1. Hey Folks!

    I hope you are all well, I know times like these have been very hectic for everyone on a global scale and ongoing responsibilities.

    You have done a wonderful job at creating great stories here at the Expanse RP, and as we close a second year, the Expanse staff wanted to announce that we will be closing the board for ongoing roleplay. This genre is niche, and we knew that from the get-go as a forum post-by-post play. We came in as Firehawk fans and really enjoyed creating stories together.

    As such, we will provide access to the roleplay if you would like to save your roleplay for the next two months. While you may not be able to create new posts, you can still access it.

    We wish you the best and enjoy seeing the new opportunities that will arise from this. We know there are active discord roleplay opportunities as well as the table-top discord community for The Expanse. They are welcoming communities filled with amazing people and supportive staff!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

    Best Regards!

    Expanse Staff


  1. Georgie Lang
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