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  1. Steven Wright

    Character Biography:
    The room is cold. Not cold, but fresh. Everything about this rock is colder than anywhere else. Above the round table walks like a cloud of insects, bright spots. Different light for different vessels. A huge aglutiment of orange color finds around Callisto. All around the projection, and access to the table, is a band of officers from all levels of the hierarchy. Steven slightly dominates the others with his statue of Vice-Admiral.

    "As you can see, our analysts are convinced that the strategy adopted by UNN in the event of an attack will be as follows."

    A huge blue dot wave converges on Callisto and Ganymede. Ganymede is lost to the UNN forces while those who came to destroy Callisto are destroyed. The simulation shows the forces in red attacked then Europa and Ganymede then Io. A long and costly victory in short.

    "But with the information in our pocket, we also think that this possibility is now on the table."

    The map dezomme and leaves the Jovian system to show also the Saturnian system. Red dots around Titan are being destroyed in a terrible digitized and inexhaustible battle. Then the remaining blue points converge on the Jovian system.

    - Not very optimistic perspectives. ,Says Wright as he breaks the silence.

    - Yeah, but the fact remains that our forces around Jupiter are very poorly secured., said an officer at the rank of captain with what seems to be insolence.

    What a lack of respect for the hierachy!

    - The current forces around Callisto *and* on Callisto are largely able to defend this frozen moon no matter if they bring half-deficient ships as a bonus with them in the assault!

    An officer expresses his disagreement. Another one goes up. A third hits the table with the palm of his hand while his assistant raises his fingers to indicate that he wishes to express himself. The meeting will be long....very long. But far from getting discouraged, he keeps his back straight and his hands pressed into each other. He listens carefully to each objection and counter-objection.

    If no one puts things in order, the laws of entropy may win.

    His footsteps echo in Callisto's icy corridors. The meeting was indeed long. But at least they managed to set up the different scenarios in case of an attack...for today! Since the beginning of the "crisis" situation. Everyone is on edge has constantly tried to "predict" enemy attacks and organize their defenses in the event of a surprise and unexpected attack.

    Two soldiers stand at the guard and hold out to you as he passes in front of them. With the Earth threatening war at any moment. The High Command believes that Callisto could be the target of the retaliations. But he knows that the real target of the moment is Io. It will only be a matter of time before Zay's machinations allow him to have the precious authorization to fly towards Io.

    The shuttle took off, leaving a blue trace behind him, to bring the Vice-Admiral aboard the Simurgh. The shipyards are busy with a feverish activity. Not the usual activity of the docks, with lights running from left to right, in a ballet aimed at repairing warships. Not that of a ballet fevered by the risk of an attack. Preparing every second for defense... or attack preparations. Attacking Callisto now would be suicide for anyone. The powerful orbital defense guns have been waiting for days for a victim. The ships parked on site are capable of delivering incredible firepower. And even those that are not finished, can be deadly. Since most of them have their combat systems already finished. In front of the Simurgh is the MCRN Ho-o. The ship may not yet be launched, but technicians assure me that its guns and PDC are largely capable of functioning.

    Below him are the lights of Port Hampton, nestled in its crater. Smoked columns are the only evidence of intense industrial activity. Further on the ice rink, which serves as the moon's ground, are the various major military bases of the MCR. Missile launcher base, anti-orbital gun and of course warehouses full of secrets.

    When his shuttle finally landed in the Simurgh hangar. Wright's nose is able to feel something very special. This mixed excitement has stress. The one you feel, the one you smell, the one you feel before every major battle. He is willing to bet that the same smell, the same feeling, the same atmosphere was palpable before every historical battle that there is in history. But this feeling is actually a cover for a more vicious third. The one to know, deep down inside, that someone is going to die. If batting takes place, there will be death. This feeling of knowing that his colleague, that he himself may or may certainly be part of the long list of deaths needed to have a victory.

    But everyone tries to forget that.

    Two more meetings are waiting for him. But he has time to go through his apartments first.

    The elevator opens its doors to unveil its lounge. The fireplace always "crackles" and a map of the solar system moves lazily around the room. The map disappears and the fire spreads while Wright activates his communication camera. A window is displayed with the photo of the correspondent.


    I hope your day went well. I know I promised to help you with your math project. But nervous laugh you know me, duty always calls me. Um, I'm not going to hide things from you as they are. I'm not stupid, I know you're very interested in the news. So I don't really need to explain to you the situation I have to deal with.

    Long moment of silence. He tries several times to speak but the words die in before crossing his lips.

    If I don't come back.... I want you to be proud! Not from me, but about our intentions. What I do, I always did because I believed in it. I have always believed that my actions would make for a better world. A fairer, more stable world. But as time goes by, the lines become more obscured and it becomes difficult to fulfill my wish.

    His eyes sweep the void and seem unable to continue

    There are things I can't tell you about. And I wish I could do it so much! I wish so, so much, so much, to put an end to these ridiculous plots. Get this thing over with. To find a solution for the greater common good.

    Promise me, promise me that if I don't come back you'll take care of yourself. I know someone who can protect you and keep you. Someone who will probably be able to teach you how to make your dreams come true.

    If I don't come back....please. Don't forget me, don't forget the Simurgh and all those who died for the cause.

    Because I'll never forget you, son."
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  2. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    MCRN Fire Tempest
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

    The ship flies deep into the darkness of space. Careless, a superior United Nations force is moving in the same direction as him and the commander doesn't even seem concerned. The crew is divided into an anxious or febrile state. The commander still hasn't made an announcement on the schedule. And the ship went in a trunk towards Io. The majority of the crew is not even aware of who is part of the fleet they are part of. A third feeling is beginning to win over the crew. Panic. A powerful United Nations force is on its way in the same direction as them. Io! What the hell is he doing to Io?

    An alarm was triggered warning the crew to immediately return to their battle stations. A transmission is sent to the fleet vessels.

    This is the MCRN Fire Tempest,

    The High Command thanks you for moving so quickly to join your new group group. The schedule will be loaded, so I'm not going to explain it twice. We have evidence to suggest that Earth terrorists have got their hands on stealth technology! They would be behind the destruction of the Donnager and our laboratory on Phoebe!!! These criminals desroy the Tycho station and the MCRN Dun. And above all that, we think they may be in possession of weapons of mass destruction that could endanger everyone's lives.

    Our mission is simple, there is an OPA fleet nearby. Inside the Behemoth is some members of our government. The ship marked in green on your sensors is the stealth ship that attacked Tycho Station and carries high-value prisoners. The 4 corvettes will go for protecte and escorted the Behemoth and his fleet. The Fire Tempest will go to Io with the Atrax for reconnaissance and troop deployment if necessary. Two light corvettes will cover our rear and will join the corvettes to secure the area and prevent any attack on the fleet. The rest will also go to Io or the protection of the OPA fleet. Once our objectives are met, the Simurgh will come with the entire fleet annihilating what is to be annihilated. Don't worry about the UNN fleet. We are legally prosecuting criminals for crimes against humanity. If they interfere... the Simurgh and the fleet will destroy them from behind.


    A ping is sent to the Behemoth to indicate the position of the fleet and their intention. The information moves at the speed of light and hits the Behemot's sensors. The latter's computers decrypt the information. The latter is simple and consists of an open channel to the Fire Tempest and Transponder from the flotilla's vessels.

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  3. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Io - Surface

    The bridge shuddered as the Kanyari descended into the atmosphere of Io. The corvette was rated for atmospheric flight, however it had never been officially tested, and clearly comfort was not high on the list of priorities in such a situation. It felt like Rachels teeth were about to shake themselves loose from her jaw. Henry expertly guided the ship down further, passing through pockets is lower pressure causing the ship to lurch and drop several metres in a microsecond, Rachel squeezed her eyes shut for a moment fighting the urge to vomit, but realised it only made her feel worse and opened them again to witness an awesome sight.

    The Kanyari had passed through the upper atmosphere and the vessel now soared around and between huge volcanic plumes of ash and sulphur which crackled with lightning and heat. The vibrations slowly dissipated and as they continued to descend , through the haze the surface could me made out even clearer. It was a strange world, even though the crew were well acquainted with it from their last slingshot around the moon, seeing it up close was even stranger. It's surface was the colour of sulphur, yellow and sickly, pockmarked with volcanos and craters. Mesa, canyons and valleys snakes across its surface, some bubbling with lava.

    As the Kanyari evened out, Henry pointed its nose down further taking them into a valley which steadily narrowed until her ducked them under a rocky outcropping and into the candy Rachel had located earlier. The ship slowed, landing gear extending before Henry landed it gently on a relatively flat area, the thrusters kicking up large clouds of dust around it which quickly settled.

    Unstrapping herself, Rachel jumped to her feet and went aft. In the cargo hold she pulled on a vacuum suite before kicking the lid off several containers containing weapons, armour and ammunition. Pulling one of the rifles from a container, she slid it over and onto her back where her suit latched onto it, holding it in place. She then strapped her hand cannon to her thigh and slung a bandolier of ammunition over her shoulder. "About that toime aye boss?" She heard the gruff Australian accent of one of the two Goons they had hired on Kasi Deya. The man was fully kitted, wearing some sort of black market body armour set, two shotguns slung across his back, two handguns on either hip, a ridiculous pork-pie hat pulled over his vac-suit helmet. "It is, where's the other?"

    "In the shittah' Ma'am, he'll be out in a second." Rachel smirked and walked over to a large rectangular box and released its locks, "Good, I want you two to take point on this," She said, hefting her hand cannon and loading a fresh clip into it. After a moment the containers lid slid off and the sides fell away to reveal a robot roughly a two metres long. The rest of the crew began to filter in, prepping their vac-suits and weapons. After a few beeps whirrs the machine raised itself up on four spindly legs and turned to face Rachel, before emitting a series of high pitched whoops and bleeps, "Oi pochuye crew, dis is the T-D0GG squad assistance robot, it has no offensive capabilities, but its heavily armoured and can carry a lot of gear. It can carry the warhead and any other equipment we may need to breach de facility. If anyone gets hurt we strap 'em to it and it'll take 'em back to the Kanny."

    "Wait, warhead?" said the the other 'Goon' as he entered the cargo bay, bucking his pants in the process. "Yes a nuclear warhead, curtesy of Providence Shipwrights. Milowda have four but should only need one to destroy de base, de others are securely contained on the Kanny...which brings me to my next point...Captain, I tink Henry should stay behind to make sure de Kanny is safe and dat we can make a hasty escape if required."

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  4. Buck Bardsley

    Buck Bardsley MCRN Master Chief Petty Officer

    MCRN Atrax, en route to Io

    The Atrax had begun to feel more and more like home, a cramped practical home with no decoration and no comfort, but a home was a home. He wasn´t someone to usually care about these kinda things, he just went wherever Centcom wanted him to go, changing ships on many occasions. But this one was one of the few that actually made him feel like he belonged there beyond the usual sense of duty. He wasn´t sure whether it was because of the crew, the ship itself or because of the meaning of the position itself.

    A message popped up on his terminal and he confirmed it.

    Buck grunted disapprovingly. He didn't like the thought of performing an atmospheric flight while UNN Forces sat up in orbit. Not even the clouds would be able to hide them forever.

    "Well, let's get this shit going. Gonna see what's making all those kids shit their pants like that." he said over the ships intercom.


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  5. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Pilot on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    Ashoka laughed, "copy that sailor, upping the burn now." The rumble inside the Atrax grew to a roar as Lieutenant Ashoka instead the acceleration of the Atrax's Epstein Drive. The G's steadily increasing from a leisurely 0.3 up to 3 than four. She felt her body being pushed further into the gel of the crash couch, like a large very heavy mattress had been placed over her body and sat on by a brick shit-house. A small alert blinked on her screen but her eye were too blurred to make it out correctly, but realised a second later what it was when a dozen needles pierced her body and injected her with a dose of the juice.

    Instantly her heart rate increase, her eyesight cleared and her mind raced. They were close now. Io was no longer a distance pinprick of light but a sphere with details and weather patterns. With the roar of the engines still in her ears she pulled up the results of the sensor suite and received them. Currently there were over four hundred civilian vessels around or on Io. The planets population was one point two civilians, mostly lithium miners, foundries, smelting plants and those businesses that supported the communities which sprung up around these facilities.

    Ashoka wondered if anyone on the moons surface realised just how much pain was flying their way. "Hold on guys, adjusting approach vector to bring us into the upper atmosphere. We will be dodging volcanic ash plumes so keep an eye on those sensors." The ship groaned and clicked as she changed their direction and rotated the ship so that the horizon was below them. Now all they had to do was burn in slowly, and fall with style. "Contact with Io atmosphere in t-minus 45 minutes."

    She opened a channel to the other MCRN vessel, the Fire Tempest. "Fire Tempest this is Atrax, we are beginning our approach. Maintain low-Io-orbit and report any threats, over."

    "Copy that Atrax, happy hunting and don't worry, we'll have your back."

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  6. Liz Ritter

    Liz Ritter Engineer on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    The last few days had been a haze of gunfire and high gravity drugs. This was not her first combat assignment, but there was no experience to compare to the Atrax. She had watched her shipmates showcase their incredible skills as pilot and gunner, and began to realize that she would need to be more than exceptional in order to stand out amongst them. She also began to realize that this must be the reason she and Buck were picked for this assignment; Mars knows that competition breeds excellence. Still, she had felt a distant affection grow between her and the crew. Their bond was a lot like the ship itself; minimalist and utilitarian, lacking any decoration, yet powerful.

    She was sitting in her crash couch, sipping a bulb of water and running her daily diagnostics when Buck came over the intercom and Karen responded by upping the burn to 4g. One might think a ship with one man on it could have a shortage of testosterone, but not this one.

    “Shitfuck!” said Liz as the drug cocktail entered her veins and spread through her body. The moon and stars spun around the ship in a flurry as Karen oriented the ship for descent.

    “Contact with Io atmosphere in t-minus 45 minutes,” said Karen, and had a short conversation with the Fire Tempest.

    As soon as the maneuver had begun, it was over. Now they just had to fall. Liz's eyes remained glued to her terminal, which was full of sensor data, as the Atrax approached Io's atmosphere.
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  7. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    OPAS Behemoth, Two days from Io

    "Ja. Just a moment," Morné replied. "Just got something to look over."

    @Hayakaze and their vessel had just been swallowed by the massive drum of the Behemoth. Drones swarmed around the vessel to ensure it perfectly matched the Behemoth's current thrust as it was grasped by a docking arm. There was no spin to the drum but the vessel had been intended to operate on thrust as it left the system before spinning up the drum. A criss-cross of corridors allowed traversal under either thrust or spin. That was one more ship.

    "To wanya start?" Morné asked Scarsi, looking up from his terminal. A glass over one eye kept giving him readouts even as they spoke.

    Some time later

    "Just a small fucking ask," Morné laughed. It was hard to tell if that was humour or despair showing itself. It seemed his suspicions were true: the Protogen ship was heading home.

    "I doubt it," Morné sent back. "But we'll keep that stealth ship busy and the UN will probably be a little distracted."

    There wasn't much more to say. They were a long way from seeing how this would play out.

    A warning signal sounded on the ops deck.

    "It's the Protogen ship. They're decelerating harder!"

    Morne looked to his display. Both themselves and the stealth ship had their drives pointing at where Io would be when they arrived. The Protogen ship was suddenly burning hard, arresting their momentum more rapidly than the Behemoth could.

    "Maybe dey coming around fo a fight?" Ricardo suggested.

    "Not alone," Morné replied. "No UN ship close enough to help them. Scan hard, mi wanya know if anything is out dere. Either another stealth ship is waiting fo us or...or dey gonn cut thrust and try and go dark."

    Also sometime later

    Morne fired off a message back towards the MCRN fleet.

    Acknowledged. Protogen vessel is decelerating, will potentially intercept us before your vessels reach us. Have marked a rendezvous vector beyond the range of UN vessels.
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  8. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Pete Knight, nearing Io

    Suess was shifting uncomfortable in his command chair. This situation was a pest. Ganymede had been shit but this was so confusing and clear at the same time he wasn't sure what to do. Boucher had been quite since their last chat so he'd just proceeded preparing for the eventual possibilities.

    The MCRN Force heading their way had now split up. Their light frigates had broken formation and were heading for the Nauvoo, while the rest of the recon force kept burning towards Io. The two battlegroups were now on flightpaths close enough that the UNN forces just had to adjust their vector a bit and they'd cross each other's path. Given of course that the MCRN wouldn't take measures to avoid that.

    A few minutes ago a small corvette sized ship had entered Io's atmosphere. He noticed that more by accident than intentional when he checked a few ships around Io to keep himself busy. It stuck out by it's unusual design that he'd not seen before.

    A red light popped up on the terminal of his command chair. He adjusted the articulator so he could get a better view of the screen and then accepted the connection request.

    The woman on the other side of the terminal looked familiar but he couldn't recall from where he knew her.

    "Commodore Muwangwa, this is Rear Admiral Suess, we expect the MCRN Recon Force to arrive about 15 minutes before us. For now we'll burn towards Io until Admiral Boucher gives out further orders. However I recommend you prepare for combat engagements. Best be prepared"

    He tapped a few times on the integrated console of his crash couch and send a request through to Admiral Boucher so ask for new orders.


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  9. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [MCRN Tsurugi]

    Aden looked on wistfully as the sight of the MCRN Atrax spun off from his sensors, dropping back and flying off. It was always good to see ships he recognized around, and of the things he remembered from Ganymede before he'd been shot down, the Atrax was giving the UN hell. She'd managed to survive, too, which meant she was either tough or lucky - something Aden wanted to see more of.

    That, and it just looked cool.

    Aden wasn't qualified enough to know much about the ship, but he knew it's transponder and knew that it was a well-built ship. That was enough for him. But for now, he floated around his assignment, knowing the rest was yet to come.

    He didn't have to wait long. Moments later, the comms system beeped and Aden routed it to the command table. From his perch in the navigator's seat, he could hear most of the message. Divert from patrol and staging, and meet up with an OPA terrorist fleet. Aden never thought he’d see the day when the Martian government met up with OPA terrorists in anything other than a battlefield, but here they were. Here that day had arrived. Earther Terrorists - that was new. And if they had hit the Donnager? What chance did four corvettes and possibly the Simurgh have against ships that had taken on - and out - the Donnie? It didn’t look good, but orders were orders. The mission had gone from staging to escort duty - babysitting terrorists to protect them from terrorists if he heard correctly.

    When Aden looked on the LADAR readouts, he frowned. Mars hadn’t exactly summoned the might of Jupiter fleet, with only a handful of ships in the area. It would be difficult. But orders were orders.

    Aden looked back and got a nod from his commanding officer. He hit a few controls on his board and signaled the alert, especially that they would be entering zero-G and zero-Air conditions. Better for reactions and maneuverability if every hole in the hull wasn't an uncontrolled RCS thruster. Across the ship, loose items were secured and vacsuits were distributed as the ship prepared for war. The return message was a simple acknowledgment, tiny in size once decoded. - "Tsurugi acknowledges. Wilco".

    [Minutes Later]

    The ship reported ready, and the crew was strapped in. The lights around went from the alert red to blue, as the ship slowly bled it's air to its tanks and dropped out of formation, beginning a slow burn toward the OPA. It was likely that shortly the move would be detected - as the other three corvettes burnt alongside the Tsurugi. Four drive plumes, accelerating toward the OPA pirate fleet. Weapons and torpedoes were armed, as the ships wanted to be able to maneuver as soon as possible.

    The most danger to the corvettes would be the initial closing maneuver - if the Earther-terrorist stealth ships decided to engage with railguns, this fight would be over if they could get a bearing before the deceleration maneuver was complete. If they could complete the maneuver, it sounded a lot like four ships versus the force that took out the Donnager.

    Aden had only encountered the OPA once in his life face to face - and that was when they'd rescued him from his former ship like a rat from a burning ship. Part of him wondered if he'd now be protecting those same people, or if these people were different, or even allied with each other.
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  10. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    "Got a freighter coming for 'em," Morné growled. He gave a wide belter shrug at everything else he was told. Right now the complaining Mormons were the least of his concerns. If the UN fleet apprehended them it wouldn't be for a lawsuit.
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  11. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    OPAS Behemoth

    Scarsi now realized for the first time that not seeing peoples expression hindered him significantly. He couldn´t even see when Morne turned around towards him, just Carters tap on his shoulder told him he could talk.

    "Si, Si. Ok Morne mi know to a good man, pero por que are de dusters doing on da bridge? Also, wat is an all this kaka about war and fighting eh? To not wanya go into war wit dus bucket que si?"

    There was no point in fighting right now. They had had to destroy Tycho Station, what they should care about now was getting the surviors to savety and keep up the work Fred Johnson had begun. Scarsi didn´t plan on letting them kill each other. Life was precious and wasting it with whatever they were doing was stupid, but humans had always been like that, he´d read a lot about that, how primitive humans back on earth had slaughtered each other for centuries and how so many attempts to erase violence had failed. He´d read about the burtalities of the 1st and 2nd world war, about the cruel and primitive times during the middle ages and about the colonization of what would be named "America" and how the first settlers had brutally massacred and enslaved the native population. Violence was part of humanity, but belters were supposed to be better at that, their whole societiy was based on sticking and working together.


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  12. Henry Noam

    Henry Noam XO/Pilot of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Henry did his best to look disappointed, but the truth was he was a bit relieved. Sure, he wouldn't be able to keep tabs on Damian from the Kanny, but Lei had shown herself capable of reining him in. Besides, he could watch their vitals from the ship. The thing he resented most was the boredom.
    “Ko, well mi pensa that makes sense. Tolowda gonya be gut nawit mi, ke?”
    “Gonya dura, but we'll make it,” said the captain. “To gonya be okay by yourself?”
    “Soya, I'll make friends with the eyeball.”
    Henry watched as his shipmates donned their helmets one by one and holstered their guns. Malik was helping Afza with her vac suit, and attempting to convince her to carry a gun. Mack was quietly smoking a cigarette in the corner, eyeing the Earther “goons” with distrust.
    “Ko, tolowda. Tim fo go.”
    Mack finally donned his helmet and entered the airlock with the rest of them. Henry cycled it closed.
    He watched through the window as Lei looked at Damian and the captain responded with the Belter gesture for “ready.” They then pressed the airlock releases simultaneously and it began to cycle open. Before they stepped out under the hulk of Jupiter, Damian looked back at Henry and nodded with his fist. Henry returned it.

    Back on the ops deck, things were quiet. Henry had his feet propped up on his terminal and was leaned way back in his couch while he watched tiny green dots make their way across the map on his screen. A thin joint hung from his lips.
    "Hey, Core?" he called into the empty ship.
    "Ya, bosmang?" the core responded.
    Henry chuckled. Apparently the core spoke perfect Belter. Neat.
    It was going to be a long wait, so Henry asked the core for any movies or games in it's database. The core started rattling off a list of titles but Henry picked the first one--a two hundred year old film called Alien.
  13. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:


    “Understood, Rear Admiral,” Dolores answered, clearly and calmly, the faintest hint of a smile on her face, “We will join your formation, and set ourselves up to screen you.” She keyed in a few commands, and a copy of their flight plan was forwarded to the Knight, containing a small simulation of the four ships falling in on the periphery of the main formation. It carried a piece of unspoken advice to it, one that Dolores was certain a fellow veteran like the Rear Admiral would be only too able to understand. If it comes to a fight, let us take the lead. A little arrogant, perhaps, but no less accurate for it. The Cochrane was one of the most advanced ships in the UN Navy, deliberately designed to go toe to toe with its MCRN counterparts in one-on-one fighting. It couldn’t, of course, but with a good captain at the helm, the odds certainly became a lot less slim than they would have been otherwise. With a good escort around her, she certainly made for an intimidating prospect, and every sailor in the Patrol Group was combat hardened. Dolores didn’t want to come across as a show off, but she also wanted to make it abundantly clear just who Suess had at his disposal.

    Jakarta, Shanghai, and Tereshkova are falling in with us, Ma’am,” Eriksen reported, tapping carefully at his console, broadening his scopes in full knowledge of what his captain was going to ask next. “Our course should bring us all smoothly into position, standard formation,” Vikoyan added, coolly. From her station, Hyou offered her CO a thumbs up in flagrant violation of naval decorum. “Weapons ready, armed but holstered, ma’am, we’re ready for a fight, but not looking to start one.” Al-Mubarak grinned his usual grin, white teeth flashing behind his dense black beard. “Excellent work, gentlemen, Lieutenant Hyou,” Muwangwa replied, her thumb tapping for a moment at the base of her ring finger. Hyou replied with another thumbs up, earning her a sternly barked “Hyou!” from Mendelssohn, and a small roll of the eyes from Dolores “Lieutenant Eriksen, give me the Martians’ position and bearing,” the Commodore continued, leaving the petty disciplinary matters to her XO “Standard transit formation, ma’am, best I can tell,” The Sensors Officer replied, frowning a little. “If they’re looking for a fight, they certainly don’t want to look like they started it, either.” Dolores nodded, calmly, before looking over at her chief navigator. “Vikoyan, how long until we flip and burn?”

    “Fifteen Minutes, Ma’am, then it’ll be another fifteen before we get to Io.”

    “Mendelsohn, make sure the crew is ready for the manoeuvre.”

    “Of course, ma’am,” the Australian replied calmly, giving Dolores a small nod. The whole CIC was abuzz with activity, the steady sounds of computerised affirmations heralding the individual successes of the Cochrane’s officers. Dolores watched over it with quiet confidence, her expression solemn, but steely. “Lieutenant Al-Mubarak, I want firing solutions for the Belters and the Martians both. Don’t target anything just yet, but I want my options open.” The Weapons Officer replied in the affirmative and got to work, and before long Dolores had assembled on her terminal a detailed outlay of the troubled space around Ceres, and all the ways she could make it briefly more, and then abruptly less crowded. Well then. I suppose all we can do now is see who does something stupid first.

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  14. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Pete Knight, en route to Io

    They were just 30 minutes from Io now, the decel-burn would start in 15.

    "Patrol Group Charybdis is in position, Sir." said Lieutenant Davin and smiled.

    His chairs terminal displayed a detailed tactical screen of their Task Force. "De Fiore, signal the Stormfly. They are to operate as lead ship in a light cruiser pack with the Sandfly, the Nightfly, the Swordfish and the Azure Bird to screen the Agatha King and the Pete Knight."

    The Task Force now had an impressive amount of firepower. The Agatha King and the Pete Knight were both battleship-sized with the capability to deliver an incredible amount of destruction and their escort ships too brought enough firepower to deprive Io of all its life. Nothing anyone would wanna mess with, that was sure.

    The Knights massive torpedo magazine alone loaded enough firepower to blast just about any vesseö in the vicinity of Io into little pieces.

    @Dolores Muwangwa @Anicarn @Raziel
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  15. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Pilot on the MCRN Atrax

    Character Biography:
    Io - Orbit

    The Atrax floated serenely through the void, small puffs of reaction mass erupting from its wingtips as small course corrections were made. The serenity was soon shattered however, a corona of fire appearing around the edges of the sleek, aerodynamic vessel as it descended down into the atmosphere of Io.

    Inside the vessel, a cacophony of alarms, vibrations and dull roaring from the atmosphere impacting the hull filled the cabin. "Adjusting 4 degrees to starboard!" Ashoka shouted, as she made a correction and took excess strain on the vessels leading edge. The ship groaned and popped as it expanded from the heat, vibrations hammering through the chassis.

    Then as soon as it had begun, it ended. Replaced by a docile buffeting from the winds of Io's thin atmosphere. The Atrax roared through the skies, veering around volcanic ash plumes and geysers of gas and sulphur. Ashoka flipped a switch and the inner walls of the cockpit and ops decks flickered before relaying video feeds from camera embedded in the outer hull of the ship, giving the crew a 360 degree view of the outside. "Ritter, time to fire up the surveillance suite. I've got my hands full doing these plumes so you'll need to coordinate with Buck to monitor the sensors for any ships incoming that could pose a threat, then start scanning the planets surface for anything that might drag multiple Blue fleets here. It's going to get real crowded up in order very soon so the faster we do this the faster we can get outta here."

    Out of the bottom of the Atrax' hull, several bulbous cameras powered and began scanning and photographing tot surface far below them.

    @Liz Ritter @Buck Bardsley
  16. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Gunner on the NPS Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    The ramp from the Kanyari's airlock slowly lowered to the surface and settled with a small cloud of sulphur yellow dust. The team started down the ramp, one by one activating the torches attached to their weapons. The robot casually followed at a polite distance behind them, several cases of explosives, ammunition, medical kits and weapons strapped to its sides as well as a heavy metal box containing the nuclear warhead provided by William Buttersworth. The case was lined with lead, he had told Karen, stopping any radiation from being emitted and therefore detected, allowing them to pack a huge amount of firepower but retain their stealth.

    The followed the narrow canyon, black, almost liquid-like rock coating its walls showed it was once...or perhaps still was a lava flow tunnel. Rachel buried the thought. The idea of turning a corner and seeing a wall of lava speeding at them made her stomach drop. She gripped her rifle slightly tighter and followed behind the bulky frame of Malik who had taken point. The big man was surprisingly nimble, squeezing through thin sections and climbing over boulders with ease. The team progressed quickly, following the canyon as it steadily reached up to the surface.

    As they rounded a corner, Malik threw his hand up in a fist. The rest of the team halted, the fist motioned down, the team sank to one knee. The big man slunk forwards and peered around a corner before turning around and moving back to the team crouching the whole time. "Base is around the corner. Service entrance about fifty metres away...but it's across open terrain."

    Rachel dropped onto her stomach and crawled forward until she was at the corner and turned off the lights on her vac-suit and rifle before sticking her head out. Malik's assessment was accurate. The base was an imposing structure, dark metal in harsh industrial shapes. Almost no lights shone on the outside, however there was evidence of activity. Boot-prints were visible in the dust not far from where she lay, steam also poured from several vents in the distance.

    As she crawled back to the team she nodded using belts hand gestures, signing that Malik was right. As the team spoke together, formulating a plan, Rachel gazed up into the sky. There was a slightly haze of from the atmosphere but Jupiter was clearly visible through it, dominating the sky. As she looked up, she spotted the telltale blue trail of an Epstein drive as it soared overhead, before quickly crossing the space and disappearing over the edge of the canyon.

    "We send the 'bot over and use its interface to hack the door. If we can't get it open, we blow it with a breaching charge," Mack said, a grin on his face. Rachel gestured her agreement as did the rest of the team, and one by one they edged closer to the corner. The robot happily cantered after them before receiving its new orders. It took a moment to orientate itself, before crouching down onto its spindly legs and with a burst of reaction mass, launching itself up into the sky. The robot soared majestically, like a brick through a window, before landing lightly before the doorway, and getting to work.

    @Damian Slavko @Malik Shah @Afza Mirev
  17. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

    Character Biography:
    William smiled, baring white teeth. "That's all that I ask, thank you Du Plessis. My fleet should rendezvous with your within the next hour, they will attending to any sick or wounded you may have. You may request any repairs of assistance from the Daedalus and it will be rendered, free of charge. Good luck at Io, I will be monitoring the situation."



    "Yes Sir?"

    "I need you to put me in touch with the office of the Martian Prime Minister, and the office of the United National Secretary General. It's time we end this war before the whole system goes up in flames."

    "Aye Sir. Do you have a particular message you wish to send?"

    "Yes, record a video now."

    "Recording in three...two...one..."

    "Prime Minister, Secretary General, You may have heard of me but in the case that you have not allow me to introduce myself. My name is William Buttersworth. I am the Governor of New Providence Station, and the Director of Providence Shipwrights. I come before you as an unofficial representative of the belt. I implore you to end this war before more productive worlds are laid to ruin like Ganymede. Through your war, my people have suffered greatly, each station is inundated with thousands of refugees straining already strained systems. I request that you send delegations from your two great nations to a neutral location, I humbly recommend New Providence Station as the venue for a peace conference. We can provide a secure location in the hope that a treaty can be signed and the war ended. But be warned, the belt will put up with your war for but a limited time, if you do not end these hostilities, we will end them for you."
  18. Raziel

    UN orders
    No new orders. Command is discussing recent announcements from Mars. Expect an update within 6 hours.
    Reminder: Jupiter to earth light travel time 45 minutes

    MCRN orders
    A public statement has been issued by the office of Yalara Sien. This follows news reports that a security council meeting was reduced to a shouting match between different parties.

    "This new step by the belt to undermine the coalition shows how much bolder they have become since bombing the Coalition peace summit and ending the lives of our leaders in a callous act of terrorism. Mars will take action against the belt until our people and the terraforming project can be secured."

    Evidence to demonstrate that the release of data from Boussaa was fabricated is expected to be released to government within a week. It is then expected that the Prime Minister will call for a formal declaration of war on 'The Belt'.

    The MCR Callisto fleet is order to apprehend any armed belt assets and not to engage with UN vessels. Zay Boussaa is being coerced by the OPA into providing fabricated evidence. Secure him and an MCR vessel will transport him back to Mars.

    OPA orders

    During the fallout from Ganymede, Mars has made a bargain with Protogen. The price for protomolecule developed weapons and terraforming advancements: finish what was started during the blockade of Ceres. Eradicate the OPA.
    A registered freighter is closing on Io Station carrying a team of Martian black ops soldiers out of uniform.
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  19. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    "They stay until I say otherwise," Morné said. He turned his face towards Scarsi, which only made his crooken nose more apparent.

    He raised a long arm, fingers extending towards their view of the Nephthys. A spot of warmth on the great array built for searching distance systems for habitable worlds.

    "We follow dat ship. Until I say otherwise. Ja?"
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  20. The UN

    "What do you mean the containment system isn't ready?" Boucher asked. The answer through his earpiece was kept from the bridge crew. Whatever it was it only added to the frustration that was clear on his face.

    He scrunched his eyes shut, highlighting just how deep the lines of age had been etched into his features. His face was turning a deeper shade of red in annoyance.

    "We were told...yes I know, but this is another delay. Fine."

    Whoever had been on the end of that line was dismissed summarily. The admiral turned to his bridge crew who were keeping their heads down. The fact that the red dots on the display were apparently racing them was of great concern to him and he studied them in silence for a few moments.

    "The Io research station is under UN protection," he reminded everyone. "Ensure the fleet arrives and takes up a standard defensive pattern. Send a message to the Martian fleet that they will maintain a distance of ten thousand clicks from our vessels at all time or they will be considered hostile. Divvy the dusters up and ensure every one of their vessels is being watched. I want deep sweeps in case they have stealth assets in the region already."
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