Triam Akovin
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Triam Akovin

Gun-for-hire with a welder..., Female

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May 29, 2018
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    Character Biography:


    Name: Triam Akovin
    Age: 27
    Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)
    Weight: 160 lbs (72 kg)
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: White

    Occupation: Freelancing Gun-for-hire, Engineer
    Place of Birth: Earth, New York City
    Faction Affiliation: Independent (Wishes she could be a Martian)
    Home: The Belt - Tycho Station


    • Military Trained - Trained by the UN on Earth to be a Marine, Triam Akovin showed remarkable promise as a soldier... though her track record did show she had some issues with authority, despite her military heritage in her father. She is well adapted to high G's, wearing armor, and firing various weapons. Unfortunately, despite her loyalty to her father, she always aspired to be more like a Martian, and after his death while in the middle of her service... she tried to "defect" to the Martian military, but was rejected by Mars on the grounds she was a criminal for going A.W.O.L. with stolen military gear. This has forced her into an impromptu independence as a gun-for-hire that isn't accepted by Mars, and is criminally hunted for by Earth.
    • Mechanically Intelligent - Even from a young age it was clear Triam had a head for engineering, and absorbed knowledge like a sponge. This mechanical "do-it-yourself" attitude was appreciated and encouraged by her father, telling her one day she'd make a good Sapper. When she lost her left hand, instead of opting to regrow as some with wealth do, she instead requested an advanced prosthetic, and often tinkered with it for better understanding and experimentation. She likes to think of herself as a "mechanical entrepreneur", and hopes one day (somehow!) she might become a start up and building her own technology.


    • Earther - Although she was trained in low and high G environments, her body is not nearly as comfortable with the perils of space travel as Martians or Belters. Her immune system takes a beating and is known to "retreat" to her quarters fairly often, and a full switch to constant rations over an occasional homecooked meal is never an easy adjustment on the stomach. Also considering her high muscle mass, her metabolism is hard to keep up with before muscle atrophy kicks in.
    • Vices - Triam Akovin is known to gamble, and trade services for booze on occasion. This is partly an influence from her father, who became a drunk in later years before he died, and gambled his entire life (sometimes to his own families detriment). Like daughter like father. Likely the only reason she isn't into drugs is their relative inaccessibility in the Belt as compared to Earth, and booze does just fine enough for her tastes.


    • Stubborn - As her case file in the UN military would show, she had a few issues with authority figures because Triam can often convince herself that she is the only one that can be right in a situation, and can get out of hand at times. Though she can be flexible, it often takes a much longer time to get around to it.
    • Dreamer - Filled with delusions of grandeur, Triam thought it would be a walk in the park to abandon Earth and become a Martian like she always dreamed about... filling a world with green and making a difference to humanity. Although the dream was shot down by MCC, she's still determined to find a way to find a way to prove to Mars she can be useful in accomplishing their dreams. If not, she dream up other ways to make a difference to humanity with her mechanical intelligence.
    • Hot head - Triam can become quick to bother which isn't great for employer prospects, but not bad and probably expected of a gun-for-hire. It has its own pros and cons having a little bit of rage on her afterburners.


    Triam Akovin was born in New York City, to a Captain Akovin of the armed forces, who was usually absent for most of her life, and thus left her to be cared for by her mother. Except Triam always awaited her father, and idolized him and his stories, shunning her emotionally absent mother in the process. Through her father, Triam gained the ideals of bravery and courage, of glory in battle, through his many tales of adventure, sparking the child's mischievous curiosity and desire for excitement. Unfortunately, he also sparked Triam's penchant to gamble (and drink in her adolescence), due to his own crippling vices. Before her father died though, Triam was in a period where partying and sex was more important to her, than studying or listening to either of her parents (she was smart enough not to study) ... but once he passed, memories flooded her back to reality, the guilt caused her to finish her studies, and then join the UN Armed Forces.

    Graduating top of her class, and considered for a special forces group, Triam had a promising career ahead of her as a Marine. At some point after training and during her contract, Triam lost an arm and had it replaced with a top-of-the-line military prosthetic that she retrains to do this day. Eventually however, Triam would end her career early in a gamble to fulfill the stubborn pursuit of her dreams.

    Triam's mischievous desires and unorthodox dreams caused her to clash with UN authority, eventually culminating in her her going criminally A.W.O.L. with a good amount of stolen armory gear. With her gear and resolve (and a successful escape from Earth and the UN), Triam trekked out to Mars... where she would be rejected from entering due to her now heinous criminal record. From there, with little other choice, her career as a criminal and a soldier for hire began.