Broadcast 19th Militia Wing is called up!

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  1. Oz Sanchez

    Oz Sanchez Belter Militia Pilot

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    From: Lt. Sanchez, Ozomatli, 19th Militia Wing, B.M.C. Terminus Est, Ceres Dock
    To: -see attached roster-

    -message begins-
    To all willing men and women of the Belt, the 19th Belter Militia Fighter Wing is called to action in defense of the trade routes running between stations. All willing fighters are to report to Ceres Dock 74451e-A for muster, equipment issue/ inspection, and departure for patrol maneuvers. The 19th requires fighter pilots, mechanics, and fighters versed in wetwork/ black operations.All who do not report will not be considered unwilling or cowardly. Respond to this message with your intent to muster.

    -Message Ends-
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  2. Silara Varis

    Silara Varis UNN Shield, Captain, Commanding.

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    Belter militia?

    *Makes Note*
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