MARS Deserts of Mars

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  1. Naomi Wu

    Naomi looks over to Hector, shaking her head. Walking over to the window, she peeked out at the wind and sands blowing at what Naomi would guess is sixty miles an hour.

    "Negative, eat up, triple check your gear, and rest up as necessary. I'm not sending anyone out in this storm alone, regardless of whether you're capable or not. It's just too risky, especially with hostiles so near." She said, in a calculating, and professional tone.

    Wandering around the rover she made sure everyone was kitted up, and ready to move at a moments notice, before sitting down and taking a ration to eat. Ripping open the plastic packaging, she takes the utensils out, and lays out the separate food packages on the table in front of her, and in her head, decided which to eat first. She opened up the single serving of synthetic steak, using the knife to cut off a small portion. Taking up her fork, she stabbed the 'meat', and started to bring it up to her mouth before freezing, having been startled by a sudden noise outside.

    She paused for a moment, letting the robot shout through the hull. Setting down the fork, she got up, and walked over to the window, looking towards the robot as is played it's orders. Letting out a slight sigh, Naomi nodded to herself, and turned around, standing up.

    "Alright gents! We got new orders, set down your meals and kit up!" She shouts, hurrying back to her table, and grabbing her helmet.

    Slipping it on, she reaches over and uses her wrist-pad to enable the HUD, showing her vitals, and other important information. Enabling the radio, she quickly states the teams orders.

    "Here's the game plan. We'll divide up into B-team, and A-team, A-team will scale the outside wall, and breach in, afterwards, B-team will penetrate through the front door, we'll flash them out, then hit hard with a shield in front. B-team will move slow, slowly pushing them back, and into A-team who will come from the stairs. Try and be non-lethal, I want to detain these people-" She's cut off from some sort of yelling coming from outside.

    Walking towards the window, she sees a nomad, waving a white flag. Shouting something about surrendering. She spins around, grabbing a SMG, and pulling back the slide, loading a bullet into the chamber.

    "One outside! Grab your gear!" Presuming that he's non-hostile, Naomi seems confident she can take him down, but she won't take the chance that something could happen.

    "I want two on the roof, one keep your sight on the guy, another watch where he came from! I'm going outside to cuff him, Hector, you can back me up!" Naomi shouts, moving towards the side door of the rover.

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  2. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Tanis, The Lost City


    Karen was resting on the mattress in her cell. At least it still felt marginally like a cell, she had been given the privilege of being allowed to roam the city, however she knew the grey haired women had people following her, making sure she didn't get up to mischief. Not that Karen minded too much, being able to explore a Martian civilisation entirely separate from than of the Republic was fascinating to her and had opened her eyes to the authoritarian nature of her people. She still lived and breathed the Republic, however now her perspective had changed somewhat, less trigger happy perhaps? Only time will tell.

    Her reverie was broken as three figures walked into the room, one was the kindly grey haired woman she had come to know. However the two others dripped hostility, they were fully clad in what she could only imagine was nomad battle dress, multiple interlocking plates of roughly fashioned armour, pulled tight over synthetic leather and fibre. They glared at her, not out of malice but more a general distrust. Surprising no one in the room, it was Karen who broke the silence.

    "I take it something happened. Is everything okay? Is the Atrax okay?"

    Fatima slimed slightly before a serious look took over her face. "Lieutenant Ashoka we require your assistance. On of our vehicles was found missing a few days ago along with several of our adolescents. It is not unusual for them to go out scavenging from time to time, however it is unusual for them to be gone for this long.

    We sent out a patrol to find them however we lost contact with them several hours ago. To make matters worse our telescopes have spotted a large dust plume heading south west, towards an outpost we know as Ares 3. This is seen as sacred ground by another of the desert tribes. We fear our children have desecrated the site, possibly to scavenge, possibly to seek shelter from a storm that passed recently.

    We have tried as best we can to repair your ship. We have inserted a reactor, salvaged from a downed starship a generation ago. It is ready and waiting for you."

    Karen stared at the three of them, a look of sullen anger crossing her face. "So you shoot me down in the middle of the desert, take me hostage and now your kids are missing you want my war machine to save the day?"

    "Make no mistake girl, these are not the same people as us. They are wild, driven mad in their search for water and respite. They are the worst of the very worst of our society. They will give no quarter and slaughter our children...or worse. In return for your help, we will open Tanis to the Republic. We will share our knowledge of cultivating the Martian soil, and the secrets that have allowed an oxygen rich, green and plentiful Oasis to grow under the desert you and your previously thought as uninhabitable. It will allow for the colonisation of the entire world, above and below ground, and food security for millions."

    The offer was worth it. Blow up some Savage junkers that even these tribal people considered heretics, in return learn the key to growing plant life under the surface of the planet and allowing the terraforming effort to jump forward several decades.

    "Where's my ship?"


    Some time later

    The Atrax roared over the desert landscape once again, Karen had wasted no time once becoming airborne. The moment she was a safe distance from the city she hit the afterburners and flew in low and fast over a small armarda of what could only be described as ground assault vehicles. Several looked like hackedb together Republic tanks, others looked like ancient rovers from the days the early colony days.

    As she flew over, several rotated large turrets to face her and tried to take potshots, however this time she was prepared, and laid down a bombardment that wiped out nearly a third of the entire force before she peeled off and roared south west towards the site known as Ares 3.


    Ares 3

    The drone hovered in the air above the lone nomad figure. The white rag clutched in their hand blowing wildly in the gusts from the drones engine. They made no sudden movements, only stood with arms raised in surrender.

    Suddenly some occurred on the drone, a part of it's "mind" that had been allowed to be freely autonomous for the last few days was deactivated without warning and it shuddered briefly before spinning around and zipping over to the Rover, where it plonked itself on the roof before emitting a series of loud chirps.

    On the screens on the inside of the Rover, the face of a blonde Republic pilot appeared.

    "Attention MCR forces in the local vicinity. this is Karen Ashoka of the MCRDF. I am airborne piloting a Atrax multi role fighter currently tracking a massive nomad assault force inbound for an output known as Ares 3. They are after a group of kids, scavengers. It is imperative these minors be allowed to leave the site before the assault force arrives. There I will lay down covering fire, you have 15 minutes. Ashoka out."

    Off to the north east, a great plume of dust was rising, the sound of dozens of engines drifting south on the wind.


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  3. Erich Hunter

    Character Biography:
    Erich moved along the engine compartment, assuring their reactor sat readily for an emergency removal, his hands assuring the quick patch work done suited some Martian Engineering standard. He narrowed his eyes as he mused on the possible outcomes, even though Erich felt strange that he wasn't feeling anxious about what had happened so far. Stuck in the desert after a chase for scavengers, get shot at and finally an attempt for a rescue op that certainly would bring about some misfortune.

    Too caught up with a whirlwind of thoughts Erich almost jumped at the alarm sounded off, one of the scavengers had approached their rover. He shifted his weight away and quickly grabbed a sidearm pistol, holstered onto the side of his hip as he grabbed a rifle. Erich wasted little time to form up and moved quickly to his old position on the roof of the rover.

    While the sandstorm had subsided, Erich found himself clearing away several inches of sand off the roof of the rover as he moved into position. He readied his weapon and scoped in to see clearly the scavenger approaching their rover slowly. The scavenger moved closer and Erich slowly removed his fingers completely off the trigger. The gun lowered but Erich sighed deeply as he realized perhaps too late the issue at hand. He's just a kid trying to play the hand he was dealt, the thought sobered Erich slightly as he soon realized that perhaps now with the kids hel-

    The drone from earlier flew backwards and began sending out its new orders, and Erich's eyes widened ever so large at the new orders. Fortunately it was still a rescue operations, to which he was slightly thankful, but the rescue operation was now centered around themselves instead of his friend Karen. Erich jumped off of the roof of the rover, crashing into the sand as he rolled himself back up and moved quickly inside.

    He grabbed both Derek and Kale and rushed into the reactor room, swearing about making sure the reactor was sealed tightly and that it wouldn't move upon any evasive maneuvers on the driver's part. Wielding tools and the likes soon assured the young Engineer that they won't suddenly loose power if they accidentally landed too hard after making a jump from a sand dune.

    "If we got any, and I mean any, heavy ordnance lying around and simply being saved for a special occasion-" Erich called out as he moved himself towards the driver's seat, "-Now would be that occasion," He did not want their Rover to get shot up again without at least returning the favor in someway.

    "We'll distract the Hostiles from the kids, if we make enough noise and cause enough trouble they'll be forced to deal with us first before they even try to chase the kids," Erich commentated as he fixed himself nicely into the driver's seat. His head swirling with thoughts of unease, even with support from the air Erich did not like their predicament and protecting essentially civvies simply added unknown variables to the nth degree.

    "Not what I signed up for, not at all," Erich muttered as he prepped the rover, feeling the reactor whine into life and low hum of power.

    At least Karen fixed her bird, one less thing to worry about fixing I guess. . .

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  4. Rajendra Vaikar

    Rajendra Vaikar Martian Marine

    Character Biography:
    Whatever plans they had made were now thrown out of the window at the news of the oncoming assault. Raj slung his rifle while Erich grabbed his crewmembers and moved to make a last minute check of the reactor. The thought of that dying on them was not one he wanted to entertain.

    "I'm not sure heavy ordnance is going to make a difference with those kind of odds. They could be coming at us with a rock in each hand and they'd still batter the shite out of us". He'd be saving the last bullet for himself. He winced as he felt the rover kick into gear, the reactor coming to life. "All it's going to do is buy us time". The end result was going to be the same.

    Still, he checked the arms locker for what slim pickings were left. He yanked out a Vulcan Foundries grenade launcher, checking its sights. He did the same for his assault rifle, doing a last check of all his kit. A curse in Punjabi came when he caught sight of the sensor panel. Their solitary red marker and dozens of blue ones, all incoming. "No point in making it easy for them anyways".
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  5. The Nomads

    The Nomads The wind is rising...

    The message from Karen was relayed on the loudspeakers on the outside of the rover. It was all the information the Driver needed. The city people were being reinforced, but only because a massive force of bandits, brutal scavengers rejected entry to Tanis were on their way. The Driver realised why, in their rush for survival and shelter from the storm, they had trespassed on that these scavengers considered sacred ground. The Ares 3 site was one of the first locations of colonisation, and he had unwittingly lead them right to himself and his friends.

    Turning around, he waved to the ATV which was parked near one of the squat tourist buildings. With a grunt then a roar it came to life, black clouds of smoke erupting from its exhaust pipes. He turned back to the Rover in front of him, taking note of the string of (now patched) holes on its side which he and his friends were responsible. It too began to turn back on, a low rumble turning into a loud high pitched while as the behemoths reactor fed energy to the machine. "I'm going to take my people and leave. Okay? Please do not shoot me, we mean no harm. We will tell our people you helped us!" With that he turned on his heel and sprinted for the ATV which was picking up speed. As he neared it he grabbed a handle near the drivers side door and climbed into the cabin. With another roar it picked up speed and shot off across the sand and over a dune before disappearing from sight.

    Mere moments had passed since its departure when a dozen vehicles thundered around the mesa on the other side of the valley. They were quickly joined by more vehicles and more, and more until an armada of spiked, scavenged, patched together vehicles began bearing down on the Rover, who's huge wheels began to turn as it made an attempt to escape.
  6. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Karen soared through the Martian skies at a relatively slow speed. She was maintaining a safe distance from the column of rusty metal, bandits and hatred that was currently bearing down on a Martian Rover. In the distance, a single dust plume gave away what must have been the fleeing children, the grey haired lady from Tanis mentioned. Good, they had managed to escape, and it looked like the bandits had taken the bait of the MCR Rover instead. A helpful but not perfect sequence of events. All that needed to happen now was the Rover needed to make it back to civilisation in one piece with at least some of the crew still alive. The giant yellow vehicle had turned itself around and was now heading south, back towards the Republic, however the bandit horde had caught up to them quickly, the column of racing vehicles split in two and within minutes had the rover caught between columns which slowly moved closer together.

    The Rover was picking up speed, a column of dust rising behind it as well as it began climbing over and launching off the great dunes of the desert. The smaller vehicles struggled, some coming dangerously close to the rovers enormous tires. "Ashoka to MCR Rover, I'm coming in, laying down covering fire."

    Hitting the accelerator, the Atrax leapt forwards and down, Karen driving the war machine ever closer to the undulating, sand-swept surface of her planet. She was hoping for at least a small element of surprise, maybe she could pick off some of the bigger, slower bandits at the rear before fully engaging the rest of the horde. On the 360° display she could see small bursts of fire erupting from the windows and roof of the Rover as it thundered across the dunes, trying to keep the bandits at bay.

    Karen readied a missile and locked onto the nearest vehicle, a bastardised tank with large clunky treads that spewed sand everywhere, but didn't allow it as much speed as the others. It did however have a large, ancient missile pod mounted on it, which made it a threat to her. Locking on she squeezed the trigger.

    -Error: Incompatible energy signature, missile system offline-

    Karen swore. The jerry rigged reactor the nomads gave her must be messing with her systems, hell they probably hooked it up wrong. She wasn't surprised. honestly she was amazed the Atrax could even get airborne. She was down to conventional PDC rounds then. Flipping two switches, bays on the top and underside of the aircraft retracted and two multi-barrelled PDC turrets emerged and spun up. Squeezing the trigger again, she was greeted with the satisfying rumble as the turrets filled the unfortunate bandit vehicle with holes and tungsten. Moments later it slowed, then burst into flames. "Scratch one heavy. Beginning strafing runs now."

    Pulled up on the yolk she aimed the Atrax up and began flying across the vehicles, strafing back and forth as she went.

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