EARTH Crossed Wires

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    Chennai, India

    "Easy now," Volpe whispered into her radio
    The strike team was composed of an international team with some local forces. The Indians had brought some young officers who looked a little nervous.

    Claudia was too, but she was better at hiding it. It was years since she had been involved in an armed raid in many years. Whilst she was behind the front lines and just wearing a vest it was still stifling in the summer heat. She was certain it would be soaked through with sweat and too heavy to carry if they had to wait any longer.

    With a population of 30 million Chennai was a good place to hide. It was also close enough to ship goods to the Sriharikota space port and get them off world. This was the end of a long journey. Hopefully be the time the dust settled they would finally know who was shipping weapons off-world and putting them in the hands of belter terrorists.

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