What?" responded Devram with an incredulously look on his face. "Running away from an armed group when you've found your friend dead? Ya and before you say it, nothing says 'I'm definitely gonya follow due process and definitely won't just off you and dump you out an air lock.' like shouting 'Star Helix.' Fuck it, probably one of your boys on da management payroll did this.

    "Same as when Smith was supposedly killed over drugs two months ago. Exactly da same."

    A few more Helix officers were paying attention now. They looked as if they were close to carting Devram away.
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  3. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    When Jacob had left the crime scene to head for HQ he had had a good picture of what happened.

    A few unsatisfied dock workers beating up some managment guy out of rage.
    But now after he had watched the recording of the victim a couple times he wasn´t so sure anymore.

    The mans injuries were to few and not serious enough to convince him that a few dockworkers who hauled heavy cargo for a living had beaten the man up.
    And his story of events wasn´t really what Jacob would call round, it was to perfect to be true.

    He half seriously played with the thought of throwing the suit out an airlock and solve the case like that.
    But it was an earther in a managing position that probably had a daddy on earth or luna watching out for him.

    When he arrived at HQ his fear from before got more problems to fuel it.
    Standing infront of a pale and scared Star Helix secretary, looking like he was about to pick the man up and throw him in a trash bin, was Devram Reyes, the dockworker Union Rep.

    He didn´t know him personally, but he had heard about him from the cops that usually patroled the docks.

    Sighing, he walked to meet him and save the cowardice pencil-pusher that was about to shit himself.

    "You can go back to doing your paperwork, i take care of this."

    He held his prosthetic left hand out to Reyes to greet him while he pushed the secretary away with his right.

    "Hello and welcome to Star Helix Security, i assume you are here because of the arrested dockworker?"

    "Yes yes, and he already caused trouble, you can put him in a cell with the other one."

    A bit suprised, Jacob turned around and looked the secretary in the eyes while he spoke.
    "Didn´t you understand what i said? If you don´t have anything better to do you should keep your mouth shut or i put you in a cell with them. Understood?"
    "Uh yes sir. I am sorry sir. I promise it won´t happen again." But Thompson had already turned around to Reyes.

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  4. Devram Reyes

    Devram turned and crossed his arms over his chest. Body language was a large portion of communication for belters and he had immediately gone on the defensive. At least they had sent one of the grown ups to talk to him.

    He opened up just long enough to shake a hand. "Is this your case? I'm expecting the usual Star Helix impartiality here."

    Helix knew who the paymasters were. Rarely did they side with the workforce if someone high up enough in the management tier - mostly composed of influential earthers - got involved.
  5. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    "Yeah seems to be my case now and i don´t like it when some cowardly earther with a daddy to wipe his butt off tells me how to solve a case, so no i will do my best to throw the right one out an airlock."

    He started walking towards the door that lead to the interrogation room.

    "Follow me. I am sure your mans first demand will be to speak to you."

    While passing by he noticed Simon, a young dedicated detective.
    "Simon, do you know which cell my subject is in?"

    "Ah yes sir, i already brought him into the interrogation room, he´s waiting there."

    "Good work Detective."

    He entered the interrogation room and saw the belter chained to a chair.

    "To much good work maybe."
    But before Reyes could say a thing he went over and unlocked the handcuffs as a sign of good will.

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  6. Devram Reyes

    "Thomas," Devram said, making a quick welcoming gesture with his hand.

    The belter in the chair rubbed his wrists and then made the gesture in return, but it was more lethargic. It had been a draining day for the young dock worker. He looked glad not to be alone.

    "Told you to leave it," Devram muttered.

    "Ya, ya," Thomas replied.

    Devram pursed his lips and turned towards the detective. He decided to explain more openly. It was a risk, but they didn't have many options here.

    "Management have been threatening one of ours last few weeks to stop him putting forward a claim for an injury. Couple of real nasty types turned up at his house last week." Devram crossed his arms over his chest again. "The boys went for a talk in turn, sounds like they got overexcited. I trust the man in question isn't too badly hurt."
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  7. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    "Mhm" Jacob mumbled already in thought.
    Jacob pulled out his handterminal and checked the med report.

    "Nope, just a few nasty scratches, bruises and a headache for the next few days" Thompson replied more to himself than to Reyes.
    He was busy thinking.
    He went a few steps back and leaned against the wall.

    "Simon, could you bring me a coffee?"
    he spoke into his terminal.

    He turned to the Worker, Thomas Smith according to his files.

    "Got a few questions, mind answering them? You don´t need to answer them right away, take your time."

    Jacob asked in a friendly tone, trying to comfort the man.
    Without waiting for a reply, he started asking, closely watching the mans motions and reactions.

    "What was the injury in question?" he started asking in a tone that sounded like this all was pure routine.
    "Who were the guys that turned up at the apartment?"
    "Who were the managment guys threating one of yours and who was that one?
    "Who were the two others with you?"
    he made use of a more pressing tone to throw the already weakened man out of balance.

    Then he went silent, looking more towards Reyes then the Worker, watching how the two interacted.
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  8. Devram Reyes

    Devram knew he was being watched, but he couldn't help that Thomas looked to him for some signal to continue. Devram gave a subtle nod.

    "It was Jenkins got hurt. Da boss been pressuring people not to wait for the green light on da cargo belt. Keep things going quicker. Light went red and then he lost three fingers. The ones that turned up at his apartment when he went to file for a payout..." Thomas looked to Devram.

    "A couple of known goons. I have their names." Devram looked the officer square in the eyes. What he said next was possibly going to put him in a lot of trouble. "The other was one of yours."

    He let that implication hang heavy in the air between them.

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  9. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    "Mhm" responded Jacob, still thinking.

    He examined all the pieces in his head, turned them, tried to piece them together and looked how they worked with each other.

    He knew they wouldn't tell him the names of the others workers but it had been woth a shot.

    He took the coin out of his pocket and began playing with it, watched it spin and flip between his fingers. Suddenly he looked up, shoved it back into his coat pocket and pushed himself away from the wall.

    "I need a drink." he said.

    He left the interrogation room and waited outside until Reyes and Thomas followed him.

    When the two left he turned to Simon.

    "Put him back in his cell, but make sure he is well taken care off." he ordered the young Detective.

    When Simon left to bring the suspect back to his cell he grabbed him.

    "Keep an eye on him, don't want him hurting himself you know?"

    Simon nodded.

    Then he signaled Reyes to follow him and made his way towards the Blue Swallow.

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  10. Devram Reyes

    @Thompson Jacob

    Devram wasn't certain if the drink was code for 'let's go and talk about this elsewhere' or 'let's go out back where two of the boys are going to talk to you about making such accusations.'

    There wasn't really much choice in the matter, but Devram tried not to think about the possibility of being kicked to within an inch of his life. It was a threat he lived with almost every day. Some of the corporations that looked after the Ceres Docks had few scruples over dealing with unions and strikes outside of the law. Half the private detectives on Ceres were semi-legitimate bare knuckle boxers for hire. Some of Helix too, it seemed. But if no one stood up, then they might as well all roll over.

    When they turned out of the offices they did actually head towards a crowded area. Devram pulled his jacket tighter around his neck, eyes furtively watching for any sign of pursuit.
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  11. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    Jacob didn´t say one word until they reached the Swallow.
    He opened the door and took a deep breath, inhaling the atmosphere of the club, letting the music numb his mind, his eyes get shoothed by the lighting.
    A cold rush ran down his spine and he shivered.

    He went over to a table near the bar, sat down and pointed at the other chair.
    Two men entered the Bar shortly after them, they looked around and sat down at a table near them.

    "The usual and whatever my friend here feels like drinking." he told the waitress, not even looking at her.

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  12. Devram Reyes

    "It'll be a beer for me," Devram tacked on. The waitress was gone a moment later. He let his gaze pan across the bar. He couldn't tell if this was just a convenient stop for the officer or one of those bars that ended up being almost dedicated to serving a Helix precinct.

    "I'm getting the feeling this wasn't the case you wanted to get dropped on you today?" Devram asked. He tried to see it from the perspective of the officer. None of the potential outcomes looked attractive from that point of view. At least none that didn't piss someone off.

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  13. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    Jacob took a sip from his drink, a new ceres which was basically just a new orleans done belter.
    He looked Reyes in the face and watched how he looked around, the slight shifts in posture, his facial movements, all those things that would give away feelings and intentions.

    He took another sip, letting it sit for a few seconds so he could experiencing the whole range of flavours the drink had to offer.
    Putting down his glass, Thompson finally began to speak.

    "No not really, no. I honestly hoped this would become a relaxing day, planned to slack off a bit and do papershit, but i guess that went south. l can´t do anything against that though, so here we are, having another shitty case of corruption, because some asshole would sell his own grandmother for some scrip."

    He took another sip.

    "Now, how about you explain to me this whole fuck up in detail? Then i will decide who will experience the freezing cold of space firsthand." he asked Reyes still watching him.

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  14. Devram Reyes

    "Honestly," Devram said with a slow shake of his head, "I'm not sure anyone going for a swim in the black will really fix this. Its what I keep trying to tell them. Really piss them off and they just turn of da aqua again."

    Devram shrugged. He had a notion that one day they could get the corporations to play ball and treat Belters properly, but sometimes it seemed like a distant dream.

    "This all started with them pushing people to break the safety rules. We've got enough evidence for a case so Jenkins can actually get properly compensation for losing most of a hand. Company doesn't want to pay. The fact that they've been trying to intimidate him means they think the case is solid. Last I checked it wasn't cheap to pay a Helix officer to do your dirty work," he added the last sentence very quietly, all too aware of where they were.
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  15. Thompson Jacob

    Thompson Jacob Star Helix Senior Detective

    "Then how about we two pay those coperation wankers a visit, you think a Cop can protect them from a Cop?
    I might not be able to get rid of your Cop very soon but I think a little visit would keep them from hiring him."

    He took another long sip and looked around, watching one of the girls dance while he awaited Reyes response.

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