JUPITER Days Gone By

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  1. Violet

    Violet Mackenzie

    Character Biography:
    Several years ago, in the mines of Callisto...

    At nineteen years old, Violet was hardly the youngest worker in the docks of the Jovian moon, but she was still fairly new to the workforce. Her parents had left to make their way back down the gravity well months ago, leaving their daughter in the relative comfort of the Belt and the low gravity it had to offer. It was still a sore topic of discussion, and she tried her best to not think about it. They had perfectly valid reasons for leaving her behind, in fact, they had begged her to come with them. Back to Earth, back home. Or at least, that's what they called it. Earth was no more her home than this cold moon was. It was just a floating rock in a vast expanse of nothing, with more gravity than she would ever be able to live in comfortably. At least they hadn't just left her on the nearest station with nothing to her name.

    Her parents did the best that they theoretically could. They found her a paying job, with lodging and meals included, on the moon. The one problem with their plan was the contract that went along with the job. It tied Violet to working the mines for years -- until she could pay back the money it cost for her company "supplied" equipment and the training that she would need to operate some of the equipment. She shared an "apartment", more like a closet, with a scrawny belter woman in her late seventies, Dottie.

    Dottie had worked in the mines her entire life. Her fingers were dyed a dark black from the years spent repairing machinery and hauling minerals. It made Violet's skin crawl, the thought of being stuck on the frozen rock for the rest of her life. Had her parents really abandoned her here to spend the rest of her days withering away?

    Her thoughts were bleak and bitter as she made her way through the crowds, shuffling along towards the tiny room that Valdemar Corp. called her place of residence. Yep. This was her life. Cold noodles twice a day and a bed the size of a coffin. But hey, at least her parents would be living pretty back on Earth.

    She knew that it wasn't exactly true, in the back of her mind. Her mother was sick and she needed proper medical care, but that still didn't take away the sting of being left behind... or stop her from blaming them for her current situation.

    Her eyes drifted over towards the various ships that were docked in the small hangar. Most of them were simple transport ships, owned by Valdemar Corp. There were a few freelance freighters that caught her attention. She paused, the crowd flowing around her without a second thought. How long would it take her to pay off the contract, and then save up for a ticket off this rock? She already knew the rough answer to that question: years.

    Unless... what if she paid someone to smuggle her off the moon? Or better yet... what if she stowed away on one?
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  2. ChrystalNiNja88

    ChrystalNiNja88 The Dr. Who of The Who

    Chelsea McMahon looked around herself. The dock was more expansive than the one she had just been at. Suffice to say, there was room for more than one ship. Her cargo ship carried typical cargo for her journey. Equipment whose purpose she didn't really know, basic foodstuffs (as well as some delicacies for those willing to pay the 'handling fee'), medical supplies, etc. She was only 22 years old but was proving herself a dependable, if somewhat unspectacular, freighter despite the occasional gaffe. The previous stopping point had left her with a bruise on the left side of her face when a patron of their 'shipping services' had found them to be lacking bootlegged high-strength painkillers they were promised. A fight ensued immediately after that.

    The crew of the ship was almost finished unloaded their cargo, so Chelsea decided to take a walk around. Most other crews went about their business and paid her no nevermind. That is, till someone called out her name.


    They called out a second time, and she tried to feign ignorance. She didn't know who it was and nothing good ever came out of a stranger knowing your name.

    "Hey! Blonde girl! You Chelsea?!"

    Leave me alone, just leave me alone...

    "Well, holy shit! It is you! Hey, Carl!" A nearby dock worker looked up from his tablet he was entering data into and squinted at the pair.

    The tall lanky man who had addressed Chelsea sauntered on over to her, a big stupid grin on his face.

    "It's that girl who got her ass beat over at the other station! No doubt, she's even got that big bruise on her face!", he lowered his voice as he stepped in uncomfortably close to her, "I was hoping I could get your autograph."

    "How do you even know who the hell I am?"

    "Oh, a buddy of ours messaged us some snippets of your little tussle. I gotta say, you quite the little fire-snapper to be taking on that big, mean ol' junkie. He was just about twice your size. You seem like you can handle more than it seems." He slid his hands into the pockets on his dirty uniform. The vibe had gone from general mocking to at least somewhat creepy and imposing. As he did his best to tower over her, out of the corner of her eye Chelsea noticed an odd looking old woman staring over at the goings-on that were playing out. She avoided giving the creep anymore attention than absolutely necessary but she couldn't pull herself away from looking at that old woman with the strange stare.
  3. Violet

    Violet Mackenzie

    Character Biography:
    Violet hadn't even noticed that Dottie had been walking along side her, until the older woman reached up and grabbed the scarf around her neck and started to drag her along through the crowd towards one of the docked ships. "Wha-? Dottie? What the hell?"

    The old woman seemed to ignore Violet's protests, keen eyes fixed ahead on what looked to be a couple of people arguing. She released her ironclad grip on Violet's scarf as they stepped out of the crowd and nodded towards the pair with her chin. With a frustrated huff, Violet started to readjust the disheveled garment, but paused when she finally noticed the tall man taking on a more imposing stance and trying to intimidate the young captain in front of him.

    It looked very much like a situation most people would try to avoid at all costs. Dottie crossed her arms and looked to Violet expectantly. The old belter woman rarely speaking unless it was absolutely necessary. "Alright, alright. Fine." Violet muttered, holding her hands up in a placating gesture towards Dottie.

    Hefting her bag a little higher up onto her shoulder, Violet took a few steps forward towards the tall Belter and Chelsea. She took a deep breath and cleared her throat, trying her best to look casual. Internally, she wanted to strangle Dottie, if she wanted this taken care of, why didn't she do it?

    "Oye, kopeng, why don't you jus' leave the girl alone, ya? Wouldn't want to slow down the schedule, sasa ke?" She called out to the man, raising her voice just enough so that it would carry over the hum of the shuffling crowd.

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