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  1. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    The array of the Nauvoo - Behemoth now - gave them a picture of movements across the system. Little blue, red and white dots moving across the system. Grey ones for those military vessels that had switched off their transponders but could still be seen burning to new locations. Fleets were on the move.

    The ship also provided a stunning view of Tycho station's last moments. The Loan Shark had pulled away. The heavy freighter was being used by the OPA as a triage station for those evacuees who had been reclaimed from escape pods or safe areas. It was also being used as a quarantine zone. If an outbreak started in the next few days then Morné was going to have to watch that ship being destroyed too. Hard decisions that split his soul. Responsibility he had never looked for.

    It was over as soon as it started. A bright flash and a brilliant blue blossom unfurling in space where it had been. The reactor detonation hopefully eradicating all trace of the protomolecule. And all four hundred and twenty seven souls unaccounted for.

    The atmosphere on the bridge could be cut with a knife. The barely suppressed rage seeping into the air itself.

    Morné dragged his eyes away from the scene and back to the tactical display. As the stealth ship had been busy killing Tycho Station the Martians and earthers had clashed over Ganymede. They were killing the belt and there was no good reason why.

    Ricardo Brunino had taken the position of chief engineer, a position he probably should have held. The man looked as if he had been stretched too thin. His skin had gone an unhealthy shade of grey, his eyes looked dull. But he was smiling. He strode up towards Morné and flicked something onto the display from his terminal.

    "Found it!" Brunino announced.

    "So we might hit something next time?" Morné asked.

    "It was a bug in code, not the instruments themselves. We'll do another firing test at one of the drone tugs."

    Morné nodded his head. The torpedo tubes were now loaded, the rail guns would hopefully be able to find their mark. Yet following the protogen stealth ship as they were now still seemed a rash thing to do.

    With this much anger threatening to bubble out it seemed better to do something rash than nothing at all.

    "The factory?" Morné asked.

    "Mostly in place."

    They had mothballed as much of Tycho's equipment as they could before leaving. The inside of the great drum was now fitted out to make repairs to smaller vessels. Unfortunately the drum had never been made to allow entry to large vessels. However, they might be able to rig a few light freighters with external torpedo mounts.

    "See if we can find any volunteers."

    UN orders
    The main UN Fleet is regrouping at Europa after the action at Ganymede. More vessels head out from Earth.
    A small task force has been ordered to protect UN assets on Io.
    OOC: You can be part of the fleet sent to Io under Admiral Boucher, or vessels still at Ganymede or Europa.
    Politicians are embroiled in a bitter dispute back home about how to handle Ganymede. Many call for a blockade of Mars itself.

    MCRN orders
    The Jupiter fleet is gathering at Callisto. However MCRN command refuses to send more ships, fearing a direct strike from earth.
    The OPA has now released all of the information to the MCR gathered at Thoth and Phoebe, implicating Protogen in the attack on their science station and Donnager. Some take this as a sign of a UN conspiracy, others believe it is a fabrication to cover the fact that belter vessels destroyed the Donnager

    OPA orders
    Tycho Station had been obliterated. Ganymede, the jewel of the belt, lies in tatters. The Nauvoo has been under refit for war ever since the assassination of Fred Johnson. It makes its slow journey towards Io, following the Protogen stealth ship that destroyed Tycho. The call goes out to any OPA volunteers to join them, with the Behemoth crew ready to outfit any smaller vessels with makeshift weaponry.
  2. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Pete Knight in Orbit around Iapetus

    The Knight had gone through repairs for the last two weeks. The damage hadn´t been as bad for them as it had been for many other vessels, but the Knights unusual RCS grid had taken a lot more work than anything else on the ship. His head engineer had basically spent all day and night either working or cursing, mostly both, as he, his crew and the crew of the Iapetus Repair yard worked double shifts to get the ship back up and running.

    Now Suess floated in front of a large screen at the observatory of the Repair yard and watched as bright flares erupted on the skin of his ship whenever one of the welding mechs used its torch.

    His hand terminal buzzed, he gave himself a little push and floated down to the floor. His hand terminal showed a connection request.

    It was his XO, Livia Clark. With a tap, he accepted the connection. "Captain. Just spoke to Lieutenant O´Doyle. He´s just finishing up the last bits but if everything goes well we´ll be able to move out in just half a day."

    "That ´s good to hear. Anything else?"

    "No, Sir."

    "Good, I´ll be heading over now. Suess out." he dropped the connection and made way for the elevator.


    CIC of the Pete Knight

    The Knights ship emblem was engraved or painted almost everywhere on the ship. As he rode the elevator up to CIC he studied the symbol that had been engraved on the plexiglass panels that made up the front and back wall. He´d contributed to its design process and he liked how it had turned out. It was simple yet reasonably complex and it gave those who looked at it an idea about what the ship was like.

    Sunken into his thoughts he only realized he´d reached the CIC when the control panel gave off a chime to signify that he could safely leave the elevator.

    "Captain on deck!" announced the Weapons officer and saluted.

    The bridge was fairly empty at this time. Just a few Officers and his XO.

    "At ease," he said, and his men relaxed.

    He walked over to the Commodore, who stood at the Ops deck together with the Knights main Pilot. "Anything new XO?"

    "Got new orders from Fleetcom. We are to meet up with Admiral Boucher and support his Io Task Force."

    "Boucher, you say? It´s good to see him get promoted. The man deserved it. Well then, Agresta."

    "Yes, Sir?" the woman who had stepped aside when he approached the table.

    "Plot a course that´ll let us rendezvous with the Io Task Force asap."

    "Aye, Sir." She immediately turned around and headed for her Station.

    "As soon as the Commander has a course I want all Lead officers in the briefing room."


    12 hours later the UNN Pete Knight starts a 1.5 g burn towards Jupiters Moon Europa. With it travel five other UNN Warships.


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  3. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

    Character Biography:
    Bill closed the communication channel between him and the Kanyari. The crew now had their orders and could be trusted to carry them out without him looming over their shoulder, plus the AI aboard their ship would report back to him and serious issues. He rocked on his feet for a moment, hands on his hips, looking around at the enormous holographic map that dominated his office.

    "Core, open a channel to the Behemoth."

    "Aye aye Sir, channel open."

    Bill stood there for a moment, thinking of whether or not to wear his trademark grin or to keep things serious. He decided on the latter just as the communication link opened and a face he knew all too well appeared. "Morne Du Plessis! I have have heard many things about you and had always hoped I would have the honour of meeting you face to face. This," he motioned around him, "will have to suffice."

    The man said nothing, just stared at him with those hard little eyes, like they were chiselled from the man's craggy face. "I'm here to offer the support of New Providence Station and our assets. I have a rescue fleet in the Jupiter system, and it looks like you are in dire need of assistance, I can easily reroute them to assist the OPA and your ragtag fleet. But first tell me, why are you heading to Io?"

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  4. Zay Boussaa

    Character Biography:
    A shitty day....

    If he could summarize his misadventure so far. He and the rest of the delegation were granted a small room on board the Behemoth. Certainly there was a lot of things missing for comfort to be there. But his little fingers make him say that the generosity of the OPA should not be abused. He doesn't stay in his room much. He spends his time walking around the corridors and commuting between his room and the command bridge. No one so far seems to want to kick him off the bridge... or the ship. Stephan Thompson (the marine who saved his life many times on Tycho) follows him on his heels as he walks - or should I say sneaks into the corridors. The last-minute evacuation ensured that the corridors were full of boxes and equipment that did not have time to be tidied up. And to his great surprise, people - refugee as well as technicians - don't even seem to pay attention to him.

    So giving him carte blanche to wander around as he pleases.

    He turns his heels in a hallway. His meeting was most interesting. He has recently spent time reviewing his contacts and making new ones. Members of organizations that were, unfortunately, on Tycho at the time of the attack. All extremely interesting people for later. Especially one in particular, his little fingers tell him that they will be useful to him. They are certain suspicious at first, but he seems to succeed in convincing them to listen to him.

    "....Rumors are of a total blockade against Mars. While others say that Mars will suffer from a record economic embargo in its history...."

    Zay stops and observes the screen ,placed in the intersection between two important corridors. He knows from a source that Mars keeps its most powerful ships in orbit in the event of an attack from Earth. In fact his communication with Mars was limited. Authorities believe it's not a good idea to communicate on a ship - what was the term already? - " Potentially enemy ".

    The flahs news broadcasts images of the Ganymede incident. The presenter, with a serious and monotonous tone, explains the current situation. A Ganymede map would appear, showing the new geopolitical situation and the forces at play. Images of the Simurgh appear. The images date, and present (from a distance) the Simurgh in the Callisto shipyards. Zay turns away from the screen, obviously angry. Until now, no one has dared to tell him about Ganymede. And that's good, because God knows he has a lot to say.

    Thompson frowned with worry as he saw him angry and accelerated to catch up. He doesn't have his armor on his back, but a weapon is hidden within reach. He makes her the only person who has Zay's trust right now. The other members of the delegation never leave their rooms. And these are his puppets and pawns. Discussed with them is not very constructive.

    Placing his hands in his pockets, and sighing. He climbs into the elevator towards one of his favourite places... the hollow of the cyclinder. After a few minutes he quickly finds what he was looking for. An empty room with a glass wall that allows him to admire the view. Opposite feelings take him by the throat. Fascination, admiration and jealousy.

    All these small vessels inside the cylinder and this incredible immanity. To believe that the project wanted to make it a mini-world capable of supporting life during a millennial journey. It reminds him of the beginning of the "Celestial Bird" project. At the time he wanted a ship of this size capable of affirming order through the solar system. But something else finally came out of the project. Thompson, who had gone to check that there was no one around, came back with his thumb up.

    The room is almost empty, if you forget the only chair. And a painting of Jesus. And he seems to look at Zay with a certain judgment.

    - You know what's pathetic?

    - No sir.

    - These Mormons jerks didn't even plan any cells. The prisoners are currently locked in stables!

    With a raging gesture he throws the painting to the ground.

    - We'll pay a little visit in time and place. For the moment communicate!

    Knowing that Thompson made sure that no one would surprise them and that no camera could see them. Zay takes off her right shoe and takes a small device out of the sole. The object is rectangular and black, with a small camera at the end and a red light at the other end. He activates the device, which makes the light blink, and starts talking to the camera.

    " Hey Steven! I'm happy to tell you that I'm not dead! And that your interest in explaining this bullshit about Ganymede to me! But in the meantime, I have the honor of sending you a couple of interesting things about Phoebe's lab and the destruction of the Donnager. Listen carefully to what I'm going to say next. First Io! The fleet is heading towards Io and..."


    The elevator doors open in front of him and no one, as usual, stands in his way. Which is quite interesting with the ship. This is the church aspect that is found everywhere. Even the bridge has a very cathedral look, with its stained glass dome that seems to tell the story of Jesus' life (or whatever else).

    The same technician as usual greeted him with a nod. Greetings that Zay is returning. Oh, finally, his chair. Which is actually an anti-acceleration chair not used by the crew. Hence, simply because it is misplaced. But for Zay it is perfect because he can have an overview of the situation. At times, Zay's advice and guidance on military patrols was rather helpful in avoiding problems.

    A man who claims to be the director of PS&E speaks through a recording. Wow, he heard about him! Isn't that the son of that damn pirate? And if he's not mistaken, the MCRN used their ships for a rescue operation. Damn it, things changed quickly during his trip.

    He crosses his legs and wonders what more shit is going to fall on him today....

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  5. Anicarn

    Character Biography:
    "...Don't send me any confirmation messages. I'm probably being watched. I'll keep contacting you to coordinate everything.

    Zay Over

    Steven deletes the evidence that he received the message and takes a look at the data sent. Protogen seems to be on Io, or at least seems very interested in going to Io. He begins, of course, to walk a hundred paces in his living room. Zay is right all along, he can't send (for the moment the Simurgh) on Io. But if it is the instructions he gave him work, it will not be a problem in the near future.

    He hates being just a pawn, but Zay doesn't give him much choice. A two-step three movement, he sends the necessary orders to send the "Fire Tempest" to take the direction of Io.

    He first pawn move, all that remains is to pull the strings.

    It sends the message with the data to some particular persons in the government. The messages is obviously sent in Zay's name.

    A well-oiled machine starts working again.

    He crashes into his fault while the ambient light is reduced. The, false, chimney spreads a soft warmth. He sent a short message to the pilot, as promised, giving her a short report on the situation regarding Protogen. He quickly explained that the culprits of Eros would also be the ones who destroyed the Donnager! He concludes the message with permission to take the Atrax to head towards Io (with the Fire Tempest) and meet this funny OPA fleet.

    He pours himself a glass of wine while waiting for Ahsoka's answer. And of course from Zay's contacts.

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  6. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    OPAS Behemoth, Scarsi's Cabin

    After the doctor had released him Carter had led him into a separate room that couldn't be far from the med bay, at least that's what his sense told him, although his orientation had been thrown off by the injury.

    The rooms interior was simple, just a crash couch and a locker. He'd lain on the crash couch for the last 12 hours and waited, thinking for himself. Carter went in and out a couple times. Once he brought a tablet with some sort of food. Before the man handed him the plate Scarsi could hear a quiet rattle, the sound of a pill dose. He didn't protest, not like he could've done anything against it, he could only see rough silhouettes and as soon as lights dimmed he was blind.

    Cortical blindness, the doctor had called it. She said he might recover but he wasn't sure if that was true. She also said that his eyes were basically fine but the brain section responsible for identifying objects had been damaged. He could still see light but it was all blurr and silhouettes.

    After 12 hours he suddenly pushed himself up from the crash couch. "Enough brooding!" he exclaimed.

    "To bak wit us bosmang?" Carter asked.

    He turned towards the direction the voice came from. "Ya. Can ya bring mi to da bridge?"

    "Cause mi can. Though to gotta visit da doc first. She said mi should call her if to tries to get up."

    "Just get mi to da bridge."


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  7. Aden Peterson

    Character Biography:
    [MCRN Tsurugi - Callisto]

    It had been around three weeks since the events surrounding Ganymede had boiled over into the battle fought in the sky over Ganymede. Since that day, Aden's life had been one interrogation after another. He'd been captured first by OPA pirates, spinning out of control over Ganymede, then by the UNN as he and the other few survivors from the MCRN Gladius had tried to make their way to a MCR outpost. From there, it was interrogation onboard the UN flagship at the battle, to being transferred to a UN facility to be interrogated. Eventually, they had been returned to Mars' tender care... to be interrogated about how they had been interrogated. The Martian interrogators took , their sweet time, finding out if any of the now three survivors of the crew, previously at a strength of 8, had given up anything, or if they had seen or heard anything. The answer to all these questions was a negative. The men had not given up anything of significance, nor had they observed anything of note. What had humored the interrogating officer is that the UN for a time at least had thought that the Gladius was landing elite troops for some black op, when in fact the Gladius was now a part of the wreckage spinning around Ganymede, creating a navigation hazard for anyone attempting to land there.

    Finally satisfied, Aden and his two crewmates had been split up and sent off to different assignments. Hosta had suffered a nervious breakdown under the constant interrogation, and had been returned to Mars for psychological evaluation and treatment. Mars took care of her own. He'd be fine. McKay had been sent to the Home Fleet, and Aden had been sent back to the Jupiter AO. He was a pilot, and the MCRN needed those. He'd found himself assigned to the MCRN Tsurugi, a Corvette-class frigate, a larger ship than the Gladius and better armed. Like many Corvette-class ships, she was named after a for of Japanese sword. In this case, a pre-10th century straight two-edged sword, without folding. The crew of 18 consisted of a dozen Naval personnel and a half-dozen Marines, who were despite their relative uselessness in the confined size of the ship were a comforting presence.

    The ship was floating idle with the rest of the gathered MCRN battlegroup. Her engine idle, the ship coasted along in zero-g, keeping pace with the rest of the ships gathered. Orders had come down yet again to prepare for trouble, and Aden wasn't exactly looking forward to that. The MCRN was pulling back her forces to Mars, slowly but surely, to prepare for what everyone knew would be coming- a direct attack by the UN to eliminate Mars, at any cost. It was the culmination of years of hate and distrust Earth had for Mars. They hated the progress and independence that Mars had earned, and they hated the fact that Mars did not cower and bow to them. Earth was simple - if they couldn't control it, and couldn't subjugate it, they must destroy it. So everyone waited, looking for trouble, listening for orders, and wondering when the first strike would come.

    All he knew is, he didn't want to run into the Knight and Admiral Suess anytime soon.
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  8. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Former Europa Task Force - Approaching Callisto

    The Atrax burned alongside the mighty donnager-class battleship, the Schiaparelli, the crown jewel of the MCRN Jupiter fleet. She marvelled at the sheer size of the vessel compared to the Atrax. Their tiny little corvette seemed more like a fly buzzing around a horse than a warship providing escort.

    Ahead of them, Callisto glowed in the light from the solar systems distant star, and on the surface, where darkness was steadily creeping across, lights shone. They were on their way to the shipyards there, a fortified and extensive facility which had been steadily reinforcing and repairing the Jupiter fleet since the war began. Karen had never seen it up close, but felt almost guilty for taking a moment to stare in wonder at the beautiful moon.

    The terminal next to her chirped happily, informing her that new orders were coming down. These were from the strange fellow who debriefed her after her time on Ganymede...Wright...that's it, his face materialised in her memory. She rolled her eyes a little at the thought of the smug man, but at least he had made a lot of things make sense. Ganymede...The war...Eros...The orders were for her to take the Atrax to Io, along with one other ship. The other ship would operate separately to the Atrax but have the same course. What the hell was this guy playing at? They had just regrouped at Callisto and now he wanted her to go to Io?

    She sent off a quick request to re-arm the Atrax before beginning the new mission and waited, her fingers drumming on the terminal in irritation. Luckily it did not take long for her to receive a response, authorisation to return to the Simurgh and rearm had been granted. She broke away from the task force she was escorting and hit the accelerator, taking them in hard and fast towards the shipyard. "We are heading in for re-armament, after that we've been given orders to make best speed towards Io. Any complaints, take it up with the brass." She said on the ships intercom. The two crew members had been suspiciously quiet recently, she checked the vitals to make sure they were still alive...Hmm...okay well they're alive at least, just quiet...

    The Atrax roared into the hangar of the MCRN Simurgh and with several loud clunks, magnetically attached to the loading mechanism which efficiently removed spent ammunition canisters and burnt out missile boosters and replaced with them fresh weaponry. Karen watched as the ammunition counters on her terminal counted steadily up to 100% and a short while later, they were off thundering through the void towards Io.
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  9. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Free Agent of Providentia

    Character Biography:
    Aboard the NPS Kanyari - Docked with Kasi Deya Station

    It had been several minutes since Bill Buttersworth's holographic form had faded from the bridge. The air was electric, but no one said anything. The entire crew had a look of slightly terrified, slightly amused bewilderment. After a short time had passed, like a spell breaking, people began to discuss what had actually happened. The first words being "One hundred and fifty thousand credits each?!" There were several high fives, many hugs and then after that a gloom settled over the bridge as the crew realised what they had gotten themselves into.

    Only Rachel and Malik were smiling, while the rest of the crew slowly withdrew back into themselves. Rachel slapped the mans shoulder and when and grabbed the shoulders of Damian. "Chin up Captain, you won, your crew is rich. You can retire if you want..." She let got of the man and turned to face the rest of the crew who looked up or over at her. "Sure...Bill has set us an impossible task...Fly down to de surface of Io...Infiltrate a Protogen weapons facility...and somehow get far enough in to detonate a nuke underneath it...and also get out," with each point, more sighs and groans escaped the gathered crew. "But tink of the cash! After dis we can get as far away from dis cooking' war as we want and live de rest of our lives in....comparative luxury!"

    The crew did not look convinced. "And if that is not enough motivation, as the official representative of Providence on this vessel I can order de AI to kill you all in your sleep if you don't comply..." the eyes of the crew were wide. They had only ever seen Rachel like that once, when she had almost shot Afza, the ships doctor. Rachel realised her error and tried a more amiable approach. "Not dat I would do that, y'all are like family now, I would drop a rock on de Eart' before hurting any of you. But just be aware, there are ramifications for not completing the contract you guys signed."


    Several minutes later

    Rachel settled into the gunners seat in the bridge, a small, satisfied smile on her lips as the Kanyari roared its way across the void, heading straight for Io...

    The AI core murmured to itself at the back of the bridge, red and orange lines of light pulsating along the edges of its shell...
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  10. Morne du Plessis

    Character Biography:
    Morne watched the recorded message and gave it a few minutes of thought. He didn't have the luxury of being reticent to accept help where it was offered. Everything was different since the UN had infiltrated their operations. Since he had watched a close friend thrown from an airlock for betraying them to earth. It was hard to trust, hard to accept help.

    "This is Du Plessis. One of da ships dat killed Donnager destroyed Tycho. Dey took scientists and evidence from Thoth. We follow them. We force them to surrender or destroy them."

    It seemed simple to say. The holographic display showing the active fleet movements suggested otherwise.

    He sent it back and the wave headed off on its merry way back towards the Kanyari. There was a good chance the UN or MCRN could decrypt their comms, but not on the fly. It would take them weeks.

    Morne gave a lazy salute towards @Kealoha Scarsi as he entered the ops deck. They had chosen to pick a fight, but they still didn't know the terms it would play out to.
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  11. Kealoha Scarsi

    Kealoha Scarsi OPA Politican

    OPAS Behemoth, Bridge

    The bridge of the Behemoth was incredibly spacious, it had never meant to be used for war and instead was more extensive, beautiful and a lot bigger. It spoke for the ship itself, everything about the Behemoth was big and everything about it was not made for war. He´d always found it a waste to refit the ship. Better to take it apart and make new ships, ships you could give to the people. The belt didn´t need a warship. It needed peace.

    Carter carefully held him at his right shoulder and led him onto the bridge. The large belter had been his closest friend for years and was one of the few people he could trust and he was incredibly thankful for this.

    When they visited the medbay the doctor had examined him again, asked him the same questions and had then listed his options. Since it was not his eyes who were damaged but his brain there wasn´t much she could really do for him. She´d brought up the matter of a special implant that would let him turn soundwaves into at least half decent images, but he´d rejected that, he´d deal with this shit like a belter, no fancy and expensive implants to repair his disability, he´d just wait until his vision returned.

    First, she´d gotten angry at him for such a stubborn decision, and Carter had gotten semi-angry at him, but he´d also told the doc that there was no way of getting him out of it. Fay mumbled something but then explained to him what she could do and Carter persuaded him with his pure honesty to let the Fay treat him.

    It would take a long while but he´d eventually be able to see half-decent again.

    Now he stood on the bridge of the Behemoth. He could see movement around him and his eyes let him make out the vastness of the room.

    He turned to Carter and whispered, "Bring mi to da bosmang fodagut."

    Carter made an assuring sound and then led him over to someone.

    While they walked the man suddenly grunted. "Dey let da paxoníseki on da fuking bridge" Scarsi heard the sound as his friend spat on the floor. He was already thinking further. The Martian shouldn´t be on the bridge, even though he wasn´t a prisoner his fellow beltalowda would´ve done no wrong by confining him to his quarters or at least not letting him onto the bridge.

    Scarsi stopped and looked around. "Kepelesh?"

    "He sitting a crash couch at da other end of da bridge." "Be careful wit da steps beratna."

    They came to hold in front of a tall person Scarsi presumed to be Du Plessis. He gave the man a respectful nod. "We need to talk." Scarsi said in accentless English.


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  12. William Meyer

    William Meyer CEO of Global Interest/Oligarch

    Character Biography:
    - My condolences...

    The man in front of him is small and slightly overweight. His cramped office is full of trophies or what seems to be insipid decorations made to make his owner interesting. The small, single window of the office gives a very beautiful view of the city.

    - Thank you for your sympathy. You know, she'd been in pain for a while. Sometimes I think to myself that somehow she is free from the pain of this world.

    The bureaucrat's eyebrows frown with empathy. Is he acting or is he sincere? William doesn't want to know the answer, in any case it was his sister - not now him - who is the main supporter of his pitiful projects.

    - But it cannot be said that it has not contributed greatly to improving this world!

    By pulling the strings and financing projects left and right before embarking on a childish war against a Martian?

    - I know... and her loss will only be the most painful for all of us.

    - If it's not intrusive, how did she die?

    A theatrical sigh from William.

    - She never liked public spotlights, you know. So it's only natural that she hid her illness for so long. But the past is the past, and I'm sure if she's still here. She would scold me because I'm chatting rather than doing my job as interim CEO.

    The politician hits the palm table with his hand while smiling. A "well said boy" crosses his lips without touching William.

    - Global Interest through Neston Corp strongly supports the colossal project of agrarian reconstruction in my native country. And therefore I and my compatriot are extremely grateful.

    - Agrarian independence is something important to us in order to ensure our vision of a better and stronger Earth.

    - Quite naturally!

    The man talks like a child waiting for a candy that is waiting. William crosses his arms and makes a pout.

    - Well, We agree that the project is becoming very important with the damage that Ganymede has just suffered because of the barbarity of these damn sand eaters.

    - We'll get them paid in time and place!

    - Why wait? Have you read the reports? Mars is only getting more powerful every day. Some reports say they will have a higher military power in 5 years! 5 years! And while waiting to destroy us militarily, they decides to destroy us economically.

    The chubby man seems to be in full reflection. His head moves from front to back like a clock pendulum. Then as if hitting a revelation he hits the table with his fist.

    - The economic embargo!

    - No better an economic blockade!

    He seems to be in heaven. Seeing things that she can see parading before his eyes.

    - So if I understand correctly, we are economically attacking Mars in order to weaken them and thus protect our global economy?! Weakens we could better bring them back to their place afterwards!

    - In a way, yes. Especially since economically, Mars cannot really respond. Unless they can make an alliance with the takeover bid, which will never happen. And historically we'll be clean. Since we didn't physically attack them. No, we will punish them in a civilized way. And like the barbarians they are, they will be unable to riposte in the same way.

    His interlocutor suddenly seems to be in doubt.

    - But then they will attack us militarily!

    - And so what! As I said earlier. They will have military supremacy in five years. We're not in five years.

    - I think I could convince a majority of my colleagues to follow me.

    - I believe your country will soon be doing very well. You will soon see all these ghettoes of concrete and plastic uninhabited will be replaced by beautiful productive fields...as in the good old days.

    The sounds of his footsteps are absorbed by the thick carpet that covers the floor of the corridors. His two bodyguards follow him with their usual killer face ready to tear out throats. Passers-by greet him in a friendly way for one reason or another. William slows down to observe a work of art that sits on a wall. One of his grandfathers gave it to the United Nations. The latter is protected behind a thick protective glass, with a copper plate underneath that thanks his grandfather for the "invaluable gift".

    It is a family tradition to offer works of art to United Nations buildings. Minimum one and preferably for the Secretariat. But for this grandfather offered so many, that if he is not mistaken there are at least 5 in every United Nations office in the world. His steps quickly brought him where he wanted to go.

    A bay window overlooking one of the interior gardens. In the center a glass cube is arranged and safety cords of the construction prevent to approach it. The work had not yet been placed and it will be her sister's gift. It is time for him to think about which one to offer on his part in order to follow the tradition. A total victory on Mars? The protomolecule and its benefits for the UN?
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  13. Robert Kung

    Character Biography:
    Well, he was far from his beloved Ceres and his field of action. But he quickly found a way to be useful on board. His knowledge of jurisdiction allowed him to be an asset to the OPA with respect to the judicio-legal problem with the Mormons. And he spent the last few days working with a team of lawalas to quickly resolve the Mormon issue. And also all the juridic and legal problems that come with the destruction of Tycho station. The complex file seemed impossible at first, but they were able to find a solution after many trial-and-error. And to his great surprise, the head of the Martian delegation!

    He was irritated that he offered his help at first, but after listening to his ideas. Well, it made sense. And it helped them pretty much to find the solutions. He may have helped them, but he remains suspicious of the Martian despite everything. Especially since the latter also helped the navigating technicians by showing them the best navigational routes to avoid military patrols.

    The elevator creaks as it rises towards the command bridge. The surviving Mormons reside in the lowest part of the ship. Where the cathedral is located. And God knows how the luminous representations of holy people are beginning to get on his nerves. The door opens in front of him and displays a bridge that would envy the cathedral located just several hundred meters below. A funny and amusing idea began to emerge among the crew. Change the representation of the Saints to that of famous people in history and for the Belters! Geniuses like Newton or philosophers like Voltaire or one of the many martyrs who fell for the takeover bid. Like Fred Johnson.

    In fact, many people wonder why the Nauvoo was renamed Behemoth rather than Fred Johnson!

    With a semi-serious, semi-enjoyed look, he embarked on deck with his work tablet under his arm and headed for Morne. Scarsi is present with his friend holding his arm.

    - Good news! I was able to find a judicious legal solution for the Behemoth! As far as Tycho station is concerned, and well after talking to Tycho Engineering's lawyers. We have the possibelity to put the legal fault on Protogen and its shareholders mumbles If we can stop them by then mumbles. So we're legally safe. Plus a bunch of stuff we need to look at. But it's all in the file I sent you.

    He crosses his arms in his back and quickly scrutinizes the surroundings.

    @Morne du Plessis @Zay Boussaa @Kealoha Scarsi
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  14. Gwenaël Suess

    Gwenaël Suess Deceased

    UNN Pete Knight, en Route to Io

    The UNN had launched too late. Their relative position to Io had put them at an advantage but Mars had moved faster than they had thought, no one really knew what they intended to do there but it very much seemed like a hasty first strike at Io´s UN facilities, a declaration of war that was sure. When intelligence had caught their small battlegroup burning towards Io, Admiral Boucher had speed up the gathering of his Task Force. Now they were burning at 2 G towards Io, 12 ships, mostly destroyers, light cruisers, and two Battleships. The Knight had only taken three light cruisers, the rest of the Battlegroup stayed at Europa.

    Suess sat in his command chair and looked at the big central viewscreen of the bridge, he could feel the acceleration pushing him into his crash couch. The screen displayed tactical data on the MCRN Task Force. A destroyer with four frigates and three light corvettes. No match for the Io Task Force the UNN had dispatched but the UNN had taken longer to assemble their ships and were now just barely arriving at the same time as the MCRN Force, they might not be able to keep them from a quick strike at Io, at least not at the speed they were traveling at right now. But if they really did then they´d never make it out alive.

    There was also another issue, just a few days ago newsfeed had been filled with images, images of the destruction of Tycho Station. Something had blown it up. Most of the people that had escaped were now on the Nauvoo, the massive generation ship that Tycho had been contracted with. The problem was, the Nauvoo was traveling in the direction of Io as well. Suess had not the slightest clue what they were planning on doing there and why they didn´t just fly towards the nearest port to unload the survivors and take care of the legal issues, but he didn´t like what they were doing.

    He grabbed the terminal that was fixed to a gimbaled arm and pulled it in front of him. After a few taps and swipes, he requested a connection to Admiral Boucher. Waiting for the connection to get patched through he looked around the bridge. All his staff was strapped into their crash couches working at their stations. 2 G didn´t sound like much, but walking was already difficult and he felt the additional weight. At first, he didn´t notice the difference but after about an hour at 2 G his lungs started to ace and he noticed how he slowed down his breathing because it was getting exhausting.

    The Ship terminal buzzed and Boucher's face appeared on the screen. "Gwen, it´s good to see you again. It´s been a long time since we saw each other."

    Suess smiled at the sight of his old friend and former CO. "The pleasure is all mine Wilburn. I hear you´ve been recently promoted to Admiral."

    The man on the other side laughed. He looked older than Suess remembered him, and the thrust was made his face look more grotesque. "Yes, they seem to think I´d do good in command. It also gave me command of the Saturn Fleet after what happened on Ganymede. You were there right?"

    Suess was quite for a few seconds, Ganymede had been a chaotic horror and a nightmare to coordinate. "Yes... yes I was there. I wouldn´t count it to the nice experiences of my career."

    "I can imagine. But let´s not talk about that, hows my little baby doing?"

    Boucher was in some way the father of the Pete Knight, he´d first brought the program to live. Suess, who had been his XO at the time had quickly gotten involved in the construction and funding of the ambitious idea. it had become their heart project. When the ship neared the end of construction and it was time to choose a captain for the ship, high command had naturally offered it to Boucher, who´d already been a Rear-Admiral at the time. But Boucher had turned down the position and, to everyone's surprise, had highly recommended Suess, who´d only been a Commodore at the time, for the position. This had boosted Suess´s career massively and basically skipped 3 years of service it normally would´ve taken to be promoted.

    "She´s doing incredible. It's the best fucking ship I ever served on. Got a few scars over Ganymede but her systems are doing better than I´d ever imagined. "

    "That's good to hear, maybe this will motivate those damn bureaucrats to do it again."

    "Yeeeahhh, no. I highly doubt they will."

    "True true." He looked at something outside of the camera. "Gotta cut the connection here, still have a ton of paperwork to do."

    Suess nodded and Boucher cut the connection. He pulled up a tactical display of the surrounding area. There were a few civilian ships in the area, freighters, and rockhoppers. A single freighter with a UNN acknowledged transponder was headed for Io to pick up a load of power cells. The ship had a nice name "Nephthys" said the transponder, something a lot more creative than the usual transponders, names of girls, wives, and kids left behind when their fathers, lovers or husbands ventured out in the dark to make a living.


    @Morne du Plessis @Karen Ashoka @Anicarn @Rachel Lei @Henry Noam
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  15. Hayakaze

    Hayakaze Rockhopper merchant family ship

    OPAS Behemoth
    Docking station

    Dieter kick the airlock door as it jammed with small from debris field on the way to Behemoth. It can be fix later. The war going out badly and many face he was known is disappeared or rather dead. Tycho station is now ruined. New Providence is, well, Capt Butter is gone. And as Dieter not familiar with his son, he decided not to bother them and stranded in space again after refueling and patch up Hayakaze. After talking with some fellow belter. Dieter pick up Scarsi location on Behemoth and heading there with some extra cargo hauling in the cargo bay. From mining charge to PDC rounds and Torpedo. His family and crew are following him everywhere so he don't think he should get into a fight or his kid going to puke in his vacsuit again.

    Calico Felicette disappeared into the void of space. But those kid get MCRN stealth upgrade for recon so they won't gonna be around here. Or maybe exile like him? No way to know.

    "Scarsi...." Dieter scroll through hand terminal and send a message

    "Ay, Scarsi. I think you can remember my sound. Heard your news, sorry to hear that and hopefully I can do something with it. Anyway, can we meet? Feel like something big is gonna happen. Don't wanna late at the party again."

    @Morne du Plessis @Kealoha Scarsi
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  16. Dolores Muwangwa

    Dolores Muwangwa Captain, UNN Thomas Cochrane

    Character Biography:



    “So, there we are, we’ve been chasing this little rockhopper across half the belt, she’s been ducking in and out of rock clusters, burning just about as hard as I’ve ever seen a belter burn.” Nicolão Dantos’ easy Portuguese accent echoed slightly around the ready room of the Cochrane. The four captains of Patrol Group Charybdis were gathered around the oval table, clad in their dress uniforms, a fine meal laid out before them, and bulbs of wine sat next to each of their plates. It had been a busy few weeks for the battle group, between Ceres and Ganymede, and with Captain Dantos’ own Jakarta having been crippled. They all needed a chance to unwind, and sitting around, listening to the Old Maverick tell war stories was certainly a good way to do that. “We’ve been burning just as hard to keep up, naturally, and poor old Mendez has been shouting herself hoarse down the horn at these geniuses. They’d only had a faulty transponder, we had no idea why they were running this hard, but I mean, we couldn’t let them go after all this. Finally, we get lucky, something screws up their drive, and their engines cut out. They’re tumbling dead through space, only got their manoeuvring thrusters. So we move in for the kill, right?” Dantos gestured expressively, while Hilde Løken nodded her head in agreement, and Muwangwa, who had heard this story a dozen times, simply smiled. “Power up the railgun to put one through their drive cone, just in case, standard procedure, but it turns out the hard burn had been doing a number on our systems too. One of the capacitors fries, the whole reactor shuts down, and we’re down to our emergency battery.” Dantos shook his head, and took a long drink of wine, as a chuckle ran around the table. Campbell, the rookie, looked on, trying to match the calm composure of his fellow Captains.

    “So we’re tumbling through space,” Dantos began again, grinning like a schoolboy, “As much embarrassed as anything, when suddenly, the rockhopper breaks radio silence, hails us for the first time since we started chasing and says, in the thickest Belter accent I’ve ever heard, ‘Tell you what, Kopeng, we’ll call it a draw.’” Dantos guffawed, and Løken joined him with a hearty chuckle, while Muwangwa flattered her wingman with a small, knowing smile. Campbell, probably the only one at the table who hadn’t heard the story before, grinned, and leaned in. “So, what did you do?”

    “What could I do? Balls on him like that, I had to let him go!” Dantos chuckled, and finished his bulb. “Still wonder about him, some days, cheeky little bastard. If he’s still out there, jaunting about with his faulty transponder.” Dantos shook his head, sitting back in his seat. Muwangwa raised her eyebrows, but before her retort could come, an alert flashed on her hand terminal, and she picked it up with a frown. Her dark, coffee coloured eyes scanned over the text in her hand, and her frown only deepened. “I’m sorry to cut the evening short, but it would appear we are needed once more. A task force is being dispatched to Io to defend UN assets moonside, and we’ve been seconded to it.” She stood, and watched as her subordinates did the same, regarding each of them with a serious expression. “I’ll have you all shuttled back to your respective vessels, We’ll begin an intercept course with the task force in twenty minutes.”

    “Yes ma’am.” the response came, sharply, and the officers began to file from the Ready Room.



    They had been on a solid burn for two days now and coming into their deceleration, as the bridge of the Thomas Cochrane shuddered slightly under the strain of the G-Forces. Dolores Muwangwa calmly read through a selection of tactical briefings from her XO, opening up a 3-D simulation of a potential encounter with Martian attack ships when a notification flashed on the bottom corner of her terminal. That time already? She smiled, rolling her eyes a little. “Lieutenant Boyle, a Tightbeam on the Pete Knight, please.” The Irish-Mexican Comms Officer nodded, and before long, a link was open with the venerable Battleship.

    “Rear Admiral Suess, this is Commodore Muwangwa. Patrol Group Charybdis is at your disposal. Tell us where you need us.”

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  17. William Buttersworth

    William Buttersworth Director of PS&E, Captain of the Revenge

    Character Biography:
    Bill sat at his desk in a pool of warm light. The only light in his cavernous room. He opened his mouth to order the Core AI to send a reply, but the AI, through the implants in Williams brain was way ahead of him. A chime echoed and a channel to the Behemoth opened again.

    "Du Plessis, it appears that Protogen is the source of all of these woes, and that they are playing both the Martians and the Earthers, what they did not expect was for you to take that...Behemoth of a vessel for a merry chase through the system after them, I must commend you on your skills at piracy. In order to fulfil my obligations to the OPA, I am officially ordering the Daedelus to rendezvous with you. They will arrive at Io slightly before you, rest assured you will have the combined logistic support of the Providence Rescue Fleet to rely on in case anything should happen.

    I also have other information you may find...useful. The scientists and data stored within Tycho was not the only bounty from the raid on Thoth. We have a freighter, flying dark far out in the void. Aboard it is a research centre with two dozen scientists we also recovered from the station. Their sole purpose since the Black Freighter has been launched has been to locate and track Eros. A task they cannot complete until signal interference from Io has been removed.

    Recently I funded a surveillance mission to Io and found this," he tapped a button on his desk and transferred the surveillance data from the Durango's slingshot mission, maps, photographs, multi-spectrum imaging, all focussing on a facility on the moons surface. "This facility is the centre of these...protomolecule signals. We believe it to be a manufacturing facility for weapons based on this technology. I have sent a team down to the surface to destroy it. I need you and the OPA to keep the Martians and Earthers away from this facility until their mission is complete. Do you think you can achieve this?"

    He ended the transmission and got up from his chair, turning to face away from his desk. Several metres away large blinds began to retract into the roof, revealing panoramic windows that looked out over the great shipyards and foundries of Providence Shipwrights. In the space above, the sleek, predatory lines of the Revenge floated. Covered in gantries, scaffolding and crawling with builders in mech suits. "Soon...enough..."

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  18. Karen Ashoka

    Karen Ashoka Patrolling the Slow Zone

    Character Biography:
    Ashoka was nestled in her crash couch, the steady thrum of the drive filling the cockpit. Not much had changed since they had left the MCRN base as Callisto, they had a full hold of combat and recon drones, full bellies and full ammo magazines. The Atrax was ready for another engagement, she felt it every time she touched the controls, the bird was a war machine and needed to fight.

    She monitored the channels and sensors, without much else to do it was an interesting pastime. The MCRN fleet still sat at Callisto, however two UNN battlegroups had changed course and were now also en-route to Io, one from Europa and another from Jupiter orbit. These two groups constituted a significant amount of firepower, something which made Ashoka uneasy considering the Atrax was only being escorted by a single Destroyer. What was command thinking? They'd get obliterated the moment they got within firing range...

    As if in answer to her thoughts, the comms terminal chirped happily.

    Centcom Priority 1: All MCRN forces at Callisto are to make best speed to Io.
    Centcom to Atrax: Atrax is to make best speed to Io, avoid UNN vessels and begin reconnaissance of planet surface. There is a reason the OPA and UNN are targeting this Moon and you need to find it.

    Well fuck...at least I can hide in the clouds...Good thing the Atrax is rated for atmospheric flight....Hopefully I get a pay raise out of this bullshit though...She relayed the messaged to the rest of the crew and acknowledged with the other MCRN vessel flying with him that they had received the same. She then looked at her sensors and saw that the bulk of the vessels over Callisto has ignited their drives and were now breaking orbit, heading directly for Io. "This is gonna be interesting..."
  19. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Free Agent of Providentia

    Character Biography:

    "Ain't that a sight..." Rachel said aloud as the Kanyari rotated itself around so that the curve of Io lined up with the deck of the bridge. Looking out over the planet through the Kanyari's panoramic bridge windows, they could see the surface of the tumultuous moon, bright, almost fluorescent on some areas, scarred by thousands of years of volcanic activity, sulphur and asteroid impacts. They had burned hard to get to Io, many of the crew on edge over news that not one but four fleets were headed towards the moon as well.

    Rachel was not sure how the UNN or MCRN knew about the facility, she had a hunch the OPA only knew due to Bills information. However this was an unsettling thought, if they were down on the surface attempting to infiltrate this facility whilst another massive war was being fought overhead, Rachels assessment of their survival became harsher and harsher. "Henry, I've count a canyon not far from the facility, its big enough for us to fly in from the south and narrow enough on the surface that unless we make lots of noise we won't be spotted. It's then a three kilometre hike to the base."

    Henry nodded, looking over at the ships Captian, Damian for orders. Rachel looked at them both and then over to Mack and Afza, who sat in their couches behind her then to Malik, sitting next to her who chuckled as if amused by the insanity of the upcoming mission. "Captain, we begin on your order," Rachel said, reaching forward and placing her hand on Damians shoulder. "Its either now or never."

    @Damian Slavko @Afza Mirev
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  20. Damian Slavko

    Damian Slavko Captain of The Kanyari

    Character Biography:
    Aboard the Kanyari, docked at Kasi Deya Outpost

    After Bill's message, Damian froze for a moment, stunned. Knowing fully the gravity of the situation, he quickly came to his senses and moved to Rachel's side. His crew looked quite surprised.

    “She's right. It's our job. Desh enough seríp in it that none of milowda should be complaining. Besides, with this crew and this kapawu, milowda kang du kowlting. Xitim, ge gutegow. We leave in five minyi.”

    The crew mumbled amongst themselves as they shuffled off to their respective duties, except for Henry.

    “Oye, bosmang. Mi sasa it's been a long week and all, but are you sure about this?”

    “Yes, Henry,” said Damian coolly. He put a hand on his XO's shoulder and continued.

    “This is the big one. This is depelesh milowda go fong pirates fo soldiers. Na mo working just for ourselves. From now, we work for the Belt.”

    “I'm glad you see it that way,” said Henry. “But just remember, the Belt doesn't pay the bill. Butterworth does.”

    “True. And quite a big bill it is, keya?” Damian lightly punched Henry on the shoulder and headed to his crash couch.

    Above Io

    “Now it is, then,” said Damian, as he deposited his cigarette butt into the recycler. “Malik, you check all the suits wamotim. Mack, you checked the hull for any dings, keya? Don't want na bodzha when we dip down into the atmosphere.”

    “Kowl gut, bosmang,” he replied.

    “Xelixup. Doc, make sure to take a fuckton of supplies. Something tells me we'll come back with a few extra holes. Gunny, check the...guns.” He looked to Henry, and they exchanged a silent nod.

    “And, by the way, we can do this. We've got the drop, and there will be quite the distraction. It's a perfect storm. We slip in, we blow the place, we slip out. Namang sasa nating.”

    Once everything was set, the crew returned to their crash couches for the descent to the surface.

    “Decreasing altitude,” said Henry over the headset.

    “Tings looking good,” said Mack.

    “Nice and easy, pilota,” said Damian.

    The ship descended towards the surface of Io until a snakelike canyon came into view. Henry chewed his lip as he carefully navigated the Kanyari into the crack. A loud thump echoed through the ship as she touched down in the darkness of the canyon.

    Damian let out a loud sigh and let the tiny gravity of the moon press him into the seat.

    “Let’s go,” he said with a resigned grunt.

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