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  1. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [MCRN Tsurugi]

    The atmosphere in the air-depleted ship was grim, as the orders came in direct from MCR High Command, overriding the orders they'd just been acting on. Engage the OPA. Destroy their ships, and then apprehend one of their own who had gone with the OPA on some mission or another well above Aden's pay grade. Something was obviously up, but as to what it was, that didn't really matter anymore. They were soldiers, and soldiers followed orders. Especially if the orders came directly from the office of the Prime Minister.

    Now the OPA, possibly even the same ones who had rescued Aden from space following the incident on Ganymede, were the enemy once more. The crew looked from one to another, all nodding as they realized what they'd have to do. The formation of 4 Corvette-class light frigates sent a flurry of tightbeam messages between each other, all burning and accelerating their burn toward the OPA flotilla. The ships only meters apart, burning in formation as they all flipped and burned hard, decelerating toward the now hostile fleet. The LADAR began to ping the distance between the Belters and the Martians, an ever-decreasing number.

    The plan for the Martian ships was simple - obliterate as many ships as they could on the first pass, and then hope that was enough of a wake-up call to force a surrender. Unfortunately, the Behemoth had Martians onboard - and had to be considered a hostage situation. But Mars must come first. They knew what they were signing up for when they boarded the terrorist ship.

    The final slowdown complete, the four ships flipped, split apart, and all went active on targeting, torpedoes loading and PDCs arming themselves as a widebeam message went out from one of the frigates' commanders. It was likely the UN would also intercept the message - it was sent in the clear, not encrypted or hidden at all. A brazen declaration.

    ==OPA Vessels, you are ordered to surrender immediately in the name of the Martian Congressional Republic or we will open fire. Heave to and prepare to be boarded.==
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  2. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Pete Knight, Io Orbit

    When the deceleration burn ended Suess finally got up from his crash couch, for a second he felt a little dizzy, a result from the burn, the juice and sitting for a long time. He grabbed the railing to steady himself.

    "Sir, we´ve received new orders from Admiral Boucher."

    Suess turned around and walked the steps up to the ops table. XO Clark already stood at the table. On it was a tactical map of Io´s orbit including MCR Ships, UN ships and plenty of civilian vessels. The MCRN Recon Force, now only a destroyer and three light corvettes had arrived around the same time as they had but were keeping a bit of distance for now.
    One of their light corvettes burned harder to get in front of the main force and had begun an atmospheric sweep for whatever reason.

    Their new orders were surprisingly simple. Set up in a standard defensive formation, which mostly meant spreading out in orbit around the small moon, patrolling to keep the MCRN from attempting anything. Fire upon ships entering the 10000 clicks range, watch their ships and get those who might already be in orbit or atmosphere out.

    Shortly after their arrival, the Agatha King send out a message to the MCRN Forces.

    "MCRN Recon Force, this is the UNN Io Task Force. Io is now under UN Protection, any approach closer than 10000 clicks will be considered a hostile action."

    Suess watched the message pop up on the display of the ops table and nodded. He turned around to face in the direction of one of the ops stations.

    "Parma, boot up the weapons systems and give me a target solution on all MCRN Ships. Show them that this dragon ain´t so toothless. Paint them with our targeting lasers if they cross the 10000 clicks mark. Davin, perform a complete sensor sweep of the vicinity and Io´s atmosphere, if someone scratches their ass down in Io´s tunnels, I wanna know it."

    He turned back to the ops table, just in time to see how two Phantom-Class Corvettes broke out of their designated courses and performed low orbit maneuvers, scanning Io´s atmosphere for any MCRN Ships.


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  3. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:


    “Coming into orbit now, ma’am,” Vikoyan announced calmly, as the Cochrane carefully re-oriented herself, the shudders of the RCS thrusters barely felt in the isolated CIC deck. “Excellent work, Lieutenant Vikoyan,” Dolores replied, her focus chiefly on the bridge’s main display screen, where a tactical overlay depicted the increasingly chaotic situation over Io. And now with these new orders to boot. They were to assume defensive positions around the moon, and not let the Martians past. Well, that seems like an easy way to start a war, Dolores noted with a frustrated frown. In her experience, Martians had a nasty habit of treating quarantine lines more like suggestions. She tapped at her console, and rubbed at her ring finger with her thumb. “Update me on the Martians, Lieutenant Eriksen.” She spoke, anxiety entirely absent from her voice. Her Sensors Officer looked back, clearly lacking his CO’s unflappable temprament. “A group of corvettes have broken off the main fleet, ma’am. They’re burning towards the OPA fleet, they… shi-” Eriksen leaned in towards his terminal again, gritted his teeth, then turned back towards Dolores. “They’re arming weapons, and targeting the OPA ships, ma’am, they're going in for an attack run.”

    Well, I guess we found out who was going to do something stupid first. Dolores frowned again, practically digging a thumbnail into the root of her ring finger. “Keep an eye on the situation, see how it develops. We’ll hold our course for now.” Dolores spoke, authoritatively. God damn them, I am sure I know who’s going to have to clean up this mess.
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  4. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Pilot on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    Io - Upper Atmosphere

    Ashoka screened the data as it spooled across the screen, high definition photographs, radar and sonar reading, so far they had scanned over a dozen facilities and all of them seemed to be a standard, run of the mill mine or colony. It didn't help CentCom had not told them what to look for, just to look for something suspicion which might draw a sizeable UNN force to the moon.

    As she roared through the sky, new orders appeared. Ashoka frowned. High Command had directly contradicted the orders of another high ranking official, ordering the MCRN to attack the OPA, something Ashoka had not expected at all. Something was up, someone was making a play and she had an awful feeling the Atrax was caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Moments later, alerts began to whine. Several UNN assets had begun to spread out in orbit above them and were training their instruments on the tiny corvette. Luckily none of them were a target lock, but they were aware of the Atrax, and in its current vulnerable state Ashoka had to make a judgement call, and quickly; pull out of Io, run the gauntlet between the UNN ships and get back to the relative safety of the MCRN fleet, or high the accelerator and try to outrun the UNN ships above and hide or escape.

    She ran the simulations, each one where they attempted escape came up with a 90% failure rate. "Hold on sailors, this is going to get pretty rough," she shouted, before hitting the accelerator. Igniting an epstein drive in atmosphere was generally a catastrophically terrible idea, however Io's atmosphere was thin enough that it didn't pose too much of a threat. The Atrax leapt forwards, the exhaust plume from its six micro-epstein drives leaving a glowing blue trail in its wake.
  5. Steven Wright

    Character Biography:
    - Sir, the UNN fleet remains in Io orbit and does not seem to want to move. They are maintaining their threat against us.

    - And how far is the Behemoth from here?

    - Still at a good distance, sir. But we could catch him.

    The Vice-Admiral's lips twisted in a grimace of anger. Everything, absolutely everything stinks of manipulation. The sudden change in order and posture, Zay's request for arrest. The fucking protomolecule is on Io! How can he deny the evidence?! HOW!?

    Unless... With a raging gesture he rejects the idea that keeps settling in his head. What if Mars is guilty too? He stared at the ballets formed by the data displayed on his command table. But the idea keeps coming back, whistling at him his cruel insinuation.

    - Admiral Hohenhart wants to know how the operation is going.

    He raises eyebrows astonishing. Holy shit, this little motherfucker should really have to die from his heart problem! He frowned even more deeply astonished by his own reaction. It wasn't like him to revolt like that. The officer looks up at him, waiting for the answer.

    - Tell Admiral Hohenhart I'm in charge of the operation to control the OPA and capture Zay, as we had already decide earlier. Tell him that as he planned we won't take any unnecessary prisoners.

    - Now or later?

    A soupson of complicity is nestled in his voice.

    - Did you find it?

    - Later then?

    - Yes, yes, I think the answer on our situation can wait.

    The bridge officers stopped pianoting and turned their eyes towards the commandant. His crew has always been very loyal to him. And Wright has always honored their loyalty. A strong command-crew relationship in short. And the slightest betrayal is obviously very, very badly perceived.

    The elevator opens its doors to let in a young officer. His beret is transverse and two strong members of the military police hold him by both arms. An expression of surprise and fatigue is present on the officer's face.

    - You wanted to see me, Vice-Admiral?

    His voice is shaking and he stumbles on certain words.

    - Yes, officer, as Vice-Admiral and Commander of the MCRN Simurgh and Simurgh fleet. I am in the process of applying military justice during operations. Therefore I accuse you of treason, espionage and unauthorized data transmission.

    The officer's face becomes bleached and words seem to come out of his lips, but not the sound that usually accompanies the word.

    - Did you carry out these actions under cover of a mission of one of the intelligence services?

    His voice is sharp and cold, devoid of any form of emotion if cold anger is omitted.

    - N..N..no

    - So you deliberately spy on the Simurgh network without authorization from the legal authorities and divert the fruits of your listening to an unknown source?

    - He promised me...

    - I don't give a shit about what he promised you! He can promise you 72 virgins just for you or a complete solar system. I don't give a shit. I want to know who this "he" is. Because I swear to you, if you don't answer. I will have you tried for high treason and abuse of trust and executed!

    - Hohenhart! He promised me a..


    Wright turns his head to observe the rest of the bridge. And discovers his officers standing with their eyes full of anger. Not against him! But with him!

    - Take this "scelerat" to the cell!

    The two guards nodded and dragged the guilty officer to the cells. The bridge members sit down and start tapping again on their stations. A moment of silence stretches. Then the communications officer broke it.

    - I sent the message to Admiral Hohenhart. Know ,sir, that this ship, and even the fleet, trusts you!

    Wright answers with a little smile.

    - If it were up to me, I would have had him executed right away!

    Wright turns around to reply, but another voice intervenes.

    - We can't do that, it agains the legal follow procedure! On the other hand, I say that having him killed during the acceleration by disguising his death as an unfortunate accident is quite possible!

    He raises his hand to calm the discussion when a third person intervenes

    - In fact, I think the members of the lab would be happy to disguise his death with one of their many ingenious products!

    - Okay, calm down! If you continue like this I'm going to have to get rid of you because you'll become bulky witnesses!

    The remark makes the bridge laugh and Wright lets himself go with them. The calm returns and everyone gets back to their work. The strategy map is deployed while the countdown for the juice and acceleration is activated. He signals to the officers that he needs to send some more last orders. The 3D camera descends from the ceiling and activates with its usual white-blue light.

    MCRN Tsurugi,

    This is Vice Admiral Steven Wright. I'm in charge of operations. I order you not to shoot the Behemoth unless it becomes a threat. Otherwise, you have to help secure the area while the Simurgh and my raptor-class will stop and board the OPA ships. As for the Behemoth, it will be approached and the Martian delegation saved. If you have the opportunity to board before me, please arrest Zay Boussaa for conspiracy with the enemy!

    Further orders will come!


    The camera turns off its white-blue glow and makes a small noise indicating that it is processing the image and then reappearing the usual glow.

    This is a message to the Behemoth,

    This is Vice-Admiral Steven Wright of MCRN Simurgh. The Republic of the Martian Congress formally accuse your organization of interference and conspiracy to destabilize the nation! Therefore all your fleet and under arrest and ordering you to stop in order to be boarded! We suspect you and your crew of deterning Zay Boussaa on board, formally accused of conspiracy with you. We wish to recover him and put him and all the members of your terrorist crew under arrest! Be smart and make appointments without causing problems. I have raptor-class heading towards you at full speed in addition to the Simurgh and the fleet already present. We can do a lot of damage to your ships. And that's hardly my intention, so be smart and cooperate!


    He had a pinch in his heart as he finished the message. He doesn't know if this is all a twisted plan of Zay's, or was he just getting his ass kicked? But the last thing he wants is to have to get his body back from the space vacuum. With a sigh he begins the following message.

    To the UNN fleet stationed in Io,

    This is Vice-Admiral Steven Wright of MCRN Simurgh.The Republic of the Martian Congress is currently and legally conducting operations to arrest terrorists. We ask you not to interfere with our operations and not to take the operation as an attack or aggression against you. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact me.



    As he straps his seat belts, his handheld terminal vibrates to indicate the arrival of a message on the encrypted channel. "Operation still in progress. We have a broken radio, so can no longer receive orders on official channels." The message is self-deleting, leaving only a blank screen and a worried Steven Wright....

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  6. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    Melanie P. Burleson, or Mela for close friends (see Melanine for some of these co-workers) has rarely been in space in her life. Which is very, very ironic about his situation. She's a scientist for the Martian state labs. A hard work where people with better contacts allows her to pick up all these merits. His greatest "achievement" comes from his work on the Simurgh and on the "Celestial Bird" project. That's if you forget all your work in the terraforming sector.

    - Be careful with these buttons. If you do anything wrong, you'll end up dead!

    She nods her head, her horses coming back into the helmet as she closes it. The weightlessness gives a strange impression, working on it from his calculation screen is one thing. Living it is another. Marines are standing with her in the airlock. A certain Carson helps him put on and inspect his suit. It is not really part of his scientific training to put on suitable armor and be dropped on a moon such as Io in order to investigate a secret lab run by terrorists with alien weapons.

    - Don't worry, I'll be there to protect you in case of a problem.

    The man named Carson just spoke to him through the radio system. He looks cute. Wait, she shouldn't turn away from her mission!

    -- Okay, guys, fall in less than five minutes. The UNN fleet is arriving at high speed and they don't seem very happy! So even if communication cuts off, you know what to do! The human race is counting on you! --

    Fear, she is clearly afraid. An intense cold takes her by the throat and descends into her back. She turns her gaze and falls on Carson who stares in front of him at the right stature and looks away. Taking her example from him, she looks ahead and tries to clear her mind. She repeats herself mentally, like a mantrat, her calculation notes from her university thesis. Science is comforting in a way, with its fixed rules for all and its mysteries to discover.


    The fall was sudden, the airlock door was underneath them. And she's certain that she, stupidly, screamed during the fall. His back projector cushioned the fall as expected and his parachute took care of the rest. Which makes it even more stupid to think she's screaming.

    Io's soil is sandy, a funny sand a little harder than normal sand. Much harder....More like volcanic ash cooled by a faulty freezer. The toolbox swallows his parachute while his wheels come out.

    - Okay guy, the supposed Protogen base is somewhere north of here. Thanks to the tracking of the Atrax and the already known history of the terrorists. We think they're hiding in an abundant helium refinery complex. If our calculations are correct, we will certainly come across a terrorist base equipped with weapons never seen before. It will be important to keep your cool and overcome every challenge these freaks have put in place. And honestly, if we run into the blue monster. Follow the procedure already in place. I don't want to have to drag your bodies!

    Well, that's a very reassuring speech. Either we find the base or we find nothing and the mission is a failure. She hits a stone on the ground with her foot and observes the curve she makes in the air. She has fun guessing (or calculating) the speed and destination where the rock will fall. This is how she entertains herself during their "walk". Looking at a landscape that offers erupting volcanoes and hitting rocks. She will have to convert herself into a video game programmer and create an application on it.

    Carson grabs her by the arm, brings her gun back in front of her.

    - Stay close to me, I would be angry if the most important element in the region dies stupidly.

    She decided to take it as a compliment....
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  7. Remi Lièvremont

    Character Biography:
    @Chloe Emerson @Antumbralite

    Albatross, 500m above surface

    The yellow of Io's sulphuric crust passed beneath them slowly. Remi was taking great care with the controls. Each burst of air was a low rumble through the vessel. It was an old ship that had seen better days but the computer didn't get between him and the controls. A flight computer was necessary, but some ships were tuned for the average pilot. Remi was a racer. Not the best there had been but he liked instant feedback on every touch.

    He was still deciding whether he wanted a code name.

    "Keeping those plumes due north. Should give us plenty of cover," he said. Io was constantly turning itself inside out through volcanic activity. It was why there were only a few bases in the most stable regions. They had thought the station they had come from was one of the only active ones left.

    The doctors that had tried to take Violet back had divulged otherwise. They were obsessed with the work. Determined to prepare children and now her unborn child for some kind of experiment.

    "Bringing us in low and quiet."

    The private vessel, transponder off and carrying armed OPA volunteers drifted towards its goal.
  8. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Io - Protogen Facility

    The doors hissed apart revealing a spacious, well-lit airlock. It had more than enough room for the entire team to walk in, including the robot, and wind the doors shut. The robot had covered its tracks well; it's hacking suite only breaching the specific circuits that controlled the doors motors, no other information escaped to report a significant security breach back to the base's control centre.

    After cycling the airlock, Rachel pulled her helmet and vac-suit off and stuffed it into one of the many compartments on the robot, before hefting her rifle up again. The inner door was thick metal, like a bank vault. Malik had his hands on it, sliding them along the featureless surface. "We need to break through big man?" Rachel asked, walking up to him, "No, de robot can do it." he said before turning away and stalking back to the rest of the crew, leaving Rachel there alone. That was odd; he seemed almost annoyed at her...

    She shrugged like an inner, before realising that the others were staring at her. She whistled lightly, and the robot came cantering over, eager to assist. Rachel pointed at it then at the door, and it moved off towards a control panel. "Milowda feeling gut?" She asked, facing the rest of the crew, she got mostly nods in return, only Mack spoke. "Yeah gunny, just nervous sasa?"

    "Don't worry Mack, whatever's behind this door," the doors parted, revealing a cavernous hall, its opposite end disappearing into darkness. They stood at the end of a catwalk, suspended above what looked like a launch facility, hundreds of small, coffin-sized torpedoes being loaded onto launch mechanisms pointed up towards the surface, "we can manage..."

    Rachel killed the torch on her rifle, the rest of the team doing the same. They had to cross almost two hundreds metres of open catwalk, a right angle halfway before it crossed the hall and ended in a set of double doors. She could not see anyone, just the dull rumble of the automated machinery at work. The pods rolled out of portals down on the facility floor, were grabbed by large waldoes before being loaded into what looked like oversized magazines. "Mi nah like dis..." She heard Mack mumble, as she stepped out onto the catwalk, "neither mi, but dis why we here...Find a sample...Nuke de rest..."

    "Let's go..." The Captain said, brushing past them and out onto the catwalk, the robot pushing past them after him. Mack and Rachel shared another glance at each other before hefting their weapons and walking after Damian.

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  9. Chloe Emerson

    Chloe Emerson "Wren"

    Character Biography:
    @Remi Lièvremont | @Antumbralite

    On board the Albatross

    Chloe was seated in the operations position behind Remi, flipping through screens and various read outs while he guided them over the inhospitable surface of Io. Her dark eyes were hard, jaw set, and a scowl adorned her lips. It was a stern expression, one she didn't even realize that she was making. The screens lit her features in a pale glow in the otherwise dark cockpit of the ship.

    The last time she'd gone off on a trip like this, it had ended badly. She reminded herself during that trip she'd actually left Io. This didn't quite count in that department, or at least, she didn't think that it should count. Hopefully whatever force in the universe that decided her luck would agree.

    Her knuckles were bruised from her "interrogation" of Henrietta, the businesswoman that they'd found with the reprehensible doctor. Each press of a key on the keyboard ached, but she ignored the discomfort. That woman had had it coming. A vile monster that leached off belters and people she thought wouldn't be missed if they disappeared. It had come out that was part of why Violet had been selected for their "program".

    After that, Chloe suddenly had no qualms with tossing the bitch out an airlock. Once she knew the docking codes she'd gotten were good, she planned on doing just that. Alric would have just killed her as soon as he had the codes. Too brash. Too impulsive.

    Still. She missed him.

    "So far, so good." She murmured quietly, though it was difficult to tell if she was talking to herself of the pilot.

    Huddled in the ship's cargo bay were a dozen of Chloe's men. Those that had survived the attempted usurping weeks prior, and a handful that had been a part of Prometheus, Alric's organization before he was taken. Much of that responsibility had fallen to Chloe, or Wren, as most of the men knew her.
  10. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    Behemoth, one day from Io

    The Behemoth still had its engines pointed towards Io and firing. They were still travelling towards the moon at several hundred kilometers a second. The enormous ship cut engines at the approach of the Martian vessels, effectively fixing its velocity. Velocity was only relative so they had all essentially stopped.

    Other than the fact that at some point they were all going to need to change course or else slam into the moon with enough velocity to instantly pancake the entire Behemoth and put a serious dent in the rock.

    "So much fo help," Morné bemoaned. They had seen the public news from Mars. Reports of disarray and arguments between members of government and military staff.

    "Unless you have something to offer, get down to a shuttle bay," he told Zay bluntly.

    The corvette-class vessels were advanced escorts. They could function as close range torpedo bombers, which was likely how they would try and engage. Behemoth had a large enough supply of torpedoes amassed over the last year that if they sat at distance the corvettes would run out of ordnance first. Assuming the PDC grid held. Big assumption.

    No, the corvettes would use their mobility. That brought into play the rail guns. They had been tested on drones and the targeting seemed to work, but Martian ECM added another element to that.

    The situation wasn't good.

    "This is Morné du Plessis of Tycho Corp. Your staff are not being held against their will. Hold position as they are boarding a shuttle as we speak."

    Morne turned to the comms desk. "Switch me to tight beam on that lead vessel. Encrypted comms."

    "Whilst you wait, you might wanya turn your sensors to the coordinates I just sent. Few hundred thousand kilometres forwards you might see a familiar ship, ja? You all wanya catch what hit the Donnager? Das your orders, ja?"

    The Behemoth rolled slowly. It might be apparent that it oriented itself such that three railguns could target the MCRN ship's if they closed within range.

    As if on cue the Nephthys' transponder winked off. That wasn't something civilian ships could do. Their stealth drive was still too hot to hide but it was now rapidly cooling. A clear sign that the vessel was planning on going dark and hiding.
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  11. Antumbralite

    Antumbralite Keith Caileanach

    Character Biography:
    Keith had to appreciate the irony. He rushed back to Io to because Violet was in need. Now he was leaving again to help her. He had just enough time to stop back in his room to dump out his duffel and repack. After spending the night with Sparrow, it was go time.

    Still, it was good to be back on the Albatross. Chloe seemed to have a lead to treat Violet, and Remi -- as he found out was an accomplished pinnace racer, hence why Keith had recognized him -- took her position flying the Alby. Keith took his usual seat at comms, although there was not much to monitor at the moment. Habit, he supposed.

    The hold was stashed with a handful of Chloe's toughs. Whatever the answer was to Violet's condition, they would take it by force. They, as well as Keith, Chloe, and Remi, were united in their vengeance towards the Inners that did this to Violet. To Eros. To the children.

    Keith prematurely checked the chamber of his pistol, making sure it was loaded. Du ferí da Belte.

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  12. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [MCRN Tsurugi]

    The comms system pinged as a return message from the OPA fleet came to the four ships. It was not a good response. The four ships were still on a CBDR course, meaning constant bearing decreasing range. A near-ramming maneuver, quickly closing the gap between the small MCR fleet and the OPA flotilla. The OPA had cut their engines, but the MCR still burned hot.

    Everyone on the MCR ships knew the danger that the railguns and torpedoes could present - and they were ready. What PDCs weren't targeted on OPA ships were scanning for incoming torpedo signatures - Martian PDCs were incredibly accurate. Enough so to cause issues for the OPA's ragtag death traps of ships. The message from the Behemoth was simple enough - the crew would be released. Unfortunately, their orders weren't just to recover MCR assets, it was to seize OPA ships if they were armed, save the Behemoth itself. The MCR light frigates held marines onboard, but not enough to take on a ship of that size. No, the escort crews would be apprehended and arrested, if possible. Boarding actions. The MCR had promised aid from capital warships, surely they'd be around shortly?

    Aden noted the roll of the ship but didn't pay it much mind. His plan was to use if combat started the OPA ships as a screen between the Behemoth and the Martian ships. Provided they could get in close soon enough, hopefully, the OPA wouldn't be dumb enough to shoot through their own ships. But if they did, it was on their own heads and would make the cleanup a little easier. That, and Aden wasn't convinced the converted church had the power needed to even operate the railguns she now sported.

    When the tightbeam from the Behemoth came in, it was Aden's ship that picked it up. His commanding officer listened. Their new orders said nothing about what to do about the Stealth ships. It would have to be a judgment call, and the direct orders were to apprehend the OPA. The Stealth ships could be dealt with later. Right now the immediate threat was the OPA.

    A tightbeam message was sent to the nearest MCR control ship.

    FROM: MCRN Tsurugi
    TO: MCRN Simurgh
    Unkwn Stealth ship in AO. Match Donnager-class mark. Rqst instructions. Out.

    On orders from the Commander, the Tsurugi burped out a short burst of PDC fire, which sailed through space, aimed to go just ahead of where the OPA would be later. A harmless, but a symbolic barrage of 5 shells. Hopefully, the message would come across loud and clear - "We know where you are."

    A message was sent tightbeam to the OPA.

    ==We have our orders. You will surrender your vessels and prepare to be boarded under the charge of conspiracy against the Martian Republic. Any attempt to flee or activate weapons systems will be considered hostile action and will be dealt with accordingly. Reactivate your transponders and bring your ships to all stop. This is your final warning. You have twenty seconds to comply.==

    On widebeam frequencies, a different message was sent, merely dropping the first sentence. Hopefully, the UN would accept this as a standard police action, and the MCR would send in ships to assist. Four Corvettes, no matter how determined, would not last long against the flotilla ahead.

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  13. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    The team crossed the expansive hall slowly and quietly, not wanting to create any excess noise to attract attention. As she crossed the catwalks, Rachel peered over the ledge at the great machinery below. Every few minutes a new torpedo would appear through a portal on the ground floor of the wall they were approaching. The torpedo's did not look like any type she had seen before, they were thicker, not the usual cylinder with a warhead at one end and an engine at the back, but more of a conical shape with some sort of large access panel on their sides. Soon enough they had reached the double doors, Damian waited next to them with the 'bot for the rest of the team to catch up.

    He leaned lightly against a door and pushed it open a crack. He peered in for a moment before leaning back, the door sighing back into place. "A hallway, no-one in sight..." he said quietly. Rachel nodded with her fist and pushed through the door, rifle first. The hallway was poorly lit unlike the great hall, however as she stepped into the area, a LED panel above her brightened. "De lights are motion activated...Lets hope it doesn't give us away sasa?" She walked another several steps before stopping. "Captain, over 'ere," she called lightly, Damian walking over with surprisingly quiet footsteps. They stood in front of a large elevator, four large trollies inside clearly designed to transport the torpedoes Rachel had seen in the hall back through the double doors, three were empty however one such torpedo rested there, silent and foreboding. Rachel inspected the control panel. They were on level B2, the elevator went up to 8 and down to B6. What was interesting were the symbols stencilled next to the buttons.

    B8 had a very clear radioactive symbol painted in yellow, B1, B4 through 6 all had blue biohazard symbols. "Looks like de reactor is on B8...And whatever laboratories this place has...between B4 and 6, we will need to search all of those floors for a sample before getting out of 'ere," she said turning to Damian who brooded behind her, a hand on his thick beard. He looked at Rachel for a moment then back to the panel, then to the rest of the team. "Main objective, set the nuke."

    "Aye Sir, you want to split up?" Rachel asked, peering down the hallway into the darkness. The space was so oddly cavernous for what should have been a simple helium mining outpost. She could have sworn she saw something move, a point of light reflected back at them...maybe even two? She blinked, glanced at the crew, and then back. Nothing, just darkness.

    "No, Milowda stay together, no trust this place mi," the Captain said. As he said the words a deep vibration began, the sound of creaking metal and groaning rock echoing down the hallway in an ominous fashion. "De passing is dis?" Rachel groaned as the team came together, back to back, weapons pointed in every direction creating overlapping fields of fire.

    The groaning and vibrations last several seconds, before disappearing as soon as they had come on. "You think that was a...Ioquake?" Afza said, speaking for the first time since they had left the Kanny. "No idea Doc..." Damian said, peering down the barrel of his rifle, seemingly fixed on something down the hallway. "Oi bossmang...you see something?" Mack asked, glancing over his shoulder at Damian.

    "Nah...thought I saw something in the dark but it nothin'," just as he said the words, the lift activated, a shrill alarm sounding just as a metal grating slid down over its door...cutting Rachel and the robot off from the rest of the team. "Pashang! Get her outta there" Damian shouted, as the team tried to force the grate open. "Cap...don't worry...I'll set de nuke and find you again..." she placed her hand up on the grating, her fingertips reaching through. Damian did the same. The looked at each other through the barrier for a moment, before the lift dropped out of view, whisking Rachel off into the depths of the facility.

    @Damian Slavko @Afza Mirev
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  14. Damian Slavko

    Damian Slavko Captain of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    “Felota!” shouted Damian. “Go, go!”
    The crew ran through the dark passage, Damian in front and everyone else on his heels. Lights flicked on and off as they passed them, creating a still-frame effect. They reached the end of the hallway and found a door through which they could see a staircase.
    “Locked,” said Mack.
    “Move,” said Malik.
    The big man got a running start, clicked his magboots off while running, and leapt high into the air. He turned the boots back on right before he landed square in the middle of the door, violently knocking it off its hinges. The crew filed into the stairway as shouting voices could be heard from down the hall.
    “Do you think they know about Rachel?” asked the doctor.
    “Na sasa,” said the captain in a hurried whisper. “But we can't think about that. Let's find this sample. I'll take point, Afza behind me, and Mack and Malik watch our backs. Magboots off, we'll felót through the stairwell. We do dis Belta style.”
    One by one, they floated up and through the stairwell until coming to the fourth floor and a door marked “CAUTION.” It was too thick for Malik to kick down, and the robot was wherever Rachel was.
    Damian unloaded on the lock, and it swung open. The crew filed in, guns drawn, only to find what looked like an empty pediatricians office. There were medical beds and toys behind bulletproof glass.
    Keting ere..” said Afza.
    “Stay focused. Look for a sample,” ordered Damian. They looked, but this lab had been stripped bare and all the subjects moved, except for a key card that was left on a desk. Damian pocketed it and ordered the crew to move on. They turned toward the stairwell where they entered, but heard footsteps. Mack raised his weapon, and then lowered it when he saw that it was an unarmed scientist.
    “Looking for dis?” asked Damian as he held the key card between two fingers. The man's face turned to horror, and he turned to run. Mack shot him in the leg, and he dropped to the ground in the strange slow way of Io. The scientist started to scream, but Malik shoved the glove of his vac suit into his mouth.
    “If you want to live, tell us where we can find a sample.”
    His wild eyes darted between the men, but he was silent. Mack stomped on his wounded leg, and he bit down on Malik's hand. Malik punched the scientist in the face.
    “Othay, othay,” said the scientist around Malik's fingers. “Floor thikth, in the freether.”
    Malik removed his hand and the scientist gripped his leg.
    “And this is for Eros,” said Mack, before putting a round between the frightened scientists eyes. A silence fell upon the crew as they looked at Mack.
    “Why we waiting? Let's go.”
    They clicked off their magboots and floated up two more floors, where Damian used the stolen key card to enter another locked door labelled “CAUTION.”
    As soon as the door opened, a bullet sailed through and narrowly missed Malik. The crew dropped to the ground.
    “I KNOW WHY YOU'RE HERE!” shouted a voice. “YOU WON'T GET IT!”
    Damian and Mack grinned at each other when they realized they were looking at a single scientist with a handgun guarding the freezer with the sample. Damian fired two shots; the first missed, but the second hit the scientist in the neck. A couple unaimed shots were heard, and then silence.
    “Move in,” said Damian. The freezer was a massive piece of equipment with a steel door almost a foot thick. It was locked with retina recognition, so Damian had Malik hold the dead scientists face to the machine. The cheerful chirp it made did not reflect the scenery. The freezer door swung open with a hiss, and Malik dropped the body with a thud. Inside was a single canister of glowing blue material.
    “Kaka mal,” said Damian. “Grab it, let's go.”
    A violent rumble echoed through the facility at that moment, and Afza screamed.
    “It's just a quake, c'mon. We need to find Lei and ge da pashang outta xiya."
  15. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Io - Protogen Facility - Engineering Level

    Rachel felt the lift descend quickly, levels flying past through the grating. If it weren't for her mag-boots she would have been unconscious, stuck against the roof of the lift by now. The robot stared at her, motionless, the odd little sensory ganglion on its front revolving and refocussing on her eyes and facial expression, trying to asses her emotional state. She stared back at it impassively for a moment, before the lifts descent began to slow. "I'm in de lift, its descending to engineering..." She said quietly into her terminal, hopefully the rest of the team could pick her signal up.

    Rachel walked around one of the trolleys to the robot and unclipped the latches on a large black case on its side. Lifting the lit she inspected the nuclear warhead they had brought with them, nestled safely in a cut out of foam. A second before closing the lid, a loud thud from behind her made her jump and the robot take several steps back, facing its sensors towards the torpedo two trolleys down. Another thud, this time louder...definitely coming form inside the device. Rachel slowly backed away, while reaching for her rifle with one hand and pushing the lid shut over the warhead with the other and latching it closed. "Dere's something in de lift with me...in one of those pods..."

    The thumping stopped, and she stood there, shaking from the huge amounts of adrenalin dumped into her system. She yelped audibly when the lift clanged to a halt, a polite voice informing her that she had reached engineering, the bottom most floor of the facility. The grating retracted, revealing another hallway. This one contained two Protogen guards instead of her team, who stared at her and the robot dumbfounded for a moment, before Rachel whipped up her rifle and put a slug through each of their heads, their blue, semi-opaque faceplates shattering as the solid metal slugs penetrated them. The now lifeless bodies fell slowly in Io's low gravity and gently crumpled on the floor.

    Another loud thump came from the torpedo in the lift, this time accompanied with the sound of scraping, shearing metal. Rachel was already metres down the hallway, sprinting as fast she could.
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  16. Remi Lièvremont

    Character Biography:
    Albatross, approaching Protogen facility

    "Ship down already," Remi called. His scopes showed the hull down on the surface, connected to an airlock. Another warning chime sounded and his eyes went to a different screen. He swore.

    The ship lurched as a burst of thrust pushed them towards the surface. He didn't have time to flip so they were all thrown forwards against their restraints as he arrested their forwards momentum. A rumble ran through the ship as he touched down.

    "That's another ship coming down," Remi hissed, as if they might be able to hear them. "Not being sprayed with LIDAR don't don't think we've been seen."

    The Albatross stayed on Io's surface several kilometers from the base as a third vessel slowly approached. It set down and the Martian black ops squad immediately headed for @Rachel Lei 's vessel.

    "Boss?" Remi asked, unsure if he should risk lifting back up.
  17. Buck Bardsley

    Buck Bardsley MCRN Master Chief Petty Officer

    Io Atmosphere

    The entrance into the atmosphere of Io had been a lot more gentle than Buck had expected, well it hadn´t been gentle really, but usually, atmospheric flight with a spacecraft was a ride straight through hell. The Atrx, being built for atmosphere easily slid through Io´s clouds of sulfur dioxide.

    Buck checked his scopes while Karen steered the light corvette through the thin atmosphere. Suddenly a high G alert popped up on his terminal and microseconds after that the ship made a sudden push forward as Karen hit the accelerator. Just seconds later, two blue dots appeared on his threat display, UNN Corvettes.

    "Boss, we´ve got some blues coming up, dey haven´t spotted us yet but it won´t take much longer. Should I blow those fuckers?"

    He was already prepping the weapons systems and his finger hovered over the release, ready to open the weapons bay.


    @Karen Ashoka @Liz Ritter
  18. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    OPAS Behemoth, One day from Io

    "Dey will only cause trouble, beratna. Better put dem in dere quarters now...."

    Before he could protest further a message popped up on the terminal in front of Morne. He could only see that the lighting suddenly changed and there was something red on the terminal, but Carter knew he´d wanna know and quickly stepped beside him and read it out.

    "OPA Vessels, you are ordered to surrender immediately in de name of de Martian Congressional Republic or we will open fire. Heave to and prepare to be boarded. Dat what it say, seems like da duster ain´t our friend anymore."

    "See, beratna. We should nat get involved in inya matters, it´s only gon get worse dan it is now. If dey blow us up ´cause of dere internal conflict and dey think we held dem, den all is lost. Allies, good. But we can not hold our heads out for dem."


    @Morne du Plessis @Zay Boussaa
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  19. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Pete Knight, Io Orbit

    Thirteen bright blue drive plumes circled around Io. Dozens of Epstein drives pushed gigantic ships through their semi-circular orbits in order to cover every bit of Io´s atmosphere. Most of the paths centered around a few facilities but they all were making sure that no MCRN ship would be able to enter the atmosphere without the UNN flotilla at least noticing it. A few thousand kilometers away from Io there were four very small drive plumes, the MCRN Recon Force. It was a sight to behold off, something every artist would´ve given an ear for in order to be able to capture it. To most people, it was just intimidating, freighters en route to Io, that spotted the UNN ships flying around Io, flipped and burned or changed their course to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Everybody knew, if the UNN and MCRN were facing off over Io, there would be a conflict.


    "Sir, sensors show an MCRN light corvette in atmosphere, it´s burning hard."

    Suess nodded to confirm he´d received the information. He stood up from his crash couch and went to the back end of the bridge, next to the elevator, embedded into the wall, was a coffee machine. He pushed a button and the machine began to hum.

    "De Fiore, establish a tightbeam to that ship." The young woman with the chestnut brown hair nodded.

    A few taps on her station later and she gave him a thumbs up. "You´re on the air, cap."
    Suess didn´t mind the violation of protocol and his XO, who would´ve minded, wasn´t looking. It was like kids doing forbidden things behind the backs of their parents.

    "This is the UNN Pete Knight, hailing the MCRN Vessel in atmosphere. Io is under UN protection, leave the atmosphere and return to your forces immediately or we will see ourselves forced to fire upon you with lethal intent. Take any hostile actions towards UN assets or any objects on the surface and we will destroy you. This is our first and last warning. Leave the atmosphere immediately."

    With a nod, he signified the end and the young Lieutenant send the message out. She also relayed it other UNN ships to ensure the message arrived.

    "Parma, figure out a target solution for the ship and be ready to fire."

    "Aye, Sir."

    He hoped they´d follow the advice and leave the atmosphere. Io wasn´t ideal for hiding and there was no way they escape the numerically superior force in orbit. He didn´t like the thought of provoking the other MCRN ships, just for the simple reason that they´d attack them which was certain death to all of those people.


    @Karen Ashoka @Steven Wright @Dolores Muwangwa
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  20. Carson Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    The little "hike" is quite disconcerting visually. The volcanoes, all around him, spitting their smoke and lava and I don't know what. Sprays so powerful that you can see rocks expelled into space. Like everything they want to reach Jupiter. This huge yellow and brown mass that dominates the sky by its single presence. The enormous, huge plumes of gas released rise into the sky and seem to want to join the gaseous mass that overhangs the moon. As if the volcanoes of Io had created Jupiter. A stone passes in front of his eyes and interrupts the thread of his thoughts. The latter makes a dive and falls softly to the ground.

    Melanie gives her a smile that seems to indicate that she is sorry. The scientist hits a rock again and observes its trajectory. The HUD display on his headset shows, at the bottom left, the voice communications. The members of the audio channel are represented by a grey rectangle with their names written on it and their rank. Melanie's rectangle is grey, but instead of the rank is a simple "scientist". A green aura around her rectangle proves that she is talking. Well, the team members are putting him on mute. With a skillful gesture and repeated several times, he transferred the rectangle from the scientist to a private channel.

    - What are you talking about?

    The audio channel is disturbed by noise. Slight, probably a side effect of the moon's volcanic activities.

    - I thought you put me on mute... Oh, you put me on a private channel.

    - So?

    - Well, I was thinking out loud. Nothing special.

    Carson nods, even though he knows she can't see him do it. She slows down her progress to reach his level. Carson dominates it from above and feeling uncomfortable looking down at it turns his head to observe the volcanoes. The question that burns his lips eventually comes out as he tries to focus on the impressive volutes of gas and matter released by volcanoes.

    - Do you know why they chose you for the mission?

    - Probably Steven Wright who chose me. I wrote a report on Eros' anomaly. Honestly, I was supposed to work with the committee members. But I decided to write an independent analysis.

    The ground trembles slightly under the pressure of another eruption. By reflex Carson takes a look at his radioactivity indicator.

    - I guess it was not well received.

    - No idea Antonio Salvini has ever told me his opinion on my document. I got into a fight with the committee members, for more than obvious reasons. And I got fired.

    Another rock flies through the air and crashes further away. Except this time, Carson is sure it wasn't for entertainment that she hit the rock.

    - And what do you think of the "anomaly".

    Silence, a very long silence. The other members of the squad turn their heads in his direction. Carson raises his fist. What others repeat and turn their heads. Its HUD emits a low noise indicating the arrival of a large file. He opens it and discovers a scientific document of several hundred pages. Simply entitled "The Perspectives of the "Anomaly", its dangers and opportunities", signed Melanie P. Burleson.

    - You know I don't have time to read this right now?

    A laugh is heard.

    - I know, I'm just sending you bedside reading.

    - Pff, it would be the most complex bedside reading I would ever read in my life.

    - Not if you're know some obscure theories of physics and nano-informatics.

    A red light flashes in his HUD, the arrival of several additional files. He's about to say a scathing reply to the scientist about the fact that he doesn't have the time and intelligence to read this kind of thing. When his eyes opened in stupor at the previewed content.

    - Guys we have a serious problem.

    - Which Lieutenant?

    - I have just received rather complex orders from the High Command. They tell us that the base further on does not exist and that the information on which we have been based since the beginning is false.

    "What?!?" shouts several team members.

    - That's impossible!

    The scream came from Melanie. Her face is angry and seems particularly disappointed with the situation.

    - We're in a little bit of trouble right now. We find ourselves in UN territory without any possibility of escape. The only building nearby is the possible enemy base. Which would be to those who no longer really appear to be enemies.

    - So where are we going? We don't have a ship on hand to pull up.

    - Let's calm down, I propose that we try to contact the Fire Tempest and/or the Simurgh again directly (yes I know it's pretty far away). In the meantime, we don't really have a choice. We're moving towards the initial target for shelter. If the data received is indeed false. Then we'll only find an abundant structure.

    We just have to avoid dying...
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