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Event A Land of Opportunity

Discussion in 'Open Roleplay' started by Cpt_Buttersworth, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. Rachel Lei

    Rachel Lei Free Agent of Providentia

    Character Biography:
    Rachel stumbled back out into the concourse in a daze, her head spinning slightly and her eyes stinging. Whatever the hell she tried in there seemed to have the desired effect, she though as she chuckled to herself. She rolled up the bag full of her purchases and tucked it under her arm before finding her bearings and walking off down the corridor back towards the dock.

    Along the way she spotted two individuals, a man and a woman looking lost an midly confused. They were at a public terminal obviously trying to find their bearings. She was about to ignore them and continue on her way until she noticed the search they were performing, it appeared as though they were searching for the same ship, the FME Erebus.

    WIth a half smiled, crooked smile she cleared her through behind them a little too loudly. The woman started as she turned around, the man seemed much slower and more sure of his movements and did not even bother making eye contact at first. "You two lookin' for de Erebus?"

    They nodded. "Aight I'll take you der'. I was just der' before waitin' for de rest of de crew. Follow me." She continued down the corridor, the two lost individuals glancing at each other a moment before following her. "Name's Rachel, Rachel Lei. You two don't look like you been here before, am I right?"

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